Digistore24 Review (2023): Scam or Legit?

If you want to make money online, you might have heard of Digistore24. But you may wonder if this affiliate network is a scam.

The internet is full of reports of scams. Affiliate marketing is particularly relevant in this regard.

Affiliate networks such as Digistore24 are sometimes referred to as scams when discussing them.

However, the majority of these complaints come from users who have only been using the platform for a short time. In addition, the affiliate network has plenty of positive reviews.

Then, what is the truth? Can affiliate marketers benefit from Digistore24, or is it a scam network?

To help you make a more informed decision, I have thoroughly researched Digistore24 so I can tell you more about it.

At the end of this review, I’ll also share with you a platform where I’ve learned affiliate marketing skills that have enabled me to make a full-time passive income.

In this Digistore24 review, I’m going to cover the following.

What is Digistore24?

DigiStore24 (D24) is a leading merchant-based online sales service for German-speaking countries and one of the largest partner networks in Europe. The company offers integrated and scalable solutions for digital products and event management.

Digistore24 Review - Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed

They are relieved of technical and administrative pressure through their automated technology and can focus on their products as they are connected with affiliate partners.

The Digistore24 affiliate network is a good alternative to the top affiliate networks in the United States. Clickbank is difficult to join due to limitations in some countries and restrictions on new affiliates.

As an affiliate, anyone can sign up to promote others through Digistore24, so it’s a win-win platform for everyone.

Digistore24 has also established numerous affiliate networks in the USA, which proves that the company seriously intends to work at the highest level.

Considering the fact that Digistore24 is growing rapidly and does not intend to stop at what it has achieved, it can be assumed that Digistore24 will become one of the largest and also leading affiliate networks in the world.

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How Does Digistore24 Work?

Digistore24 works similarly to other affiliate networks.

To use this affiliate network, affiliates and vendors must first register as affiliates or vendors. It is also possible to register as both an affiliate and a vendor. You can also register as an affiliate or a vendor. After registration you will get access to the user dashboard.

Once you have registered as an affiliate, you will be able to access the categories of products and services you would like to promote. For example, your interest in online services might be of interest to you. It is very easy to select the product and service you are interested in on this website 

All you need to do is browse the categories for e-business/internet marketing. Digistore24’s results are based on the volume of sales in each category. This way you can determine what sells best and what would be suitable for you at this moment.

Affiliates and sellers can easily synchronize their accounts on Digistore24. There is a mode switch in the header. Your products can be promoted by affiliates more easily. You can add a product from the seller section by selecting account > product > add product 

Your products will be listed on Digistore24 marketplace after you fill in the product information form 

On Digistore24’s website you can find instructions on how to fill out the product form. If you do not know how to fill out a form, this is a good help.

How To Make Money With Digistore24?

There are two ways to earn money on Digistore24: as a vendor or merchant, or as a seller (affiliate) or publisher.

1. As a Vendor Or Merchant

Digistore24 is a marketplace where suppliers and partners can do business together. If you are a service or product provider, you can post your offers on the marketplace and recruit affiliates to help you sell your offers. This situation is a win-win 

The idea is to get your product or service in front of customers you can not reach on your own and generate revenue.

D24 allows you to sell both digital and physical goods. The following steps are required to make a sale:

  • As soon as your product is listed, Digistore24 will assist you with marketing it to affiliate marketers.
  • You can use affiliates to direct consumers to your sales page.
  • Your customers can pay for your product through D24’s secure payment gateway, and you get your money.

2. As a seller (Affiliate) or Publisher

You can make money as a digistore24 seller or publisher by following these steps:

  1. Select a Lucrative Market Niche

Making money on Digitstore24 starts with choosing a niche.

The niche is a specific need or desire of a market segment around which a business can be developed. It is the area in which you will operate your online business.

You will find a profitable niche if you do a detailed market study and research. You can also start an online business around health tips or build a money-making online website.

Make sure that the niche you choose has little competition and that you choose an evergreen niche.

  1. Pick a Winning Product

Products with high commission volume and decent quality make successful products. A good product is one that meets the needs of the target audience (customers) and adds value to them.

You should always keep your online credibility in mind. It’s hard to build an online presence or business if you choose a product that is poorly designed and does not add value to customers (maybe it has a high payment rate). Make your decision wisely.

  1. Start a Blog or Website

Creating a blog or a website is very important if you want to start an online business or affiliate marketing business that will generate income for you online.

If you have a business, are looking for a job, are an artist or blogger, or want to build an online presence, a website is an efficient tool. Creating your own website is quite easy. You can find templates and resources to help you get a website up and running quickly.

  1. Promote Your Affiliate Links

When it comes to marketing, we have two options:

Free Advertising: You can do this by promoting affiliate links via cold emails, social media and Q&A pages.

Paid Advertising: When you place ads to promote your affiliate links, whether on Quora, Facebook or Google, it works the same way.

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What Kinds of Products Can You Find on Digistore24?

Digistore24 stands out by offering a diverse array of products, not just digital ones like many other affiliate networks. This diversity is due to the lure of higher commission rates for digital goods.

It’s important to note that there are some restrictions on the types of physical products you can sell and market on Digistore24. These limitations typically apply to products like ebooks, DVDs, and nutritional items. However, the primary focus remains on promoting digital products.

In the realm of digital products, you’ll find a wide range of offerings in the online business industry. This includes courses, training programs, software, ebooks, various services, and more.

While Digistore24 might not boast an initial product inventory as extensive as some other affiliate marketing platforms, quantity isn’t the most critical factor. Both affiliates and product owners can profit handsomely as long as the product is top-notch.

When it comes to product selection, quality should take precedence over quantity. Your target audience deserves nothing less than top-quality products. Building trust with your audience hinges on delivering high-quality goods. This trust, in turn, can translate into increased sales and a positive reputation in the long run. So, remember, it’s quality that matters most.

Digistore24 Payment Methods

Digistore24 offers a variety of payment methods, including bank transfers, VISA, MasterCard and PayPal, which makes withdrawals easy.

It is important to remember that Digistore24 operates similarly to other affiliate networks, meaning that withdrawals can only be made after you have earned a certain amount of revenue.

Although the limits are low, any person can exceed them with ease, so there is no need to worry. It is possible to withdraw funds for the month after you have made the required monthly payment of $50. This is one of the most common threshold alternatives.

However, there is more than one way to withdraw funds. You can also withdraw on a monthly, bi-weekly or weekly basis 

Make your own decision based on your individual circumstances.

Digistore24 Pricing and Costs

The use of Digistore24 is free of charge. Costs are incurred only when a profit is made.

For transactions up to 400 euros there is a fee of 7.9% + 1 euro. For amounts over 400 euros there is a fee of 4.9% 

Margins for US transactions are slightly different at 7.9% + $1. Chargebacks over 1% are subject to a 9.9% + $1 fee.

Apart from two special cases, Digistore24’s margins are the same for all products.

For every purchase you make, you will be charged 7.9% of the earnings plus one dollar. This gives you access to all of Digistore24’s features and functions.

Here is an example: 

You sell a product through Digistore24 for $100 (excluding 8.89% sales tax, in Washington, for example, the total is $108.89). The commission for the affiliate should be 50%.

The individual parties are paid in the following order: 

  • Tax office: $8.89 (8.89% sales tax)
  • Digistore24 (7.9% + $1): $9.60
  • Affiliate net payout: $40.68 + $4.52*
  • Vendor net payout: $40.68 + $4.52*

After the purchase, you will get back the 10% deposit (10% of the purchase price). As a precautionary measure, this is a common practice.

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Benefits of Digistore24 for Publishers and Vendors

Managing an affiliate program is complicated due to the numerous processes involved. By using affiliate networks, these difficulties are eliminated 

Digistore24 streamlines affiliate relationships by providing technology, account management and tracking from start to finish 

In addition, users can access various payment options and reporting features to easily manage their account. Digistore24 offers a comprehensive dashboard that allows users to monitor and receive reports on clicks, impressions, conversions, sales, and revenue. With this affiliate network, it is easy to optimize campaigns.

Besides the many benefits of using an affiliate network, D24’s affiliate network offers publishers and sellers some additional advantages.

Digitstore24 Vendor’s benefits

Vendors on the Digistore24 affiliate network can benefit from the following:

  • With Digitstore24’s complete sales and payment system, you can list your goods or services on the market and find qualified partners to market them for you.
  • Digitstore24 also handles your product distribution.
  • Manages your sales for you by responding to your customers’ concerns
  • Set up, optimize, and automate your sales processes.
  • Their dashboard includes all the information about your organization.

Digitstore24 publishers’ benefits

DIgistore24 membership can be beneficial for affiliate marketers and bloggers. The following benefits are available for D24 members:

  • Affiliate applications are approved instantly.
  • There are different categories for deals and products, making it easy to find what you’re looking for.
  • PayPal and bank transfers are both acceptable payment methods.
  • You can find things to promote and get paid whether you’re in the USA or in Russia, and unlike ClickBank, D24 is a global organization. ClickBank may not be a good alternative if your country is restricted.
  • We accept weekly, biweekly, and monthly payments.
  • Payment options for monthly payments require a low minimum payout ($50).
  • Commission rates range from 15% to 90%.

Cons and Complaints of Digistore24

Although the Digistore24 affiliate network has a number of advantages, it also has its disadvantages 

There may be other affiliate networks that work well for some people and are not suitable for others because of their particular needs 

Below are some of the challenges currently associated with using D24.

1. Limited products

Digistore24 might not match the product variety of some other affiliate networks. Most of their products fall within the “make money online” and “fitness” niches.

This limited selection can pose a challenge for those seeking a broader array of offerings. After all, if your audience doesn’t connect with your offers, making money becomes an uphill battle.

When your offers don’t resonate, you risk falling into the trap of “offer blindness.” Over time, your audience may stop accepting your future offers and, worse, lose trust in your recommendations.

That’s why many affiliates prefer networks with a wider product range. It allows them to align with programs that genuinely benefit their target audience, earning them greater appreciation and, ultimately, more income.

2. Technical Issues

Technical problems are not uncommon at Digistore24 

There is a common problem on Android. When opening the Digistore24 app, a black screen usually appears, and then the app crashes, sometimes with a message 

However, in most cases it is just a temporary loading problem. Just press the recently used apps menu (usually the first left button on your phone). After you close that app, restart it. Go back to the app and open it now. You may be able to use it normally.

If this does not work, you can hard restart your Android phone. To do this, press and hold the “Power” and “Home” buttons simultaneously for at least 10 seconds. If the “Power” button does not turn on, hold the buttons down until the screen turns on. After the screen turns on, you can release the buttons.

If all else fails, you may need to uninstall and reinstall the app. After you reinstall and log in to an app, Android usually restores all settings. See if that fixes the problem.

3. Quality Programs Face Fierce Competition. 

If you ask me, this is a good problem to have. Why do I say that? The more competition there is, the greater the number of searches as everyone promotes their product.

Thus, if you can master advanced SEO (search engine optimization) techniques and rank your article on the first page of your target keywords, you might get sales automatically.

You can learn this for free on the #1 affiliate training platform I recommend.

4. Digistore24 Products are Worthless

Affiliate marketers often promote products that align with their websites, and this holds true not just for Digistore24 but for all affiliate marketers.

So, where does this notion that Digistore24 might be a scam come from?

It stems from the fact that some products available on Digistore24 might not be of much value. But does this label the entire network as a scam?

Digistore24 is essentially an online retailer specializing in digital products. Affiliates get to handpick the products they want to promote, while entrepreneurs create and sell these digital offerings.

While there are indeed digital products of great value, not all are created equal.

It’s important to note that Digistore24 merely provides the marketplace; they aren’t responsible for the products themselves. Additionally, all purchases come with a refund policy.

Typically, the legal withdrawal period is 14 days. But here’s the kicker: Digistore24 even offers a “goodwill extension” of the return period, which can extend up to a whopping 180 days.

So, while there may be some less-than-stellar products on the platform, calling Digistore24 a scam might be a stretch, considering their refund policies and the fact that they don’t control product quality.

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Alternatives To Digistore24

Digistore24 has gained recognition as one of the top online affiliate programs, thanks to its diverse product offerings and attractive commission rates, where top affiliates can earn up to a whopping 70%.

But guess what? Digistore24 isn’t the sole player in town. There are several alternatives that have also revolutionized affiliate marketing.

Here, we present some of these Digistore24 alternatives that provide equivalent value:

  1. CJ Affiliate: This massive affiliate program hosts millions of companies, products, brands, and services ripe for online promotion. Whether it’s tech gadgets or pet accessories, you’ll find it all here. Notable brands like Barnes & Noble, J. Crew, and Office Depot are part of the roster, with varying commission rates. Be aware, though, that you need to apply for each offer individually, even if you’re already in the network.

  2. ShareASale: ShareASale is another platform akin to Digistore24. Affiliates can promote a plethora of products, brands, and websites, with a stellar payout rate and a strong reputation for reliability. Brands like Reebok, Sally Beauty, and Etsy are on board, offering diverse commission structures. Just remember that ShareASale doesn’t tolerate underperforming affiliates without prior notice.

  3. Affiliate Window: Like other Digistore24 alternatives, Affiliate Window offers a vast array of products and services for online promotion. It opens up a global market to affiliates of all experience levels, featuring major brands such as Under Armour, Burton, and HP.

  4. Rakuten: Rakuten boasts a highly regarded affiliate program and an intuitive dashboard to track your earnings, clicks, and conversions. However, it predominantly focuses on physical goods and pays commissions solely for direct sales. The registration process can be more complex than other networks, requiring a popular website to attract advertisers.

  5. Amazon Associates: Amazon’s colossal affiliate program is an ideal starting point, with millions of products to choose from. Commissions range from 1% to 10%, depending on product categories. While commissions might be lower, Amazon’s product variety allows for niche-focused websites.

  6. JVZoo: With a vast affiliate network of 800,000 active advertisers, JVZoo is a platform where affiliates and vendors can directly connect without intermediaries. It’s especially friendly to beginners and offers instant commission payouts for select offers.

  7. Market Health: Market Health specializes in the health and beauty niche, offering unique physical products, including those produced in-house. Personal attention is a hallmark, and strong websites can negotiate higher rates.

  8. PeerFly: PeerFly concentrates on CPA (Cost Per Action) offers, providing a user-friendly platform with diverse offers across various niches. You can even negotiate revenue-share deals with some advertisers. However, it’s essential to adhere to their guidelines, which can be challenging for newcomers.

  9. eBay Partner Network: Similar to Amazon, eBay has a substantial affiliate program. However, eBay rewards affiliates based on the traffic generated, and the commission structure varies. Higher traffic requirements apply, but with millions of users on eBay, this network offers potential for success.

Is Digistore24 Legit?

Absolutely, Digistore24 is a legit affiliate network. Whether you’re a vendor looking to list physical or digital products for sale or an affiliate searching for products to promote, Digistore24 has got you covered. Best of all, it doesn’t cost a dime to join for both vendors and affiliates. Digistore24 earns its keep through commissions on sales.

While Digistore24 might not replace your main source of income, it can certainly make a meaningful contribution to your affiliate marketing earnings.

To supercharge your affiliate marketing game, consider mastering the art of driving organic traffic to your affiliate website. The more you understand about keyword rankings, SEO metrics, and backlinks, the better equipped you’ll be to stay competitive in the affiliate marketing arena. So, keep learning and leveling up!

Digistore24 FAQs

Is Digistore24 free to use?

Digistore24 does not cost anything to use.

How often does Digistore24 pay commissions?

Digistore24 pays its affiliates their commissions in two installments: 90% after 14 days and the remaining 10% after 60 days.

How does Digistore24 Tracking Work?

Digistore24 will automatically prompt you to add an interaction tracking option to the order form.

Is Affiliate Marketing a Viable Full-Time Gig?

Absolutely! Affiliate marketing can indeed become your primary source of passive income. A prime example is Pat Flynn, the brains behind Smart Passive Income. He achieved millionaire status through affiliate marketing by creating a niche affiliate site called Green Exam Academy, catering to LEED exam aspirants.

Pat’s secret to success? Consistent content creation and transparent income reports that drew aspiring affiliate marketers seeking guidance.

Jumping into affiliate marketing is exhilarating but can feel daunting initially. Here’s a simplified roadmap:

  1. Choose Your Niche: Pick a topic you’re passionate about and ensure it has a broad audience and profitable products to promote.

  2. Know Your Audience: Conduct thorough research to understand your target audience and their needs.

  3. Craft Your Strategy: Determine your best marketing channels—SEO, content, social media, email, or paid ads—and develop a comprehensive plan.

  4. Master SEO: To scale your affiliate business, advanced SEO skills are essential.

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  • Comprehensive Training
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Digistore24 Review - Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed

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  3. In August, I received a book about foraging for wild food. I did not order it and I do not know how they got my information. The charge was $50.09, I believe. Not sure on the cents) I called Digistore 24 twice and was hung up on. Then I sent an e-mail to tell them I want my money back and was scolded for asking more than once. I have not received any other responses and sent the book back to Digistore 24 because it had come from a warehouse. costing me another $12.00+ to mail it.


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