Walmart Automation Alliance Review: Is Nick Mocuta Legit?

If you’re looking to build a hands-off business, you might be interested in Nick Mocuta’s Walmart Automation Alliance.

It’s a service where Nick and his team set up a Walmart online store for you. They take care of a wide range of tasks, such as listing products, running ads, customer service, and order fulfillment, in return for a cut of every sale you make.

Sounds too good to be true? Let’s dive in to see if it’s a legit business opportunity. I’ve been a seller on Walmart and Amazon before, so I know exactly how these automation services work. Plus, I’ve spent long hours researching Nick Mocuta’s program.

What is Walmart Automation Alliance?

The Walmart Automation Alliance is a done-for-you service offered by Nick Mocuta and his team at Neptune Management. The program is designed for people who want to own a fully automated Walmart e-commerce store.

The idea is simple – Nick and his team will take care of all the nitty-gritty aspects of the business. They’ll set up the store and handle the day-to-day operations, including listing your products on Walmart, branding your store, optimizing the business for growth, configuring workflows and automation, and anything else necessary to keep your Walmart store generating sales.

In return, they receive a cut of every sale made through your Walmart store.

This business model is similar to Amazon automation, which is often labeled as a scam…

Walmart Automation Alliance Review

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Who is Nick Mocuta?

Nick Mocuta, originally from Romania, is the mastermind behind the Walmart Automation Alliance program.

After moving to Los Angeles with just $500 in his pocket, Nick overcame numerous challenges to become a successful entrepreneur. He initially ventured into the real estate sector before transitioning to e-commerce.

With over $30 million in sales on Amazon and a proven track record of assisting budding entrepreneurs with their online stores, Nick has carved out a reputation for himself as an e-commerce expert.

Nick Mocuta

How Does Walmart Automation Alliance Help You Make Money?

The main idea of the Walmart Automation Alliance is using automation and dropshipping through Walmart’s Marketplace to make money.

When you join this program, you’ll gain access to private video training. This training teaches you how to set up your Walmart seller account. The process is straightforward, and your account will be verified within a few days.

Afterward, you can entrust your account to Nick and his team, who will handle daily tasks such as listing products, product research, running ad campaigns, etc., for you.

With all the groundwork handled for you, the program aims to create a setup where you can monitor sales every day and reach out to the team for help whenever you need it.

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Who is Walmart Automation Alliance for?

The Walmart Automation Alliance program is designed for anyone who:

  • Is interested in eCommerce and selling on Walmart.
  • Is too busy to manage an online store.
  • Is unfamiliar with technical tasks such as setting up a store and managing payments.

On the other hand, if you don’t feel comfortable letting others manage your business and wish to learn the inner workings by yourself, you might want to check out my online business training.

How Much Does Walmart Automation Alliance Cost?

Nick Mocuta doesn’t openly disclose the price of his “done-for-you” service.

It’s likely because he’s employing price discrimination, meaning everyone pays a different price.

The cost depends on your financial situation and how eager you are to set up a hands-off business.

If you’re financially well-off, expect a higher price tag.

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My Concerns with Walmart Automation Alliance

1. Nick Mocuta makes money even if your store is incurring a loss

To sign up for Nick’s Walmart automation service, you have to pay a hefty upfront fee.

He takes a cut from your sales, not your net profit. When selling products online, it’s easy to generate sales, but net profit is another matter. As long as you’re willing to cover ad costs, traffic will come in.

Nick has no incentive to help you build a profitable store; it’s too challenging. He’ll keep using your credit card to run expensive ad campaigns, driving more traffic, conversions, and commissions for himself, potentially leaving you burdened with credit card debt.

2. Nick doesn’t manage your Walmart store

Nick doesn’t handle the management of Walmart stores himself. He’s primarily focused on setting up sales funnels to attract more leads to his program.

Instead, he delegates all tasks related to managing his clients’ Walmart stores to a team of virtual assistants (VAs) from countries with lower labor costs, such as India, the Philippines, and Colombia. This allows him to maintain a higher profit margin.

These VAs follow simple instructions but are unable to address technical issues or devise sales tactics for your Walmart store.

As long as your credit card remains active, Nick’s team will continue using it to run ads and drive more sales. As mentioned, their focus is on generating sales rather than achieving a net profit.

3. You bear all the risks

Nick claims that Walmart dropshipping is the best business model. However, it actually carries a lot of risks, including unintentional violations of their terms of service.

While Walmart allows dropshipping on its platform, it has specific guidelines and regulations that dropshippers must follow to ensure a seamless and positive experience for customers.

If you violate these terms, Walmart might shut down your store.

As a participant in Nick’s program, you bear all the capital risks, and there is no guarantee that you can recoup the investment you make in his program.

Is Walmart Automation Alliance a Scam?

While I won’t label Nick Mocuta’s Walmart Automation Alliance a scam, it’s not a training program I’d recommend.

There’s no guaranteed way to make money with a hands-off business model. If it were effective, Nick and his team would have launched thousands of Walmart stores already.

In fact, Nick’s training program is so shady that he doesn’t even provide price details. Moreover, there are no valid testimonials for his program.

Why is this the case? Because he requests his clients to sign an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) that prohibits them from discussing their agreement with anyone.

While consulting a business mentor for advice is acceptable, relying solely on a done-for-you service isn’t advisable. As an entrepreneur, you only truly prosper when you understand the inner workings of your chosen business.

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