Travis Marziani Review: Is Passion Product Formula Legit?

The Passion Product Formula is an Amazon FBA course created by Travis Marziani. It teaches a method of selling products on Amazon that align with your personal passions. Instead of dealing with products from other brands or items you’re not interested in, the focus is on products you genuinely care about.

However, it’s important to be aware of the challenges associated with Amazon FBA. Despite the positive portrayal by Marziani, one notable drawback is the substantial investment required for paid traffic ads. 

Another challenge is the competition for the Buy Box, where you compete with other Amazon Sellers and larger brands who are increasingly creating their own Amazon Seller accounts to eliminate intermediaries.

As someone who has firsthand experience with selling on Amazon, I am intrigued by the secrets Travis Marziani claims to offer in his course. After spending hours researching the program, I am ready to share everything I’ve learned about the Passion Product Formula.

Towards the end of this review, I will also introduce a better alternative that has personally allowed me to generate a full-time passive income online.

In this review of Travis Marziani and his course, I will cover the following aspects.

How Does Passion Product Formula Help You Make Money?

Passion Product Formula is designed teach you how to make money online via Amazon FBA. Unlike other courses that cover private labeling, sourcing products from China, or retail arbitrage, Travis Marziani’s course focuses on creating and selling products you’re passionate about.

The course comprises nine modules, various templates, two coaching sessions with Travis, and additional perks. Travis, who claims to have generated over $5,000,000 in online sales using this system, shares the same methods that led to his success.

Travis Marziani assures that if your product fails to make at least a thousand dollars within a year of purchasing his program, he will refund the entire training course cost.

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Who is Travis Marziani?

Travis Marziani is a successful eCommerce seller based in Los Angeles, California, with a track record of generating over 7 figures in revenue. Initially pursuing a degree in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Southern California, Travis transitioned from a traditional 9-5 job after reading Tim Ferris’s “Four Hour Work Week.” In 2013, he took the bold step of leaving his position as a staff consultant at Capgemini to venture into online business.

travis marziani – passion product formula review, scam or legit?

Together with his mother Cyndi, Travis co-founded Bdancewear in 2013, a clothing brand specializing in dancewear. This experience laid the groundwork for the establishment of Effective Ecommerce in 2015, which served as both a YouTube channel and a website.

In 2017, Travis successfully crowdfunded his private label product, Performance Nut Butter, through a Kickstarter campaign, raising over $15,000. This brand, featuring healthy organic keto snacks, gained significant traction and earned recognition in publications like Men’s Health.

In 2021, Travis sold Performance Nut Butter for nearly $1.1 million while retaining a 25% stake in the company. Capitalizing on the popularity of his educational YouTube content, Travis developed courses on ad marketing and private label selling, including the latest one, Passion Product Formula, introduced in 2019.

Travis has transitioned his focus to Amazon FBA, though his courses continue to cover selling on Shopify. It’s worth noting that the Shopify-related content may not be the most current.

Among his other courses are the 25K eCommerce Profit Plan and the Beginners Facebook Ad Course. Travis actively shares valuable insights on YouTube, covering topics like Amazon FBA, Shopify, and Google ads.

What’s Travis Marziani Net Worth?

Travis Marziani is sitting on a net worth somewhere between $1 million and $4 million. His main cash flow comes from selling online courses, raking in bucks from folks signing up for his training and the cash rollin’ in from his YouTube channel.

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What’s Inside The Passion Product Formula Course?

The Passion Product Formula is a complete system that guides you through the process of launching an online store on Amazon. Here’s what you can expect to receive:

  1. Step-By-Step Guide to Launching Your Online Business
  2. Live Weekly Calls with All Other Members of This Course
  3. Access to a Community of Helpful, Like-Minded People
  4. Step-By-Step Checklists to Start Your Amazon Business
  5. Two 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions with Travis Marziani
  6. Travis’s Google Ads, YouTube & Facebook Course
  7. Bonus Courses for Scaling Beyond Amazon

Now, let’s break down the training course:

Module 0: Introduction

Travis kicks things off, sharing strategies to tackle common challenges faced by Amazon FBA beginners. You’ll dive into the method, learn how to find profitable products, and discover the ins and outs of creating listings to dominate’s search results.

Module 1: Create an Idea

Here, Travis guides you on brainstorming and researching to create a product that hits the market’s sweet spot. Key takeaways include branding your product, ensuring high quality, checking existing Amazon listings, and being super helpful to your future customers.

Module 2: Validate Your Idea

Module 2 is all about Travis’s 100-point item validation template, ensuring your idea is not just good but also profitable. Building brand recognition and offering top-notch products are keys to authenticity.

Module 3: Create Your Brand

Focus shifts to brand building in Module 3. Travis emphasizes connecting with your target market and creating a brand that resonates, giving you a competitive edge and boosting sales potential.

Module 4: Create Raving Fans

In this module, you’ll discover the art of creating a product people love. Learn to build a social media presence, identify your audience’s hangouts, and implement strategies for scaling your product and gaining a solid following.

Module 5: Create Your Business

Here, Travis walks you through the nitty-gritty of running your own Amazon FBA service, from understanding earnings vs. profit to legal setup, boosting productivity with a virtual assistant, trademarking, and planning for growth.

Module 6: Crowd Fund

Travis spills the beans on using Kickstarter to raise funds and introduce your products without a hefty upfront investment. Learn how to engage bloggers and influencers to give your product a boost.

Module 7: Production

Learn more the ins and outs of production in Module 7. You’ll get insights on reaching out to manufacturers, handling production challenges, and making the right choices between manufacturing in China and the United States.

Module 8: Amazon Launch

Module 8 is your guide to a successful launch – from keyword research to creating a Seller’s Account and optimizing your product listings for maximum conversions.

Module 9: Bonus Shopify

Travis covers selling on Shopify, a major eCommerce platform. While this info can complement your Amazon venture, it’s not a standalone solution for launching, expanding, and scaling your eCommerce store.

Courses Included with Passion Product Formula Purchase

When you purchase the Passion Product Formula, you also get these free courses from Travis:

  • Google Ads Course
  • Shopify Course
  • Facebook Ads Course
  • YouTube Course

Does Travis Marziani Have a Good Reputation?

Absolutely! Travis has made quite a mark. You can catch interviews featuring him on YouTube, Google Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts.

He’s generous too—check out his 6-hour-long free Amazon FBA course on his YouTube channel. It’s a goldmine of info for those who can’t swing his paid courses.

With a whopping 320,000+ subscribers on YouTube, Travis is quite the authority. Plus, he hosts the active Effective Ecommerce Podcast, diving into strategies for Amazon FBA success.

In the past, Travis also hosted The Passion Product Show on Google Podcasts and Build My Online Store podcast on Apple Podcasts.

However, his YouTube channel mysteriously got shut down at one point.

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How Much Does Passion Product Formula Cost?

The Passion Product Formula course is $997.

Passion Product Formula Cost

However, to launch an Amazon FBA business, you should expect additional costs between $5,500 and $13,000. Here’s a breakdown:

Mandatory Costs:

  • Amazon Seller Central Professional Account: $39.99/month (~$120.00 for 3 months).
  • Software (Jungle Scout): $49.00/month (~$150.00 for 3 months).
  • Inventory Samples: ~$200.00.
  • Initial Inventory Order: ~$3,000.00.
  • Barcode (GS1 Company Prefix): $250.00.

Total Mandatory Costs: ~$3,720.00.

Recommended Costs:

  • Amazon PPC: ~$300.00 – $1,000.00 (over 3 months).
  • Promotional Giveaways: ~$200.00.
  • Trademark: ~$350.00 – $600.00.

Total Recommended Costs: ~$1,800.00.

Refund Policy

You get a 14-day money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the content, but it’s not clear if it’s a no-questions-asked policy.

Refund Policy

Here’s another unusual refund policy: If you finish the course, launch the product, and don’t make any money within 365 days, Travis Marziani will reimburse you.

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Are Students Getting Results with Passion Product Formula?

On the sales page of Passion Product Formula, you can find some video testimonials.

video testimonials

However, I don’t know if these students are real or fake. It’s easy to hire actors on Fiverr to create video testimonials for your product.

Below are other testimonials supposedly written by students:


“I’m currently doing $100,000 a month selling my Passion Product on Amazon and a big part of my success is thanks to Travis and this course. This course is the perfect starting program out there and will get you selling on Amazon in months if you take it seriously as I did. Do all your homework and benefit from all the extra content and I can guarantee you success with Amazon FBA.”



“I have been selling on Amazon for 6 months already and I can’t recommend this course more. It taught me everything I have needed to create my product and sell it on Amazon. I love tennis so I decided to create a product around the sport and now I am making and extra $2,000 a month profit from selling something I’m passionate about! “



“My favorite thing about the course is how accessible Travis was, with 4 personal meetings and the weekly Q+A calls, I truly felt like he was mentoring me during the process. My Amazon business is already making me an extra $3,000 a month while only working a few hours a week on this business! This allowed me to finally quit my job and start enjoying life! “


While I don’t believe these student reviews are genuine, it’s challenging to find other reviews on third-party platforms.

Fortunately, I found a few on Reddit. However, their comments are mixed.

For instance, one student mentioned that Passion Product Formula’s training videos are ‘very good and detailed.’

Travis Marziani Review: Is Passion Product Formula Legit?

On the contrary, another person stated that the course has low quality. 

Travis Marziani Review: Is Passion Product Formula Legit?

Notably, neither of them discussed their results.

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How Much Can Amazon Sellers Make?

A study reveals that 25% of Amazon sellers earn monthly profits ranging from $1,250 to $6,250, with 20% earning over $6,000.

Overall, 40% of sellers make some profit, but not all sustain long-term profits.

Merely 6% reach millionaire status.

While the Amazon FBA success rate is evident, the business model’s complexity and attention demands hinder the promise of residual passive income, contributing to many failing in the Amazon FBA venture.

In mid-2022, Travis highlighted growing challenges and increasing difficulties for new sellers in 2023.

Some issues include:

  • Rising Costs: The global pandemic increased shipping prices and times. Amazon raised fees, encompassing prep and label services, FBA fuel surcharges, and storage fees. Additionally, Amazon’s ad costs are consistently on the rise.
  • Competition Challenges: The influx of Chinese manufacturers offering low-priced products makes it challenging for private label sellers to compete. This surge has also led to increased use of black hat tactics to manipulate reviews and rankings.
  • Copycat Products: Successful private label products often face cheaper copycat versions competing in the market.
  • Amazon’s Private Labels: Amazon’s expansion of private label brands, reaching 118+ by the end of 2022, poses tough competition that’s hard to beat.

While success as an Amazon seller is still possible, it is now more challenging.

Praise for Passion Product Formula

  • Experienced Coach: Travis Marziani is a 7-figure eCommerce Amazon seller. He’s well-known on social media and seems to be experienced with Amazon FBA. 

  • Clear and Concise Instruction: The course provides short and to-the-point step-by-step instructions.

  • Personalized Guidance: You get four 1-on-1 sessions with Travis.

  • Regular Updates: The course content is consistently updated.

Criticism of Passion Product Formula

  • Too Basic: The course lacks advanced Amazon FBA tactics or approaches to help you stand out from the competition.
  • Outdated Information: The course includes outdated details, such as referencing Google AdWords instead of Google Ads and Bing Ads now being Microsoft Advertising.

  • Challenging for Beginners: Amazon FBA, the business model taught, is quite difficult and may not be suitable for beginners.

  • Complex Implementation: Travis Marziani’s method is challenging to implement, requiring a significant time investment in product development and marketing.

  • High Price Tag: The course is considered overpriced, with more affordable alternatives available in the market.

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Is Travis Marziani a Scam?

No, Travis Marziani is not a scam. His course teaches Amazon FBA, providing valuable insights.

The challenge lies in making money post-course. Amazon FBA is a tough model, requiring substantial startup costs. Travis’s suggested path adds to the difficulty, involving developing your own product.

While Travis is knowledgeable about Amazon FBA, it seems he earns more from selling courses than from his Amazon business.

He invests time and resources in creating videos to promote his courses, not his Amazon products or store. This raises the question of whether success like his comes from selling courses rather than engaging in Amazon FBA.

If you’re aiming for Amazon success after taking his course, achieving your dream might be challenging. Travis focuses on the positives of Amazon FBA, leaving out the challenges you might face when selling on the platform.

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