Ascend Ecom Review (2023): Scam or Legit?

In today’s digital landscape, the allure of generating passive income through automated e-commerce businesses is hard to resist. Ascend Ecom claims to be a leading player in this arena, offering services to build automated Amazon FBA and Walmart businesses for their clients. 

In this comprehensive Ascend Ecom review, I will delve into my personal experience and examine the legitimacy of their services, their working process, pricing, client reviews, and whether buying an automated e-commerce business is truly worth it.

Unveiling Ascend Ecom: My Personal Experience

As someone deeply involved in the e-commerce industry, I was intrigued by the promises made by Ascend Ecom. I decided to dive in and explore their services firsthand to determine whether they truly deliver on their claims.

Ascend Ecom prides itself on being a leading eCommerce company, founded by Will Basta and Jeremy Leung. They emphasize their ability to deliver a return on investment by building automated Amazon FBA and Walmart businesses for their clients, while the clients retain full ownership. With a team of over 400 professionals boasting a decade or more of experience, Ascend Ecom certainly seemed equipped to handle the complexities of running a successful e-commerce business.

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Working Process: A Glimpse Behind the Scenes

To better understand Ascend Ecom’s working process, I engaged in a free consultation where we discussed my business goals and needs. The consultation was informative, with their representative taking the time to listen and provide insights into how their services could benefit me.

Upon signing up with Ascend Ecom, the onboarding process commenced. I was impressed by the efficiency and professionalism demonstrated by their team as they gathered the necessary information to develop a tailored e-commerce strategy. They provided guidance on product selection based on comprehensive market research and analysis of customer demand and competition. This step alleviated some of the concerns I had about finding profitable products to sell.

The next phase involved marketing. Ascend Ecom’s team helped me create compelling product listings and optimize pricing strategies. They utilized various marketing channels, including social media and email marketing, to drive traffic to my product listings. This comprehensive approach gave me confidence that my products would reach the right audience and increase the chances of generating sales.

One of the key aspects of Ascend Ecom’s services is their hybrid fulfillment model. They combined their own fulfillment centers with third-party logistics providers to ensure fast and efficient order fulfillment. This streamlined approach saved me time and resources, allowing me to focus on other aspects of my business.

Throughout the process, Ascend Ecom provided regular performance reports and analytics to track my progress. This data-driven approach enabled me to identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions to maximize my profitability.

Support was a crucial element of my experience with Ascend Ecom. They assigned me a dedicated account manager who was responsive and attentive to my needs. Whenever I encountered issues or had questions, their customer service team was quick to assist. However, it is worth noting that there were a few instances where communication with Will Basta and Jeremy could have been improved, as mentioned in some client reviews.

Working Process- A Glimpse Behind the Scenes

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Ascend Ecom’s pricing structure is not transparent on their website, necessitating a consultation to obtain detailed information. 

My personal experience with their services led me to believe that the cost of an automated Walmart WFS or Amazon FBA business from Ascend Ecom falls within the range of $20,000 to $50,000. While this may seem steep, it is crucial to consider the potential return on investment and the level of support provided.

Client Reviews

Client reviews play a significant role in gauging the effectiveness and reliability of any service provider. Ascend Ecom has a mixed bag of reviews, with varying experiences reported by their clients. It is essential to consider these testimonials while forming an opinion.

One client expressed satisfaction with their progress, noting a smooth initial setup and consistent return on investment. They acknowledged the need for improved communication with the founders, which aligns with my own experience.

Another client reported a negative experience, highlighting a lack of sales and difficulties in reaching the founders for support. They expressed disappointment with the delay in setting up the Walmart store and the denial of a refund for their investment. While it is disheartening to hear such accounts, it is crucial to remember that individual experiences can differ.

A neutral review mentioned a positive experience within the first few months, with sales being generated and expectations of future gains. They did express some dissatisfaction with the project management and tracking software used, which is an area where Ascend Ecom could consider making improvements.

Client Reviews

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Is Ascend Ecom a Scam or Legit?

Based on my personal experience and the available information, I believe Ascend Ecom is a legitimate e-commerce service provider. They have a track record of helping clients achieve positive results and generate revenue. However, the negative reviews and concerns raised by some clients cannot be overlooked.

While Ascend Ecom may be a legitimate option for those seeking automated e-commerce businesses, I would advise caution due to the high cost and mixed client experiences. It is crucial to thoroughly evaluate the risks and benefits before investing a significant amount of capital into such ventures.

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Is Buying Automated Ecom Stores Worth It?

Buying an automated e-commerce store may not be the most viable option for everyone. The claims of an “automated” business that generates passive income may seem enticing, but the reality is often different. Running a successful e-commerce business requires continuous effort, adaptation, and strategic decision-making. Entrusting the success of your business solely to an automated system may not yield the desired results.

While Ascend Ecom offers comprehensive services, it is worth considering alternative models like Shopify dropshipping. With lower entry costs and the potential for immense rewards, Shopify dropshipping allows for greater control and flexibility in building a profitable e-commerce business.

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Pros and Cons of Ascend Ecom


  • Expertise and Professionalism: Ascend Ecom boasts a team of over 400 professionals with extensive experience in software, shipping, and operations. Their expertise and professionalism are evident throughout the onboarding process and ongoing support.
  • Tailored E-commerce Strategy: Ascend Ecom takes the time to understand each client’s business goals and develops a customized e-commerce strategy. This personalized approach increases the likelihood of success and aligns the business with market demand.
  • Hybrid Fulfillment Services: Ascend Ecom offers a hybrid fulfillment model, combining their own fulfillment centers with third-party logistics providers. This ensures fast and efficient order fulfillment, saving time and resources for the client.
  • Performance Reports and Analytics: Ascend Ecom provides regular performance reports and analytics, allowing clients to track their progress and make data-driven decisions. This helps identify areas for improvement and maximize profitability.
  • Refund Policy: Ascend Ecom offers a refund policy that allows clients to cancel their plan within the first 14 days and receive a full refund, no questions asked. This demonstrates their commitment to customer satisfaction and instills confidence in their services.


  • Lack of Transparency in Pricing: Ascend Ecom does not provide transparent pricing on their website, requiring potential clients to schedule a consultation for detailed information. This lack of transparency may deter some individuals who prefer upfront pricing details.
  • Mixed Client Reviews: Ascend Ecom has received mixed client reviews, with both positive and negative experiences reported. Concerns have been raised about communication issues with the founders, delays in setting up stores, and difficulties in obtaining refunds.
  • High Cost: The cost of an automated Walmart WFS or Amazon FBA business from Ascend Ecom is estimated to range from $20,000 to $50,000. This high cost may be prohibitive for some individuals who are exploring more affordable options or have a limited budget.
  • Potential Dependency on Ascend Ecom: As clients rely on Ascend Ecom for various aspects of their e-commerce business, there is a potential risk of dependency. This can limit the client’s ability to take full control and make independent decisions in the long run.
  • Uncertain Return on Investment: While Ascend Ecom claims to have helped clients generate revenue, the actual return on investment can vary depending on factors such as the client’s business model, industry, and competition. The high cost of their services may raise concerns about the ability to recoup the investment and achieve profitability.

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In conclusion, my personal experience with Ascend Ecom shed light on their working process and the potential they offer in establishing automated e-commerce businesses. 

While they demonstrated professionalism, expertise, and a commitment to supporting their clients, concerns raised by negative reviews and the high cost of their services cannot be ignored.

As with any business venture, careful consideration of the risks and benefits is crucial. While Ascend Ecom may be a legitimate option for some, I encourage prospective entrepreneurs to explore alternative models and approaches before investing significant capital in automated e-commerce businesses.

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