Foundr TikTok Ads Course Review – Scam or Legit? Exposed!

Are you looking for a review of Foundr’s popular course: “How to Run TikTok Ads“? Foundr cooperates with TikTok ads expert Gerardo Perez.

More than half of TikTok users are 30 or older. It is no longer limited to teenagers. TikTok earned the most money in Q1 2022 than any other app or game.

TikTok users spend 25.7 hours per month on average, which is more than they do on Facebook and Instagram combined. And, with more paid ads than ever before, it’s too risky to rely on just one.

However, TikTok advertising is not easy. It’s a valuable skill set that you have to learn and practise. But where and who you should learn from? 

There are many gurus teaching TikTok ads nowadays. But many are not trustworthy and only overpromise people.

So you may wonder if Foundr’s TikTok ads course can teach you the right methods so that you don’t have to rely on expensive and incompetent agencies to run ads for you.

I have a passion to help people explore the best marketing courses or tools. I’ve done hundreds of reviews over the years.

So to help you decide if Foundr’s “How to Run TikTok Ads” is the best TikTok ads course for you, I have done thorough research about it.

SinceI have enrolled in this course myself, I can tell you everything you need to know.

Foundr TikTok Ads Course Key Takeaways

In this review of Foundr’s TikTok ads course, I’m going to cover the following so that you can make an informed decision.

What is Foundr’s “How to Run TikTok Ads” Course?

Foundr’s “How to Run TikTok Ads” course is for people who want to learn how to run TikTok ads to scale their business. It is a step-by-step proven framework to creating TikTok ads that sell. You’ll learn how to create valuable, high-converting ads that emulate the look and feel of organic posts. It’s your playbook for taking advantage of the marketing opportunity of the decade.

With TikTok ads you’ll tap into the most engaged audience online. An audience that doesn’t go to “check” TikTok, but goes to “watch” TikTok. In fact, average users spend more time each month on TikTok than Facebook and Instagram combined.

Here are the promises by the Foundr’s TikTok Ads course:

Create winning ads faster

You’ll have everything you need to make winning ads faster if you use Gerardo’s tried-and-true framework, which has been improved by spending more than $2 million on TikTok ads.

Accurately test and scale

You’ll learn how to properly split test, what metrics are important, and how to easily optimize and scale your top performers.

Acquire in-demand skill

Good media buyers will always be needed, regardless of the state of the economy. Mastering this lucrative skill will enable you to expand your own business or get hired to assist others.

Drive more high-quality traffic

You’ll discover how to reach the vast majority of TikTok users based on their age, interests, gender, location, and other factors. They now even provide geotargeting for local businesses.

Multiply your brand reach

You’ll learn how to combine paid and organic strategies to broaden your reach, increase conversions, and cut costs.

Enjoy more free time

You’ll have more time to launch new products, grow your team, or do more of what you enjoy if you have a repeatable sales system in place.

If you want to know how to achieve these goals with TikTok ads, you will be able to find the answers in this course.

Learn more: legit ways to make money online.

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Why Do People Run TikTok Ads?

There are many brands advertising on TikTok, including Chipotle, Guess, and Fenty Beauty. There is one thing these brands have in common: Their products are a natural fit for TikTok’s video format.

Advertisers on TikTok can show off their products in action and include a lot of information in a short video. B2B brands that sell difficult-to-illustrate services may find this format challenging, but B2C brands that want to move away from static ads will find it ideal.

1. You can reach a diverse audience through TikTok ads

Most content creators on TikTok are GenZ, but a common misconception about TikTok is that all users are between the ages of 16 and 24. In spite of 41% of users being in this age range, 59% are Millenials, GenXers, and even Baby Boomers (my 60-year-old father is on the app).

According to TikTok, the number of US adult users has grown 5.5 times in 18 months, with more downloads during Q1 2020 than any other app in history (probably because of COVID-19 and the quarantine, but 5.5 times is still impressive).

2. TikTok’s versatile ad formats facilitate engagement

The In-Feed ads on TikTok are highly likely to engage users if done correctly. TikTok offers a variety of ad formats, including:

  1. Topview ads
  2. Brand Takeover ads
  3. In-Feed Ads
  4. Branded Hashtag Challenge

3. TikTok ads increase brand exposure

Trends aren’t just driven by influencers. Everybody can participate in trends and have their video go viral on TikTok, including your brand!

Video ads based on daily trends increase their relevance and likelihood of showing up in someone’s feed because it allows for frequent content rhythm, instant relevance, and continuous discovery.

Going live is another great way to increase brand awareness with TikTok.

4. You’re advertising to engaged consumers on TikTok

Many people think TikTok is just another app that takes up more screen time. Since TikTok’s usage is on the rise, advertisers will be able to reach a group of engaged consumers as a result of the increased screen time.

There is something for everyone on TikTok because of its variety of content. Whether you’re a clothing brand, an app, a service, transportation company, restaurant, or in the music industry, TikTok is the place for you. TikTok’s daily and dynamic trends, popular music, TikTok Live, hashtag challenges, trending dances, Stitches, and even duets are endless opportunities for advertisers to reach their target audience.

Short-form videos offer unmatched engagement, a higher chance of going viral, and customers prefer them over other media.

5. TikTok Ads have amazing ROAS

Video is shared 1,200% more than text and links combined. 86% of people want brands to produce more videos. 58% of viewers said they finish watching videos under a minute long.

Compared to the median performance benchmark, TikTok campaigns had a 2x ROAS. Short form videos on TikTok get up to 8x the engagement rate of other platforms.

In 2021, consumer spending on TikTok increased by 77%, and many believe the trend will continue.

After watching TikTok videos, 92% of people say they like, follow, share, buy, or take some kind of action.

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Who is Gerardo Perez?

TikTok marketing influencer Gerardo Perez founded the leading digital agency Marketing&, which specializes in TikTok marketing.

Managing a digital agency that drives paid results on TikTok, Gerardo has already spent over $2M on TikTok advertising and even worked with the platform’s largest influencer, who has 130M followers.

Moreover, not only does Gerardo help all kinds of different brands grow and sell using TikTok ads, he also uses the platform to grow his own brand daily.

With over 323,000 followers, Gerardo has received 11.2 million likes and generated more than 100 million organic views.

He helped Coffee Meets Bagel get 5 million views in 2 months, a graphic design business make $100k on a $30k ad, and consistently hit a 3.3X ROAS for ecommerce products.

In just two and a half months, he helped a brand new app get over 1.1 million installs.

The TikTok growth expert behind some of today’s fastest-growing brands shows you exactly how he does it in this course.

As Foundr only cooperates with reputable practitioners, Gerardo Perez is the best choice to be the Foundr’s TikTok ads course instructor.

What is Foundr about?

Foundr is a reputable global media and education company founded by Nathan Chan. It has more than 2 million followers on social media including Instagram, TikTok, YouTube etc.

Foundr is different from other online education companies because it started as a business Magazine, which has interviewed many successful entrepreneurs such as Mark Cuban, Richard Branson, Jack Dorsey, Arianna Huffington. I like reading Foundr’s Magazine as it shares a lot of insightful tips for business owners.

In recent years, Foundr has cooperated with many successful online marketing experts to create online courses to teach people how to start a successful online business.

I have enrolled in a number of their courses, and none has disappointed me so far. Their course quality is one of the best in the market. They have a strict “no guru” policy where they only work with proven practitioners and real entrepreneurs who really build a successful business and do what they teach you.

I have learnt a lot of secret strategies from Foundr’s courses, including this TikTok ads course. I was amazed by how comprehensive it is, which shares a lot of untold secrets of TikTok advertising.

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An Overview of “How to Run TikTok Ads” by Foundr

Gerardo Perez is the course instructor of the “How to Run TikTok Ads” course.

Here’s what you get when you enrol in this course:

  • Full access to How To Run TikTok Ads
  • 12 easy-to-follow training modules
  • 67 in-depth video lessons
  • 7 exclusive bonuses
  • 24/7 Foundr customer support

What Can You Learn in “How to Run TikTok Ads by Foundr”?

This is the most comprehensive TikTok ads course I have seen on the market. It covers everything from creative & copy, media buying and margin to launching ads that convert.

The content in this course is not outdated or untested theories.

Over 65 different videos covering everything you need to create TikTok ads that sell.

Here’s a summary of what you can learn:

  • Find Your Perfect Customers: over 50% of TikTok’s 1 billion users are aged 30 or older, so it’s no longer just for teenagers.
  • Structure ad creatives including copy, image, videos to convert customers
  • Use the proven Ads Formula to sell any kinds of eCommerce products. With TikTok shopping there’s a reason brands like Kylie Cosmetics, GymShark & HiSmile use it. Sell more product with ads like they do.
  • Use some insider strategies to target the perfect audience that is not found by your competitors
  • Learn the process of prospecting, re-engagement and remarketing
  • Learn all the essential building blocks of a successful ad
  • Discover the “language of TikTok” to leverage attention.

Here’re the modules you can get access to after enrolling in this TikTok ads course:

Part 1: Ads That Sell

Module 1: Ads Setup

Understand your business manager, set up your ad account and get your pixel installed.

Module 2: Campaign Level

Learn how campaigns work, their different objectives and how to structure your first one.

Module 3: Ad Group

Define what pixel event to optimize for, your targeting interests and set the right budget.

Module 4: Ad Toolbox

Walkthrough all the different ad types, audience options and different asset tools.

Module 5: Suggested Setup

Use top of funnel, lookalike audiences and retargeting for low cost conversions.

Module 6: Campaign Walkthrough & Optimization

Learn how to optimize any campaign based on time, ad spend and conversions.

Part 2: Developing Creative

Module 1: The Importance of Creative

Make TikToks not ads, creative best practices and high-converting ad structures.

Module 2: Winning Ads & Why They Work

Discover the 7 key elements of nearly every winning ad on TikTok and why they work.

Module 3: Scripting Your Ads

Write your first script and film your first ad using the most successful frameworks.

Part 3: Organic Content

Module 1: Your Profile

Set up your analytics and learn how to use spark ads through brand profiles.

Module 2: The TikTok Algorithm

Leverage what the algorithm likes, find top hashtags, brands, and tre

Module 3: Your Brand On TikTok

Develop your own brand style following 3-4 main content pillars.

Create Organic Content

Gerardo shows you how to create authentic content that the TikTok community loves, while combining your organic and paid strategies to grow your brand even faster.

Anatomy Of Viral Video

While no one can predict what video will go viral, Gerardo breaks down the hidden elements found in all of them, so you increase your chances as much as possible.

Creator Reach Out Scripts

Gerardo’s fill-in-the-blank creator reach out scripts help you to more quickly both find and land the best brand partnerships.

Viral Sounds Library

You’ll get access to Gerardo’s own detailed database of trending sounds that can help your ads convert better, get more views, and potentially go viral.

High-Performing TikTok Effects

You’ll get Gerardo’s library of highest-performing TikTok effects that not only add engaging visual cues to your videos, but also boost viewership and conversions.

Ad Creative Sop

To save time and get your first ad up and running, you’ll also receive all the creative shortcuts Gerardo uses to consistently produce high-converting ads in all kinds of niches.

The Creator Marketplace

You’ll learn how to find creators, which ones are best for your brand, what price they should be charging and more in this additional training.

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Who is “How to Run TikTok Ads by Foundr” For?

This TikTok ads course is suitable for anyone of different businesses, budget and background. You won’t have to be a technical person or have any experience with TikTok ads. It’s a complete guide for both beginners and experts in TikTok ads.

Also, no matter what industries or products you are selling, you can benefit from this TikTok ads course. Gerardo Perez has used TikTok ads to help the fastest-growing brands increase their sales.

If you are hiring an agency to run TikTok ads for you, I would recommend you running by yourself after enrolling on this course. It’s better to invest the money you paid the agency on TikTok ads and get more sales.

Knowing how to run TikTok ads is like having the ultimate business building skills that nobody can take away from you.

After you make a lot of profits from TikTok ads, you can start to train your staff by giving this course to them and have them run the ads for you. You can then automate your business and make passive income while sleeping.

What Makes Foundr’s TikTok Ads Masterclass Better Than Other Courses?

As an entrepreneur, I have studied a lot of online programmes. There are certainly other TikTok ads courses, some of which are even cheaper than Foundr’s TikTok Ads Masterclass.

However, I still prefer Foundr’s TikTok Ads Masterclass over other TikTok ads courses. Here are a few reasons:

1. “How to Run TikTok Ads” course by Foundr is the most comprehensive

Among all the TikTok ads courses I have studied, Foundr’s TikTok Ads Masterclass is the most comprehensive. 

Many TikTok ads gurus will only teach you the basics, but Gerardo Perez covers every aspect of TikTok advertising.

It costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to do split tests to find an effective TikTok ads strategy. 

With the help of Gerardo Perez in this course, you can save a lot of money in the long term, because he will tell you the proven TikTok ads strategy that works. You can just copy his TikTok ads strategy and implement it in promoting your own business.

2. The strategies taught by Gerardo Perez is suitable for people of all kinds of budgets

Some gurus like teaching you strategies that only work if you have a million dollars to invest in TikTok ads, which is not realistic for beginners and most small businesses. 

By using the strategies taught in this course, you don’t need a big budget to succeed.

Gerardo Perez’s method is different. It works for any business, regardless of your size.

3. Gerardo Perez explains the rationale behind every strategy

It’s not a good way to learn by simply following what the instructor tells you to do. If you don’t understand the rationale behind it, you cannot implement it flexibly.

Gerardo Perez always explains why you should and shouldn’t do something to make TikTok ads work.

He doesn’t overcomplicate things and asks you to create a 100-step funnel for your ads. You don’t need a team to help you execute what you learn from this course, but only you alone can manage a million-dollar advertising campaign.

4. Gerardo Perez only teaches you algorithm-proof strategy

While TikTok ads can boost your revenue significantly, TikTok is constantly updating its policy and algorithm. Therefore, some strategies for running TikTok ads may become outdated soon.

Most gurus design their TikTok ad strategies according to trends or short-term fixes, but Gerardo Perez only teaches you evergreen principles that work regardless of policy or algorithm changes in “How to Run TikTok Ads”.

Gerardo Perez has spent more than $2M on TikTok ads and developed an algorithm-proof strategy to develop winning ads and campaigns.

So you’ll be able to use the knowledge in this course for years to come.

5. Cheap courses are cheap because they don’t work

I did learn TikTok ads from other courses before, but the strategies taught by those gurus are so ineffective that I ended up wasting a lot of time, money and energy.

My mistake was not recognizing that there are reasons why some courses are cheap. Because they don’t work. The gurus don’t mind offering you cheap strategies that are useless.

If I had learned from Gerardo Perez earlier, I would not have lost thousands of dollars on outdated strategies, not to mention the revenue I could have earned using Gerardo Perez’s strategies.

TikTok has become one of the most important sources of online traffic, so finding the most effective way to run TikTok ads is critical in online marketing.

In business, I like to play it safe. That’s why I prefer Foundr’s TikTok Ads course over other similar courses.

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Pros and Cons of Foundr’s TikTok Ads Course


  • Many verified student success stories
  • Enable you to save money on paying the ad agency and run TikTok ads by yourself
  • The TikTok ads course is suitable for both beginners and experts.
  • Learn the entire step-by-step blueprint that Gerardo Perez used to generate millions of dollars from TikTok ads
  • The course video quality is very professional
  • The course content is updated from time to time
  • There are many useful templates for modelling


  • The course is a bit expensive. But if you pay an agency to run ads for you or if you hire a personal coach, the cost will be 10 times more. So when thinking in this way, I think the course price is fair.

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Final Verdict: How To Run TikTok Ads Course Review

Foundr’s “How To Run TikTok Ads” course is a simple step-by-step process to create and run TikTok ads from scratch to scale.

By enrolling on this course, you will find that succeeding in TikTok ads is much easier than you thought. You just need the right method, which however is not taught elsewhere.

By investing in this TikTok ads course, you can save a tremendous amount of money in testing and failures. If your business is struggling to get more sales, you should invest in this course to learn TikTok ads and use them to scale your business to the next level.

If you are still not so sure, you can enrol in the free masterclass first and have a taste of how Gerardo Perez’s teaching looks like.

After that, you can decide if you want to get the full course and start making more money from TikTok ads.

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What is the Best Alternative of Foundr’s TikTok Ads Course?

Building an online business requires different aspects of knowledge. You may also want to learn about other business skills such as building landing pages or copywriting.

Since this​​ course only focuses on TikTok ads, it may not satisfy those who want to learn other business skills.

That’s why Foundr has launched a membership platform called Foundr+. By joining Foundr+, you can get access to all the courses of Foundr with one membership fee, including this TikTok ads course​​. You can also access any new courses released by Foundr in the future.

The price of Foundr+ is a bit more expensive than “How to Run TikTok Ads” course​​, but the value far exceeds the price difference. Joining Foundr+ only costs $1499 a year. You won’t have to purchase Foundr’s courses one by one. Foundr may increase the membership fee later as their platform gets more and more well-developed. So if you are interested in joining Foundr+, make sure you lock in the special offer before it ends.

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“How To Run TikTok Ads” Course FAQs

What kind of businesses can use TikTok ads?

With over one billion active users, there is a target audience for almost any business. From physical goods, such as ecommerce brands, to service-based enterprises, such as digital agencies, and everything in between.

Can I do local marketing with TikTok Ads?

Yes, you can now use geotargeting to advertise locally on Tiktok as of May 2021.

Will this help grow an ecommerce business?

If you already have an ecommerce business, whether large or small, running TikTok ads is one of the quickest ways to reach a new audience, grow your brand following, and generate new sales. Many of the ecommerce entrepreneurs we know make it a top priority.

Can I target TikTok users on Facebook, Instagram & Youtube?

You most certainly can. Installing your TikTok pixel will allow you to create a retargeting audience on all of your other ad platforms, increasing conversions.

How can we track sales accurately with TikTok Ads?

TikTok, like Facebook, employs pixel and event tracking to determine which ads are effective and which are not.

Can I sell digital products with TikTok Ads?

Yes, many people build large TikTok followings solely for this purpose.

Do I need to be a creator?

Absolutely not. In fact, you’ll learn how to collaborate with other creators and get them to create content for you in this course. You can make a TikTok video ad if you’ve ever made a video on your phone.

Do people actually buy on TikTok?

TikTok’s global spend in the first quarter of 2022 was the highest for any app or game ever. So, yes, people are purchasing on TikTok.

Will this help me go viral?

This course is about running ads, but because a viral video on TikTok can quickly increase followers and sales, Gerardo has included his “Anatomy of a Viral Video” training as a special bonus to this course. He deconstructs the hidden elements found in almost all viral videos.

While no one can predict which video will go viral, this training ensures you’re creating content in the best way possible to increase your chances.

I’ve seen other TikTok courses, what makes yours different?

The majority of TikTok courses available are taught by self-proclaimed “gurus” who jump from one hot trend to the next, creating a course about it rather than mastering it. Foundr does not work with “gurus,” only world-class instructors such as Gerardo.

Gerardo, who runs a digital agency focused on driving paid results on TikTok, has already spent more than $2 million on TikTok advertising and has even worked with the platform’s largest influencer, who has more than 130 million followers.

But, more importantly, Gerardo not only uses TikTok ads to help various brands grow and sell, but he also uses the platform on a daily basis to grow his own brand.

Does TikTok integrate with my Shopify store?

Yes, Shopify was the first commerce platform to bring organic product discovery and shopping tabs to TikTok with TikTok Shopping.

How soon can I start once I have access to the course?

Upon purchase, Foundr will send you your login information, granting you full access to the entire How To Run TikTok Ads course. You can begin immediately.

What if I need extra support beyond the course?

Foundr support team is available 24/7 to answer any additional questions or provide technical assistance.

Are there any bonuses included?

Yes, this limited-time offer includes seven special bonuses to help you create high-converting TikTok ads even faster.

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