Gary Vaynerchuk Net Worth (2023): Salary, Income, Earnings

Gary Vaynerchuk Net Worth

Gary Vaynerchuk has an estimated net worth of $200 million. Gary Vaynerchuk is a Belarusian-American entrepreneur, speaker, author and Internet personality. He has achieved tremendous success in digital marketing and social media, running top companies such as ‘VaynerMedia’ and ‘VaynerX’.

He is also known for transforming his family’s wine business from a $3 million company to a $60 million empire in just a few years. He was born in Babruysk in the Soviet Union (now Belarus) and moved to the U.S. with his family when he was 3 years old.

As a teenager, he participated in several small businesses, such as selling baseball cards and flowers, and made a lot of money.

Then he joined his family’s wine retail business and then graduated from ‘Mount Ida University’ in Massachusetts. He took over the management of his father’s retail business and turned it into a highly successful e-commerce company.

He laid the foundation for Wine Library, VaynerMedia and The Gallery. He made several successful investments as an angel investor, and his business know-how helped many companies succeed.

In 2009, Gary ventured into authorship and signed a contract with ‘HarperStudio’ for 10 books. So far, he has written six books. Gary is known as the “first wine guru of the YouTube era” and has also made several appearances on TV over the years.

To calculate the net worth of Gary Vaynerchuk, subtract all his liabilities from his total assets. Investments, savings, cash deposits, and any equity he has in a house, car, or other similar asset are included in the total assets.

All debts, such as personal loans and mortgages, are included in total liabilities. 

Here’s the breakdown of his net worth:

Name: Gary Vaynerchuk
Net Worth: $200 Million
Monthly Salary: $1 Million
Annual Income: $20 Million
Source of Wealth: Wine Critic, Entrepreneur, Author

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Early Life

Gary Vaynerchuk was born on November 14, 1975, in Babruysk, Soviet Union, which became known as Belarus after the breakup of the Soviet Union. He was one of three children in the family and grew up with a brother and a sister.

After spending the first three years of his life in Babruysk, Gary moved with his family to the United States. His father was a businessman and the extended family settled in a studio apartment in Queens, New York City.

His father began working in a liquor store in New Jersey. The business was owned by one of their relatives. He took his children to live in Edison, New Jersey. Gary always had an entrepreneurial spirit and built a lemonade stand to earn extra money while attending school.

Even before he grew up, he was always interested in making money. As a teenager, he picked flowers from his neighbors’ gardens and sold them on the street. This was his first business venture. His natural charm made his business grow. The lemonade stand he set up as a teenager quickly grew into a franchise, and he began managing many lemonade stands around town.

He also dealt in baseball cards, earning thousands of dollars each week. His father, meanwhile, had taken full control of the liquor business and soon asked Gary to join his business. Gary could not refuse the offer and all his independent activities soon came to a halt.

In the meantime, he graduated from ‘North Hunterdon High School’. He then enrolled at ‘Mount Ida College’ in Newton, Massachusetts.


Gary worked in his father’s liquor store during his high school and college years. He was put in charge of the ‘Shopper’s Discount Liquors’ store in Springfield, New Jersey. However, Gary knew that e-commerce was a fast growing industry, so he wanted to capitalize on it. This led to the idea that transformed his father’s business.

Gary opened an online store and renamed it ‘Wine Library’. To further promote it, he also started a YouTube channel called ‘Wine Library TV’, a daily webcast where he talked about different types of wine.

With the rebranding in the mid-2000s, the family business grew by leaps and bounds. While it was previously valued at $3 million, the company reached a $60 million valuation in 2005.

In 2006, he also started a regular video blog on ‘YouTube’ called ‘Wine Library TV’ where Gary gave wine reviews, tasted different types of wine and gave advice. In 2011, the show reached 1000 episodes. It was then replaced by a daily podcast called ‘The Daily Grape’. It is believed that this video podcast series played a major role in increasing the popularity of Gary’s wine business.

Thrilled with the success of this venture, Gary realized that online marketing was the way to go. In 2009, he founded ‘VaynerMedia’ with his younger brother AJ. The company started with little capital, but soon became a multi-million dollar company.

VaynerMedia offers services in paid media, media strategies, influencer marketing, e-commerce strategies, personal branding and SMB marketing. The company essentially covers all aspects of online marketing. With clients such as ‘PepsiCo’, ‘General Electric’ and ‘Johnson & Johnson’, the company has established itself as one of the top international players in this sector.

Within a few years of its inception, the company made it to ‘AdAge’s A-list agencies’ list in 2015. The following year, the company grew tremendously, with an annual gross revenue of $100 million and 600 employees. The company also partnered with ‘Vimeo’ to bring filmmakers and brands together for online content.

In 2017, Gary acquired a company called ‘PureWow’ and renamed it ‘The Gallery’. This created a new company after he added some elements of ‘PureWow’.

In addition to running his own companies, Gary has served as an angel investor for dozens of startups and established companies. Some of the major companies he has invested in include ‘Facebook’, ‘Venmo’ and ‘Twitter’. ‘Entrepreneur’, a renowned American magazine, estimated Gary’s net worth at $160 million in 2017.

Some other companies attributed to Gary are ‘VaynerRSE’, ‘BRaVe Ventures’ and ‘VaynerSports’.

Gary has also shown an active interest in mass media. In 2017, he appeared on the show ‘Planet of the Apps’ on TV. The series focused on young app developers who presented their ideas to a panel of judges. Gary was one of the recurring cast members who judged and guided the contestants.

In 2014, Gary launched a ‘YouTube’ series called ‘The #AskGaryVee Show.’ Gary did not hire professionals to create the show and instead used his own team. The questions were taken from ‘Instagram’ and ‘Twitter’ and Gary answered them.

In 2015, Gary launched a regular video documentary series called ‘DailyVee’. The series portrayed Gary’s life as a businessman by recording himself live, interviewing others and broadcasting investor meetings. Gary wanted to make the workings of his business as transparent as possible to the general public, and the series helped him do that.

Gary has also written six books to date. In 2009, he signed a contract with ‘HarperStudio’ to write 10 books. His first book, ‘Crush it! Why Now is the Time to Cash in on Your Passion,’ became a bestseller. The other five books, also about entrepreneurship, became moderately successful.

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In 2017, Vaynerchuk made personal investments as an angel investor, investing in women’s publication PureWow, as well as investors in Uber, Facebook, Twitter, Venmo and dozens of startups.


After exiting Tumblr and Buddy Media, Vaynerchuk co-founded VaynerRSE, a $25 million investment fund, with Matt Higgins of RSE Ventures, which is backed by Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross. The fund is dedicated to consumer technology and acts as a business incubator in addition to traditional angel investing.

BRaVe Ventures 

In 2014, Vaynerchuk co-founded BRaVe Ventures with entrepreneurs Jesse Redniss and David Beck of TV. The company advises broadcasters on emerging technologies and funding, and funds emerging startups and technologies in multiscreen and social networking.

In November 2016, Variety magazine reported that Turner Broadcasting had hired BRaVe Ventures to advise on the business and strategic development of its flagship brands TBS and TNT.


In 2016, Vaynerchuk invested in Symmetry, a sports agency, and launched VaynerSports to provide a wide range of athlete placement services. In 2017, VaynerSports signed NFL players such as Jalen Reeves Maybin and Jon Toth.

Awards & Honours

Gary Vaynerchuk’s inspirational success story has been featured in the ‘New York Times’, ‘Wall Street Journal’, ‘Time’ and ‘GQ’.

In 2011, Gary Vaynerchuk was named to ‘Twitter’s Small-Business Big Shots’ list by ‘The Wall Street Journal’. ‘Bloomberg Businessweek’ included him in their list of ’20 People Every Entrepreneur Should Follow’.

In 2014, he was included in Fortune’s ’40 Under 40′ list.

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Crushing It

In March 2009, Vaynerchuk signed a million-dollar ten-book deal with HarperCollins, followed by the publication of his first book, Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion, in October of the same year.

Within weeks, Crushing It! was the No.1 best-seller in Amazon’s online marketing category, while it was No. 2 in the New York Times hardcover bestseller in the consulting category, and among The Wall Street Journal’s bestseller list.

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Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook

In 2013, Vaynerchuk published his third book, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World, through Harper Business. 

By covering the successes and failures of various promotions and strategies on the major social media platforms, this book demonstrates the social media marketing tactics and tactics businesses should use or avoid.

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right-Hook debuted at number one on the Wall Street Journal’s business book list and was number four on the New York Times hardcover bestseller list in the consulting category.

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Personal Life & Wife

Gary Vaynerchuk married Lizzie Vaynerchuk in 2004 and the couple has been together ever since.

They have a daughter, Misha Eva, and a son, Xander Avi.

Gary Vaynerchuk Quotes

“Love your family, work super hard, live your passion.”


“life shrinks and expands on the proportion of your willingness to take risks and try new things.”


“There no longer has to be a difference between who you are and what you do.”


“Passion is an unmatched fuel. Add being happy to that and you have a wonderful formula for good health.”


“Developing your personal brand is the same thing as living and breathing your résumé”


“It (Twitter) closes the six degrees of separation to one degree of separation”


“Google gives preference to its own products, so having a Google+ account influences your search rankings.”

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