Brian Cha (車志健) Review – Scam or Legit? Truth Exposed!

Are you looking for a review of Brian Cha (車志健)? Is Brian Cha (車志健) a scam (呃人)? If you are from Hong Kong, you probably know who is Brian Cha, who runs Facebook Ads and Youtube Ads intensively targeting Hong Kong audiences. You may wonder if he is a scam or not.

He claims to teach you an Automated Sales System that can attract and convert customers for you automatically. But is it true?

There are so many scams online, so it’s a good practice to do some research online before investing your hard-earned money into a course.

In this Brian Cha (車志健) Motivation Course Review, I’m going to cover the following:

Who is Brian Cha (車志健)?

Brian Cha is a motivational speaker and business coach. He claims to break the Guinness World Records for three times and uses his story to motivate people online.
Is Brian Cha (車志健) a Scam? Brian Cha Motivation Review 2020

Before becoming a business coach, he was a fitness trainer for about 20 years. But in recent years, he suddenly switched to a completely different career field: public speaking and online business coaching.

Over the years, he has launched many courses. The most famous of them is his automated sales system, which he claims you can use to make an 8-figure income.

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What is Brian Cha’s Automated Sales System?

Although he created a lot of content on social media, he does not go into the details about what exactly this automated sales system is.

The only thing he talked about the automation side of the system is the payment gateway and allowing people to watch videos online. It sounds as if the internet is brand new stuff to him.

Anyway, if you really want to learn Brian Cha’s automated sales system, you can simply see how he markets his own courses. And you will find that it is not something magic as he sounds.

Firstly, When you go to his website, you will see he is using ClickFunnels to build his website.

brian cha website

ClickFunnel is a marketing automation tool that allows you to build a website or landing page very easily without web development knowledge.

Actually, there are a lot of funnel building softwares in the market nowadays. ClickFunnels is just one of them. There’re other similar tools you can use such as Unbounce or Leadpages.

In the past, to build a website or landing page online, you had to hire a web developer or programmer. It takes a massive amount of coding and integration.

With software like ClickFunnels, building a website is simply drag and drop. You don’t need any programming or coding skills. Many online marketers are using it.

So you may wonder why Brian Cha calls a ClickFunnels website an automated sales system. Actually he is just talking about a sales funnel made with ClickFunnels.

Sales funnel is a core concept in digital marketing. It simply means the multi-step process that turns a prospect into a buyer. It’s multi-stepped because nobody will buy from you in the first instance. A prospect has to go through a purchase lifecycle before he takes action to buy your stuff.

So Sales Funnel has become a preferred option for marketers to draw in more leads to a business, to expand on the visibility of a brand, and to get more people to buy from them.

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Can You Really Automate Your Business?

No doubt, building a sales funnel with marketing automation tools like ClickFunnels can save you a lot of time. It does automate some aspects of your business, such as showing your product, accepting payment and following up with emails.

But it does not mean you can sit back and wait for money to flow in with a sales funnel set up. Setting up a sales funnel  is just the first basic step in online business.

It’s not going to automatically make you money. It’s not exactly an automated sales system as described by Brian Cha.

In fact, no business can be fully automated. Marketing automation tools will only help you increase productivity and save you some manual work.

You still need to spend a lot of time working out and testing your marketing strategies, such as running ads, taking customer calls, driving traffic to your website, etc.

So Brian Cha still has to create videos and run ads every day to drive traffic. You can’t automate these things.

Can I Make an 8 Figure Income With Brian Cha’s Course?

Although Brian Cha claims he makes a million dollars a month, no one can really verify that.

Besides, designing a sales funnel is just the first basic step for the entire sales process. To really make sales, you still have a lot to do.

First, product quality is important. Can your product really help people solve their problems? Do you believe in what you are offering? If you are selling a money-making course like Brian Cha, you need to put a lot of energy into creating course content that can really help people. If your course content is useless, you will get a bad rap and your business will not be sustainable.

Second, assuming your product is great, you need to find out which people have specific problems or needs that your product can solve. In other words, you need to drive relevant traffic to your website or funnel.

This is the most important step not mentioned by Brian Cha.

A business without traffic is not a business.

It’s not as Brian Cha describes that building a sales funnel alone will not automatically bring you customers. You still need to go out and get people to visit your website or sales funnel.

And to do that, you need to know traffic strategies. There are unpaid and paid strategies.

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What is Brian Cha’s Traffic Strategy?

Brian Cha relies heavily on paid advertising. I suspect he has spent a million dollars running ads, so most people in Hong Kong have seen his ads.

You may wonder where he got so much capital to run ads when he was 4 million in debt to begin with.

It is unclear and only Brian Cha himself knows. He probably found an investor for his business.

Bad Reviews of Brian Cha (車志健) on YouTube

Brian Cha spends a lot of money on YouTube ads. Ironically, he has a lot of bad reviews on YouTube.

If you search on YouTube, you can find a lot of YouTubers rating Brian Cha. Many of them say that he is a scammer. You can watch the videos before you sign up for his courses:

In this video, Brian Cha accepted the invitation of a Hong Kong media to explain if he is a scammer:

Is Brian Cha (車志健) A Scam (呃人)? Why Don’t I Recommend His Course?

I cannot say Brian Cha is a scam for legal reasons. There is no sufficient evidence to prove that. However, it doesn’t mean I recommend Brian Cha’s course.

The stuff taught by Brian Cha is very basic and can be found online for free.

Besides, Brian Cha himself has only a few years of experience in the online marketing business. So you won’t learn any advanced skills from him.

I suspect he doesn’t know the basic technical stuff at all because he relies on his team to develop everything for him. He’s kind of like a spokesperson for his company.

One thing that makes me wonder is that Brian Cha said he was $4 million in debt. When he was about to go bankrupt, he suddenly became a business coach and started teaching people how to do business online. That doesn’t look convincing to me.

Who would learn from a person who failed to succeed in his own business? It’s ridiculous! The logic here is that would you or should you learn from someone who failed in the exam and expect him to help you get a distinction in the exam?

What’s more, if you want to learn sales funnel or ClickFunnels, actually you can get access to free comprehensive training by the founder Russell Brunson after you subscribe for ClickFunnels.

Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend Brian Cha’s course.

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Is There An Easier and Better Alternative to Brian Cha’s Course?

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  1. 100% agree with what you mentioned above. In his course, he taught something very basic which I don’t really want to spend my valuable time and money for it.

  2. Brian Cha is nothing but a joke in Hong Kong. He always laughs me out of tears when he does his speeches. I have watched his videos only because he is so funny.


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