Jeff Lerner Net Worth (2023): How Does He Make Money?

What is Jeff Lerner’s Net Worth?

Jeff Lerner’s estimated net worth is $7 million. He is an American entrepreneur, mentor, speaker, influencer, and pianist. He is the founder of the Entre Institute, which offers advice on digital marketing to entrepreneurs.

On his website, he claims to have gone from being a “broke jazz guitarist” to making $50 million in online sales, although these figures may be exaggerated.

In a press release, Lerner shared more about his early struggles. In 2018, he mentioned facing bankruptcy and living in his ex’s spare bedroom. His debts from failed businesses, including two restaurant franchises, amounted to $500,000. He supported himself by playing the piano until a broken hand left him unable to continue.

That’s when Jeff Lerner discovered an online course on affiliate marketing. He dedicated 12-16 hours a day to studying it for several weeks. During breaks, he filmed marketing videos in his backyard.

According to Lerner, he earned $40,000 in commissions in just one month and $70,000 the following month. In that year, he ranked as the third highest earner in an affiliate marketing network with thousands of participants.

Here’s the breakdown of his net worth:

Name: Jeff Lerner 
Net Worth: $7 Million
Annual Income: $1 Million 
Source of Wealth: Internet Entrepreneur, Speaker

How Did Jeff Lerner Get Started?

Jeff Lerner’s path to financial success has had its ups and downs. In his twenties, he earned money as a pianist, playing for wealthy CEOs and leaders. But it wasn’t until his late twenties, after many failed business attempts, that he found success online.

One pivotal moment was when he managed to pay off a significant $500,000 debt from one of his failed ventures in just 18 months. Jeff’s main source of income came from selling digital marketing courses. He created effective sales strategies that guided potential customers to courses and coaching programs promising to teach them how to achieve wealth, much like he did.

Before this, he had promoted affiliate marketing courses for companies like Wealth Masters International, Carbon Copy Pro, My Hidden Pages, MOBE, Aspire, and Digital Altitude. Some of these companies faced legal issues and eventually closed down.

Starting his digital entrepreneurial journey at 23, Jeff initially had uncertainties about how to succeed. However, by the time he was 29, he finally achieved internet success, marking a significant milestone.

How Does Jeff Lerner Build His Wealth Today?

With over a decade of experience running successful online businesses, including being recognized on the INC 5000 list twice, he shifted his focus to motivating and educating aspiring entrepreneurs.

Since 2018, Jeff has been teaching entrepreneurial skills to over 150,000 students through the ENTRE Institute. He also expanded his business into real estate, founding the 2:20 Investment Group, LLC, which owns properties in various states like Texas, Utah, Georgia, and Ohio.

In addition to these ventures, Jeff Lerner has established several companies, including WHAMmobile (a mobile marketing company), Xurli (a digital agency), Entresoft (offering a comprehensive suite of business tools), and Entre Institute.

Let’s take a closer look at how Jeff makes money online:

Entre Institute

Jeff founded the ENTRE Institute in 2018, becoming the world’s first advanced institution solely dedicated to entrepreneur education. Over 150,000 students have learned essential business skills through this platform, thanks to Lerner’s vision of providing coaching to entrepreneurs.

In 2021, Jeff and Adam Whiting, the institute’s founders, received the prestigious “Two Comma Club C Award” at ClickFunnels’ annual event, recognizing their outstanding success in online sales funnels.

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Entre Institute

Entre Blueprint

Entre Blueprint is a program created by Jeff Lerner, offering video training on starting a successful home-based business. While it’s more motivational than a comprehensive guide to online business, it serves as a starting point for those seeking motivation to kickstart their online ventures.

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Entre Blueprint

Social Media

Jeff Lerner has a substantial social media following with 102K Instagram followers, 51K Facebook followers, 88K YouTube subscribers, 1.3K Twitter followers, and 103K TikTok followers.

With a total following of around 335K, Jeff’s social media presence allows him to potentially earn approximately $3K per sponsored post, based on current social media marketing standards.

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Jeff Lerner YouTube channel


Jeff Lerner launched his podcast, “Unlock Your Potential” (formerly “Millionaire Secrets”), in April 2020. The podcast features success stories and interviews with individuals who have achieved wealth, abundance, and freedom through unconventional paths.

As of November 2021, Lerner has produced 190 episodes, sharing valuable insights and experiences with his audience.

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Jeff Lerner Podcast

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