CajunVentures Reviews (2023): Is Morgan Rainey a Scam?

Are you eager to tap into the world of ecommerce and generate passive income through online selling? If so, CajunVentures might be the solution you’ve been looking for. Created by Morgan Rainey and Brook Theriot, CajunVentures is an online brand that has achieved tremendous success through its Amazon FBA store, raking in millions in passive income since 2017. Their flagship course, Amazon FBA Online Arbitrage Secrets, promises to impart the knowledge you need to thrive in the competitive world of Amazon selling. 

In this review, I’ll take you on a personal journey through the world of CajunVentures, exploring what it offers, who it’s for, and whether it’s worth your investment.

What is CajunVentures?

CajunVentures is an online brand founded by Morgan Rainey and Brook Theriot in 2018. Initially starting their journey on Amazon in 2017, they swiftly gained traction and generated over $4.5 million in sales within four years. With a remarkable track record, they are now considered online business gurus, sharing their secrets and experiences to help others succeed in the ecommerce space.

Their digital presence is primarily on YouTube, where they started posting content in 2018 and have since amassed over 42k subscribers. Focused on selling on Amazon, their channel offers a wealth of information on choosing profitable items, providing tips for beginners, and exploring various side hustles for generating passive income.

CajunVentures Reviews

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Who Is the Creator of CajunVentures?

Morgan Rainey, the founder and CEO of CajunVentures, comes from humble beginnings. She began her career in the fast food industry at the age of 16, working her way up while bartending and waiting tables. After college, she ventured into corporate sales in the waste industry, selling dumpsters. 

However, her life took a significant turn in 2016 when she started selling unwanted coupon items on Amazon. By 2017, she had generated an impressive $234k in sales, leading her to quit her full-time job and fully commit to her online business journey.

Morgan Rainey

Brook Theriot, her partner and co-founder of CajunVentures, also had his share of challenges. Being the first person in his family to graduate college, he found work in the oil field industry. Alongside Morgan, he took the leap into ecommerce in 2018, and their partnership has been instrumental in their success.

How Does CajunVentures Help You Make Money?

The core offering of CajunVentures is their Amazon FBA Online Arbitrage Secrets course. At a reasonable price of $297 (originally $497), this course is a gateway to the world of Amazon selling, even for those with little to no experience in ecommerce.

The course covers essential aspects of setting up an Amazon store, including product selection and sourcing strategies. The standout feature of this course is its in-depth analysis of various selling methods. They present the pros and cons of private label and arbitrage, providing insights into each approach. Private label offers more control over branding and the potential for long-term income but requires more significant capital and time to start seeing returns. 

On the other hand, arbitrage, particularly retail arbitrage, is a more affordable and accessible entry point into Amazon selling. However, it requires a more diverse product portfolio to ensure sustainable earnings.

CajunVentures’ course doesn’t stop at the basics. It goes the extra mile, offering valuable advice on utilizing cashback apps, tax strategies, and making investments to secure your financial future once you start earning from Amazon.

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Who Is CajunVentures For?

CajunVentures’ Amazon FBA Online Arbitrage Secrets is primarily designed for beginners. This course caters to individuals who are new to ecommerce, providing a well-rounded understanding of various selling methods on Amazon. By exploring multiple approaches, the course empowers students to make informed decisions about which method aligns best with their goals and resources.

However, experienced sellers can also find value in CajunVentures’ secrets. The course offers insider tips and strategies that can help optimize existing Amazon businesses and uncover fresh perspectives to boost sales.

How Much Does CajunVentures Cost?

The Amazon FBA Online Arbitrage Secrets course is priced at $297. While the original price was $497, students can take advantage of the limited-time offer after attending Morgan’s free webinar. 

The course also comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee, allowing students to explore the content risk-free and request a refund if they find it unsatisfactory.

Are Students of CajunVentures Getting Results?

CajunVentures’ YouTube channel has garnered a positive reputation, with many viewers finding their content informative, educational, and helpful in their online selling journey. However, when it comes to specific testimonials about the course itself, there seems to be limited information available outside of their sales page.

Students of CajunVentures Getting Results

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Is CajunVentures a Scam?

The question of whether CajunVentures is a scam is an important one for any prospective student to consider. Based on the available information, there is no concrete evidence to suggest that CajunVentures is a scam. The brand’s success on Amazon and their positive reputation on YouTube provide some reassurance about the legitimacy of their offerings.

That said, it’s always wise to approach any online course or business opportunity with a degree of caution and conduct thorough research before making a commitment.

Praises About CajunVentures

  • Impressive Track Record: CajunVentures founders have achieved substantial success through their Amazon FBA store, generating millions in passive income since 2017.
  • Valuable Course Content: The Amazon FBA Online Arbitrage Secrets course covers essential aspects of Amazon selling, offering insights into different selling methods, cashback apps, tax strategies, and financial investments.
  • Beginner-Friendly: The course is designed for beginners, providing a well-rounded understanding of ecommerce and multiple selling approaches.
  • Positive Reputation: CajunVentures’ YouTube channel is appreciated for its informative content and transparency.
  • Affordable Pricing: The course is reasonably priced at $297, making it accessible to a wide audience.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: CajunVentures offers a 14-day money-back guarantee, allowing students to explore the course risk-free.

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Criticisms About CajunVentures

  • Limited Testimonials: There are limited external testimonials about the course’s effectiveness, which may raise concerns for potential students.
  • Lack of Detailed Course Outline: The absence of a detailed course outline on their website makes it challenging for students to gauge the course’s content before enrolling.

Should You Join CajunVentures?

Ultimately, the decision to join CajunVentures’ Amazon FBA Online Arbitrage Secrets course depends on your specific goals and resources. For beginners seeking to enter the ecommerce space and explore various selling methods on Amazon, this course provides a valuable starting point.

Considering its affordable price, lifetime updates, and additional bonuses, the course appears to be a compelling option for aspiring Amazon sellers. However, potential students should be mindful that success in the Amazon FBA realm demands dedication, hard work, and adaptability to the ever-changing ecommerce landscape.

In conclusion, CajunVentures’ Amazon FBA Online Arbitrage Secrets course offers valuable insights for individuals seeking to build a successful Amazon business. While there may be room for improvement in terms of testimonials and a more detailed course outline, the brand’s positive reputation and commitment to education make it a contender worth considering. As with any investment, conduct thorough research, assess your goals, and determine whether this course aligns with your aspirations for ecommerce success. Happy selling!

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  1. As a former student of the FBA course it was helpful in getting started. The biggest issue I had was that when you purchase the course you sign away your rights to privacy. This is not noticeable when you’re getting into it. But it’s there. If you share a success in their private group; they will use that on all of their social media to promote their course. I was receiving messages from strangers at all hours of the night asking me questions. When I requested the removal of the promotions that featured me they pushed back telling me it was theirs to use. They did eventually remove the promotions but I also lost access to the course that I paid for. I was removed from all of the groups and blocked. Then they started using my products to encourage their large following to get on them to further hurt me. I do not recommend going into business with this group because of this. Be careful.


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