Marie Forleo Net Worth (2023): Is She A Scam?

What is Marie Forleo’s Net Worth?

Marie Forleo, the American entrepreneur, has an estimated net worth of around $10 million. She’s not just a business whiz but also a bestselling author, famous for her books like “Everything is Figureoutable” and “Make Every Man Want You.” She earns most of her money from book sales, speaking gigs, and online courses.

Marie’s journey to becoming a “self-made millionaire” is quite remarkable. She started her career doing various jobs like serving drinks, cleaning toilets, waitressing, and even pursuing her passion for hip-hop dancing.

In 2010, she founded “Marie Forleo International,” a company that has had a big impact on small businesses worldwide. One of her notable contributions is the “B-School” e-commerce program, which has helped over 55,000 people from 148 countries to grow their small businesses.

Moreover, Marie Forleo is a familiar face on the internet. She hosts and stars in “MarieTV,” a popular YouTube series, and also runs the “Marie Forleo podcast.” These platforms have solidified her position as a leading figure in the world of entrepreneurship and personal development.

Here’s the breakdown of her net worth:


Marie Forleo

Net Worth: $10 Million
Annual Income: $3 Million
Source of Wealth: Life coach, Motivational speaker, Entrepreneur, Author

How Did Marie Forleo Get Rich?

In 2011, Marie Forleo launched a newsletter. She grew her subscriber base and attracted clients through her connections from bartending and teaching fitness and dance classes.

In 2008, Marie achieved a significant milestone when she published her book, “Make Every Man Want You: How to Be So Irresistible You’ll Barely Keep from Dating Yourself!” This book became a sensation, translated into 16 languages, and gained widespread popularity.

The following year, in 2009, she established “Marie Forleo International.” This company was dedicated to coaching and training for small businesses and personal development, with a strong focus on entrepreneurs.

In 2011, the renowned Sir Richard Branson recognized Marie’s expertise and invited her to mentor young entrepreneurs at his Center for Entrepreneurship. During the same year, she launched “MarieTV,” a web-based TV program aimed at providing valuable insights. In May 2011, she co-launched the online business course “Rich, Happy & Hot B-School” with fellow entrepreneur Laura Roeder, which was later shortened to “B-School.”

In 2014, Marie’s reputation as a thought leader continued to soar, as she was a featured speaker at the “Life Is Beautiful” conference.

Marie also made her mark in the world of documentaries. In 2018, she starred in the 5-part docuseries “Transcendence: Live Life Beyond the Ordinary,” and in 2019, she appeared in the documentary “We Rise Up.”

September 2019 saw the release of her book, “Everything is Figureoutable: One Simple Belief to Create Unstoppable Success,” which became a #1 New York Times bestseller, further solidifying her status as a successful entrepreneur and thought leader.

Marie Forleo

Social Media Earnings Potential

Marie Forleo boasts an impressive social media presence with 738K Instagram followers, 215K Twitter followers, 678K Facebook followers, 809K YouTube subscribers, and 27.7K TikTok followers. Altogether, her combined social media following reaches approximately 2.4 million people.

With such a substantial reach, Marie has the potential to earn around $20,000 for each sponsored post when shared across all of her social media platforms. It’s worth noting that this estimate doesn’t even include her ability to promote her own products through her network.

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How Much Does Marie Forleo Make A Year?

Based on various sources and her business activities, Marie’s estimated annual income falls in the range of $2 million to $5 million. Some reports even suggest that her education business generates a substantial $11 million in annual revenue.

It’s important to note that revenue isn’t the same as profit, especially when considering that the average profit margin for a typical small business is about 7% to 10%. Taking this into account, our estimate for Marie Forleo’s annual earnings ranges from $500,000 to $1.1 million.

Moreover, Marie Forleo’s net worth can generate its own income. Assuming a conservative 4% yield on her estimated $15 million net worth, this could easily add another $600,000 to her annual earnings.

Is Marie Forleo A Scam?

Marie is not a scam. She’s a self-made millionaire who has achieved remarkable success in the world of entrepreneurship and personal development.

Marie’s credibility is further solidified by her interviews with Oprah on SuperSoul Sunday Talks in 2012, where she shared insights on becoming an unstoppable force. She has also addressed thousands at Oprah’s SuperSoul Sessions.

Marie’s influence extends through various media platforms, including her own shows like MarieTV and The Marie Forleo Podcast. She’s conducted in-depth interviews with renowned thought leaders such as Tererai Trent, Simon Sinek, Elizabeth Gilbert, Sir Richard Branson, Dr. Brene Brown, and Gabby Bernstein, learning from those who are shaping our modern world.

Marie is highly regarded and frequently sought after by others in her field. She’s been featured on Gary Vee’s podcast, Girlboss Radio, and in reputable publications like Harpers Bazaar, Forbes, and Thrive Global.

Her program, B-School, is exceptionally popular, with “B-Schoolers” enrolling in her eight-week course to gain valuable insights into marketing, increasing sales, and enhancing their online presence. Marie’s achievements and her impact on personal and professional development are undeniable. You can definitely pick up a thing or two about making money online from her.

Marie Forleo B-School

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2 thoughts on “Marie Forleo Net Worth (2023): Is She A Scam?”

  1. She absolutely is a fraud because if you were to conduct any REAL research on her, she never actually built a REAL business prior to teaching other women how to build a business. She’s the premier fraud in the “business coaching” world.

    • What you are saying isn’t true, Samantha. Marie Forleo did have a life coaching business prior to teaching others. But even IF if she never had built a single business before starting B-School, so what? Doesn’t mean that she was ever clueless about how to do it and her huge fan base and students probably value her for good reason. Besides, do doctors only help others after they have sorted out their own health issues? Hardly. Have psychologists released their own baggage from the past? Definitely not. Are all art teachers successful when teaching others how to become an artist? Nope. And so on, and so on.


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