DropshipForSale Review (2023): Scam or Legit?

As an experienced dropshipper, I understand the importance of finding reliable platforms that simplify the process of launching a successful dropshipping business. 

In this DropshipForSale review, I will share my personal experience and insights after thoroughly testing their services. Let’s dive into the details and see if DropshipForSale lives up to its promises.

My Experience with DropshipForSale

When I first discovered DropshipForSale, I was intrigued by their claims of providing premade and custom dropshipping stores that could start generating sales within 48 hours. 

As someone who has spent years in the dropshipping trenches, I know that finding winning products and building a well-designed store takes time and effort. So, I decided to give DropshipForSale a try and see if they could truly deliver on their promises.

DropshipForSale Review

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The Process: Simple and Efficient

The first step in my journey with DropshipForSale was choosing a plan that suited my business needs. I was pleased to find that there were no contracts or commitments involved, providing me with the flexibility to choose the right plan for my requirements. Moreover, DropshipForSale offers a 14-day money-back guarantee, ensuring my satisfaction.

I opted for a custom store, as I wanted complete control over the design and branding of my store. The process was straightforward, and I provided detailed requirements to their team. I was pleasantly surprised by their professionalism and willingness to accommodate my requests. They assured me that they would deliver a store that met my expectations.

Unlimited Revisions: A Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

When I received the initial store design, I found that it didn’t entirely align with my vision. However, DropshipForSale proved their commitment to customer satisfaction by offering unlimited revisions at no additional cost. This was a crucial aspect for me as I wanted my store to reflect my brand accurately.

I provided detailed feedback and suggestions for improvements, and the team promptly incorporated them into the design. Throughout the revision process, their communication was exceptional, ensuring that they understood my requirements and implemented them effectively.

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The Final Result: A Well-Crafted Store

After a few rounds of revisions, I finally received the completed custom store from DropshipForSale. I must admit that I was impressed with the final result. The store was professionally designed, visually appealing, and user-friendly. The team had taken care of all the technical aspects, including integrating suppliers and setting up the necessary functionalities.

The store came with a unique domain name and logo, providing a cohesive brand identity. The products included were carefully curated, aligning with my chosen niche. While it’s important to note that success ultimately depends on various factors beyond the store’s design, DropshipForSale had certainly provided a solid foundation for my dropshipping business.

A Well-Crafted Store

Ongoing Support and Assistance

One aspect that stood out during my experience with DropshipForSale was their exceptional customer support. Whenever I had questions or needed assistance, their team was quick to respond and provide helpful guidance. As a dropshipper, having reliable support is invaluable, especially when dealing with technical or operational challenges.

Additionally, DropshipForSale regularly provided valuable resources and updates on the latest industry trends and strategies. Their commitment to helping their customers succeed was evident throughout my journey with them.

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Is DropshipForSale a Scam or Legit?

Having extensively tested DropshipForSale, I can confidently say that it is a legitimate platform. As an official Shopify Partner, they have established relationships with customers and networks with suppliers daily. This partnership adds to their credibility, as Shopify is a reputable and widely-used ecommerce platform.

Moreover, DropshipForSale’s own website is built using the Shopify store, further showcasing their expertise and familiarity with the platform. This provided me with reassurance that they possess the necessary knowledge and skills to create functional and visually appealing online stores.

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The Potential of Buying Turnkey Dropshipping Stores

Buying turnkey dropshipping stores can be a worthwhile option for entrepreneurs, depending on their specific circumstances. It offers several advantages, such as saving time and effort, as the stores are already built and ready to be transferred. This is particularly beneficial for those new to dropshipping or lacking the technical skills to create an online store from scratch.

However, it’s important to note that there are limitations to buying turnkey stores. Customization options may be limited, and the niche selection might not align perfectly with your vision. Therefore, thorough research and evaluation are essential before making a decision.

In my experience, DropshipForSale provided a solid foundation for my dropshipping business. However, I also recommend conducting thorough market research and ensuring that the products offered align with your target audience’s needs and preferences. 

Additionally, it’s important to invest time and effort in marketing, branding, and customer targeting to maximize the potential of a turnkey store.

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Pricing and Costs

While DropshipForSale offers valuable services, it’s important to consider the associated costs. Subscription fees are involved, including a $29 monthly fee for a Shopify subscription and a $99 per month fee for a DropshipForSale subscription. These fees grant access to their training and resources.

Additionally, there may be additional costs for supplier integration. Some suppliers may require integration fees to connect your online store to their inventory and fulfillment system. These fees vary depending on the supplier and contribute to the overall cost of running your dropshipping business.

Pros and Cons of DropshipForSale


  • Streamlined Process: DropshipForSale simplifies the process of launching a dropshipping business by providing premade and custom online stores, saving time and effort for entrepreneurs.
  • Professional Store Design: Their team creates visually appealing and user-friendly store designs, ensuring a professional and cohesive brand identity for your business.
  • Unlimited Revisions: DropshipForSale offers unlimited revisions at no additional cost, allowing you to customize the store design to meet your specific requirements and preferences.
  • Ongoing Support: They provide exceptional customer support, promptly addressing queries and providing guidance when needed. Their commitment to customer success is evident throughout the process.
  • Reputable Shopify Partnership: DropshipForSale’s status as an official Shopify Partner adds to their credibility, showcasing their expertise and familiarity with the Shopify platform.


  • Limitations in Customization: While DropshipForSale offers customization options, they may have limitations in terms of complete design control and niche selection. This could restrict your ability to create a truly unique store.
  • Additional Costs: Apart from the initial purchase price, there are ongoing subscription fees for Shopify and DropshipForSale, as well as potential additional costs for supplier integration. These expenses should be considered when evaluating the overall investment.
  • Individual Success Factors: While DropshipForSale provides a solid foundation, the ultimate success of a dropshipping business depends on various factors beyond the store’s design. Marketing strategies, branding, and product selection are critical elements that require individual effort and expertise.

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In conclusion, my experience with DropshipForSale has been positive overall. They have proven to be a reliable platform for streamlining the process of launching a dropshipping business. Their custom store building process, unlimited revisions, and ongoing support have been instrumental in creating a well-crafted store.

However, it’s essential to approach buying turnkey dropshipping stores with realistic expectations. Thorough market research, customization, and effective marketing strategies are still crucial elements for success in the competitive dropshipping landscape.

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur looking to start a dropshipping business and prefer a streamlined approach, DropshipForSale can be a valuable platform to consider. With their expertise and support, you can save time and effort while focusing on growing your business.

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