AI Publishing Academy Review: Scam or Legit?

The AI Publishing Academy claims to help you make money on Amazon by creating and selling eBooks. They provide AI tools to make the books, saving you from hiring writers. Members get access to lessons, coaching sessions, a community, a quality stamp, and AI writing software.

But, be cautious as the Mikkelsen Twins, who promote the program, focus on quick, effortless money-making, which raises concerns.

In this review, we’ll explore what the AI Publishing Academy offers, evaluate the Mikkelsen Twins’ course, assess the effectiveness of AI in your audiobook business, check their claim of AI self-publishing not being oversaturated, and see if it’s still a profitable opportunity.

How Does AI Publishing Academy Help You Make Money?

AI Publishing Academy, led by Christian and Rasmus Mikkelsen, is all about showing you how to make money online through self-publishing audiobooks on Audible, which is part of Amazon. They’ve got a nifty tool called, powered by AI, to assist you. Here’s how it works:

  1. Create Your Audiobook Outline: Start by using their AI software,, to craft an outline for your audiobook.

  2. Outsource Writing: Next, you can send this outline to an affordable ghostwriter who’ll bring your book to life in written form.

  3. Hire a Narrator: Find a suitable narrator for your audiobook through ACX, a platform dedicated to audiobook production.

  4. Design Your Cover: Get an eye-catching cover for your audiobook by hiring a graphic designer from a platform like Fiverr.

  5. Publish on Amazon: Finally, upload your audiobook to Amazon and start reaping the benefits of your creation.

It’s a step-by-step guide to turn your ideas into profit by leveraging AI and the power of audiobook self-publishing on Audible through Amazon.

AI Publishing Academy

Who Are The Mikkelsen Brothers?

Meet Christian and Rasmus Mikkelsen, also known as the Mikkelsen twins. They are the creators of the AI Publishing Academy. They were born in 1995 in New Jersey and have an interesting journey to success.

In 2015, after a short stay in Denmark, they came back to New Jersey, where they went to a two-year college and worked as delivery drivers for a Chinese restaurant. During this time, they discovered the idea of self-publishing through a course by Stephan James called Project Life Mastery. They tried other businesses like dropshipping but found self-publishing to be the most consistent way to earn money.

The Mikkelsen Twins

In 2018, they made $60,000 from their audiobooks. However, their Amazon accounts were suspended because they used low-quality AI translations in their books. Despite this setback, they didn’t give up. In September 2018, they started the Audiobook Income Academy and made over $53,000 with their first 100 students.

Their business continued to grow in 2019 when they improved the course, calling it Audiobook Income Academy 2.0, which spanned seven weeks and had many benefits. In 2020, they transformed it into Publishing Life, their educational company. Now, they mainly promote the updated AI Publishing Academy course.

As of March 2021, they were still facing restrictions on selling books on Amazon, but by 2023, their accounts were accessible again. They even wrote an eBook called “The Freedom Shortcut,” explaining how anyone can create passive income.

The Mikkelsen twins have received both praise and criticism. Many people have succeeded with their courses, but others on social media have criticized them. There have even been accusations of fake reviews for their books. However, they are not just making money through self-publishing; they are also helping others achieve financial success by mentoring them.

Their combined net worth is estimated to be between $20 million and $70 million, taking into account the thousands of people who have taken their online courses and the earnings from their audiobooks.

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What’s Inside AI Publishing Academy?

Module 1: Setting the Right Mindset

Module 1 is where it all begins. Here, in the AI Publishing Academy, you’ll start with some valuable mindset training that sets the stage for your journey.

Module 2: Building Blocks of Success

In Module 2, the Mikkelsen twins dive into the essential components of a successful book. They’ll teach you how to harness the power of artificial intelligence in your audiobook business and how to use ChatGPT for creative ideas. Plus, they share their Ultimate Prompt Sheet, a tool to help you guide ChatGPT in delivering the content you need.

Module 3: AI-Powered Book Creation

In Module 3, you’ll harness the capabilities of AI to:

  • Craft compelling book titles
  • Conduct customer research
  • Develop a structured book outline
  • Gain insights from 4 new ghostwriting lessons

Module 4: Polishing Your Masterpiece

Module 4 focuses on the finishing touches of your book, including:

  • Creating an eye-catching book cover
  • Skillfully proofreading and editing your content
  • Formatting and layout tips
  • Efficiently crafting your book description using AI

Module 5: Amplifying Your Success

The final piece of the puzzle comes in Module 5. Here, you’ll learn how to:

  • Boost your audiobook reviews using the Pubby platform
  • Secure copyright for your books and understand its importance
  • Navigate the Amazon Author Central area like a pro
  • Bonus Goodies

But wait, there’s more! When you join the AI Publishing Academy, you’ll also gain access to some fantastic bonuses:

  • BETA access to their AI Writing Software,
  • A $500 cash bonus to kickstart your journey
  • Membership in a private review group
  • Low content Kickstarter setup guidance
  • Tech & Computers 101 training
  • Insider tips on tax savings
  • Extra perks, including an Audiobook Income Academy membership

These resources and modules will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed in the world of self-publishing audiobooks with AI as your trusted companion.

How Much Does AI Publishing Academy Cost?

AI Publishing Academy comes with a one-time fee of $6,000.

If that upfront cost seems hefty, you have the option to pay in four monthly installments of $1,500 each.

AI Publishing Academy Cost

It’s worth noting that the pricing may vary and change periodically.

Keep in mind that you’ll also need to budget for other business expenses, such as paid advertising and software tools, to support your self-publishing journey. These additional costs are essential for building and growing your online publishing business.

Refund Policy

When you enroll, you have a 3-day window to cancel your transaction and receive a refund.

Beyond the initial 3 days, AI Publishing Academy offers an extended 180-day money-back guarantee.

To qualify for a refund, you must meet certain requirements:

  • Attend your orientation call.
  • Publish an audiobook with a minimum length of 2 hours.

Important Note: If you decide to accept their $500 Cash Back Bonus, please be aware that doing so will forfeit your right to a refund. So, it’s a trade-off to consider.

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Are Students of AI Publishing Academy Getting Results?

The Mikkelsen twins make some bold claims about the potential for steady income in audiobook publishing, even without constant book updates. 

The Mikkelsen Twins’ Success Stories:

According to Christian Mikkelsen, he earned over $50,000 in just seven months. His wife, Charlotte, managed to publish eight books within a few months and now enjoys monthly earnings ranging from $1,500 to $2,000.

Success Stories from Students:

AI Publishing Academy has garnered praise from numerous students. Reviews and success stories on their website showcase the achievements of those who benefited from their training, although these testimonials often refer to the Audiobook Income Academy course rather than AI Publishing Academy.

One student has amassed an estimated $20,023 in royalties from 54 audiobooks they created, crediting Christian and Rasmus for their mentorship.


Another student Trevor expanded his self-publishing business to generate over $58,000 in estimated royalties. By the end of 2021, he had earned more than $65,000 across all platforms where he sold his audiobooks.

Another student Trevor's testimonial

The Reality of Audiobook Income:

While the Mikkelsen Twins’ claims have some truth to them, it’s important to understand the nuances:

  • Income Sustainability: It’s true that creating a profitable online book can lead to months of consistent income. However, sales can be unpredictable, and there’s no guarantee of how long they will last. Rasmus himself acknowledged that sales eventually decline.

  • Managing Expectations: If you become accustomed to a certain income level during peak sales periods, you may need to invest time and resources into creating more books when sales start to drop off.

In essence, success in audiobook publishing can be achieved, but it requires ongoing effort, adaptability, and a realistic understanding of the income patterns in this industry.

Praise for AI Publishing Academy

1. Targeted Topic List

The Mikkelsen twins offer a valuable advantage by providing a curated list of the top 100 topics to write audiobooks on. This guidance helps you focus on high-potential niches.

2. Access to Professional Ghostwriters

Enrolling in the AI Publishing Academy grants you access to their team of ghostwriters. This means you can leverage professional writing skills to bring your ideas to life without doing all the writing yourself.

3. Lower Saturation and Worldwide Reach

Compared to selling physical products on Amazon, the audiobook self-publishing business model is less saturated. Kindle Direct Publishing can be pursued from anywhere in the world, offering global reach and flexibility.

4. Cutting-Edge AI Tools

Investing in the AI Publishing Academy comes with BETA access to advanced AI tools. This includes their AI software, which can generate content, potentially saving you time and effort in content creation.

5. Regular Live Coaching

One of the standout features of the program is the opportunity for live coaching. With coaching calls offered five times per week, you can receive ongoing guidance and support as you navigate the world of self-publishing audiobooks.

Criticism of AI Publishing Academy

1. Quality vs. Cost Trade-off

Investing less money in ghostwriters may lead to lower-quality books. The program warns that skimping on ghostwriting expenses might compromise the quality of your audiobooks.

2. Uncertain Profit Margins

While audiobook publishing can be profitable, it may not offer profit margins as high as other online business models. Additionally, the income from a publishing business can be less predictable, making financial planning challenging.

3. Audible Royalties

When you publish your audiobooks on Audible, you’ll need to allocate a portion of your earnings for royalties. These royalties can range from 25% to 40%, depending on the distribution option you choose.

4. Lack of Content Uniqueness

Artificial intelligence platforms, while helpful, may not provide entirely unique content, especially for longer books. Many people are utilizing AI platforms to create content, resulting in similar-sounding materials. Achieving true uniqueness can be a challenge.

5. Time-Intensive Audiobook Production

Creating an audiobook can be a time-consuming process. It typically takes between 20 to 70 hours to produce a single audiobook, and this time investment should be considered when evaluating the program’s feasibility.

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Is AI Publishing Academy a Scam?

Wondering if AI Publishing Academy is a scam? Let’s break it down:

Not a Scam, But…

AI Publishing Academy is not a scam. It’s a legitimate online course that teaches the same self-publishing business model that the Mikkelsen twins have been sharing in their Audiobook Income Academy. The key difference here is that they’ve updated their content and strategy. Utilizing AI software can significantly speed up the process by helping you create book outlines swiftly, saving you precious time.

The Potential for Lucrative Returns

Self-publishing can indeed be a profitable venture if you produce content that’s in demand on platforms like Amazon, as well as other audiobook platforms such as Apple Books, Google Play, Scribd, and more.

However, There Are Concerns

Here’s where things get a bit murky. While AI Publishing Academy may have its merits, there are concerns to consider:

  • Credibility Questions: The Mikkelsen Twins have faced credibility issues due to their past bans by Audible. This history can raise doubts about their reliability.

  • Focus on Course Sales: There’s also a focus on selling courses for financial success rather than highlighting their own self-publishing achievements. This shift in emphasis can be a cause for concern.

  • Competitive Market: Keep in mind that self-publishing is a highly competitive and challenging market. Achieving success often demands substantial effort, dedication, and a realistic understanding of the industry.

Alternatives to AI Publishing Academy

Looking for alternatives to the AI Publishing Academy program? Check out these reader-friendly options:

1. Kindle Publishing Income 

Sophie Howard’s Kindle Publishing Income course offers a comprehensive approach, guiding you from novice to expert. Learn to. You’ll learn how to create audiobooks without the need to write content, focusing on low-hanging fruit niches with high demand. 

2. Royalty Hero 

Sean Dollwet’s Royalty Hero course teaches you the ins and outs of self-publishing business model. You’ll learn about his Book Stacking method and find out how to build a dedicated audience for sustained sales. 

3. Publishing CEOs 

Alex Kaplo’s Publishing CEOs course is all about outsourcing your content creation. Explore methods to repurpose your manuscript and effectively scale your publishing business. You’ll also gain insights into expanding to different publishing platforms to boost your overall revenue.

Is Self-publishing with AI Worth It?

Self-publishing with AI can be worth it. Amazon’s Audible platform generates over $200 million in revenue, so the opportunity is there. It’s possible to generate consistent sales with each publication if you can establish a brand and create top-notch content in niches with high demand.

According to my own experience, making a living from audiobooks is possible, but it requires dedication and investment of time and resources.

Apart from that, self-publishing comes with a trade-off: you’ll either invest money or time in creating audiobooks.

For those who prefer not to write their books, expect to pay between $800 to $1,500 for high-quality content. Higher payments generally result in better content.

Audiobook earnings can vary, typically ranging from $7 to $35 per audiobook, depending on the niche and content quality. 

While adding another income stream is valuable, it’s important to recognize that competition is fierce. Thousands of self-publishers on Amazon KDP are vying for high-demand, low-hanging fruit niches.

Standing out from the crowd and attracting potential customers can be a time-consuming and costly challenge in the world of self-publishing.

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