Ecom Family Academy Review (2023): Scam or Legit?

Today, I want to take you on a journey through the Ecom Family Academy. Can this program truly help you change your life and achieve financial freedom, or is it just another money-grabbing scheme to avoid? Well, let’s dive in and find out!

What is Ecom Family Academy?

Ecom Family Academy is not your average online training platform. It’s a program that aims to empower individuals like you to sell products online using the power of print-on-demand and Shopify dropshipping. The brains behind this operation are none other than Tania Jennings and Reginald, fondly known as Mrs. Ecom and Mr. Ecom, respectively.

Their main focus is on helping you learn the ins and outs of the print-on-demand business model and utilizing Shopify as your e-commerce platform. The program claims to be the best academy where you can learn how to develop your own online store from scratch and kick-start your business journey.

But can you really achieve financial freedom through this business? Let’s explore these claims and see if Ecom Family Academy lives up to its promises. Just a quick note, I want to assure you that I’m not affiliated with the program. My goal is to provide you with unbiased information so you can make an informed decision. Alright, let’s get started!

Ecom Family Academy Review

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How Does Ecom Family Academy Work?

How Does Ecom Family Academy Work?

The Ecom Family Academy takes a systematic approach to teach you the ropes of starting your own Shopify store and achieving financial freedom through print-on-demand. The program breaks down the process into four fundamental steps:

1. Identifying the nature of your competitors

Before diving into the world of print-on-demand, it’s essential to know who your competitors are. This program teaches you how to use various online tools like Commerce Inspector, SimilarWeb, and Google Trends to uncover your competitors, their best-selling products, and their strategies. Armed with this information, you’ll be better equipped to carve out your own niche in the market.

2. Building your e-commerce site

Once you have identified your competitors and the hottest products in the market, it’s time to create your very own e-commerce website. Ecom Family Academy places a strong emphasis on using Shopify as the platform for building your store. They provide step-by-step guidance on setting up your Shopify store, configuring essential settings, and ensuring that your best-selling products are showcased effectively to your customers.

3. Product marketing

With your online store up and running, it’s time to spread the word about your products. The program covers a range of marketing strategies to help you effectively reach your target audience. This includes search engine advertising using platforms like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, social media advertising on popular platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram, as well as search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to improve your website’s visibility.

4. Sourcing, packaging, and shipping

The final piece of the puzzle is the sourcing, packaging, and shipping of your products. It’s important to ensure that every customer order is fulfilled efficiently and that the products reach their destination in a timely manner. 

Ecom Family Academy provides valuable insights into sourcing products from platforms like AliExpress, ShineOn, CustomCat, and GearBubble. They also guide you on maintaining a positive customer reputation by offering top-notch packaging and shipping services.

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Who are Mr. and Mrs. Ecom?

Who are Mr and Mrs Ecom?

Now that you have a better understanding of how the Ecom Family Academy operates, let’s take a moment to get to know the masterminds behind it all—Mr. Ecom (Reginald Reggie) and Mrs. Ecom (Jennings Tania). These two individuals have a shared passion for achieving financial freedom through online ventures.

Reginald, also known as Mr. Ecom, started his journey in the IT industry as a professional working for an IT Direct company. However, his true passion lay in programming and computer studies, which he had nurtured since childhood. In fact, he started creating simple websites at the age of 13, including websites for the National Guard in the USA.

After graduating from Central Connecticut State University with a degree in Management of Information Systems, Reginald ventured into the e-commerce world. He initially started by fixing broken computers and reselling them on platforms like Craigslist. However, his true breakthrough came when he joined a company called Alpha e-com, an e-commerce site founded by Justin Tylor.

During his time at Alpha e-com, Reginald served as a virtual assistant, helping the company generate traffic and reach its target audience. It was during this period that he realized the immense potential of e-commerce. In just two months, he generated over $500,000 in sales, and that’s when he knew he had discovered a path to financial freedom.

Inspired by his own success, Reginald decided to quit his virtual assistant job and launch his own e-commerce store. He also wanted to share his knowledge and help others achieve similar results. Thus, the Ecom Family Academy was born—a platform where he and Tania could mentor and guide aspiring entrepreneurs in their quest for financial independence.

Tania Jennings, also known as Mrs. Ecom, had her own unique journey into the world of e-commerce. Although her initial passion was in culinary arts, she ultimately ventured into the technology industry to fulfill her father’s wishes. Fate brought Tania and Reginald together, and they soon realized they shared a common dream of starting an e-commerce business.

The couple’s journey began in the early 2000s, and they have been partners in life and business ever since. Together, they bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Ecom Family Academy, leveraging their backgrounds in IT and their own personal successes in the e-commerce industry.

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Who Is Ecom Family Academy For?

The Ecom Family Academy is designed for individuals who are interested in starting their own online business and specifically want to explore the opportunities offered by print-on-demand and Shopify dropshipping. This program caters to a wide range of individuals with different backgrounds, goals, and skill levels. 

Here are some key groups of people who can benefit from the Ecom Family Academy:

  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs: If you have a passion for entrepreneurship and want to start your own business, the Ecom Family Academy can be a valuable resource. It provides step-by-step training and guidance on how to set up a print-on-demand business using Shopify, making it ideal for those who are new to the e-commerce world.
  • Individuals Seeking Financial Freedom: Many people are looking for ways to achieve financial freedom and gain control over their financial situation. The Ecom Family Academy aims to help individuals achieve this goal by teaching them the skills and strategies needed to run a successful online business. If you are motivated to create a sustainable source of income and achieve financial independence, this program can provide you with the knowledge and support to get started.
  • Those Interested in Print-on-Demand: Print-on-demand is a popular business model that allows you to create and sell custom-designed products without the need for inventory or upfront costs. If you have a creative side and want to explore the opportunities in the print-on-demand industry, the Ecom Family Academy can teach you how to identify winning products, design appealing merchandise, and market them effectively to your target audience.
  • Shopify Store Owners: If you already have a Shopify store but are struggling to generate sales or optimize your business, the Ecom Family Academy can help you enhance your knowledge and skills. The program offers insights and strategies specifically tailored to Shopify, helping you improve your store’s performance and increase your chances of success.
  • Individuals Seeking Mentorship and Support: Building a business can be challenging, especially if you’re doing it alone. The Ecom Family Academy provides mentorship and support throughout your learning journey. You’ll have access to experienced mentors and a community of like-minded individuals who can offer guidance, share insights, and provide encouragement along the way.

How Much Does Ecom Family Academy Cost?

Now, let’s talk about the cost of joining the Ecom Family Academy. The program requires a one-time fee of $1,495. This payment grants you access to the entire course without any additional hidden charges or recurring fees. 

However, it’s important to note that starting and running a print-on-demand business will involve additional costs, such as product sourcing, marketing expenses, and Shopify store fees.

Refund Policy

Ecom Family Academy offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for students who are not satisfied with the program. This means that if you are unhappy with your purchase within 30 days of enrollment, you have the option to request a refund.

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Pros and Cons of Ecom Family Academy


  • Comprehensive Training: The Ecom Family Academy provides a comprehensive training program that covers all the essential aspects of starting and running a print-on-demand business using Shopify. From product research to marketing strategies and website building, the program aims to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills.
  • Experienced Founders: Mr. and Mrs. Ecom, the founders of the program, have personal experience and success in the e-commerce industry. Their journey from IT professionals to successful e-commerce entrepreneurs adds credibility to the program and provides valuable insights and guidance.
  • Mentorship and Support: The Ecom Family Academy offers mentorship and support throughout your learning journey. You can benefit from the expertise and guidance of Mr. and Mrs. Ecom, as well as tap into a community of like-minded individuals who are also on their e-commerce journey.
  • Emphasis on Print-on-Demand: Print-on-demand is a popular and profitable business model, and the Ecom Family Academy focuses on teaching this specific niche. By specializing in print-on-demand, the program can provide targeted strategies and techniques to help you succeed in this industry.
  • Access to Tools and Resources: The program introduces various tools and resources that can aid in product research, website building, marketing, and more. From platforms like Shopify and AliExpress to design tools like Canva, you’ll have access to valuable resources that can streamline your business operations.


  • High Initial Investment: The one-time fee of $1,495 for the Ecom Family Academy may be considered high for some individuals, especially those who are just starting out and have limited financial resources. It’s important to carefully evaluate your budget and assess if the potential benefits outweigh the upfront cost.
  • Additional Costs: While the program fee covers the training, there are additional costs associated with starting and running a print-on-demand business. These costs include product sourcing, marketing expenses, and Shopify store fees. It’s important to factor in these costs when considering the overall investment required.
  • Competitive Market: The e-commerce market, particularly in the print-on-demand niche, can be highly competitive. Success in this industry requires not only the knowledge and skills provided by the program but also a keen understanding of market trends, effective marketing strategies, and the ability to differentiate your products from competitors.
  • Evolving E-commerce Landscape: The e-commerce industry is constantly evolving, with new trends, technologies, and strategies emerging regularly. While the Ecom Family Academy aims to provide up-to-date training, it’s important to recognize that the program may not cover every new development in the e-commerce landscape. Staying informed and adaptable is crucial to stay ahead in this ever-changing industry.

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Is Ecom Family Academy a Scam?

With the rise of online training programs and business opportunities, it’s natural to question the legitimacy of any program that promises financial freedom and success. 

When it comes to the Ecom Family Academy, it’s important to evaluate the program based on certain factors to determine if it is a scam or a legitimate opportunity. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Credible Founders: The Ecom Family Academy was founded by Reginald (Mr. Ecom) and Tania Jennings (Mrs. Ecom). Both individuals have a background in the IT industry and have achieved personal success in the e-commerce world. Their experience and success add credibility to the program and suggest that it is not a scam.
  • Positive Reputation: It is important to research and consider the reputation of the program. Ecom Family Academy, since its launch in 2021, has gained a positive reputation with many positive reviews from individuals who have taken the program. This positive feedback indicates that the program has delivered value to its students.
  • Comprehensive Training: A legitimate program typically offers comprehensive training and guidance in the specific niche it focuses on. The Ecom Family Academy covers various aspects of starting and running a print-on-demand business using Shopify. The program breaks down the process into modules, providing step-by-step guidance and resources, which suggests a genuine effort to educate and support students.
  • Transparent Pricing: Scam programs often employ deceptive pricing practices or hide additional costs. Ecom Family Academy has a transparent pricing structure, with a one-time fee of $1,495 for the entire course. There are no hidden charges or recurring fees, which is a positive sign of legitimacy.
  • Realistic Claims: It’s important to be cautious of programs that make exaggerated or unrealistic claims about potential earnings or success rates. The Ecom Family Academy focuses on teaching valuable skills and providing guidance, rather than making unrealistic promises of overnight success. They emphasize the importance of dedication, effort, and adaptability, which aligns with a realistic approach to building a successful business.

Based on the aforementioned factors, it can be concluded that Ecom Family Academy is not a scam. 

While success is not guaranteed, the program offers valuable training, mentorship, and resources to help individuals start and run their own print-on-demand businesses.

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After delving into the details of the Ecom Family Academy, it’s clear that the program offers a comprehensive training experience for individuals looking to embark on their print-on-demand journey using Shopify. The step-by-step approach, mentorship, and guidance provided by Mr. and Mrs. Ecom create a supportive environment for aspiring entrepreneurs.

While the initial investment may seem significant, it’s crucial to consider the potential return on investment and the long-term benefits of running a successful print-on-demand business. Remember, success will ultimately depend on your dedication, effort, and adaptability in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape.

In conclusion, the Ecom Family Academy can serve as a valuable resource for individuals seeking financial freedom through print-on-demand and Shopify dropshipping. With their comprehensive training program, Mr. and Mrs. Ecom aim to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the e-commerce world. 

So, if you’re ready to take the plunge into the world of online business, the Ecom Family Academy may just be the guiding light you’ve been searching for.

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