32 Legit Ways To Make Money Online

It’s no secret that the internet is full of ways to supposedly get rich quick – like playing the lottery or stuffing envelopes from home. But let’s be real, these methods aren’t very effective. In fact, you might even be better off with a regular 9-to-5 job. At least then you’d have the security of a steady paycheck.

But don’t get us wrong, it is possible to make money online. In fact, millions of people are doing it every day. With just a laptop and an internet connection, you can work from anywhere in the world. So, let’s take a look at some tried and true strategies for making money online.

How to Make Money Online: 32 Legit Ways

1. Find freelance work

Freelancing means you work for yourself, not for a company. You do different jobs for different clients and get paid for them. The internet is full of opportunities for freelancers, with lots of freelance marketplaces where you can find work. 

One really great platform is Upwork – it’s a hub for over 15 million freelancers and has more than two million jobs available. 

FlexJobs and Fiverr are also great options for finding work as a freelancer, and FlexJobs is especially known for being a safe place to find jobs without worrying about getting scammed.

Building a strong freelancing portfolio is the first step you need to take to become a successful freelancer. One thing you might consider is working for free for a few mid-sized companies at the beginning. This can help you build up your portfolio and get some experience under your belt. 

Then, once you have a solid portfolio, you can move on to larger clients and start making more money. Just keep in mind that finding freelancing work can be a bit of a numbers game. The more targeted and specific your emails and applications are, the better your chances of getting a response.

2. Start a dropshipping business

Have you heard of dropshipping? It’s where you sell products without worrying about inventory or shipping them. Pretty cool, right? 

Google Trends shows that it’s getting more popular, which is a good sign for the future of the business model. 

On average, a dropshipper can earn around $100,000 per year, with a profit margin of around 20-30%. That’s between $1,000 and $5,000 a month. The rest goes towards things like supplier acquisition, dropshipping service fees, website hosting, and promotional efforts. 

By choosing high-margin products or using reverse dropshipping, you can boost your profits even more.

You can use Shopify’s dropshipping feature to choose from millions of products to sell in your online store. Plus, some dropshipping apps for Shopify let you customize the photos and descriptions of your products, which makes your store stand out and keeps customers coming back.

3. Make money with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a big deal these days in the online world. It’s a way for websites to generate some extra cash by promoting other businesses. It’s been around for a while, and while it has had its ups and downs, it’s still a pretty reliable source of income. 

One of the great things about affiliate marketing is that it gives you access to a ton of potential partners, like Shopify, Amazon, Uber, and FabFitFun.

Basically, with affiliate marketing, you get paid to advertise other people’s stuff. If you’re good at marketing, you can make a commission by promoting retail products, software, apps, and more. Even if the commission you make from a single blog post seems small, remember that you can be an affiliate for multiple brands and include lots of affiliate links in one post.

To really maximize your affiliate marketing earnings, it’s a good idea to focus on content marketing. By starting a blog and filling it with tons of high-quality posts, you’ll have something valuable that you can call your own. 

To drive traffic to your affiliate partner’s website, it’s important to strategically place affiliate links throughout your blog posts.

4. Try print on demand

Have you heard of print-on-demand (POD)? It’s a pretty popular way to sell stuff online. Basically, it’s like dropshipping where you don’t have to worry about storing inventory or shipping stuff out to customers. 

But there are a couple of differences. One is that you can create your own unique products to really make your brand stand out. The other is that you don’t have a ton of options for what you can sell – mostly custom products like t-shirts, mugs, and tote bags.

If you’re thinking about starting a POD business, there are a few ways you can make it profitable. One is to use social media to advertise for free – Instagram and Pinterest are great for this. You can also try reaching out to influencers who have a good track record of turning their followers into buyers.

5. Start a YouTube channel

If you’re looking to make some extra cash online, starting a YouTube channel is a great option. One way to do this is by using AdSense ads in your videos – every time someone clicks on one of your ads, you’ll earn money. 

Another way to monetize your channel is by promoting products or services that you use in your videos – you can either add a link to your own shop or sign a contract to promote someone else’s goods. Sponsored YouTube videos are also a great way to bring in some extra income – you can create videos to promote branded merchandise or use your channel for content marketing. 

To really succeed on YouTube, it’s important to focus on a specific audience and create content that meets their interests. 

Think about things like makeup tutorials, game streams, product reviews, skill lessons, and more – the possibilities are endless!

To get people to watch your videos, make sure to come up with catchy titles and include relevant keywords in the description so your videos show up in searches. And once you’ve hit 1,000 subscribers, you can join the YouTube Partner Program and start earning money with YouTube ads.

6. Become an influencer

Hey there! If you want to make some cash online, it’s all about building your personal brand. And who better to take inspiration from than soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo? He can charge upwards of a million bucks for a single sponsored Instagram post. But don’t think you have to be a celebrity to be an influencer – even smaller players in the game can bring in big bucks these days.

To get started, you’ll want to establish a strong following on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. These sites are home to some of the most influential people in their fields, and even if you’re not a celebrity, you can still make a name for yourself. To boost your Instagram following, you’ll want to learn about the best strategies for growing your audience.

As an influencer, you have plenty of options for making money on Instagram. You could charge for sponsored posts, set up an online store, include affiliate links in your bio, sell photos, advertise on your own podcast, create and sell merch, or even make appearances at events for cash. So don’t be afraid to get creative!

7. Publish an ebook

So you’re thinking about publishing an ebook on Amazon? Good news – it’s easier than ever with Kindle Direct Publishing. All you have to do is write the book, set it up in the right format, create a killer cover, put it online, and promote it. I’ve personally published a few ebooks on Amazon in the past, and while they didn’t make me a millionaire, they did bring in a nice little extra income.

If you want to make the process even easier, you can always hire someone to write the book for you, design the cover, or edit the manuscript to make sure it’s error-free. When you’re trying to come up with a title, it can be helpful to do some keyword research to see what people are searching for on Amazon. The Keyword Tool is a great resource for this.

To boost your ebook sales, it’s a good idea to use marketing strategies that have proven successful in the past. For example, giving away a few copies for free can help generate interest and reviews on social media, which can act as “social proof” and attract new customers. Influencer marketing and video campaigns are also effective ways to get the word out about your ebook.

8. Create an online course

If you’re looking to start a profitable online business, selling courses could be a great option for you. If you’re an expert in a particular field, you can create and sell courses on that subject and make money from it. 

Udemy is a great platform for selling courses, but if you have a strong following, you can also sell directly through your own website. Some people even make up to $5,000 a month selling online courses.

To create a course that will be successful, try studying popular courses in your field for inspiration and read through customer feedback to see what people liked and didn’t like about them. Think about how you can address common concerns and incorporate praised features into your own course.

When it comes to selling your course, you have a couple of options. Udemy is a great choice because it doesn’t require any marketing efforts on your part. You can also promote your course on blogs and online communities. If you sell your course through your own website, you can use ads to promote it and build an email list to let people know about future courses.

9. Start a blog

Blogging is not a new concept – people have been doing it for years. If you’re passionate about writing and have a specific topic in mind, like cars or toys, starting a blog can be a great way to attract a dedicated readership.

There are a few popular platforms you can use to get started with blogging, like WordPress and Blogger. To begin with, it’s important to focus on a small number of keywords and then branch out into related niches as your readership and influence grow. Here are some blog posts ideas that your readers might like. 

So, how can you actually make money from your blog? One option is to include affiliate links in your content (just remember to add a disclaimer). You can also include advertising in your blog posts or do sponsored posts if you write reviews. 

Selling downloadable files or physical goods is another option. And if you build a good reputation and personal brand through your blog, it could even lead to paid speaking gigs or TV appearances.

10. Become a writer

Looking to make money writing? You can start by specializing in a particular genre that can set you apart and improve your chances of success. 

Instead of trying to be a jack-of-all-trades and writing about a bunch of different topics, focus on one area where you have some expertise and bring a fresh perspective to the table. That’s what companies are really looking for – access to your insights and experience in a specific field.

When applying for writing jobs, be sure to include relevant samples of your work. If a recruiter asks for a sample of your marketing writing, don’t send them an article about financial stuff or health and fitness. They want to see how well you know the niche industry they’re interested in, so make sure you make a good resume and send it to jobs that align with your areas of expertise.

Online writing jobs can be found on the following websites:

  • Problogger
  • Blogging Pro
  • Craigslist
  • Freelance Writing
  • Media Bistro
  • FlexJobs
  • Be a Freelance Blogger

11. Create an app

Are you thinking about creating an app but don’t have any programming experience? No problem! There are lots of app developers out there who can help bring your app idea to life. Websites like Toptal have a bunch of app developers ready and willing to work with businesses like yours.

All you have to do is come up with a killer concept for your app, identify your target customers, and create a strong brand identity. Then, you can hire a programmer to handle all the technical stuff.

To maximize your chances of making money, be sure to publish your app on both Google Play and the App Store. And don’t worry, even though it might seem counterintuitive, a free app can actually bring in more revenue than a paid app. You can monetize your free app through in-app purchases or advertising. The more people who download your app for free, the more potential buyers there are for your paid version.

12. Do side gigs

Want to make some extra cash on the side? One way to do it is by finding side gigs online. Services like Fiverr and FlexJobs can help you find gigs or freelancing opportunities.

If you’re new to Fiverr, try offering a lower price for your services to get some initial reviews. And remember, the more gigs you have, the more visible you’ll be to potential customers.

FlexJobs is another option that lets you search for remote work from anywhere in the world. Plus, they have a variety of part-time jobs in different fields. So, if you have a particular skill set, you might be able to find something that fits.

Some of these gigs might make you a few hundred bucks a month to supplement your full-time income. So if you’re looking to boost your income, give it a shot!

13. Sell your stuff

If you’re looking to make a little extra cash by selling some of your unused stuff, the key is to focus on items that are still attractive to today’s consumers. 

So while you might be tempted to try and sell your old CDs and DVDs, it’s probably not worth your time. In 2023, who’s really going to want to buy a CD? Instead, consider selling electronics, furniture, toys, and handmade goods. These types of items tend to be more popular with buyers.

To get the most out of your sales, consider listing your products on multiple websites, like Amazon, and Facebook Marketplace, and even create your own Shopify store. This way, you’ll have a greater pool of potential buyers to choose from. 

And when it comes to making a great first impression on customers, don’t forget to include some nice pictures of the items you’re selling. 

If you’re not confident in your photography skills, you might want to consider hiring a professional photographer or taking a photography course to learn how to take great product shots. Good luck with your sales!

14. Do translation work

If you’re proficient in more than one language, you might want to consider a career in translation. It’s an industry that’s still growing, so there’s less competition than in some other fields. 

To get started, you’ll need to demonstrate your translation skills. This might mean including evidence of your experience interpreting literature or a degree in a foreign language on your resume or in your portfolio. 

Most employers will also ask you to take a translation test. Just a heads up – you won’t be able to use translation software or apps during the test.

Online translation jobs can be found at the following sites:

15. Become a virtual assistant

If you’re thinking about starting your own business, you might want to consider becoming a virtual assistant (VA). A VA is like an online personal assistant who helps businesses with tasks like writing, accounting, social media, and customer support. 

There are plenty of websites, like Virtual Office Temps, Indeed, and Upwork, where you can find VA jobs. You can also try reaching out to businesses and individuals directly to see if they need some extra help running their business. 

Trust me, it won’t be long before you land your first client if you put yourself out there and apply to job boards and reach out to potential clients.

16. Drive Your Car

Are you looking to make some extra cash as an Uber driver or delivery person? One way to do this is by using your car to advertise products or companies with Free Car Media. They’ll wrap your car in vinyl advertising and you can make money while you drive. 

Or, if you don’t have a car, you can still transport goods on a bike or scooter. And if you happen to have some inventory you’re selling and a passenger shows interest, you can store it under the driver’s seat. 

And don’t forget about Uber’s tip function – it’s a great way for customers to pay for your services if they don’t have cash on hand.

17. Become an online tutor

Are you looking to earn some extra cash and have flexible hours? Consider becoming an online tutor! It can be a great way to make money, and you can even set your own schedule. One student was able to earn $2,100 from tutoring in just one semester, and he even grew his client base through word of mouth, advertising, and group pricing.

If you’re interested in becoming a tutor, having a degree in education or relevant work experience can definitely help. You may also have a better chance of getting hired if you’ve presented on a subject at a conference or event.

STEM subjects are always in high demand for tutoring, but don’t forget about English either. It’s a language that has a large and growing audience worldwide. If you’re an expert in a particular field, you could see financial success as a tutor pretty quickly.

Online tutoring jobs can be found on platforms such as:

18. Take online surveys

If you’re looking to complete surveys, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from. Just make sure to think about what you need before you decide on a method. For example, some surveys you might find online might only be about one topic, while others might have you watch a video and then answer questions about it. 

It’s also worth noting that different surveys come with different rewards. Some might pay you cash through PayPal or other online accounts, while others might give you loyalty points that you can exchange for gift cards to popular retailers or restaurants.

Just keep in mind that you probably won’t be eligible for every survey you come across. It’s a good idea to think about which survey programs are the best fit for your skills and experience, so you can make the most money possible from each one.

19. Become a Twitch streamer

If you want to make some cash on Twitch, there are plenty of ways to do it. First off, it’s important to build up a large following on the platform. One way to do that is to go live and really engage with your audience. To stand out, try picking a popular game or topic to stream on, and make sure to set a tone for your channel – whether it’s funny, informative, or entertaining.

Once you’ve got a decent following, there are a few main ways to make money on Twitch. You can sell products, like t-shirts or stickers, get sponsored by brands, receive donations from fans, offer paid memberships for exclusive content, or even make money through Twitch’s own advertising program. 

If you want to maximize your earnings, it’s best to try and take advantage of as many of these options as possible. Just remember: it takes time and effort to really succeed on Twitch, but if you put in the work, the money can definitely follow.

20. Create a podcast

If you want to make some cash online, starting a podcast could be a great option. These days, more and more people are tuning in to podcasts, and it’s no surprise why – they’re super convenient and can be listened to anywhere with an internet connection. Plus, a lot of people prefer podcasts to the radio because they can skip the commercials.

Did you know that in January 2022, over 464.7 million people listened to podcasts every month worldwide? That’s a lot of people! So, if you’ve got a topic that you’re really familiar with, that could be a great place to start. 

For example, if you’re an expert on starting a business, you could create a podcast on that. Or, if you love cooking, you could start a podcast where you and your listeners chat about different recipes.

There are a few different formats you can choose from when it comes to your podcast. Do you want to do interviews? Or, do you want to do more of a speaking format? You can even ask your listeners for suggestions on topics they’d like to hear more about. Take your time and figure out what works best for you.

21. Invest in stocks

if you’re looking to make some quick cash, trading stocks might be the way to go. Just be warned, it’s not for everyone. You really need to know your stuff when it comes to the stock market, otherwise, you could end up losing a lot of money.

But if you’re already a pro at trading stocks, go for it! It’s a great opportunity to increase your wealth. And if you’re just an average Joe with a 9-5 job, don’t worry. You can still get in on the stock game through your employer’s retirement plan. Just check if you can purchase company stock and if you can jump on the opportunity. 

Not only will you have a say in the success of your employer, but if they offer an RRSP matching program, make sure to take advantage of it. It’s a great way to save for retirement or even a down payment on a home.

22. Sell old clothes online

Have you ever thought about getting rid of those old clothes in your closet that you haven’t worn in forever and probably never will again? Instead of letting them collect dust, why not make some cash by selling them online? 

There are plenty of websites like Poshmark, Refashioner, The RealReal, ThredUp, and Tradesy where you can sell your used clothes, accessories, and shoes. It’s easy and can even be lucrative if you use multiple channels, like local Facebook buying and selling groups. 

Just make sure you have some good photos and a detailed description of your stuff and you’ll be good to go!

23. Sell your photography

If you’re looking to make some cash with your photography skills, selling your photos online is a great option. Both Shutterstock and Alamy are great sites to upload your work to – when someone downloads one of your photos from the site, you’ll earn a fee.

Another quick way to monetize your photos is through Foap, a smartphone app that lets you post your work and earn a share of the revenue when it’s sold to advertisers, brands, or other companies. 

So, if you’ve got some killer shots sitting on your phone or camera, why not make some money off them?

24. Become an extreme couponer

Have you ever heard of using coupons to save money? Well, did you know that you can also make money by sharing coupons online? One company that does this is Coupon Chief, which has a program called Pays to Share. Basically, you earn a commission (2-3%) for promoting coupons that aren’t yet widely used. Sounds pretty cool, right? 

It’s kind of like affiliate marketing, where you promote products and earn a share of the sales from your referrals. And the best part is that coupon companies are known to pay their affiliates regularly, so this can be a reliable source of online income. In fact, Coupon Chief has already paid out over $1.3 million in commissions to its users. 

25. Sell your designs online

If you want to make some extra cash on the side, one way to do that is by using your design skills to create eye-catching visuals. You can sell your designs on merchandise using print-on-demand services or promote them on a crowdsourcing site like 99designs. 

Or, you can create your own graphics and templates to sell on places like Envato or Creative Market. Another idea is to work as a freelance graphic designer – the average hourly wage for this job is around $30, according to PayScale. There are lots of options out there for using your design skills to make some extra money!

26. Review apps and websites

Are you someone who’s interested in user experiences and looking to make some extra cash on the side? UserTesting might be the gig for you! They’re looking for reviewers to provide feedback on websites and apps in exchange for $10 per review. 

All you have to do is answer a few questions while exploring a website and give your honest thoughts and suggestions. And the best part? It’s super easy to fit into your schedule. Each review only takes about 20 minutes, so you can easily knock out 3 in an hour and earn $30. 

Just keep in mind that you’ll want to act fast when a new opportunity comes up, as other reviewers may snag it before you do. Happy testing!

27. Buy and sell domain names

You can make money with domain names that you never use. But, it can be tough to do because the domain market is really competitive. Owning a one-word .com domain can make it more valuable. 

Also, if the domain has a word that a lot of people search for, it’s more likely to be successful. Right now, trendy domains are also doing well in the market. For example, a few years ago, domains related to fidget spinners were really popular, but not so much now.

If you don’t know how to buy a domain, you can check out our domain registration guide. On the other hand, if you already had a domain that you want to sell, you can list it on GoDaddy’s domain auction. It helps to know how much your domain is worth and how much you can get for it when you sell.

28. Get a part-time job

If you’re struggling to make ends meet and need some extra cash, you might want to consider getting a part-time job. You can check out job boards like Indeed or specialized ones to find something that fits your schedule and skills. 

Just make sure to read the fine print, as some of these job boards charge a fee to apply. And don’t worry, there are plenty of options out there for part-time and contract work, so you should be able to find something that works for you.

29. Sell greeting cards online

Selling greeting cards is a good idea to make some cash from the comfort of your own home. One tip that might help boost your sales is to focus on specific groups of people. For example, you could create vacation cards for CEOs to send to their senior vice presidents, or thank-you cards for doctors and nurses to give to their patients. 

To design your cards, you can use online tools like Photoshop or Canva – they’re super easy to use and will help you create professional-looking cards that are sure to please. 

Check out the companies that will pay you to write greeting cards.

30. Offer digital marketing services

If you’re into helping businesses get more customers and make more money, you might want to consider starting a digital marketing agency. 

One way you can do this is by offering SEO services to improve a website’s visibility and attract targeted visitors. Another way is by managing social media for businesses and implementing marketing strategies to increase audience engagement and brand familiarity. 

If you’re interested in learning more about SEO and social media marketing, there are plenty of courses and certifications you can take. For example, Foundr’s Instagram domination teaches you how to build a large following on Instagram. 

And if you want to actually make money from your skills, you can use sites like Fiverr and Freelancer to sell your services. 

31. Become a Travel Consultant

Want to break into the travel industry and become a travel agent? Well, now’s a great time to do it! The tourism sector is booming and there’s a big demand for travel agencies. 

Not only can you earn around $70,000 a year as a travel consultant in the US, but you’ll also have the chance to work from home, choose your own schedule, and even travel abroad.

To get started, try learning some popular travel management software programs and consider taking a course in tourism, hospitality, or a foreign language to improve your skills. You can also promote yourself and your services on your own website or use sites like Reco to find work as a travel consultant or trip planner. 

For more ideas and guidance, you can even reach out to experts at companies like Wanderlust Travel Consultants and TravelBoecker Adventures.

32. Create a Membership Site

Yes, building a membership website can be a great way to make money online. It’s important to carefully consider your target audience and the content you will offer to determine the best pricing and membership options. You should also make sure that you have a clear plan for how you will market your site and attract new members.

In addition to using a platform like WordPress and a membership plugin, there are a few other key factors to consider when building a membership site:

  1. Choose the right niche: It’s important to choose a niche that you are passionate about and that has a clear target audience.
  2. Create high-quality content: The content you offer on your membership site should be valuable and engaging for your members. This will help to keep them coming back and encourage them to renew their memberships.
  3. Offer multiple membership levels: By offering different membership levels, you can appeal to a wider range of customers and offer a range of pricing options.
  4. Make it easy to join and pay: Make sure that the process of joining and paying for a membership on your site is easy and straightforward.
  5. Offer excellent customer service: Providing excellent customer service to your members is crucial for building a loyal customer base. Make sure to respond to any questions or concerns in a timely manner.

Overall, building a successful membership website requires a combination of high-quality content, clear pricing and membership options, and excellent customer service. With the right approach, it can be a lucrative way to make money online.

How to Choose the Best Way to Make Money Online

So you’ve learned about 32 ways to make money online, and now it’s time to decide which one is right for you. But don’t worry, you don’t have to choose all of them! 

Most people can only handle a few options at a time, so try to narrow it down to just a few. Here are some things to consider as you make your decision:

  • Effort: Think about whether you have the skills or experience to set up and run the new venture. It might take some work, so be sure you’re ready for it.
  • Cost: Can you afford to start an online business? Make sure you have a budget in mind before you get started.
  • Interest: Don’t just pick an idea because it seems easy to make money. Choose something that you’re passionate about. It’ll be more fun and rewarding that way.
  • Potential: Consider whether the chosen idea has the potential to be profitable in the long run. You want to make sure it’s worth your time and effort.

There you have it! Those are some things to consider as you decide which online money-making venture is right for you. 

Watch Out For Making Money Scams

If you’re looking to make some money online or from home, be careful because there are tons of scams out there. If an opportunity asks you to pay upfront, get certified, or give out personal financial info like your Social Security number or credit card number, it’s probably not legit.

Still unsure about this particular opportunity? You can check out uncensored reviews and concerns on community sites like Reddit. There are subreddits for TaskRabbit employees, Uber and Lyft drivers, and more. You can also see if the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has a listing for the business in question. The BBB rates businesses based on customer feedback and other factors.

Lastly, always keep an eye on your finances, especially when things are tough. 


Depending on your abilities, interests, and resources, there are many ways to earn extra money. Just choose one that is realistic.

If you want to sell products online, you should open an online shop. Selling custom designs, offering stock photos, dropshipping, and auctioning used clothing are all low-cost options.

Professionals who wish to earn extra income can do so by offering coaching and training online. There is a high rate of employment and salary in fields such as web development, graphic design, content creation, and search engine optimization.

Freelancing may be a better fit for you if you don’t want or need a 9-to-5 job. Become a voice actor, a podcaster, or a streamer if you love interacting with others. You could also earn passive income through blogging.

Hopefully, this post has provided some insight into how to earn money online. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I earn money online easily?

Taking surveys, testing websites, and selling your used stuff online are easy side jobs that require little setup time. In addition, affiliate marketing and renting out your vehicle can earn you passive income.

How can I make money at home?

Sell used clothes and electronics, babysit, and rent out a room on a vacation rental website are some of the fastest ways to make money from home.

You can also earn money from home by doing remote jobs. Examples include setting up a dropshipping or eCommerce store, selling artwork and designs, doing voice-overs, tutoring students online, and investing.

How can I make money right now?

If you’re looking for a paying gig in your area, then check out local or online job listings. Think about other ways to get cash fast if you need it right away. 

For instance, jewelry, instruments, and electronic devices can be pawned to get a pawnshop loan, which costs on average $150. You won’t have to worry about your credit score, and if you can’t pay off the loan, the pawnshop will sell your item without affecting your credit score.

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