Straight Line Persuasion Review: Jordan Belfort Scam?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably curious about Jordan Belfort’s sales strategy called Straight Line Persuasion. Jordan Belfort gained fame from the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street,” showcasing his extravagant lifestyle on Wall Street.

As someone who loves sales and is always seeking self-improvement, I’ve learned a lot from watching Jordan Belfort’s videos on YouTube. However, I want to make it clear that I’m not here to endorse him or his sales approach.

I want you to trust that my insights are genuine because I have no affiliation with Jordan Belfort.

Towards the end of this review, I’ll also share how I managed to achieve a full-time passive income from home in my early twenties.

Here’s what I’ll cover in my review of Jordan Belfort and Straight Line Persuasion.

What is Straight Line Persuasion?

The Straight Line Persuasion system is about influence, persuasion and sales.

It is called Straight Line Persuasion because the shortest distance between any two points is a straight line and you’re trying to get a customer to sign as quickly as possible.

Straight Line Persuasion is a goal-oriented selling system rather than random conversations that go nowhere.

The 3 keys to the success of the Straight Line Persuasion system are:

  • Developing a good relationship with the customer
  • Asking specific questions to gather intelligence and to understand the customer needs
  • Always control the sale by bringing it right back every time the customer tries to sidetrack

In the following video, Jordan Belfort made a brief introduction to his Straight Line system:

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Who is Jordan Belfort?

Jordan Belfort is a former New York stockbroker who became a celebrity in 2013 when “The Wolf of Wall Street” movie came out based on his life story.

Before Joran was put into jail, he made over $200 million dollars a year while running his company Stratton Oakmont. It’s estimated that his net worth was $100 million at the peak of his career. 

He used to call up investors and persuade them to invest in worthless IPOS, penny stocks, money laundering and a lot of other illegal and unethical things, making himself super-rich in the process.

In 1998 Jordan was sentenced to 22 months in jail after being convicted of money laundering, stock market manipulation and securities fraud, and was ordered to refund his clients $100 million that he stole from them.

Since getting out of jail, Jordan now works as a sales trainer at seminars all over the world.

Jordan is popular on social media. His YouTube channel “The Wolf of Wall Street” has over 670k subscribers. You can learn a lot of sales techniques watching his video.

If you want to find out more about Jordan’s story, you can watch the video below:

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Straight Line Persuasion Course Modules

Module 1: Tenets of Straight Line Persuasion

In this module, Jordan teaches you how to develop a rapport with your customer by sounding like an expert, also “active listening” i.e. making certain noises as you listen to like “mhhmm” “ahhh” “yup” “gotcha”. 

Besides, you can also ask some intelligent questions to find out their pain points and desires.

This gives the prospect that he is being heard & understood.

Always remember to keep them on the straight line which moves prospect closer and closer towards the sale.

If you feel the conversation slipping into Pluto, just gently bring that conversation back to the line without being pushy or breaking rapport.

Module 2: The Art and Science of Prospecting

This section focuses on the art of qualifying buyers from non-buyers.

But Jordan’s way of persuasion is not trying to convince non-buyers into buyers. It is all about identifying the non-buyers quickly and weed them out of your potential prospects.

This kind of sales training is practical and helpful. It enhances your efficiency and increases your potency on every sale. That way, you can make more money in less time.

Module 3: Mastering Art of Tonality

In this lesson, Jordan shows you how to make an impression on someone at the subconscious level that you’re an expert and empathetic, by changing the tones of your voice to make the prospects feel that you can solve their problems.

This is about consciously wielding different tonalities to talk to your prospect in the way a friend does to them, instead of another dead-pan salesperson that’s harassing them.

Once you have mastered these skills, you can empower someone to overcome their limiting beliefs and purchase something if that’s really going to help them in some way.

Module 4: Being a Leader and Visionary

The crux of this lesson is that people buy into a vision instead of their goals.

Most people don’t have a vision for the future so they always look for someone with a compelling vision.

This explains why the entire world was sold on Steve Jobs because he has a purpose to impact the world.

People want to do business with people that are up to big things, especially when you’re selling higher ticket items.

Module 5: Inner Game of Sales

Jordan has a gift in the way he speaks and the tonality he uses at the unconscious level. 

This allows him to sell at the highest level and convinces you that you’re capable of achieving extraordinary things despite being an ordinary person.

For me, Jordan is as great as Tony Robbins.

The way he utters his words and the tonality really grips you at the heart and inspires you to become someone great if you just work hard on your sales skills.

Module 6: The 5 Key Elements of the Straight Line System

1. The art of sifting

At the stage of intelligence gathering, don’t go straight to the sales pitch, instead find out the possible reasons why the prospect might refuse to buy your product.

2. The action threshold

This refers to the threshold at which the prospect will claim your offer. Everyone has a certain threshold before they make a buying decision.

The goal in SLP is to make use of language pattern and tonality to help your prospect overcome their limiting beliefs and choose to buy right now.

3. Tipping the scales 

The real skill in SLP begins by looking at all the possible negative outcomes and then addressing each of those concerns.

Prospects are weighing the risk and reward of the decision during your sales pitch. 

So you are actually making the case that the gains of the product or service works, far outweigh the potential risk of the product or service not working. 

4. The sales funnel

Regarding the sales funnel, figure out your goals and how many phone calls you got to make every day to reach your targeted commission at your average closing rate.

5. Three things in 4 seconds

You got to make sure to start the conversation with a firm tonality which makes your prospects think that you’re sharp, empathetic and knowledgeable.

Module 7: The Art & Science of Qualifying

This section is all about the ability to identify motivated buyers from non-buyers.

You can begin with questions to find out what problems they are trying to solve and dig deeper into their feelings.

If the prospect is not revealing anything to you, they seem indifferent to whatever can be for them, they’re just lacking in interest and you might simply stop there and leave your time for other prospects.

That said, you ought to keep asking questions in an emphatic and curious way that a friend does to you so that the tone sounds non-threatening. 

Module 8: Presentation

Jordan covers SLP principles in a more corporate setting, where you’re doing a presentation.

These types of setting might require a much longer sales cycle such as a huge purchase of new equipment for a factory.

So it will require substantial education to the buyer and a lot of explanation on what benefits your products can bring them.

Module 9: Power of Language

In this section, Jordan teaches you some of his favourite words that allow you to persuade somebody at the subconscious level.

Sometimes just adding words such as “virtually” into a sentence can make a difference in how the prospect feels about your sales pitch.

Module 10: Becoming a Person of Influence

You might have the underlying feeling that you’ll always be financially capable when you know how to close.

Because money will always flow to you.

However, I doubt if you can really sell your vision to other people or start a new business after you have completed the course.

In reality, people don’t even bother to talk to you when you’re just an ordinary salesperson.

It sounds good to be a person of influence but it usually costs you years of hard work before you’re deemed as an expert in a certain field. 

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Who is Straight Line Persuasion for?

This training suits salespersons who already have some experience under their belts.

That said, complete beginners can still benefit from the sections that cover mindset and self-help aspects.

If you’re more experienced, you might already know the basics. For you, the crucial part could be fine-tuning your tone of voice to elevate your sales game.

How Much Does Straight Line Persuasion Cost?

The price has dropped from $499 a year ago to $199, a savings of nearly $300. It is a one-time offer with no monthly payments.

Included in the package are:

  • Straight Line Persuasion System Fast Track Course
  • A 3-page document to pinpoint your business weaknesses
  • A worksheet to follow along the course
  • An infographic
  • The Straight Line Persuasion E-Book

Refund Policy

When checking out a course like Jordan Belfort’s Straight Line Persuasion, I always make sure to understand the refund policy.

Here’s what it says…

Certain refund requests may be considered by Global Motivation, Inc on a case-by-case basis and granted in sole discretion of Global Motivation, Inc. Refunds utilizing the (30) day money back guarantee must be submitted within (30) days of original purchase date. (Purchases made after January 30th, 2020 do not qualify for the 30-day money back guarantee)

While they use words like “certain” and “considered,” suggesting refunds aren’t entirely ruled out, it doesn’t seem too promising if you’re hoping for your money back. Before January 2020, it seems like they may have been more lenient, but there’s a clear shift in their stance.

Honestly, the chances of getting a refund don’t look high. But here’s the twist – if you genuinely apply the skills Jordan teaches, you might not even think about asking for a refund.

The course claims to have the potential to significantly boost your sales, so keep that in mind before banking on the refund option.

Does Jordan Belfort Have a Good Reputation?

Jordan Belfort, famously known as The Wolf of Wall Street, doesn’t have a good reputation. His claim to fame involves scams, particularly in selling penny stocks to wealthy investors, raking in millions through hefty commissions. Before diving into the stock brokerage world, he started out selling meat and seafood door-to-door.

Belfort earned notoriety for using high-pressure sales tactics, making cold calls to persuade investors to buy the stocks he endorsed. Running a “boiler room” crew, he engaged in illegal activities, manipulating stock prices and defrauding investors, resulting in staggering losses of around $200 million.

His brokerage firm, Stratton Oakmont, was a hub for illegal practices, leading to his downfall and a 22-month prison term for fraud and money laundering.

His exploits, including crimes, are vividly detailed in his book “The Wolf of Wall Street,” influencing popular perceptions of professional investing and corporate finance.

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Praise for Straight Line Persuasion

1. Proven Success

Jordan Belfort’s Straight Line Persuasion is backed by his real-world success in sales. He’s got a track record that speaks volumes about the effectiveness of his strategies.

2. Efficient Approach

The course emphasizes the power of a straight-line approach in selling. Moving in a direct line allows for more efficiency, as it minimizes the need for constant corrections and gives room for thoughtful reflection. Striking the right balance between assertiveness and sales mastery is a key takeaway.

3. Live Coaching Boost

The live coaching sessions stand out as a favorite. The Wolf himself has participants read scripts and evaluates their performance, pinpointing strengths and weaknesses. While more of these sessions would be appreciated, the ones available offer valuable insights.

4. Deep Understanding

Belfort’s insights into the connection between sound, relationships, and human psychology showcase his profound understanding of the human mind. His wisdom in these areas adds depth to the course’s teachings.

Criticism of Straight Line Persuasion

1. Too Much Focus on Self-Help

One downside of the course is that it heavily focuses on concepts commonly found in self-help materials, like mindset, beliefs, and internal locus of control.

These topics are pretty standard in many sales seminars, and if you’ve already delved into a lot of books on the subject, you might find the content less valuable.

Essentially, if you’re seeking more practical, hands-on techniques rather than a revisit of familiar self-help themes, this aspect of the course might not be as beneficial for you.

2. Overly Ambitious Claims

Despite my admiration for Jordan Belfort’s energetic approach in the training course, I couldn’t help but feel skeptical about some of the colossal claims he made. Declarations like “You’ll get filthy rich if you use the Straight Line Method correctly” left me both motivated and apprehensive.

While the enthusiasm was contagious, I couldn’t shake the realization that not everyone could achieve such financial success. It made me question whether these statements were more about effective salesmanship than realistic outcomes.

Jordan’s fervor was captivating, but I wished for a more balanced presentation that acknowledged individual differences.

3. Dubious Superpowers Pitch

Jordan Belfort’s emphasis on gaining “Superpowers” through Straight Line Persuasion raised eyebrows for me. While he repeatedly stressed using these powers ethically, it felt like a familiar sales tactic—making the course seem more extraordinary than it might be.

The constant reminder to wield these powers responsibly seemed more like a persuasive technique than a genuine caution. Despite my desire to believe in the transformative nature of the course, I couldn’t fully buy into the idea that completing it would grant me superhero-like abilities.

The concept of ethically using newfound “Superpowers” came across as a catchy sales pitch rather than a substantive reality.

4. Low Production Quality

The course starts off on a strong note with Jordan Belfort in a well-produced studio setting, complete with good camera quality and sound. However, the downhill part kicks in shortly after.

The rest of the course is basically snippets from a sales talk, shot with a not-so-great camera and patched-up sound added afterward.

This shift in production quality might be a bit disappointing, especially if you’re expecting the same level of polish throughout the entire course.

Can You Make Money With Straight Line Persuasion? 

Yes, it’s possible to learn from this training and make money remote closing.

However, it’s far more difficult than you think. 

Here, I’d like to share the issues with high-ticket closing that Jordan Belfort doesn’t mention.

First, it is extremely difficult to find prospects.

To be a high ticket closer, you are forced to compete with numerous salesmen to win over the trust of an influencer or a business owner who is able to provide you with a list of leads to close.

But when you just finished the Straight Line Persuasion, why on earth would anyone listen to your pitch? At the end of the day, there is a good chance that your talent will be buried.

Hence if you don’t have a business or look up leads, I’ll strongly advise you to try a better alternative program which I will talk about later.

Second, you need to be good at the field that pays for your service.

To make money from Straight Line Persuasion, one of the most important things is to find a service that generally costs a lot. Below are some examples:

  • Dating coaching
  • SEO
  • Legal consultations
  • Financial advisement
  • Marketing consultations

These are examples of things that people are willing to pay a lot of money. But if you want to be a closer in one of these fields, you have to be familiar with their professional services.

And if you were the owner, are you sure you would give the most valuable asset of your company i.e. the contact list of prospects to someone who claims to be a high ticket closer without any testimonial?

Last but not least, the higher the price of a service or item, the greater will be the expectation and responsibility added on you, as a closer, to get the job done. 

Is Straight Line Persuasion a Scam?

No, Straight Line Persuasion isn’t a scam, but that doesn’t mean I recommend it.

Earning big as a high-ticket closer is tougher than it seems. It involves making countless calls to seal a handful of deals – definitely not the passive income dream. When you stop calling, the money stops flowing.

I suspect Jordan Belfort earns more from selling Straight Line Persuasion than actually closing deals himself. Why spend so much teaching if closing is more lucrative?

Despite Jordan’s persuasive pitch, the course didn’t provide the promised insights into the sales process.

The only positive? It gives you a temporary boost.

In truth, the course seems designed to deceive, creating a false sense of learning. Participants might think they gained knowledge, but in reality, they’ve learned little.

Do I Recommend Straight Line Persuasion?

I wouldn’t recommend this course.

The $199 price tag feels too steep for what it offers. Despite the seemingly valuable lesson on persuasive communication, I’d say it’s more of a $5 value.

Sure, Jordan’s pitch about his “top secret sales formula” is compelling. He delivers it with such sincerity that it’s quite convincing.

The catch? You can find similar lessons for free elsewhere, and this course doesn’t bring anything new to the table. The tips on eye contact and body language are the same old advice.

Interestingly, in “The Wolf of Wall Street,” the main character educates differently than what’s taught here. Jordan is undoubtedly a sales expert, but he keeps his real secrets close to the chest in this course.

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