Infinite Income On Amazon By Foundr Review – Scam or Legit?

Are you looking for an honest Infinite Income On Amazon review? Should you join Foundr’s Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) course and learn from Melisa Vong?

If you would like to start an Amazon store but have no clue about it, Foundr’s Infinite Income On Amazon course may be a good fit for you to get started.

When you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck, you can begin to feel like you’re just doing it for the sake of it.

Having the ability to make sales online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from anywhere in the world seems to be a dream.

However, the Infinite Income On Amazon course claims to help you achieve financial freedom by starting an Amazon FBA business. Amazon FBA is a global, trillion-dollar sales network that allows even beginning entrepreneurs to generate massive profits quickly.

I have a passion to help people explore the best online programs to learn how to make money online. Over the past years, I have reviewed hundreds of similar programs like Foundr’s Amazon FBA course.

In this review, I’m going to tell you how Foundr’s Amazon FBA Course actually works and what I like about the course. Of course, nothing is perfect, so I’ll also talk about the things that can be improved.

At the end of this Infinite Income On Amazon review, you should be able to make a decision of whether to join it and learn from Melisa Vong.

Infinite Income On Amazon By Foundr Review – Key Takeaways 

In this Infinite Income On Amazon review, I’m going to cover the following topics:

What is Infinite Income On Amazon by Foundr?

Infinite Income On Amazon is an Amazon FBA online course that teaches you how to sell on Amazon.

FBA stands for “Fulfillment by Amazon”. This means that you store your products at Amazon fulfillment centers, and Amazon picks, packs, ships, and provides customer service for each and every order.

infinite income on amazon by foundr review

By doing so, you can focus on finding new products, scaling your business, and expanding your customer base.

Infinite Income On Amazon claims to be the first ever step-by-step system that has sold more than $20,000,000 worth of Amazon products.

The very same system that helped Melisa Vong, the course instructor, launch a product on Amazon and do $30,000 in the first month and $1,000,000 in the first year!

Infinite Income On Amazon is a proven framework that transforms random product ideas into multi-million dollar brands which are then sold after a few years for a profit.

While many people have been successful on Amazon “one off”, Infinite Income On Amazon is a proven step-by-step system that has been successful across multiple niches on Amazon.

It’s a repeatable system that will work even if you are a beginner, since you’ll avoid all the “copycat product” competition that is rampant on Amazon.

Starting from the start, Infinite Income On Amazon teaches you how to sell in-demand, profitable “PRIME products,” not ones that anyone can copy.

Do you want to build an Amazon business of your dreams by replicating this 20 million-dollar selling system?

Read on to see how you can take advantage of all of Amazon’s outstanding operations, technology, and team to build your Amazon business.

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How Does Infinite Income On Amazon by Foundr Work?

Infinite Income On Amazon claims to be a bulletproof course that helps you gain the tools and knowledge you need to win big on the platform, regardless of competition or any changes to Amazon’s rules & regulations.

The course Is NOT related to retail arbitrage, wholesaling or dropshipping.

Melisa Vong shares her “Prime Product Method” in the course. It’s how she has been able to produce passive, profit-producing products that sell anywhere and anytime.

Prime Product Method stands for:

  • P: Positioning potential
  • R: Researching reviews
  • I: In-demand item
  • M: Margin and profits
  • E: Easy to make & ship

Melisa Vong uses this method to sell $30,000.00 in her first month of selling her first product. In her very first year of starting her Amazon business, she sold over a million dollars. Since then, she has launched more than 10 different Amazon brands using this method.

She distilled this step-by-step process from thousands of tests, failures, and successful experiments. Because she has already done the hard work and sleepless nights, there is no need for you to do it.

With this step-by-step “Prime Product Method”, you’ll have no problem finding/creating a high-selling Amazon product and creating a full-time online income in any economy.

Rather than short-lived tactics that work only now but not tomorrow, this selling system focuses on “evergreen” principles that are repeatable and reliable.

Successful Amazon brands are built on finding and creating a winning product. It is 90% of the work to nail your product since Amazon provides everything else .

When done correctly, the product you build will not only sell consistently day after day, month after month while you are pretty much hands-off…

When that time comes, you’ll also have an actual brand you can sell.

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What Exactly is the “Prime Product Method” Taught in Infinite Income on Amazon?

The “Prime Product Method” can be used across a wide range of niches and ideas. There is no need to sift through possible solutions. 


You’ll learn how to identify, analyze, and position your potential million-dollar product without feeling overwhelmed.


By leveraging reviews like no one else, you’ll design a product that stands out from the competition and dominates the search engine results.


By utilizing data-driven analysis, you will be able to determine whether your product will be “in-demand” and will sell before ever ordering a single sample.


Follow Melisa’s “maximum margin math” and avoid “profit sucking” products to be profitable from day one.


Filtered products will be easier to make and ship, requiring less work and presenting your suppliers with fewer challenges.

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Who is the Instructor of Foundr’s Amazon FBA Course?

Melisa Vong is an Amazon entrepreneur who has built two multi-million dollar brands from scratch, scaled them, and then sold them. She has sold over $20M worth of products via Amazon FBA.

As a result of her successful Amazon business, she is able to become her own boss and live the life of her dreams.

Melisa sold cars and barely made ends meet before becoming a millionaire with FBA.  

Due to a challenging family situation, her character has always been entrepreneurial and driven by a need to survive and thrive. 

At the age of 12, she sold newspapers door-to-door. She also built a website for $2k when she was 16 years old. She made her first $1 online through affiliate marketing and CPA marketing.

She worked full time at BMW as a car salesperson while attending university.

After starting an Amazon business, she earned $30k in the first month and quit her job at BMW to pursue her new business full time. 

She made $1 million for her Amazon brand Namaskara, which sells organic beauty products, in 1 year and then got acquired for millions three and a half years later.

She co-founded her second company, Orphic Nutrition, with former professional soccer player Bryce Alderson in 2017. Within 3 years, the company reached millions in sales and was acquired.

She is now working on 2 new brands and a new brand is in development 

You too can start selling on Amazon if you want to. Melisa has developed a step-by-step method called the “PRIME Product Method”. 

Using the method, random product ideas become legitimate multi-million dollar brands that are then sold for a profit a few years later. 

In contrast to many people who have had “one-off” successes on Amazon, this is a step-by-step system that has been proven to work across multiple niches.

Fortunately, she has agreed to share exactly how she does it by cooperating with Foundr to create this course, Infinite Income on Amazon.

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Who is Foundr?

Foundr cooperates with Melisa Vong to create the Amazon FBA course.

Foundr helps people to start an online business, increase sales, and build side hustles for additional income. Over the past seven years, it has reached millions of people around the world with its global media and education platform.

Since 2013, Foundr has adhered to the “no guru” policy. Only experts are selected to work with Foundr.

In order to work with Foundr, instructors must meet a stringent set of qualification requirements.

One of the criteria for this is that they have to be an actual entrepreneur who has built a successful business (often more than one) in the area they are teaching you about. The Foundr platform does not allow fluff, theory, or BS.

The high rating on Trustpilot is no wonder given the quality of Foundr’s courses. Trustpilot gives it 4.8 stars out of 5.

infinite income on amazon by foundr review

What’s Inside Infinite Income On Amazon by Foundr Course?

Infinite Income On Amazon is a step-by-step training course that aims to help you build a multimillion dollar amazon brand.

Let’s take a look at look at each module of the course and see what you can learn from the course:

Module 1: Starting Your Seller Journey

You’ll learn how to build a successful Amazon FBA brand in this module. It ensures you start off on the right foot and informs you of everything you need to know before you get started.

Module 2: Unlock Product Ideas & Opportunities

Using Melisa’s best strategies, you will find products that have the highest chance of success. With Melisa’s help, you will know exactly what to sell on Amazon.

Module 3; Million-Dollar Amazon Product Branding

The strategies Melisa uses to build her multi-million dollar brand are revealed in this module. As others struggle with copycat products, you’ll have something entirely original to offer.

Module 4: Sourcing Reliable Products & Allies

The module helps you source reliable products and create a network of manufacturers that can help you every step of the way. Don’t worry about your supply chain anymore!’

Module 5: Building The Perfect Product Listing

Here, Melisa walks you through all the “must-have” elements for the perfect product listing using her listing optimization checklist.

Module 6: Profitable Product Launches & Optimized Rankings

When you finish this module, you’ll know how to launch a massively successful product and how to optimize your rankings to get more organic traffic.

Module 7: Curating Positivity For Your Amazon Listing

By the end of this module, you’ll have everything in place to create a product that sells, a business that grows, and a brand you can sell!

Bonus 1: Foundr’s Private Amazon Sellers Community

Get accountable, share your progress, ask Foundr team questions, and even network with other business owners in this private Foundr community.

You’ll not only have fellow entrepreneurs to support you, but you’ll also be able to get advice from smart entrepreneurs who are in the trenches building Amazon brands as well. This group is run by the Foundr team to support you through the course.

Bonus 2: 6 Live Interactive Calls

To ensure that you get started on the right foot, Melisa will offer six live interactive calls during which she will answer any questions you have, help you choose your product, and provide any insight you might need.

The 1-on-1 calls with Melisa normally cost $1,000, but are included for free with your investment today.

Bonus 3: Supply Chain Mastery With Kian Golzari

Once you learn from Kian Golzari, one of the world’s leading experts on sourcing, your perspective on supply chain will never be the same.

Over 2,500 products have been sourced by Kian’s for companies like NBA, Proctor & Gamble, Amazon, The Olympics, Tesco, and Bed Bath & Beyond. Additionally, he has visited over 500 factories and lived and worked in China for nine years!

You will learn exactly what you need to do in this bonus to keep your supply chain strong and efficient, no matter what’s happening around you. But there’s more! This bonus is included completely free with Infinite Income on Amazon.

Bonus 4: Outsource & Scale

You’ll also be able to access Melisa’s new Outsource & Scale training. You get all the ready-to-use templates for your Amazon business so you can scale more easily and free up your time.

Bonus 5: The How To Sell Your Brand Formula

Learn how Melisa has successfully marketed her brand! During this course, you’ll find out the best places to find buyers, what they’re looking for, and how to build your property to sell.

This alone could be life-changing for you, and it’s included for free when you join.

Bonus 6: Melisa’s Exclusive Sop Library

Take advantage of Melisa’s own library of standard operating procedures for some of your most important business functions. From removing negative seller feedback to filing copyrighted works, Melisa takes you through every step so you don’t have to.

Bonus 7: Protect Your Brand

The Protect Your Brand course shows you how to protect your listing from hackers, what to do if your product doesn’t sell, and Melisa’s own advice about what she did when someone tried to steal her brand.

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Who is Infinite Income On Amazon For?

The course is for aspiring entrepreneurs and hustlers who desire a better life, but do not have the knowledge, skills, education, or confidence to unlock the latest opportunities.

It allows them access to the most secure business model available during these insecure times.

With Infinite Income On Amazon, Amazon’s market place becomes “open” for them, and they can concentrate on building a brand and generating six figures only in the first year. 

Who is Infinite Income On Amazon Not For?

Infinite Income On Amazon is not for people who are already satisfied with their 9-5 job and don’t have the courage to start a business and become their own boss.

Also, it’s not for someone who wants to gain overnight success without devoting consistent efforts. 

Remember, to become a millionaire like Melisa Vong, you must follow the training and take every action step required. If you are arrogant, lazy and not coachable, this course is not for you.

Foundr’s Amazon FBA Course Pros

1. The Course Creator Has Proven Track Record

Melisa is not some self-proclaimed “guru” who got lucky once in a niche. She has sold $20,000,000 through Amazon.

In just a few years, she launched multiple brands that went from 0 to being acquired for millions.

Additionally, because she’s also human, she’s had her share of failures along the way and knows exactly what works and what doesn’t for beginners on Amazon.

So if you want to get coaching from a 20M mentor, this course is the cheapest investment. With Melisa’s coaching, you won’t feel like you’re doing this alone.

2. Selling on Amazon is one of the most Profitable Online Businesses

Were you aware that Amazon is buying up “dead malls” throughout the U.S.?

“Malls that buckled due to e-commerce or suffered during the pandemic are being given new life by the very entity that precipitated their decline — Amazon.” This is from an article published by NBC earlier this year.

It is truly a life-changing opportunity to sell products right now on Amazon. The Amazon FBA model will allow you to simply ride the massive wave instead of struggling upstream. 

In this course, you’ll learn how to leverage all of Amazon FBA’s powerful “business in a box” advantages so that you can scale quickly.

Amazon is by far the safest and most reliable business option for these unpredictable times.

It’s now possible for you to create your own life of freedom by tapping into Amazon’s trillion-dollar business-in-a-box infrastructure and earning income from anywhere, without needing customers, Facebook ads, or even your own website!

You won’t have to rent an expensive storefront, pray for foot traffic, hire employees whether you are selling products or not, and handle all shipping and storage by yourself.

For an Amazon FBA business, you just have to place your product on Amazon’s online “mall” and reach 300+ million online shoppers who already have credit cards on file, and let Amazon FBA handle fulfillment.

Many first-time entrepreneurs view this as their dream business because instead of having to worry about building a complex website, logistics, or frustrating technical issues, you will only simply focus on creating interesting products and selling them.

3. The Course is Easy to Follow

There is an entire start-to-scale proven system that will take you from product ideas, sourcing, writing your amazon listing, etc. It doesn’t matter if you are new to online business. Everyone can follow the training and execute.

4. Melisa Teaches the Best Way to Find the Right Product to Sell

Selling the “right product” online is very important.

It can often determine whether a business succeeds or fails, even for the most hard-working entrepreneurs.

There are countless brilliant startups that raised tens of millions of dollars but were unable to sell their products or services.

Providing something people need and want is at the core of any successful business. 

The right product on Amazon accounts for up to 80% of your success.

Melisa Vong has seen how selling the “right product” can make or break entrepreneurs after massive success and failure on Amazon.

Selling the “right” product makes everything easier. Your chances of success will be much higher.

This is why Infinite Income On Amazon consists of a five-step formula for nailing your perfect product.

You’ll quickly learn exactly what products to sell on amazon and how to position them so they stand out.

5. You can Sell Your Amazon Brand

Infinite Income On Amazon is a course that teaches you how to build an Amazon brand that can be sold for millions.

Amazon aggregators are on a buying spree. This means you’ll likely have deep-pocketed buyers lining up at your door when you build a successful brand on Amazon.

For example, Thoraio, which has acquired more than one billion dollars in funding in 2021 alone, is the largest acquirer of Amazon FBA brands ever.

So far, there have been more than 100 third-party seller acquisitions, and there will be many more. There are also other aggregators like Perch, which has raised $900 million so that it can also acquire Amazon FBA brands.

6. You May Achieve Financial Freedom

As mentioned, Melisa Vong earned $30k in her first month and $1m in her first year. This is what Melisa was able to do with Infinite Income on Amazon’s exact system.

A full-time employee became a successful entrepreneur online in a matter of months.

It is possible to change your financial life in just 6 months with some hard work, the right formula, and guidance from a mentor who has been where you want to be.

7. You Will Learn How to Build an Amazon Brand

Why waste time and money on a “copycat product” that anyone can copy overnight when you can instead invest that same amount of time creating a legit, differentiated brand you can sell?

This course has nothing to do with “copycat products” or dropshipping.

Instead, it teaches you how to create profitable products using private labeling, the #1 approach for Amazon sellers. Melisa Vong is an expert at doing just that. She has achieved this multiple times, in multiple niches, going from zero to multiple millions.

Using Melisa’s own set of “$20M sales tools”, you will be able to create unique, in-demand, branded products that are not only hard to copy but also allows you to quickly turn private labels into powerful brands you can sell.

You’ll be able to do the same thing Nike, Target, and Costco’s Kirkland Signature do, which do over 39 billion dollars in private label sales each year.

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Foundr’s Amazon FBA Course Cons and Complaints

1. Foundr’s Amazon FBA Course is Quite Expensive

Infinite Income On Amazon is not cheap. I understand that not everyone can afford the course, despite the value you receive. Ultimately, success is determined by your willingness to sacrifice.

Investing in the course should not be a problem if you are able to spend less on other things. There’s also a payment plan you can take advantage of so you don’t have to pay all at once. In the long run, you can recoup the money in your business.

There may be a question in your mind why Foundr and Melisa do not offer the course at an affordable price. That’s because high-quality training programs are expensive to create.

A lot of time and effort has been put into creating the course by founder and Melisa. And most importantly, it works! Online, there are dozens of other Amazon FBA courses, some of which are cheaper than Foundr. These courses are being sold by people who have never succeeded in Amazon FBA. They are happy to sell you secrets that will not generate revenue. 

Consider earning a college degree. Why is it so expensive? College degrees can lead to jobs. The price of Infinite Income On Amazon is reasonable if you think about it this way: it can help you build a successful business.

Cheap courses are usually ineffective.

2. Building an Amazon brand requires some upfront investment

You will need some cash up front to get started with Infinite Income On Amazon. 

The majority of costs would be incurred by inventory. Melisa solves this problem for you by showing how to avoid the problem of overstocking.

3. You won’t get rich overnight by joining Infinite Income On Amazon

Many gurus sell courses that promise you will become wealthy within a month or two. Contrary to what some may believe, Infinite Income On Amazon is not a get-rich-quick scheme. 

You won’t become rich overnight by taking the course. Her brand, which has made her a multi-millionaire today, is the result of a lot of hard work, as Melisa has stated. You will succeed as well if you follow Melisa’s advice, work hard.

Is Amazon FBA Still a Profitable Online Business Model?

Over the last 18 months, brick-and-mortar retailers have suffered, but Amazon has exploded. Their company has a value of 1.6 trillion dollars, making them the 14th richest country in the world.

So Amazon FBA is definitely a very profitable business. Here are the facts you need to know:

85% Of Amazon Sellers Are Profitable

It has been found that 85% of Amazon sellers are profitable according to Jungle Scouts “State of The Amazon Seller” 2021 report which surveyed nearly 5,000 sellers.

Even in 2021, Amazon had a 200% rise in profits in one quarter after generating record breaking 365 billion in revenue last year. In four years, it’s expected to double.

74% Of All U.S. Consumers Start On Amazon

Amazon is the first place 74% of consumers shop, which means people come to Amazon to buy, not browse. They want to check prices, read reviews, and buy.

A quarter of every retail dollar spent in America goes to Amazon. 

As an Amazon seller, you can take advantage of Amazon’s built-in trust to sell to 300 million customers who will be on the lookout for your product right now!

Amazon Has Billion Visits Per Month

Almost 3 billion visits per month are made to Amazon’s ecommerce search engine, which is the largest in the world. This number is projected to grow as internet access spreads worldwide.

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What Makes Foundr’s Amazon FBA Course Different From Others?

Infinite Income On Amazon is different from other eCommerce courses because it teaches you to build a real brand you can sell instead of selling “copycat products”.

In fact, the secret to quickly winning on Amazon is to nail your product from the beginning.

Many people are still unknowingly deceived by self-proclaimed “gurus” who succeeded with only one product in one niche once.

These new entrepreneurs spend money they cannot waste on “copycat products,” which allow even the laziest of competitors to copy them almost instantly.

They don’t sell anything that is unique and they don’t have a brand that could be acquired for 7-figures like Melisa’s.

To succeed on Amazon, it’s all about what you sell. That’s why Melisa Vong put a great emphasis on the creating and finding an unique winning product throughout the course.

Infinite Income On Amazon By Foundr Pricing

Infinite Income On Amazon course is not cheap. 

But it’s cheap if you compare it with hiring Melisa Vong for a full-day 1-on-1 consultation for $10,000.

It’s cheap when compared with paying $1,500 to consult with Kian Golzari (who is a guest instructor in Infinite Income on Amazon course), who has sourced products for the NBA, Procter & Gamble, Google, Bed Bath & Beyond, and is one of the world’s leading sourcing experts.

It’s cheap when compared with paying $2,500 to attend an event that contains just a fraction of what this course has to offer.

You can get a special offer of Infinite Income On Amazon if you enrol in the course during the promotion period. It’s less than $2.73 a day (less than the price of a cup of coffee).

With the investment, you will get the content, coaching, and community you need to succeed on Amazon. Furthermore, you’ll be able to use this business building skill for the rest of your life.

There is also a 365-day money-back guarantee to protect you.

If you are not ready to invest in the course, you may take the free masterclass first.

Is Infinite Income On Amazon a Scam?

Infinite Income On Amazon is certainly not a scam. It’s a legit online course created by Foundr.

It’s also not a lie that you may achieve financial freedom by becoming an Amazon seller.

3 billion people visit Amazon’s ecommerce search engine each month, making it the largest ecommerce search engine in the world…

Over 74% of U.S. consumers start their search on Amazon. They go to Amazon to buy, not browse.

When you put yourself in front of them and provide them with what they’re looking for, you can 

scale your online business and create a thriving business.

People who fail to make money on Amazon because they sell ‘copycat products’. Products like these can easily be copied by even the laziest competitors.

That’s why Infinite Income On Amazon teaches you to build a valuable and legit brand instead.

In this way, your products can be positioned differently from everything else on the market.

In addition, it also provides you with more opportunities to sell your business when that time comes. You cannot do that if you’re selling the same thing everyone else is selling.

In addition, you can create a legitimate asset from the very beginning if you follow Melisa’s system.

This means you can not only make a regular monthly income, but you can also potentially sell and “cash out” for a life-changing amount of money in 2, 3, or 5 short years. That’s what Melisa has done on more than one occasion.

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Infinite Income On Amazon By Foundr Review: Final Verdict

With Infinite Income On Amazon​​, you don’t need to have any previous Amazon experience or a huge budget to succeed.

The system Melisa Vong has tested, refined, and perfected through the sale of more than $20,000,000 of Amazon products will be revealed to you. She will show you how she harnessed the power of Amazon FBA to change everything for her.

It’s a system that people have never seen before for beginning Amazon sellers, combining product selection with brand creation in the most intentional, unique, and effective way possible.

At the end of the course, you will know how to create an Amazon brand you can actually sell whenever the right time comes.

You will know how to generate income on part-time hours, which is 100% location independent.

Join Infinite Income on Amazon course to start your Amazon store and create a profit-generating product on a monthly basis.

If you are ready yet, you may also take the free masterclass to see if you like Melisa’s teaching.

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What is the Best Alternative of the Infinite Income On Amazon Course?

Building an online business requires different aspects of knowledge. You may also want to learn about other business models such as selling online courses.

Since Infinite Income On Amazon​​ course only focuses on Amazon FBA, it may not satisfy those who want to learn other business skills.

That’s why Foundr has launched a membership platform called Foundr+. By joining Foundr+, you can get access to all the courses of Foundr with one membership fee, including Infinite Income On Amazon​​. You can also access any new courses released by Foundr in the future.

The price of Foundr+ is a bit more expensive than Infinite Income On Amazon​​, but the value far exceeds the price difference. Joining Foundr+ only costs $1499 a year. You won’t have to purchase Foundr’s courses one by one. Foundr may increase the membership fee later as their platform gets more and more well-developed. So if you are interested in joining Foundr+, make sure you lock in the special offer before it ends.

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Infinite Income On Amazon By Foundr Review FAQs

1. If I already have a Shopify store, how does that work?

Selling on Amazon is a no-brainer if you have a proven product on your Shopify store. Your product is most likely already being searched for on Amazon right now.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about listing your products on Amazon and building your storefront the right way in this course. 

If you already have a Shopify store that is successful, selling on Amazon is at the top of your priority list.

2. Is it necessary for me to quit my job to start an Amazon store?

You don’t have to leave your job. Until your Amazon store generates enough income, I strongly suggest you don’t make the switch, so you can do it smoothly without putting your family and lifestyle at risk. 

Getting started can be as simple as a few hours a week, and you can scale up from there. But starting is the most important step, even if it’s a small one.

During the launch of her first business, Melisa worked full time. So can you. Do not put yourself at risk.

3. Does Amazon U.S. allow me to sell even if I’m not located in the country?

You certainly can. To be eligible to sell on Amazon’s U.S. store, you do not have to live in the United States. Currently, Amazon U.S. accepts sellers from 188 countries.

4. What makes this course different from other Amazon courses?

Several Amazon courses are taught by self-proclaimed “gurus” that go “an inch deep and a mile wide”, trying to cover every aspect of selling on Amazon. 

Among the topics they cover are wholesaling, dropshipping, and retail arbitrage. They cover whatever is trending in order to sell a course. Those tactics may work today, but not tomorrow.

In contrast, Melisa Vong has sold over $20,000,000 worth of products using her proven system and is one of the most respected serial Amazon entrepreneurs in the space.

The Infinite Income on Amazon course will take you from “an inch wide to a mile deep” using Melisa’s “Prime Product Method” – a step by step process for turning your private label into a high-quality brand you can sell.

5. Do new entrepreneurs have a hard time succeeding on Amazon?

The majority of systems books and courses are taught by “gurus” who have had some success teaching about “systems philosophy” but have no real experience applying it to build successful businesses.

In contrast, Infinite Income On Amazon is by Melisa who is widely regarded as one of the world’s best entrepreneurs on Amazon. There is no theory in the course. The method is a proven, step-by-step system for building a successful Amazon store.

7. Is it mandatory for me to order products from China?

One of Melisa’s unique processes is that she often launches new products using a US manufacturer or local manufacturer. 

This streamlines the process. She may then expand overseas once sales are brisk. However, it isn’t essential.

8. Can I get started without a lot of money?

You can start selling on Amazon as little as $500 by following Melisa’s instructions. 

Your first order quantity depends on the product you choose, how quickly you want to scale, and the minimum order quantity you need. There is no need to order a lot at first!

9. How many examples are provided to illustrate the points in the course?

For each of the 61 training videos, there is an overview, a cheat sheet, and examples to make sure you don’t miss anything. 

For every point Melisa teaches, she provides countless examples onscreen.

Additionally, the course includes a professional workbook so you can follow along and do the learning exercises lesson by lesson.

10. Is there any support beyond the course?

You will have access to Founder’s Private Infinite Income on Amazon Mastermind, where you can get support and ask questions. 

If you have any further questions or need technical support, you can always rely on Foundr’s 24/7/365 support staff.

11. Is the investment on the course worth it?

At the moment, the Infinite Income On Amazon only costs $997 or less than $2.73 per day (less than a cup of coffee).

It is possible to change your financial life in just 6 months with some hard work, the right formula, and guidance from a mentor who has been where you want to be.

That cup of coffee will be gone in a few minutes, but this knowledge can last a lifetime!

A 365-day money-back guarantee is included, as well as all the exclusive bonuses. So the course is not expensive given the value you receive.

12. Is the course going to take a long time to complete?

This course contains over 8 hours of content proven to sell on Amazon. You can take things at your own pace and go through everything at your own pace.

13. If I am busy and fall behind, what should I do?

Nothing to worry about. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you go. Take action on what you’re learning, keep asking for help, and apply what you’re learning.

14. What are the refund policies of Infinite Income On Amazon?

This course offers real action plans and step-by-step detail for selling on Amazon, so Foundr guarantees your satisfaction for 365 days. 

Within 365 days of making the purchase, completing the action items, and not seeing any results, Foundr will promptly refund every cent. 

You may read the “Refund Policy – Infinite Income on Amazon” section of the Terms & Conditions page for a complete explanation of their refund policy.

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