Supreme Ecom Blueprint Review: AC Hampton Scam?

In AC Hampton’s Supreme Ecom Blueprint Course 3.0, you’ll learn step-by-step how to create and grow your own Shopify dropshipping eCommerce store. The course covers the latest effective strategies for success, utilizing various tools to manage your store.

AC Hampton emphasizes using Facebook ads as the primary method to attract traffic, considering the significant $3.56 trillion in retail eCommerce sales on mobile devices, as reported by Statista.

Now, you might be wondering if AC Hampton’s course is a legitimate opportunity or a scam. I’ll address this concern by the end of the review.

I’ll also share a better alternative that has personally helped me generate a consistent passive income online.

In this review of Supreme Ecom Blueprint, I’ll cover the following key aspects to help you make an informed decision.

How Does Supreme Ecom Blueprint Help You Make Money?

Supreme Ecom Blueprint guides you through making money online by managing a Shopify dropshipping store. It mainly covers finding popular products and using Facebook ads for promotion.

The course is divided into 8 modules, totaling around 4 hours of content. If you’re new to dropshipping, here’s a breakdown of how it operates:

  1. A customer buys a product from your online store and pays for it.
  2. You forward the order and customer details to the dropship supplier, who then fulfills the order by shipping it directly to the customer.
  3. You pay the supplier, either automatically or manually, for the product on behalf of the customer.

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Who is AC Hampton?

AC Hampton is a young entrepreneur specializing in teaching eCommerce online. He graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in marketing and Computer Science Engineering. Unhappy with his demanding 9-5 job, where he worked over 12 hours a day, he sought a different path.

In 2018, inspired by his roommate’s success in selling products online, AC Hampton ventured into eCommerce. After some trial and error, he found a winning product that generated $220k within a few months. Encouraged by this success, he launched another store that achieved $1.7 million in sales in under nine months.

Today, AC Hampton is dedicated to teaching dropshipping. He attracts people to his eCommerce course by showcasing his luxurious lifestyle. Actively present on YouTube with around 362K subscribers, his videos blend promotional and informational content.

AC Hampton also utilizes Instagram as another marketing channel, boasting around 155K followers. On this platform, he shares photos showcasing his lifestyle to build a personal brand rather than focusing solely on delivering informational content.

If you want to get a taste of AC Hampton’s teaching style, you can watch the video below:

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Supreme Ecom Blueprint Overview

There are 8 modules in Supreme Ecom Blueprint. Let me talk about each module one by one so that you have a brief idea of what you will learn in the course.

Module 1: Back End Shopify Setup

Ac Hampton is going to teach you to build your online store using Shopify, which is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms and is very easy to use. 

You can learn the basics like navigating the backend of Shopify and creating your store.

Here are the topics covered in this module:

  • Example products you can sell
  • How to install a Shopify theme
  • How to set up abandoned cart recovery
  • What Shopify Apps to install for optimising conversion
  • A brief overview of how to build a store for selling products

Module 2: Steps To Running Your First Ad

Ac Hampton jumps into Facebook ads directly in the second module. He will go over the process to create Facebook ads.

Examples include setting up a Facebook page, configuring your ads manager, finding good products to sell, determining your break-even point, and more.

Module 3: Video Testing

This module will teach you how to create and test video ads to promote your product.

Here are the topics covered:

  • Picking a winning video
  • Testing your videos
  • Structuring high converting video ads
  • How to buy video ads 
  • How to create videos yourself

Module 4: Icebreaking Interesting/Lookalike Audience Testing

This module continues to talk about creating video ads. 

You’ll learn how to launch your first video advertisement, how to gain your potential customer’s trust, how to create custom audiences and lookalike audience segments and how to read your data.

Module 5: Retargeting funnel

You’ll only see two videos in this module. They are about running retargeting ads.

Module 6: Scaling

You will only learn how to grow your winning ads by watching three videos in the scaling section.

Module 7: Automate your store

This section will teach you how to delegate some of the tasks to others once you start making money.

Module 8: Important bank criteria

There are only two videos in the last section, and they are about setting up bank accounts for your business.

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How Much Does Supreme Ecom Blueprint Cost?

Previously, the Supreme Ecom Blueprint course was sold under $500. However, there’s been an update, and the new price for the updated 2.0 version is $746.25.

Supreme Ecom Blueprint

In addition to the main course, AC Hampton offers various options:

  1. Free Training Course: You can start with a free training course before committing.

  2. Supreme Ecom Blueprint Packages: There are different packages available, with the most expensive being the 1-on-1 mentorship and case studies for $3,875 (or $8,000 for four calls a week).

  3. Webinars and Crash Course: You can also opt for webinars and a crash course, priced at $371.25, and more options are available!

Refund Policy

If you don’t like the course after payment, you have to request a refund within 24 hours, otherwise, Ac Hampton will not refund you. 

This strict refund policy is a red flag because no one can decide if a course is good or not within 24 hours.

Most legit programs has at least a 30-day refund policy, so it seems that Ac Hampton is not confident in his course value. 

Who is Supreme Ecom Blueprint for?

Supreme Ecom Blueprint is ideal for those who already have a dropshipping online business and want to boost their Facebook ad skills.

AC Hampton shares valuable insights on Facebook ads in the course. However, if you’re starting fresh without an existing dropshipping business, this might not be the best fit for you.

For instance, when it comes to setting up a Shopify store, AC Hampton provides a PDF that might be more confusing than helpful for newcomers to Shopify.

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Praise for Supreme Ecom Blueprint

1. Clear and Understandable Lessons

AC Hampton’s Supreme Ecom Blueprint Course excels in presenting information through both video and text lessons. Even if you’re new to the business concept, Hampton’s clear and concise explanations make it easy to grasp.

2. In-Depth Facebook Ad Training

Supreme Ecom Blueprint offers in-depth insights into running effective Facebook ad campaigns. For example, you’ll learn about how to use retargeting to keep your brand in front of bounced traffic. AC Hampton also shares his “Micro Scaling” techniques. 

3. Weekly Live Webinars

Supreme Ecom Blueprint keeps the learning experience dynamic with live webinars held each week. This interactive element allows participants to engage with the material, ask questions, and stay updated on the latest strategies and insights.

Criticism of Supreme Ecom Blueprint

1. Limited Coverage of Traffic Sources

While Supreme Ecom Blueprint focuses on Facebook ads, it falls short in providing a comprehensive understanding of other vital traffic sources.

Ignoring platforms like Instagram, Google, Bing, Pinterest, SEO, and email marketing can be risky, as success often requires familiarity with multiple channels.

The course’s exclusive focus on Facebook ads may not be sufficient for those seeking a well-rounded eCommerce education.

2. Poor Refund Policy

The course offers a money-back guarantee within the first 24 hours, which may not be sufficient time for many people. Assessing the suitability of an Ecom course or any other within such a short timeframe is challenging.

This limited window may not allow beginners in dropshipping to determine if the training is worth their time and investment.

3. Relatively Short Course Duration

Compared to other “proven systems,” Supreme Ecom Blueprint is criticized for its brevity. The course is relatively short, covering limited material.

Some sections can be completed in less than 30 minutes, leaving users wanting more in-depth content and a more extensive curriculum.

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Is Ac Hampton a Scam?

AC Hampton isn’t running a scam. He genuinely teaches a valid way to make money through eCommerce.

However, his course covers just the basics of starting a Shopify store and using Facebook ads. In today’s competitive market, these basics might not be enough to stand out. eCommerce isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Advertising costs have risen, and with increased competition, it’s tougher to succeed.

AC Hampton’s focus is on highlighting the positives to sell his course. He doesn’t address many challenges and complexities of eCommerce, important knowledge you’d need before diving in.

Should You Join Supreme Ecom Blueprint?

I wouldn’t recommend joining Supreme Ecom Blueprint.

While the course is legit, it has a few downsides.

Firstly, it concentrates solely on one traffic method, which can be risky. There’s also a lack of information on using Google, SEO, Social Media, and other traffic sources.

Another concern is the unclear total cost; the $500 course fee doesn’t cover everything, and you’ll need an additional $500 for ads and tools to set up your eCommerce/Shopify store.

Lastly, the refund policy is unclear.

Despite being a legitimate course, Supreme Ecom Blueprint may not be the best option out there.

Alternatives to Supreme Ecom Blueprint

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Is Dropshipping Still a Viable Option?

I’ve tried dropshipping myself, what I can tell you is that eCommerce has become increasingly difficult. If you want to make a full-time income from dropshipping, you need to shed some blood, sweat and tears to figure out how it works.

Here are a few points why I won’t recommend dropshipping:

1. Pricey and Difficult Facebook Ads

Facebook ads, a popular choice for eCommerce, are both expensive and challenging. The ad costs can account for at least 30% of your total sales, and their effectiveness diminishes over time.

With a steep learning curve and constant algorithm changes, investing time and money in learning and testing Facebook ads is necessary. Running ads without experience can lead to account bans.

2. Customer Support Challenges

Dealing with suppliers and managing customer service can be time-consuming.

If your supplier isn’t helpful, you bear the losses. This often results in poor customer reviews and a lack of returning customers.

Moreover, credit card chargebacks could risk shutting down your payment gateway.

3. Ongoing Product Research

Sustaining profits in dropshipping requires constant product research to find items that can go viral and cover ad costs. Products often peak in popularity within 1-2 months, requiring a continuous search for replacements to maintain cash flow.

Many online revenue posts don’t disclose net revenue, and while some may make money, it’s not always sustainable.

Is There A Better Way to Make Money Online?

If you want to make a full-time passive income, I’d suggest you to start an affiliate marketing business online.

In affiliate marketing, you can run your business almost at zero cost without any trouble from sourcing products or managing inventory.

Also, since you don’t need to spend hours after hours selling things over the phone, it can save you a lot of time. 

If you want to learn affiliate marketing, I’d recommend you to get started with the most reputable platform for affiliate marketing: Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one platform for building your affiliate marketing business from scratch. It offers you a free account (including a free website) with comprehensive training on SEO (free traffic methods), which enables you to get started with affiliate marketing right away without paying a penny.

But How Much Can You Earn with Wealthy Affiliate?

A 21-year old student from Wealthy Affiliate was able to earn $7,395 in just 1 week, which means he made more than $1k a day…all while using free traffic methods.

Wealthy Affiliate Testimonial

For more information, you can check out our full review of Wealthy Affiliate

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