William Rivera Review: Is eCom Degree University a Scam?

Welcome to the world of eCom Degree University, where the possibilities of eCommerce success await! 

In this comprehensive review, we will explore William Rivera’s eCom Degree University, an online business course designed to unlock the secrets of dropshipping and Amazon FBA. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur searching for financial freedom or an experienced business owner looking to expand your horizons, eCom Degree University promises to equip you with the knowledge and skills to thrive in the world of online retail.

What is William Rivera’s eCom Degree University?

At its core, eCom Degree University is an online course founded by the enterprising William Rivera in 2018. William, a successful Shopify Dropshipper and Amazon FBA seller, built this course to share his eCommerce journey and expertise with aspiring entrepreneurs. 

The course specializes in teaching students the ins and outs of dropshipping and Amazon FBA, two lucrative eCommerce business models with the potential for passive income and scalability.

William Rivera Review

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Who is William Rivera?

William Rivera’s entrepreneurial journey began in a rather unassuming setting – behind the counter at an LA Fitness. Tired of the monotony and frustration of his underpaid 9-5 job, William stumbled upon an Instagram Ad that would change his life forever. Intrigued by the promise of a new direction, he attended an eCommerce conference in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. That pivotal moment ignited his passion for eCommerce and set him on a path towards building a successful online business.

As a digital entrepreneur, William Rivera has garnered over 408K followers on Instagram and earned the respect and recognition of the Atlanta entrepreneurship community. He is known for his friendly and relatable communication style, which sets him apart from other course creators in the industry.

How Does eCom Degree University Help You Make Money?

eCom Degree University aims to empower students with the necessary tools and strategies to succeed in the eCommerce landscape. Through a step-by-step walkthrough, William shares his own success story of making over $350,000 with his eCommerce Shopify store. The course encompasses comprehensive modules on dropshipping and Amazon FBA, covering vital aspects such as product sourcing, website design, advertising methods, and more.

Students of eCom Degree University will learn how to set up their dropshipping store, find profitable products, optimize ads on various social media platforms, utilize Google Ads, understand Amazon FBA, and even access live Q&A sessions and webinars for ongoing support and guidance.

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Who is William Rivera’s eCom Degree University For?

eCom Degree University caters to individuals with a burning desire to establish their own work-from-home or online business using the powerful platforms of dropshipping and Amazon FBA. If you’re attracted to the potential of passive income, scalability, and the flexibility of operating an online business, this course could be the ideal fit for you.

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur seeking to diversify your revenue streams or a newcomer to the eCommerce world, eCom Degree University promises to provide you with the necessary knowledge and strategies to launch a successful online venture.

How Much Does eCom Degree University Cost?

As with any valuable education, there is an investment involved in joining eCom Degree University. The course comes with a price tag of $1997, allowing access to its comprehensive modules and valuable insights. Additionally, there is a starter program available at $84, offering an entry point for those looking to dip their toes into the eCommerce waters.

It is important to consider this cost as an investment in your future business endeavors. However, prospective students should also weigh this expense against other online courses and explore if it aligns with their budget and goals.

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Are Students of eCom Degree University Getting Results?

The true measure of any course’s success lies in the achievements of its students. eCom Degree University boasts over a thousand members, some of whom have shared their success stories within the internal community. These testimonials highlight how William’s teachings have influenced and supported them in their eCommerce journey.

Students have reported making substantial profits through their dropshipping and Amazon FBA businesses after applying the strategies learned in the course. However, it is essential to consider that individual results may vary based on factors such as dedication, hard work, and market conditions.

Is William Rivera a Scam Artist?

One of the natural concerns when exploring online courses is the legitimacy of the course creator. In the case of William Rivera, there are both praises and criticisms to consider. While William’s friendly and relatable persona has earned him respect within the Atlanta entrepreneurship community and online business landscape, there have been questions raised about the authenticity of some testimonials and the lack of non-affiliated reviews.

It is essential to exercise due diligence and research thoroughly before committing to any course, including eCom Degree University. Engaging in open conversations and seeking testimonials from multiple sources can help make an informed decision.

Is William Rivera a Scam Artist


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Praises About William Rivera’s eCom Degree University

  • Specialized Knowledge: The course focuses on dropshipping and Amazon FBA, providing in-depth insights and strategies for these specific eCommerce business models.
  • Success Stories: The course boasts success stories from students who have achieved substantial profits after applying the teachings, demonstrating its potential effectiveness.
  • Entrepreneurial Experience: William Rivera, the course founder, is a successful digital entrepreneur with a track record of achievements, offering real-world experience and relatable insights.
  • Supportive Community: The internal community within eCom Degree University allows students to interact, share experiences, and seek guidance from fellow learners.
  • Comprehensive Content: The course covers essential aspects of eCommerce, including product sourcing, website design, and advertising methods, providing a well-rounded education.

Criticisms About William Rivera’s eCom Degree University

  • High Cost: The course has a significant price tag of $1997, which may be a barrier for some prospective students, especially for those just starting with eCommerce.
  • Limited Direct Interaction: Some students have expressed concerns about the availability of personalized support and guidance from William, especially for struggling learners.
  • Unrealistic Expectations: There are criticisms that the dropshipping business model may have been oversimplified for marketing purposes, potentially leading to unrealistic expectations among students.
  • Testimonial Authenticity: Questions have been raised about the authenticity of some testimonials, highlighting the importance of due diligence in researching the course and its creator.
  • Competition with Other Courses: While eCom Degree University offers valuable content, there are other digital marketing courses with renowned instructors and potentially lower costs, making it essential for students to compare and evaluate their options.

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Should You Join William Rivera’s eCom Degree University?

Making the decision to join eCom Degree University requires thoughtful consideration. If you have a passion for eCommerce, are willing to invest time and effort, and desire to create a successful online business, this course can offer valuable knowledge and strategies to set you on the right path.

However, it is important to remember that there are other digital marketing courses available with renowned instructors and potentially lower costs. Conducting thorough research, seeking non-affiliated testimonials, and evaluating your budget and goals are critical steps in making an informed decision.

In the end, entrepreneurship is a journey filled with ups and downs, triumphs, and challenges. Whichever path you choose, the most valuable asset you possess is knowledge. Continuously learn, adapt, and grow as you embark on your eCommerce adventure. The world of online retail awaits, and with the right education and determination, you can unlock the doors to eCommerce success.

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