The Millionaire Shortcut Review: Scam or Legit?

As someone who started exploring ways to make money on the internet, I got interested in something called The Millionaire Shortcut. It promised to teach how to become wealthy through a free downloadable PDF book.

Excited to learn, I eagerly started reading, hoping for amazing tips and strategies. But instead of finding useful advice, I felt like I was tricked. The book didn’t give me any real secrets or helpful ideas. It was more like a confusing maze with lots of false promises.

Now, looking back on my experience with The Millionaire Shortcut, I want to tell other entrepreneurs about it. I learned that the promise of quick and easy money online isn’t always what it seems.

What is The Millionaire Shortcut?

The Millionaire Shortcut is a downloadable free PDF book promises to unveil the secrets of amassing a million dollars, living up to its name. Perhaps, like many others, you grabbed it with high hopes of discovering the easy road to wealth.

But, hold on a minute. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Inside, you won’t find any groundbreaking insights or a new approach to your business endeavors.

Here’s the real deal: “The Millionaire Shortcut” is just an appetizer for something else—The Entre Institute. And guess what? The Entre Institute is just another one of those intricate pyramid schemes.

Before you can lay your hands on this ebook, they’ll ask for your name and email. Seems harmless, right? Think again.

By handing over your info, you’re basically inviting a flood of advertisements from various companies. They’ll hound you to join their courses or buy their products.

Sure, you can opt-out of these messages, but let’s be real, dealing with the ensuing hassle could be time and effort you’ll never get back.

So, here’s the truth: The authors of “The Millionaire Shortcut” are using it as bait to lure you into their course and snag a wide audience. It’s not a reliable guide for your personal finance journey.

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The Mastermind Behind The Millionaire Shortcut

Jeff Lerner is not just the author of this book; he’s a multifaceted individual. He wears many hats, and each one fits him well.

Jeff Lerner

First and foremost, he’s the brain behind the Entre Institute, a key player in the pages of “The Millionaire Shortcut.” Beyond that, he’s a thriving entrepreneur, making waves in the business world.

But there’s more to Jeff than just business. He’s also a sought-after motivational speaker, gracing public platforms with his inspiring talks. Juggling all this, he still manages a full-time job, balancing it with a hectic schedule of public appearances and media interviews.

Family is a big part of his life, and he’s a proud father of four. And when he’s not immersed in his various roles, you’ll find him tinkering away on a jazz piano, showcasing his musical talents.

Intriguingly, “The Millionaire Shortcut” reveals a slice of his life story, going from humble beginnings to impressive wealth. It’s a motivating tale for some, promising to guide you towards replicating his success and becoming a billionaire, just like him.

Can The Millionaire Shortcut Help You Make Money?

Despite its title, I don’t believe that “The Millionaire Shortcut” can actually make you a millionaire. In fact, it doesn’t even provide any specific information about starting a business.

The book itself doesn’t offer much substance. What it does do is build up the author’s big claim: that he’s got the secret recipe to turn anyone into a multi-millionaire.

As you flip through the pages, you’ll hear the author’s personal story, from hitting rock bottom with previous business ventures to now swimming in millions every year.

What comes next? He’ll try to convince you that you can follow his path to success. But just when you expect some juicy secrets, you’ll find a link to sign up for the Entre Institute.

And that’s pretty much it. No valuable insights, no handy tips, not even a single helpful hint. It’s essentially a massive ad for the Entre Institute.

How Much Does The Millionaire Shortcut Cost?

There’s no need to reach for your wallet to read it. It’s completely free of charge.

But here’s the catch: The cost may not be in dollars but in your personal privacy. To access the download, you’ll need to share your personal info. Brace yourself for some promotional emails down the road, as you’ll be on the company’s radar as a potential customer.

Now, let’s talk about where the real value (and potential expense) comes in—The Entre Institute course. After the initial $39 purchase of the Entre Blueprint (which, in my opinion, isn’t entirely necessary), you’ll encounter a series of upsells.

If you go all-in and buy everything, you could be looking at a whopping $30,000 or more. That’s not just pricey; it’s unreasonably so, especially considering that the product doesn’t deliver substantial value.

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What is The Entre Institute?

The Entre Institute is essentially a school that’s all about teaching you the ropes of building and running a successful online business right from your own home. Their primary focus is on the concept of affiliate marketing.

Now, they offer a bunch of training modules that can be purchased individually or bundled up. There are different courses, both public and private communities, coaching sessions, and a network of partners.

Here’s a quick rundown of their offerings, but keep in mind this isn’t an exhaustive review of The Entre Institute. Most of these items will be pitched to you as upsells during the sales process, except for one.

Entre Blueprint

Their flagship product, this guide delves into affiliate marketing. It starts with getting your mindset right for success, covering four financial pillars and the three P’s of a fulfilling life.

Then, it walks you through building an online affiliate marketing business from the ground up.

You can access this for a $39 fee, but remember, it’s just the beginning of the sales process.

Entre Nation Community

You get access to an exclusive Facebook group, “Entre Nation,” where you can discuss course and business strategies with fellow participants.

Entre Nation Elite

If you thought the Facebook group was enough, they have an “exclusive” membership tier with perks like business guidance and access to a private video chat forum.

The price is initially hidden, but some current members mention it’s around $29 per month or $175 per year.

Entre Digital

This course covers a wider spectrum of affiliate marketing and advanced marketing techniques. Unlike the Blueprint, it dives into promoting your affiliate websites, including various paid advertising methods.

This course includes live mentoring from a business consultant.

The pricing is kept under wraps until you’re deep in the sales funnel, but expect it to be quite high.

Entre Coaching

This optional add-on offers personal guidance from Jeff Lerner, the founder. Not much to discuss here.

Again, the cost isn’t immediately clear, but it’s likely on the higher end.

Entre Inner Circle

The most expensive upsell, costing around $29,997 annually.

This option gives you access to an annual mastermind and advanced coaching, typically aimed at those already running full-time businesses.

The Entre Institute Affiliate Program

Here’s where it gets interesting. To access this program, you need to be an affiliate of The Entre Institute.

You’ll be marketing this very program and earning commissions for each sale you make.

It’s touted as “the highest paying affiliate program on the internet,” but take that with a grain of salt.

Most of the instruction you receive in this course is tailored to promote The Entre Institute itself, so it might not be as effective if you’re targeting a different market.

For more information, you can check out our full review of Entre Institute.

Praise for The Millionaire Shortcut

1. Free Access

One undeniable advantage of “The Millionaire Shortcut” is that it doesn’t cost you a dime. You can download the ebook for free, making it accessible to anyone interested in exploring what it has to offer without any financial commitment.

2. Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

For those new to the concept of affiliate marketing, this ebook serves as an introductory glimpse into this online business model. It provides a starting point for individuals looking to understand the basics of affiliate marketing and how it works, which could be beneficial for beginners in the field.

Criticism of The Millionaire Shortcut

1. Misleading Promises

“The Millionaire Shortcut” lures readers in with the promise of revealing secrets to amassing wealth, but ultimately falls short of delivering on these grand claims. This misleading marketing approach can leave readers feeling disappointed and skeptical.

2. Privacy Concerns

To access the ebook, readers are required to provide personal information such as their name and email address. This can lead to privacy concerns as this data may be used for future marketing efforts, inundating readers with promotional emails and potentially compromising their privacy.

3. Affiliate Marketing Focus

While the ebook hints at providing insights into wealth-building strategies, it primarily serves as a gateway to the Entre Institute’s affiliate marketing program. This narrow focus limits the ebook’s value for readers seeking a broader understanding of financial success.

4. High Upsell Costs

The Entre Institute offers a range of upsells after the initial download, which can quickly add up to substantial costs. These upsells may not always justify their price tags, making it easy for readers to overspend on educational content that may be available elsewhere for less or even for free.

5. Lack of Comprehensive Content

Despite the enticing name, “The Millionaire Shortcut” doesn’t provide comprehensive guidance or actionable steps for achieving financial success. It lacks in-depth content and practical advice, leaving readers wanting more substantial insights and strategies for wealth-building.

Is The Millionaire Shortcut Worth The Time?

Let’s clear the air on “The Millionaire Shortcut.” Calling it a total scam would be an overstatement, but it’s far from a golden ticket.

If you were hoping to uncover the secrets of making money online, prepare for disappointment. It’s not a scam, but it won’t propel you toward financial success either.

When you hand over your info for that ebook download, you’ll quickly realize that the sole purpose of this book is to lure you into an affiliate program and recruit you as an affiliate marketer. You won’t find any valuable insights into business practices or opportunities here.

As for the affiliate program it promotes, it’s not a great deal, at least in my view. While Entre Institute’s educational program isn’t a scam, that doesn’t mean it’s a wise choice.

You’d be shelling out hefty sums for an online course that may not be necessary. The truth is, the internet offers plenty of free resources for learning about affiliate marketing.

Here’s the bottom line: Once you’ve learned the ropes of affiliate marketing, you’re free to choose any affiliate product and start earning. If your affiliate marketing education fixates on a single product that’s unrelated to your interests, it’s essentially useless.

So, in a nutshell, there are more cost-effective and worthwhile ways to learn about affiliate marketing out there. Don’t let “The Millionaire Shortcut” shortcut your journey to success.

Is There A Better Alternative?

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