GearBubble Review – Scam or Legit? Truth Exposed!

As a means of earning money in the background, print-on-demand has quickly risen to prominence. This method of doing business saves money on upfront costs because the product is only printed when it is ordered. GearBubble is one of the most widely used print-on-demand platforms.

Even though its name immediately conjures images of bubble gum, this platform has been around since 2015, and it has already won the hearts of many online store owners. It’s a storefront creator that supports print-on-demand. 

The second option also facilitates linking to numerous online shops. Similar to Printify and Printful, GearBubble also competes with Merch by Amazon.

To help you make a more informed decision, I have thoroughly researched GearBubble so I can tell you more about it.

As a disclaimer, I’m not affiliated with GearBubble. It means I’m not paid to write this review. So you can rest assured that you will get an honest and unbiased review from me.

At the end of this review, I’ll also tell you the best alternative to GearBubble that has enabled me to make a full-time passive income online.

What is GearBubble?

This crowdfunding platform is incredibly user-friendly, and it can be used to launch and promote a wide variety of products. A campaign you launch will run for seven days. You can extend your campaign by using the auto relaunch feature found in the launch options.

GearBubble is a platform that allows sellers to list their wares with no initial investment. GearBubble will ship the product to buyers once it has been purchased, and you can keep the proceeds.


The list of products is as follows:

  • Bracelets
  • Cellphone Cases
  • Hats
  • Coffee Mug
  • Shirts
  • Necklaces
  • Hoodies
  • Beanies
  • Pillow Cases
  • Personalized mug
  • Posters

It provides a side-by-side breakdown of the initial investment required in addition to the potential return on investment as you make decisions about campaign elements like style, color scheme, and scale. Easy to understand. You’re welcome to share your own look with the world, but it must be saved as a PNG file type. Another helpful piece of advice is to always keep the backgrounds of your graphic files transparent.

GearBubble lets you change the picture’s size to whatever you’d like, as well as rotate it in any direction.

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How Much Does GearBubble Cost?

GearBubble Price

While selling on GearBubble is free, you’ll need to spend money on marketing in order to make any real cash.

Without some sort of promotion, very few products will sell. With the exception of a storefront, GearBubble offers very little in the way of promotional tools.

Completely hosted stores on the GearBubble platform are more expensive than on Shopify, making Shopify a better option for beginners.

This means that newcomers must factor in the ongoing monthly cost.

How To Get Started With GearBubble?

1. Designing Your Product

With GearBubble, making new products is a breeze for vendors. It’s a system that lets you customize your order down to the individual sizing, color, and design of each product. Every single step will be explained to you.

Details on the types of artwork and layouts you can sell on GearBubble will also be provided. A detailed breakdown of the item’s starting price is provided at each tier. After that, you can decide what to ask for your product. By doing this, you can see how much money you can make off of each product.

You need to find the sweet spot between a price that makes you a lot of money and a price that makes the item sell frequently. You don’t want to make an inflated or inflated determination, right?

GearBubble Product Design

2. Advertising Your Products

To be honest, GearBubble doesn’t give you any direction on how to sell their products in your online shops. However, finding your way to your destination shouldn’t be too difficult.

Your long-term success will be much more assured if you have a well-thought-out business strategy rather than relying on social networking. It’s possible that you won’t even use GearBubble.

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How Do I Integrate GearBubble With Amazon?

By connecting their systems via an application programming interface (API), Amazon and Gearbubble can automatically share data, such as order tracking and shipment details, to facilitate seamless order processing.

You can launch your Amazon dropshipping business by visiting the Gearbubble Dropship stores page and clicking the + New store button. You can choose Amazon from the following four options: Shopify, Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. A valid Amazon Seller’s account is required.

GearBubble allows you to connect multiple stores at once, but this varies by subscription plan. You can access the incorporated shops directly from the Stores section of your Dropship dashboard.

Choose between automatic and manual product fulfillment, tweak your store’s settings, and add fresh GearBubble items, all from this area. Once an item has been uploaded to Amazon, the Upload button will turn into the Configured button after 15-30 minutes.

GearBubble requires between 15 minutes and an hour to confirm a store integration, so the process may take a little longer the first time around, but after that it’s smooth sailing.

Keep in mind that selling on Amazon does not come at a cost, but that more sales means more money in your pocket.

Below are the steps to integrate Gearbubble with Amazon:

  • Step 1: Create a design (text-based is fine for a mug).
  • Step 2: Upload to GearBubble.
  • Step 3: Click “add product” to Amazon.
  • Step 4. Click “auto-fill” on Amazon.
  • Step 5: Take sale on Amazon (automated).
  • Step 6: Sales import into dashboard (automated).
  • Step 7: We fulfill GearBubble products (automated).
  • Step 8: Tracking number updates to Amazon (automated).

You must complete steps 1-4 when customers purchase your items via Amazon. Automatically, the rest is taken care of.

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How Does GearBubble Compare With Printful And Printify?

At the moment, the three most important competitors in the print-on-demand industry are GearBubble, Printful, and Printify. Of course, there are other platforms out there; however, these three stand out due to their extensive product lines, variety of integration options, and large user bases.

In comparison to GearBubble, Printful provides a wider selection of products that can be personalized in more ways (more colors, sizes, materials, etc.). Shorts, leggings, socks, phone cases, beach blankets, and more are just some of the items you can find on Printful that you won’t find on GearBubble. 

On top of that, it’s compatible with a wider variety of e-commerce platforms than its competitors (WooCommerce, BigCommerce, BigCartel, Magento, etc.). Here you can get more information about Printful.

GearBubble, on the other hand, offers several benefits that Printful lacks. To be more specific, you can’t sell on Printful itself; rather, you need to find another service where you can set up shop (e.g. Shopify). Some Printful products, such as posters, have restrictions on where they can be shipped.

Printify takes a slightly different tack when it comes to print-on-demand in that rather than printing themselves, they link up sellers with their network of print providers from all over the world. If you’re trying to decide between Printify and GearBubble as a POD solution, this is a major distinction between the two. 

Printify, with its many more partners than GearBubble, provides a wider selection of high-quality, customizable products in a wide range of sizes and colors. To compare, GearBubble has an advantage over Printful because, like Printful, Printify doesn’t provide a storefront. In addition, while GearBubble allows for exchanges and refunds, Printify does not.

It’s difficult to say which of these three options is best. You should check out all three options’ online resources to compare and contrast features and prices before settling on a final choice.

Design Costs And Earnings On GearBubble

The fees for using GearBubble to create and sell products come from the commissions earned on the product’s base price. Is there any mention of the costs we might not see right away? There are no additional fees! Integrations (selling on other marketplaces) are the only costs involved, and even those are manageable. Learn more about our rates down below.

The success of GearBubble’s customers is directly correlated to their own, so naturally they want to see you do well. They have a staff of designers on hand who can help you out if you’re stuck on a design. 

They won’t make it from scratch, but they’ll help you refine your idea or come up with something new together. GearBubble will also teach you some of the tricks of the trade to ensure that your products stand out from the crowd. And again, none of this costs a thing!

When it comes to revenue, GearBubble is very open with its customers. No advanced knowledge of economics or accounting is required to deduce your net profit. GearBubble allows you to preview your potential earnings when you’re designing a product for a campaign by asking you to enter a price. 

GearBubble takes a cut of the profits from each item sale, but that cut is already factored into the asking price. The stated price includes not only production and distribution but also customer support.

After your campaign has ended, you can access your funds by clicking the Get Paid button in your dashboard. Request the payout from accounting a few hours after the campaign ends, when the money has finally arrived. The payment will be sent to you within 14 days (although usually it takes much less time).

GearBubble will send you a 1099 tax form when your earnings reach $600. Don’t know where to start with taxes? Non-profits can contact GearBubble’s support team for guidance.

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Best Tips In Using GearBubble

Launching your own GearBubble store is essential to finding financial success. This service requires that you have at least three active campaign groups, so you’ll need to think of some creative ways to get people involved.

It’s possible that selling coffee mugs would be a good idea, too. It’s more likely that you’ll keep your cash if they’re delivered quickly and you can choose from a variety of styles.

In addition, you may want to revise the product description, as it is often the wording of the description rather than the appearance of the item itself that discourages customers.

Also, keep your prices reasonable. It’s simple to make it look good in the hopes of making a huge profit, but if nobody buys it, that won’t matter. In order to boost revenue, it is preferable to accept lower profits.

Sublimation printing allows mugs to be finished much quicker than any other product. When compared to T-shirts, they are lightning fast.

Prepare three different marketing strategies based on three different ideas. Otherwise, you won’t be ready to open up shop on your own.

If your campaign isn’t generating sales after a few days, you may want to try a different approach or redesign.

The PNG format requires that all product images have a transparent background before they can be uploaded.

Don’t go crazy on the bare minimum price. Visit a well-known online retailer that carries the items you plan to sell and check their prices. Checking things out on Amazon is very convenient.

Put in text the description geared toward your ideal customers. Try coining some catchy phrases to use as promo tools.

You can also use Fiverr if you don’t consider yourself a graphic artist but have a fantastic idea. You can hire someone to do the layout of the design for you for a very low cost (around $5.00 to $10.00).

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GearBubble Pros and Cons


  • In addition to domestic shipping, Bubble also facilitates international transport.
  • Profit margins are high in comparison to other sites in the same industry.
  • There are no royalties to pay on anything you create or sell.


  • They don’t provide marketing tools.
  • Customer service at GearBubble is frequently criticized.
  • You’ll have to put in extra effort and capital to get the business off the ground.

Is GearBubble A Scam or Legit?

GearBubble is not a scam. 

Others may consider it a scam, but I don’t.

This program is not a scam because it offers a legitimate opportunity to earn money.

To clarify, I mean that once payment is made, you will receive a link and password to access the purchased content online. Actually, nobody is going to disappear into the sunset with your cash and leave you broke.

What’s more pressing, though, is whether or not GearBubble justifies the cost.

In all candor, I have to say that most people probably won’t.

Why take the chance when there are so many other business models that have already been proven and are easily scalable?

Best Alternative To GearBubble

If you’re beginning your online business journey, you deserve a business opportunity much better than the GearBubble.

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Where to Join Wealthy Affiliate?

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