20 Best Dropshipping YouTube Channels To Follow in 2024

Dropshipping is a lucrative way to do business online. Instead of dealing with storing and managing products, you just sell them and let someone else handle the logistics. It’s gained popularity, especially with the rise of eCommerce.

The best part? You don’t need a ton of money upfront. This model lets you focus on customers, not on stocking shelves. Thanks to the pandemic, more people turned to online shopping during lockdowns, making dropshipping even more popular.

What’s great is that you can sell whatever is in demand without worrying about storing stuff or investing big bucks.

To start a dropshipping gig, Shopify is a top choice. It’s easy to set up, and they have loads of templates to choose from.

If you’re interested in dropshipping, there are awesome YouTube channels that can guide you. They cover everything from starting out to picking the right products. Plenty of resources online make it easier than you might think!

1. Oberlo


Oberlo’s YouTube channel is your go-to source for everything dropshipping, with a library of over 265 videos. As the official channel of the Oberlo dropshipping app, it not only promotes the app but also shares valuable information.

The content covers trending products, Facebook Ads, setting up Shopify stores, IG marketing tips, and more. Whether you’re into Shopify dropshipping or digital marketing, Oberlo caters to a wide audience.

With 343K subscribers and 4-9 uploads per month, it consistently offers insights that meet the diverse needs of the dropshipping community.

2. Wholesale Ted

Wholesale Ted

Wholesale Ted, led by creator Sarah Chrisp, is a top-notch dropshipping resource on YouTube since 2015. With an impressive 1.13M subscribers, Sarah’s consistent and authoritative content has made her a respected figure in the industry.

Wholesale Ted covers various aspects of dropshipping, including creating eCommerce sites on platforms like WordPress, eBay, Amazon, and Shopify, as well as sales hacks, product research, and more.

With over 150 informative videos, the channel is a comprehensive learning hub for both beginners and experienced dropshippers. The content includes in-depth guides, case studies, and practical tips, spanning topics from print-on-demand to SEO and traffic strategies.

With 2-3 uploads per month, Wholesale Ted is a go-to source for valuable expertise in the dynamic world of dropshipping.

3. James Beattie

James Beattie

James Beattie’s YouTube channel has been a guiding light for dropshippers since 2016, gathering a dedicated audience of 49.3K subscribers. Known for frequent content updates, James shares practical knowledge, focusing on Shopify and eCommerce strategies.

Covering Shopify tips, Facebook Ads, trending products, and one-product store insights, Beattie’s channel addresses crucial topics for online entrepreneurs.

What sets him apart is his commitment to real-life case studies and transparent monetary earnings, offering a firsthand perspective.

With an impressive update frequency of 10-15 uploads per month, viewers can explore a vast library of valuable content.

4. Dan Dasilva

Dan Dasilva

Dan Dasilva’s YouTube channel has been a prominent figure in the dropshipping scene since 2015, amassing a significant following of 144K subscribers.

Specializing in Shopify, Dan consistently shares valuable insights through free courses and detailed tutorials. His content covers a wide range of dropshipping essentials, from identifying the best and worst products to effective Facebook Ads strategies.

Tailored for Shopify store owners, Dan’s channel is a treasure trove of case studies, niche exploration, and opportunities for passive income. With 1-2 uploads per month, viewers can expect a steady flow of relevant and practical content.

5. Beast of Ecom

Beast of Ecom

The Beast of Ecom is a popular YouTube channel with 73.4K subscribers, focusing on Shopify content. In just a few years, it has become a go-to resource for those looking to enhance their Shopify stores and master digital marketing strategies for increased sales.

The channel specializes in providing valuable insights into Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, Google Ads, winning products, and engaging case studies.

Despite its relative youth, the channel boasts an impressive 199 uploads, demonstrating a commitment to consistent and informative content.

With an update frequency of 2-4 uploads per month, viewers can expect a steady flow of insights to help elevate their Shopify game.

6. Jordan Welch

Jordan Welch

Jordan Welch, a young entrepreneur who began his career at the age of 14, has been sharing his eCommerce wisdom on his YouTube channel for nearly four years.

Boasting 1.33 million subscribers, Jordan covers crucial topics for aspiring dropshippers. His content ranges from guiding viewers on kickstarting dropshipping for free to creating a Shopify store, and even delving into the world of winning and losing products. The channel provides a comprehensive learning experience.

Jordan’s transparent approach involves sharing digital marketing advice and insights, making it a valuable resource for those trying to figure out the ins and outs of eCommerce.

With a commendable update frequency of 3-4 uploads per month, the channel consistently delivers fresh and relevant content.

For more information, check out my review on Jordan Welch

7. Ac Hampton

Ac Hampton

Ac Hamptom is a famous dropshipping guru. In just a few years, his eCommerce channel has rapidly grown from nothing to over 400k subscribers, with a library of 557+ videos. Known for its straightforward approach, the channel provides real experiences and practical advice for dropshippers.

Ac Hampton’s content stands out with its focus on problem-solving videos, addressing issues like traffic with no sales and offering valuable solutions for common challenges.

Tailored for Shopify dropshipping beginners, the channel covers case studies, the best and worst products, as well as tutorials. It also introduces you to his dropshipping course, Supreme Ecom Blueprint

With an update frequency of 4-6 uploads per month, you can expect a consistent influx of relevant and current content on this channel. 

8. Hayden Bowles

Hayden Bowles

Hayden Bowles, an Internet entrepreneur, has built an influential YouTube channel in a few years years with an impressive 310K subscribers.

While primarily focused on the millionaire lifestyle, Hayden’s channel serves as a multifaceted resource, covering dropshipping, eCommerce, and various investment opportunities.

A standout feature is Hayden’s astute advice on avoiding common mistakes and his in-depth exploration of creative digital marketing strategies across different social media platforms.

The channel’s library boasts over 472 videos, providing a wealth of knowledge to aspiring entrepreneurs.

With an update frequency of 12-15 uploads per month, Hayden continues to inspire and educate his vast audience.

For more information, you can check out my review on Hayden Bowles

9. Biaheza


Biaheza, who started doing business at 17 in 2018, has rapidly gained prominence. Today, he has a substantial 1.35M subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Known for innovative approaches to dropshipping, Biaheza’s content includes alternative and creative ways for young entrepreneurs to start an eCommerce business with a limited budget.

While initially focused on Instagram marketing, particularly influencer outreach and IG Reels, his recent focus includes TikTok marketing strategies. Biaheza’s channel goes beyond dropshipping, delving into FOREX, trading, and various online income streams.

With an update frequency of 2-4 uploads per month, Biaheza’s content is fresh and up-to-date. You’ll also find him talking about his dropshipping course

10. Learn With Shopify

Learn With Shopify

Learn With Shopify’s YouTube channel is an extension of the popular e-commerce platform. It’s perfect for dropshipping and eCommerce beginners. Despite having around 447 uploads, the channel shines with its organized structure and thorough explanations.

Designed for beginners, it explores various topics such as creating the first store, small business tips, and insights on Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, and more.

Boasting 456K subscribers and a regular update frequency of 4-5 uploads per month, Learn With Shopify consistently delivers accessible and insightful content. 



THE ECOM KING, led by Mohammed Kamil Sattar, is a popular YouTube channel in dropshipping education. It boasts a substantial 539K subscribers.

What sets this channel apart is its commitment to providing free, comprehensive beginner courses in Shopify, print on demand, and dropshipping. Mohammed’s detailed explanations make complex concepts easily understandable, enabling practical application in real-life eCommerce situations.

The channel features a wealth of content, including over 160 videos covering topics such as winning products, common mistakes, Q&A sessions, and influencer marketing strategies.

With a consistent upload frequency of 4-5 videos per month, THE ECOM KING serves as a valuable resource for aspiring entrepreneurs. For more information, check out my full review on THE ECOM KING

12. Justin Cener

Justin Cener

Justin Cener’s YouTube channel has thrived for over six years, becoming a cornerstone in the dropshipping community with an impressive 40.1K subscribers.

Originally known for Shopify and print on demand, the channel has expanded its scope to include tutorials on ClickFunnels, Facebook Ads, retargeting, and product research.

Despite diversification, the primary focus remains on serving individuals in the print on demand business. With a library of over 576 uploads, Justin’s content is a reliable resource for those engaged in PoD.

Consistently delivering insights into digital marketing, conversion and sales tips, along with case studies, Justin maintains an update frequency of 3-6 uploads per month.

13. J Rich

J Rich

J Rich’s YouTube channel, created on 2017, is a valuable resource for dropshipping enthusiasts.

With 50 informative videos, J Rich focuses on Shopify dropshipping, providing insights into case studies, product research, and common mistakes to avoid.

The channel, ideal for both beginners and experienced store owners, has 269K subscribers.

14. Verum Ecom

Verum Ecom

Verum Ecom’s YouTube channel is known for its clear and impactful content on dropshipping. With around 15 videos, the channel is well-organized. It teaches you how to build a Shopify store from scratch, run Facebook ads, and covers the ABCs of product research.

Targeting a niche audience, its strategies on traffic generation can help your eCommerce business boost sales.

Despite having 126K subscribers, Verum Ecom prioritizes quality over quantity, updating content every couple of months.

15. Dan Vas

Dan Vas

Dan Vas is a prominent figure in the dropshipping world with a robust YouTube channel.

With an impressive 548 videos and counting, Dan Vas covers various aspects of online earnings, excelling in Amazon FBA dropshipping.

Beyond the niche, his channel offers insights into diverse online businesses, with a focus on the millionaire lifestyle and entrepreneurial mindset.

Some videos also introduce you to his dropshipping course, Shopify Freedom

With 470K subscribers, Dan Vas consistently uploads content 7-12 times per month. 

16. Arie Scherson

Arie Scherson

Arie Scherson started his YouTube dropshipping channel in 2012. Since then, it’s become a valuable resource for aspiring entrepreneurs.

With over 1.2k videos, Arie shares insights into Shopify dropshipping and Facebook Ads. The channel focuses on winning products, Facebook Ads strategies, and product research. For dropshippers running one-product stores, his tips are particularly helpful. 

Boasting 127K subscribers, Arie consistently updates the channel with 3-4 uploads per month, providing a steady stream of guidance for eCommerce business owners. 

17. Anton Kraly – Drop Ship Lifestyle

Anton Kraly - Drop Ship Lifestyle

Anton Kraly’s YouTube channel provides a wealth of content on dropshipping. As the founder of Drop Ship Lifestyle, Kraly is familiar with the ins and outs of running a profitable eCommerce store. 

With over 100 videos, the channel covers a wide range of topics, including product selection strategies, market research, and optimization techniques for Shopify stores.

Kraly’s in-depth tutorials and real-world case studies resonate with both beginners and seasoned entrepreneurs, creating a community of over 114K subscribers.

Committed to regular updates, the channel ensures viewers stay informed about the latest trends and tools in e-commerce.

18. CJdropshipping


CJdropshipping is the Chinese dropshipping fulfillment supplier. They’re not just any platform; they’re the go-to for eCommerce businesses, offering sourcing, warehousing, and more for a ton of products.

They started their self-titled YouTube channel in 2016. Today, it has become a community of 82.5k subscribers. With over 873 videos, you can always find some helpful tips for your dropshipping business. They cover various topics, including trending products, hot niches, and guides on dropshipping using their platform.

If you’re looking for product ideas or solutions via their platform, check this channel out. 

19. Tan Choudhury

Tan Choudhury

Tan Choudhury’s YouTube channel is a valuable resource for those seeking insightful perspectives on dropshipping and e-commerce. With a focus on practical strategies, Choudhury delivers concise yet impactful content.

Covering topics like product research, store optimization, and effective marketing techniques, the channel caters to both beginners and experienced entrepreneurs.

With a growing community, Tan Choudhury’s channel stands out for its commitment to providing actionable tips for beginners in online business.

You can check out my review of Tan Choudhury to learn more about this dropshipping guru. 

20. eCom Tom

eCom Tom

Tom Cormier ventured into online business after quitting his job as a chemical engineer. eCom Tom, a YouTube channel started in 2018, is one of his biggest achievements.

Despite its relatively short history, it has quickly accumulated over 37k subscribers. You can find a lot of resources and tips on dropshipping, including high-ticket dropshipping, product research, and case studies, etc.

Tom believes in keeping the content of every video concise and helpful. So, you’ll find his teachings easy to digest. 

Whether you’re considering Shopify dropshipping or contemplating starting a business on Facebook Marketplace, Amazon, or elsewhere, Tom’s got your back.

For more information, check out my full review of Tom Cormier’s Dropshipping University.

Final Words

For business owners, including those in dropshipping, it’s importnat to stay informed about industry developments.

Although educational content for dropshipping isn’t as organized as in some other eCommerce niches, the YouTube channels mentioned in this article, hosted by successful entrepreneurs, provide valuable perspectives and useful guides.

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