Brandafy Review (2023): Scam or Legit?

Today, I’m excited to share my personal experience with Brandafy and provide an in-depth review of their prebuilt Shopify stores. 

As an experienced dropshipper, I understand the importance of a high-converting store in driving sales and building a successful business. 

Intrigued by Brandafy’s claims of offering turnkey dropship websites designed to convert, I decided to put their services to the test. Join me as I share the reality behind Brandafy’s prebuilt Shopify stores and whether they are worth your investment.

The Promise of Brandafy: Simplifying Dropshipping 

Brandafy positions itself as a solution to the challenges faced by aspiring dropshippers. Their aim is to provide a hassle-free experience by offering prebuilt Shopify stores designed by a team of experts. 

With promises of launching a dropshipping business within 24 hours, Brandafy claims to take the stress out of building a store from scratch. 

Additionally, they offer consultations, a dropshipping course called Ecom Upstart, and the option to buy social media followers. It all sounds promising, but does Brandafy deliver on their promises? Let’s find out.

Brandafy Review

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My Journey with Brandafy: A Closer Look at the Process 

To truly assess the quality and effectiveness of Brandafy’s prebuilt stores, I decided to purchase one myself. The process was relatively straightforward, and I was soon on my way to exploring their offerings. 

After selecting a niche from their 14 options, I had to choose a logo design and decide on the number of best-selling products I wanted in my store. With my choices made, I eagerly awaited the delivery of my prebuilt Shopify store.

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Features and Analysis

Store Design: A Mediocre Start 

Upon receiving my prebuilt store from Brandafy, I immediately noticed that the store design was functional but lacked uniqueness. The provided logo, which falls under the “Standard Logo” category, was satisfactory but lacked available domain options. This could potentially limit branding opportunities for the store. 

As I delved deeper, it became apparent that Brandafy had used a free Shopify theme for the store design. While it served its purpose, the lack of essential pages such as Track Your Order or FAQ was a notable omission.

Best-Selling Products: A Disappointing Selection 

The selection of best-selling products provided by Brandafy was the biggest letdown of my experience. The majority of the products fell into the categories of jewelry, clothing, and basic furniture, which are notoriously challenging to sell. Even seasoned marketers would struggle to generate interest in these products. 

Moreover, I discovered that some of the products were branded or trademarked, which is a significant red flag for a dropshipping store. Pricing inconsistencies further compounded the issue, with no coherent pricing scheme across the products. This lack of consistency erodes trust and hampers the store’s credibility.

Top Suppliers: A Questionable Recommendation 

Brandafy provides supplier recommendations for each of the best-selling products in their prebuilt stores. While they suggest using Spocket as a supplier, I found this recommendation debatable. 

Based on my experience with various suppliers and fulfillment companies, I have found Zendrop to be the most reliable and trustworthy. Brandafy’s reliance on a single supplier option raises concerns about the diversity and reliability of their supplier network.

Bonuses: Lackluster and Affiliate-Focused 

Brandafy includes several bonuses with their prebuilt stores, such as a quick start guide and a Facebook ads dropship blueprint. 

However, these bonuses failed to impress. The quick start guide was disappointingly short, and it felt more like a platform for promoting affiliate offers rather than providing valuable tips. 

The Facebook ads blueprint, spanning 13 pages, offered basic information that might be useful for beginners but lacked insights into other advertising platforms like TikTok. Additionally, Brandafy seized the opportunity to promote Cam Morales’ course, Ecom Upstart, leaving me questioning the true value of these bonuses.

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Brandafy Pricing: Is It Justified? 

Brandafy’s pricing structure for their prebuilt stores appears reasonable on the surface. At $17 for a new store or $37 for an existing store, it seems affordable. 

However, considering the lackluster store design, questionable product selection, and limited supplier options, the value proposition diminishes. Furthermore, the absence of a refund policy adds an additional element of risk to potential buyers.

Brandafy Pricing- Is It Justified? 

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Pros and Cons of Brandafy


  • Ease of Use: Brandafy simplifies the process of launching a dropshipping business by providing prebuilt Shopify stores that are ready to go. This can save time and effort for beginners.
  • Decent Store Design: While not exceptional, the store design provided by Brandafy is functional and usable, making it suitable for starting a dropshipping business.
  • Supplier Recommendations: Brandafy recommends using Spocket as a supplier, which can make order fulfillment relatively easy for dropshippers.
  • Reasonable Pricing: The pricing for Brandafy’s prebuilt stores is affordable, making it accessible for those with a limited budget.


  • Mediocre Product Selection: The quality of the best-selling products provided by Brandafy is questionable. The selection includes products that are difficult to sell and lacks congruency in pricing.
  • Lack of Uniqueness: The store design provided by Brandafy lacks uniqueness and may not effectively differentiate the dropshipper’s brand from competitors.
  • Limited Supplier Options: While Brandafy recommends Spocket as a supplier, their reliance on a single supplier option raises concerns about the diversity and reliability of their supplier network.
  • Lackluster Bonuses: The bonuses provided by Brandafy, such as the quick start guide and Facebook ads blueprint, are underwhelming and prioritize affiliate promotion over valuable tips and insights.
  • Absence of Refund Policy: Brandafy does not offer refunds for any purchases, which adds an element of risk for customers.

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Is Brandafy a Scam or Legit?

Based on my personal experience and assessment, I would not categorize Brandafy as a scam. While their prebuilt Shopify stores may have several shortcomings and may not deliver the promised results, a scam typically involves intentionally deceiving customers and withholding essential services or products. In the case of Brandafy, they do provide prebuilt stores, albeit with questionable quality and effectiveness.

However, it is important to note that the lackluster performance of their prebuilt stores, questionable product selection, and limited supplier options can be seen as misleading or deceptive in terms of the value they claim to offer. Additionally, the absence of a refund policy adds to the risk factor associated with their services.

It is crucial for aspiring dropshippers to exercise caution and thoroughly research any service or platform they consider using. While Brandafy may not be a scam per se, their offerings may not live up to the expectations and promises they make. Exploring alternative platforms and conducting due diligence can help mitigate potential risks and increase the chances of building a successful dropshipping business.

Brandafy Review on trustpilot


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Brandafy Alternatives: Exploring Better Options 

While Brandafy may be one of the players in the prebuilt Shopify store market, there are several alternatives worth considering. 

Platforms like Dropship Launchpad, Adsellr, eComency, Ecommerceify, Dropbuild, AliDropship, eHustlr, StartStorez, and Dropship Empire offer custom prebuilt Shopify dropshipping stores that provide better quality and value. Entrepreneurs should explore these alternatives before committing to Brandafy.

Final Verdict

After my firsthand experience with Brandafy’s prebuilt Shopify store, I must express my disappointment. 

The store design lacked uniqueness, and essential pages were missing. The product selection was subpar, featuring unsellable items and pricing inconsistencies. While supplier recommendations were provided, better options are available in the market. The bonuses offered were lackluster and heavily focused on affiliate promotion. 

Moreover, the absence of success stories on Brandafy’s website raises doubts about the effectiveness of their services.

In conclusion, based on my personal experience and assessment, I cannot wholeheartedly recommend Brandafy for aspiring dropshippers. 

While their prebuilt stores may be affordable, the quality and reliability fall short. To achieve success in the competitive dropshipping industry, it is crucial to choose a platform that offers better quality products, reliable suppliers, and comprehensive support. Proceed with caution when considering Brandafy and explore alternatives that provide a more solid foundation for your dropshipping business.

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