Rapid Profit Machine Review: Scam or Legit?

James Neville-Taylor’s Rapid Profit Machine (RPM) is more than an affiliate marketing course. It’s a Done-For-You (DFY) system that claims to help you make money online. As a student, you can join their affiliate program and earn commissions of 10% to 50% on James’s products.

Here’s how it works: RPM uses a 2-tier affiliate marketing system. This means you earn money by your efforts and by bringing others into the program.

Though RPM is advertised as free, there are some upsells and subscriptions as you go along. 

Personally, I don’t feel comfortable with any DFY services. I’ve been scammed by a DFY service that claimed to help me build a website and sell products on Amazon when I first started my business.

So, I’d like to figure out if RPM is just another scam. After my team and I spent hours looking into the program, we can now tell you everything we know.

At the end, I’ll suggest the best alternative to RPM, which has helped me make a full-time income online.

What is Rapid Profit Machine?

Rapid Profit Machine is a free course and affiliate program created by James Neville-Taylor, designed to make earning money online easy. Whether you’re looking to find profitable business ideas or dive into affiliate marketing, RPM has you covered.

The main goal here? To effortlessly build multiple passive income streams, thanks to its Done-For-You (DFY) plugins. RPM makes things simple for beginners, offering a comprehensive package that includes training videos, templates, support, live Q&A sessions, and a friendly Facebook community.

However, it’s important to note that while RPM starts off as free, successful online income generation does require some investment. James provides his “Secret Traffic Source,” and running your Warrior+ account incurs a subscription fee. Essentially, your free system operates for just 14 days before additional expenses kick in.

Rapid Profit Machine

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How Does a RPM’s Free System Help You Make Money?

Rapid Profit Machine (RPM) is designed to help you make money online, both as an affiliate and as an Internet entrepreneur, and it does so for free. Once you’ve set up your Warrior+ and Builderall accounts, your RPM system is good to go. Plus, you have the opportunity to earn enticing affiliate commissions ranging from 10% to 50% on James’s products.

RPM operates on a 2-tier affiliate marketing system, which means you can earn commissions not only from direct referrals but also from indirect ones. 

When you introduce someone to Builderall, you receive a full 100% affiliate commission during their first month of subscription. Beyond that, you’ll enjoy a steady 30% recurring income every month.

RPM offers more than just an affiliate program. It’s packed with valuable resources, including training videos, templates, and support. 

The program is divided into three essential steps:

1. Pick a Profitable Niche

RPM provides a list of profitable niches to get you started. If you already have a niche in mind, you can dive right in. RPM emphasizes selecting a niche you’re passionate about while ensuring it has money-making potential.

2. Develop a Product

Once you’ve identified your niche, the next step is crafting a product that addresses a problem or meets a need within that niche. RPM’s system includes handy templates to guide you through this process.

3. Promote Your Product

Finally, it’s time to market and sell your product. RPM offers affiliate marketing training to assist you in promoting and selling your products effectively. These training modules cover various strategies, such as social media marketing, email marketing, and more.

Who is Rapid Profit Machine For?

Rapid Profit Machine is perfect for:

  • Aspiring Online Earners: If you want to start making money online, RPM is your go-to.
  • Affiliate Marketers: Whether you’re already in the affiliate marketing game or considering it, RPM has insights and opportunities for you.
  • Beginners: RPM offers an easy starting point for those new to online income.
  • Experienced Marketers: Even if you’re a seasoned marketer, RPM’s advanced strategies and income potential are worth exploring.

In a nutshell, Rapid Profit Machine welcomes everyone, regardless of their experience level, who’s eager to venture into the world of online income.

Who is James Neville Taylor?

James Neville-Taylor is a big name in affiliate marketing, known for his impressive success. Originally from Australia, he started doing online business nearly seven years ago after earning an Associate’s Degree from the University of Cambridge. He’s gained recognition from well-known training programs like Builderall and Legendary Marketer.

In 2020, James was celebrated by Builderall for hitting over $200k in earnings as an affiliate marketer. One of his major achievements is creating the Rapid Profit Machine (RPM), a program for affiliate marketing. It connects with potential clients through email, social media, or his Done-For-You (DFY) system. Before RPM, he introduced the Massive Affiliate Blueprint (MAB), which is part of RPM.

James claims that RPM can make you about $2,000 in daily income, and he proves it by showcasing his own earnings, totaling $91,815.42, on the RPM website. The standout feature of RPM is its promise of a free system to automate your online money-making.

But keep in mind, although you can start earning without spending money for the first 14 days, James suggests investing in traffic generation for long-term success. That’s why RPM offers various upsells and additional offers.

James Neville Taylor

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What’s Included in the Rapid Profit Machine?

The Rapid Profit Machine (RPM) comes with a bundle of valuable components to help you succeed in affiliate marketing. Here’s what you’ll find inside RPM:

  • Free Training: RPM provides free training to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary for affiliate marketing success.
  • Warrior+: This platform is integrated with RPM and serves as a hub for managing your affiliate marketing efforts.
  • Done-For-You (DFY) Funnel: RPM offers a pre-built sales funnel that’s optimized for affiliate marketing. It includes essential pages like a homepage, about page, and contact page.
  • Private Facebook Group: You’ll gain access to a private Facebook group where you can connect with other RPM users, share insights, and seek support.
  • James’ Secret Traffic Sources (for $7): For a nominal fee of $7, you can access James’ secret traffic sources, which can be invaluable for driving visitors to your affiliate offers.

The Rapid Profit Machine covers a range of topics and strategies, including:

  • Affiliate Marketing Basics: Get a solid foundation in affiliate marketing principles.
  • Introduction to Solo Ads: Learn about using solo ads to reach your target audience effectively.
  • Facebook Ads: Discover how to leverage Facebook advertising for your affiliate marketing campaigns.
  • James’ Proven Strategies: Benefit from the insights and strategies that James Neville-Taylor has successfully employed.

In addition to these features, RPM offers:

  • Done-for-You Website: RPM provides you with a ready-made website designed specifically for affiliate marketing. It includes essential pages needed for a successful online presence.
  • Landing Pages: Access a library of pre-designed landing pages that are optimized to convert visitors into leads and customers.
  • Email Sequences: Utilize pre-written email sequences to nurture your leads and guide them towards becoming paying customers.

With these components, RPM aims to provide you with the tools, resources, and knowledge you need to thrive in the world of affiliate marketing.

How To Get Started With the Rapid Profit Machine?

Let’s break down how to navigate and maximize the RPM dashboard for new members:

Step 1: Welcome To The Rapid Profit Machine

James warmly welcomes you to RPM and urges you to join the private Facebook group.

In a welcoming video, he invites members to engage in weekly live Q&A sessions featuring experts who share valuable insights to support your affiliate marketing journey.

Step 1- Welcome To The Rapid Profit Machine

Step 2: Your Affiliate Info

In this section of onboarding, you’ll learn how to set up your RPM affiliate link using WarriorPlus.

Step 2- Your Affiliate Info

Step 3: DFY Automation

Here, you’ll establish your Builderall affiliate account. Builderall serves as a Done-For-You (DFY) funnel and an additional income stream beyond WarriorPlus.

James suggests it for sending emails and hosting extra funnels. You begin with a free trial for 14 days and then pay $16.90 per month.

Step 3- DFY Automation

Step 4: Fresh Buyers Traffic

James introduces you to solo ads and recommends a premium clicks package priced at $1400.

Step 4- Fresh Buyers Traffic

Step 5: Your Next Steps

Once you’ve completed the initial setup, you can move on to the lessons, which include:

  • Introductory Modules
  • RPM Training
  • Secret Traffic Sources
  • RPM Pro
  • RPM DFY Peace Of Mind
  • Turbocharger
  • Rapid Profit Machine Login

Step 5- Your Next Steps

Signing up for the program is quick and easy, taking only a few seconds. Once you’ve signed up for the free system, the following three pages will offer you discounted access to James’ Secret Traffic Sources, available for $7.

James' Secret Traffic Sources

If you decide not to take this offer, you’ll still have the choice to purchase his top 3 sources for just $4.

As you complete your registration, you can either wait for approval or expedite the process by paying a nominal $1 to activate your account instantly.

The Rapid Profit Machine affiliate program is straightforward and ready-made.

After signing up, setting up your affiliate link on the dashboard is the first thing you’ll do. RPM uses WarriorPlus to establish your affiliate link.

How Much Does Rapid Profit Machine Cost?

Getting started with Rapid Profit Machine is free, but as you progress, there are a few costs to keep in mind:

Builderall Subscription

After the trial period, you’ll need to pay $79 per month for a Builderall subscription to continue using the service. This is an important ongoing expense to consider.

In addition to the basic program, there are some optional extras, known as “one-time offers” (OTOs):

Rapid Profit Machine Pro

This is the first optional upgrade, priced at $29.97 per month after you join the program. It lets you earn 100% commissions on this and similar products, and it includes extra affiliate marketing education and monitoring tools.

Traffic Secrets Sources

For an extra $27, you can access the second OTO, which is essentially a guide to generating traffic. James Neville Taylor shares his proven methods for generating over $2,500 a month through these channels.

Taylored Income Streams Trifecta

This option gives you access to three of James’ proven income streams, each with high conversion potential. Plus, you’ll receive 30 days’ worth of email content for your autoresponder and free retargeting through James’ ads.

Turbo Charge Upgrade

The Turbo Charge upgrade costs a one-time fee of $297. With it, you’ll gain access to three lead generation programs and seven free consultations with established internet entrepreneurs:

  • Turbo Networker: Reach potential customers instantly through automated messages.
  • Post Prospector: Easily find valuable contributions to your cause.
  • Engage Xtreme Live: Increase engagement in your Facebook Live broadcasts and catch the attention of key opinion leaders in your field.

In short, while starting with Rapid Profit Machine is free, be aware that there are potential expenses as you explore optional upgrades and tools

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Did Rapid Profit Machine Members Get Any Results?

It seems like members of Rapid Profit Machine are on a path to success, but let’s take a closer look.

Right now, there aren’t many detailed reviews available, and the ones on their official pages might be a bit one-sided because they’re promoting the system.

Rapid Profit Machine member reviews

Rapid Profit Machine member reviews

If you explore Rapid Profit Machine Reddit reviews, you’ll find a similar outlook, but with a more cautious tone.

For example, these reviews suggest that while the program offers free entry and resources, you shouldn’t set high expectations:

Rapid Profit Machine Reddit reviews

Another Reddit review raises significant concerns about The Rapid Profit Machine. 

Reddit review

According to the Reddit user, the program appears to target inexperienced people seeking to make money online. Here are some of the red flags he noticed:

  1. Encouragement to Buy Solo Ads: Members are pushed to purchase Solo Ads to attract clients and build an email list.

  2. Pre-Written Email Sequence: The program offers a five-day pre-written email sequence designed to promote various programs to increase profit.

  3. Commission Potential: The program claims commission potential of “up to” 70%, but achieving this often requires substantial spending on solo ads.

  4. Lack of Transparency: Limited access to sales statistics and the alleged hijacking of paid traffic and email addresses.

  5. Benefiting from Traffic Vendor Relationships: The program’s operators might benefit from relationships with traffic vendors.

Recommendation: Here’s The Best Alternative

Praise for Rapid Profit Machine

1. Organized Dashboard

The RPM system’s dashboard is neat and tidy. It’s easy to navigate through topics and lessons, and finding a specific lesson video is intuitive.

2. Affordability

While Rapid Profit Machine is only free for the first 14 days, its cost is lower compared to other similar programs. This affordability opens up opportunities for anyone interested in trying their hand at affiliate marketing or online entrepreneurship.

3. Community Support

RPM offers valuable Facebook lives, community interactions, and Q&A sessions, which are especially beneficial for beginners and those looking to enhance their skills. They regularly bring in experts to share their knowledge, and members can usually receive support within the group. 

4. Money-Back Guarantee

Rapid Profit Machine offers a rock-solid 14-day money-back guarantee. If, within the first 14 days, you decide that RPM doesn’t meet your expectations or isn’t the right fit for you, you can request a refund.

Criticism of Rapid Profit Machine

1. Hidden Costs Behind “Free”

When something’s labeled “free,” you expect no hidden fees, right? But with Rapid Profit Machine (RPM), it’s not that simple. Builderall hosts the whole RPM program, and you’ll need to pay a membership fee for full access. This extra cost might catch you off guard if you were expecting a totally free ride.

2. Dependency on Affiliate Efforts

In RPM, your success hinges a lot on your own efforts as an affiliate marketer. If you struggle with getting traffic to your site or have trouble converting visitors into buyers, it can seriously affect how much money you make. Being successful in RPM means you need to know your stuff when it comes to marketing strategies.

3. Lack of Transparent Feedback

Finding honest feedback about RPM isn’t easy. Many reviews out there are just trying to push affiliate links, so it’s hard to tell if they’re giving you the real scoop or just trying to make a sale. This lack of transparency can make it tough to figure out if RPM is right for you.

Is Rapid Profit Machine a Scam?

While I won’t outright label Rapid Profit Machine as a scam, it’s not a training program that I would recommend.

To me, it seems more like a funnel designed to lure you in with free trials, then hit you with expensive upsells and try to recruit you as an affiliate for their program. This way, RPM can scale up by leveraging your money and effort.

One major red flag is the $1400 solo ads package they offer. I’ve tried solo ads before, and it’s been a waste of time. Most of the leads you get from solo ads are fake. Many of them seem to be cheap labor from India, just opening your emails without any intention of buying anything, which gives you false hope that you just need more leads.

So, when your solo ads fail to deliver results, RPM’s founder James will likely tell you that you need more tools and training, and then pitch you more upsells.

Eventually, you may realize that the only way to recoup your losses is to become an RPM affiliate and pass your misfortune onto newbies. Once you’re part of their sales team, you’re unlikely to speak negatively about the company.

That’s how the scheme appears to work.

Is There A Better Alternative?

If you really want to learn affiliate marketing and build a business from scratch, I’d recommend you to get started with the most reputable platform for affiliate marketing: Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one platform for building your affiliate marketing business from scratch. It offers you a free account (including a free website) with comprehensive training on SEO (free traffic methods), which enables you to get started with affiliate marketing right away without paying a penny.

But How Much Can You Earn with Wealthy Affiliate?

A 21-year old student from Wealthy Affiliate was able to earn $7,395 in just 1 week, which means he made more than $1k a day…all while using free traffic methods.

Wealthy Affiliate Testimonial

For more information, you can check out our full review of Wealthy Affiliate

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