Travis Marziani – Passion Product Formula Review, Scam or Legit?

Are you looking for a Passion Product Formula review? If you want to learn how to do Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon), you might have heard of Travis Marziani. But you may wonder if it is a scam.

I have a passion to help people explore money-making opportunities online. Over the years, I have reviewed many programs like Travis Marziani’s Passion Product Formula.

In the past week, I have done thorough research about Bitlocity so I can tell you more about it.

As a disclaimer, I’m not affiliated with Travis Marziani. It means I’m not paid to write this review. So you can be sure that my words are unbiased.

At the end of this review, I’ll also tell you a better alternative that has enabled me to make a full-time passive income online.

In this Travis Marziani and his course review, I’m going to cover the following.

Who Is Travis Marziani?

Travis Marziani is the course creator of Passion Product Formula.

He is quite well-known on YouYube. At the time of writing, his YouTube channel has around 151K subscribers. He uploads new videos regularly, so you can be sure that he is very dedicated to his online business.

travis marziani – passion product formula review, scam or legit?

Travis Marziani started to explore online business because he didn’t like the 9 to 5 grind. He wanted to make passive income.

He explored the world of eCommerce. He began his journey on Shopify, which is a popular eCommerce platform to build an independent online store. Later, he switched his focus to Amazon FBA.

Travis Marziani is quite down-to-earth as he seldom shows off his wealth. Many gurus like showing flashy cars to sell people the dream life, which is not realistic at all.

I have watched some videos of Travis Marziani and find the information quite useful.

Anyway, should you invest in his Passion Product Formula? Can he really help you make money online? Let’s take a look at his course in the next section.

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Passion Product Formula Overview

Passion Product Formula is a course that teaches you how to do Amazon FBA. But what it teaches is different from other similar courses.

Most Amazon FBA courses teach private labelling, sourcing products from china or do retail arbitrage. But Travis Marziani teaches you something different. He suggests you create your own product and sell it on Amazon.

The main way most people teach Amazon FBA is with private labelling, getting products from China or retail arbitrage.

However, Passion Product Formula teaches you how to create your own product and sell it on Amazon. This is a bit difficult, especially for beginners. Because marketing alone is difficult. If you have to create your own product, it will take a much longer time.

Anyway, let me break down the content for you so that you will know exactly what you will learn.

There are 9 modules in the course.

Module 0: Introduction

This is just the introduction to the course. Travis Marziani will talk about the strategies to solve some common problems people encounter when doing Amazon FBA.

Travis Marziani also provides you with a blook list that you can learn more about eCommerce business.

Module 1: Create An Idea

In this module, you’ll learn how to brainstorm and research to create a product that people need in certain markets. Also, you’ll get tips on how to make sure your product is going to be profitable. 

Module 2: Validate Your Idea

In Module 2, you’ll learn how to test your product and evaluate if it works as well as learn Travis Marziani’s 100-point product validation template to help you determine if a product is profitable or not.

Module 3: Create Your Brand

The focus for module 3 is creating a brand. Building a brand is more about connecting with your audience and creating something that customers seek out. This will give you an edge over competitors and help you gain more sales.

Module 4: Create Raving Fans

In this module, you will learn how to make a product that people love. You will learn how to build a social media presence and find out where your customers hang out. You will also learn how to scale your product to get the most followers.

Module 5: Create Your Business

Module 5 will provide more details about running an Amazon business. In addition, you will learn how to hire a virtual assistant to make your work easier and how to avoid legal issues you will face in the future. 

Module 6: Crowd Fund

In this section, you’ll learn how to use a Kickstarter to raise money to launch your products. In addition to that, you’ll also discover how to get bloggers and influencers to promote your products and get sales.

Module 7: Production

In module 7, you’ll find out how to connect with manufacturers and get your product produced. You’ll also learn how to deal with common manufacturing problems and how to get the best possible rates. 

Module 8: Amazon Launch

This module will teach you how to launch on Amazon. It includes keyword research, creating a Seller’s Account, and other tips to increase sales. 

Module 9: Bonus Shopify

In this last section, Travis Marziani will talk about selling on Shopify. It’s a popular eCommerce platform, so this section will walk you through how to take advantage of it. 

Extra Content

This course includes the following as well:

  • Live Q+A calls
  • Students are offered a mastermind group where they can discuss their experiences with one another.
  • Extra worksheets, checklists and more.
  • All Of Travis Marziani Previous Courses: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Ecommerce course, Youtube Course

Passion Product Formula Pricing

Passion Product Formula is not cheap. It costs $997 to join. Personally, I think the course is a bit overcharged because there are better and cheaper alternatives on the market.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you don’t like the course later, you can get the money back. But I’m not sure if it is really a no-questions-asked refund policy.

Travis Marziani also claims that if you complete the course and launch the product and do not make any profits, he will refund you in 365 days. This is a bold promise. Not sure anyone really succeeds to get the money back in a year.

Passion Product Formula Pros and Cons


  • You can learn the basics of Amazon FBA from the course
  • The refund policy is quite good, but I’m not sure if you can really get the money back at the end of the day.
  • Travis Marziani is quite well-known on social media and he seems to know the stuff.


  • Amazon FBA is a very difficult business model, which might not be suitable for beginners.
  • Some information in the course can be learnt online for free
  • The course is overpriced as there are cheaper alternatives on the market.
  • Travis Marziani’s method is hard to implement. It takes a lot of time to create your own product, not to mention market it.

Is Travis Marziani a Scam?

I cannot say Travis Marziani is a scam. You can learn how to do Amazon FBA in the course. 

The problem is whether you can really make money after taking the course. As mentioned, Amazon FBA is a difficult business model and you need thousands of dollar as the startup cost. Moreover, the way that Travis Marziani suggest you do is even more difficult because it’s hard to come up with a product idea and develop your own product.

Although Travis Marziani is quite knowledgeable in Amazon FBA, I reckon he makes most of his money in selling his online courses instead of Amazon business. 

The reason is that he devotes most of his time and resources to creating videos to promote his online course, not his Amazon product or store. That makes me feel like you can only become as successful as Travis Marziani by selling Amazon course instead of doing Amazon FBA itself.

Actually, if you want to become a successful Amazon seller after enrolling in his course, you might not realise your dream. The reason is that Travis Marziani only tells you the bright side of Amazon FBA but not the problems with selling on Amazon.

In fact, selling on Amazon is more challenging than you think. Here are some of the critical issues you have to overcome to start an Amazon business.

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FBA business needs a large upfront cost

To launch a business on Amazon, you will need $15-20k, at least.

Moreover, you have to spend money on testing a number of products in order to find out that winning product. This means you have to create listings for different products and filter out best selling products from the unremarkable ones.

This process is time-consuming and costs a lot of money. So, you must think carefully if you really want to risk your hard-earned money.

FBA Business is sophisticated

You have to face a lot of challenges in Amazon FBA. For instance, you’ll have to negotiate with suppliers, make comparisons on shipping companies, freight forwarders and comply with the regulations of Amazon and local governments, etc. This process is too sophisticated for beginners who might be just looking for a side hustle or a source of passive income that requires little time and investment. 

There is no quick cash flow

Cash flow is the lifeblood of a business. However, in the Amazon FBA business model, mostly sellers have to invest a considerable amount of money to purchase inventories from suppliers in China.

If you want to create a unique private label product, the costs will be even higher. For example, most manufacturers in China charge you a few hundred dollars just for creating a prototype. If you don’t trust me, you can ask for a price on

In most cases, production may take 1-2 months depending on the nature of the products and quantity. Afterwards, it takes 2 weeks in shipment and customs clearance before arriving at the Amazon warehouse.

This process indicates that it can take up to months before you’re paid for the inventory you bought.

Price war reduces profitability

Price war is ubiquitous on Amazon. Whenever a seller tries to attract more customers by lowering the prices, other sellers will be forced to cut their prices as well. 

To avoid a net loss, you might have to cut the product costs. This results in lower product quality, negative feedback from customers and hence a drop in sales.

Apart from the intense competition, you have to deal with changing sales tax laws, category restrictions and Amazon policies.

In the worst case, Amazon might even ban your account permanently if you mistakenly violate some rules. 

Is There An Easier and Better Alternative to Make Money Online?

If you’re new to online business, you might wonder if there’s a better business model that doesn’t need initial capital and can do it as a side-hustle.

Of all the business models I’ve tried, affiliate marketing is the easiest and most rewarding so far.  It is less time consuming since you don’t have to manage inventory or handle customer service.

It can help you to generate a steady stream of passive income while going on vacation or working a full-time job.

Since the world is full of uncertainty, I’d always choose a business model that has the lowest risk.

But How Much Can You Earn in Affiliate Marketing?

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Passion Product Formula Review

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