Ashton Shanks’ Headquarters Package Review: Scam or Legit?

I wanted to improve my business and make it bigger online, so I decided to try out Ashton Shanks’ Headquarters Package. I needed help with digital marketing and growing my freelancing work in a smart way.

Ashton Shanks has a good reputation, and their package promised to give me new tools to find and keep clients. I was excited to start and learn how to succeed in the tough world of online business.

Now that I’ve gone through the program, I want to share what I learned with other entrepreneurs who are thinking about trying it too. I’ll talk about the good things and the challenges of using Ashton Shanks’ Headquarters Package.

What is Ashton Shanks’ Headquarters Package?

The Ashton Shanks’ Headquarters Package is a program by The Hemon Group for freelancers. It helps freelancers build a system to attract clients and ensure steady payments. Here’s what it includes:

  1. Courses: Two courses from the Traffic and Funnels platform.
  2. Assignments: Tasks to help create effective funnels, with feedback provided.
  3. Coaching Calls: Three live coaching sessions each week to monitor progress.

The program aims to make freelancers stand out in their field by following a three-step system.

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Who is Ashton Shank?

Ashton Shank

Ashton Shank is a really successful traffic expert from Springfield, Missouri. People call him “The Savage Media Buyer.” He runs several media companies like The Sales Mentor and Hemon Group. He started out as a freelancer but became a big deal in marketing. His story involves helping Flash Technology make $3.2 million a month and doing marketing for The Lamp Stand while also working at a church.

Later, he moved to Seattle and worked in digital marketing at N2Q Consulting and Traffic and Funnels. Ashton’s career took off, and he became CEO of Traffic and Funnels in 2022.

His net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million because of his successful businesses and handling clients well.

What’s Inside Headquarters™?

1. ClientKit


ClientKit is a program included in Headquarters™. It was previously sold for $9,800 but is now part of the package. It helps you build advanced sales funnels to persuade potential customers to buy from you. You’ll learn to identify your target audience, create webinars, run ads, and automate your sales process.

2. Sales Mentor

Sales Mentor

This section teaches you how to make money online as a salesperson for online coaches and consultants. Previously sold for $9,800, it’s now included in Headquarters™. You’ll learn inbound sales techniques and how to find solutions for clients, with insights from The ASK Method Masterclass.

3. Headquarters™



  • Advisory on freelance operations.
  • Course materials.
  • Marketing materials.
  • Three weekly coaching calls on mindset and performance, sales, and proposals.

4. The Modern Marketer’s Advertising Playbook

The Modern Marketer's Advertising Playbook

This playbook offers advertising strategies for platforms like Facebook and Google to help you create effective ads.

How Much Does The Full-Ride Headquarters™ Package Cost?

The Full-Ride Headquarters™ Package costs $997.

You can get your money back within 30 days if you’re not satisfied.

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Testimonials for Headquarters™

Dan Henry, CEO of, really likes Ashton and The Hemon Group’s work. They did awesome copywriting and buying ads on Facebook and Google. Together, they made millions in revenue. Dan thinks Ashton is a genius with ads.

Ashton helped Tanner Chidester’s company, Elite CEOs, grow a lot. They went from spending $20K to $400K per month on ads. Ashton played a big role in making Elite CEOs a company that earns 8 figures. People say he’s one of the best at buying ads.

Colin Wayne, CEO of Redline Steel, has worked with Ashton and the HemonX team for a long time. They got over a billion views on their ads. Colin says Ashton works super hard to make campaigns better and takes great care of clients. This helped Redline Steel serve over 1 million customers.

4 Problems Faced by Freelancers

Here are four common problems that freelancers face:

  1. Not Enough Work: Sometimes freelancers struggle to find enough work because they don’t price their services correctly, don’t look for jobs often, or don’t show off their skills well. It’s important for freelancers to balance working with current clients and searching for new ones. Creating detailed profiles on websites like Upwork and Freelancer can help attract more work.

  2. Budgeting Troubles: Freelancers can have trouble budgeting because clients might not always pay on time. This means it’s hard to pay bills regularly, especially if you rely on just one client. Also, freelancers don’t have job security, so clients can stop working with them anytime. It’s smart to find as much work as possible to make sure bills get paid.

  3. Pricing Challenges: Setting the right price for their work can be tough for freelancers. Some ask for too much money, which can scare off clients. Others offer their services for too little, which can make them seem desperate. This makes it hard for freelancers to earn a good income consistently.

  4. Lack of Benefits: Unlike employees, freelancers don’t get benefits like paid time off, overtime pay, or retirement plans. They have to manage their own finances to cover things like vacations and retirement. How much money they earn determines if they can afford time off or retirement.

These are common issues for freelancers, but with careful planning and hard work, they can be managed effectively.

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Pros of Ashton Shanks’ Headquarters Package

  1. Proven Track Record: Ashton Shanks has helped numerous online coaches and companies achieve significant financial success using Facebook and Google ads.

  2. Updated Course Material: The package ensures that the course material is regularly updated, keeping it relevant and effective.

  3. Live Coaching Calls: Participants benefit from three live coaching calls each week, providing regular support and guidance.

  4. Monthly Event Trainings: Monthly event trainings are included, offering additional learning opportunities and insights.

  5. Good Value for Money: The package offers a decent price considering the extensive content provided, including two courses that were previously priced at $9,800 each.

Cons of Ashton Shanks’ Headquarters Package

  1. Unpredictable Income: Freelancing, which is a part of the package, may not provide a reliable monthly or yearly income, leading to a lack of financial stability.

  2. Increasing Costs of Paid Traffic: Paid traffic, a key aspect of the program, is becoming more expensive over time due to competition and rising CPM (cost per thousand impressions).

  3. Long-Term Commitment: The program requires a commitment of six months, which may be considered a lengthy duration for some individuals.

  4. Additional Course Costs: While the package offers a lot, participants must pay extra for any additional courses within Headquarters™, adding to the overall cost of the program.

Is Traffic and Funnels HQ Legit?

Yes, Traffic and Funnels HQ is legit. The CEO, Ashton Shank, has a good history of success with big companies, making their advertising investments pay off.

He’s known for being skilled at buying ad space across different platforms. His work has brought in millions in revenue, and people vouch for his expertise.

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Is freelancing worth it in 2024?

Yes, freelancing in 2024 is worth it! There are tons of new businesses popping up every year, which means lots of opportunities for freelancers. You can find gigs in various fields like marketing, social media management, and more.

While your income might be a bit unpredictable at first, especially when you’re just starting out, freelancing can be really profitable if you find steady clients and deliver great results. It’s a good idea to start freelancing on the side while keeping another job for stability.

And when it comes to earnings, freelancers can actually make pretty good money by juggling multiple gigs and impressing their clients.

According to Upwork, more than 75% of freelancers earn as much as or even more than they did in a full-time job.

Plus, if you can generate leads for local businesses using your own digital platforms, you can unlock even more lucrative opportunities.

Best Alternative to Ashton Shanks’ Headquarters Package

To create a stable passive income stream, consider starting an online affiliate marketing business. It’s beginner-friendly and cost-effective, making it the easiest and most rewarding online business model I’ve tried. You can start with zero initial capital and do it as a side hustle.

Wealthy Affiliate is a reputable platform for learning affiliate marketing. It offers a free account with comprehensive SEO training and has success stories of members earning substantial income.

Sign up for the free starter membership to access valuable resources without any cost.

Alternative to Ashton Shanks’ Headquarters Package


Recommendation: Here’s The Best Alternative

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