Elevated Entrepreneurs Course Review – Andrew James & Stephen Esposito, Scam or Legit?

Have you heard of Elevated Entrepreneurs? Do you want to build a laptop lifestyle business which allows you to work from home and spend more time with your family? 

If so, you might have heard of a course called 14 Days to Freedom which is created by Andrew James & Stephen Esposito who promise to teach you the step by step process of launching a profitable affiliate marketing business in just 2 weeks.

While I’d say it’s possible to build an online business that generates six-figures or seven-figures passive income, if you don’t have the right strategies from the right coaches, it’s hardly possible for you to stay ahead of the intense competition.

So you might wonder if James & Stephen can really help you achieve an income level that sustains your digital lifestyle.

To give you an answer, I’ve reached out to some of their students and conducted research on their course.

At the end of this article, I’ll also tell you a much better alternative that can help you generate six-figures passive income at zero cost.

Below is what I’ll cover in the review of Elevated Entrepreneurs.

Who are Andrew James & Stephen Esposito?

Andrew James and Stephen Esposito are the founders of Elevated Entrepreneurs which provide training to digital business.

One of their flagship programmes is 14 Days to Freedom.

Andrew James was a former intern in a finance corporation but he soon realised that the career path wasn’t suitable for him. 

After learning some skills of Internet marketing, he decided to launch his own business.

Stephen Esposito was on track to become a doctor after he graduated from university. 

However, he also didn’t want to take the path he was on and ended up quitting the medical career and started to work with James on digital marketing.

What’s Inside 14 Days to Freedom

Elevated Entrepreneurs Course Review – Andrew James & Stephen Esposito, Scam or Legit? 14 Days to Freedom is a training programme that teaches you how to launch a profitable online business within 14 days.

After signing up for the course, you’ll get access to all the systems, tools and resources needed to start your affiliate marketing business.

Below are some of the things you’ll learn in the course.

  • Learn how to start selling online even if you’re not the owner of any product
  • Find out the methods to set up a sales funnel that runs automatically on its own
  • Discover the hacks to generate traffic to your site
  • Learn the hacks to increase conversion rates
  • Interact with other entrepreneurs

Andrew and Stephen have tried to teach the programme in an easy to follow way. However, 14 days training might not be long enough for you to learn everything about affiliate marketing and build a six-figure business.

Is there a better alternative to make passive income?

Affiliate marketing is all about driving traffic to your offers.

If you can master the skills to generate free traffic to your website, you can then get recurring income every month at zero costs!

So is there a platform that teaches you everything you need to know about SEO (search engine optimization) and really helps you achieve financial freedom?

Yes, I’d recommend you to consider Wealthy Affiliate which allows you to start a website and get access to the training videos for free!

But How Much Can You Earn in Affiliate Marketing?

A 21-year old student from my #1 recommended training platform of affiliate marketing was able to earn $7,395 in just 1 week, which means he made more than $1k a day…all while using free traffic methods and affiliate marketing.

Elevated Entrepreneurs Course Review - Andrew James & Stephen Esposito, Scam or Legit?

Wealthy Affiliate has existed for more than 10 years and there are many success stories over the years.

To give you more examples, here are some of the other inspiring success stories of Wealthy Affiliate members.

Where to Join Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate has a very simple pricing scheme. It has free and premium membership.

If you want to feel about Wealthy Affiliate, you can sign up for the starter membership here (no credit card required). You can select to be a free member with no time limit.

And as a starter member, you can get instant access to the community, live chat, over 500 training modules, 2 classrooms, networking, commenting, 1 free website, access to the keyword tool.

You can enjoy all these values without paying a penny. 

So I strongly recommend you to register a free account and see it yourself.

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