Shaqir Hussyin Review (2023): Scam or Legit?

In the world of online entrepreneurship, one name that has gained significant attention is Shaqir Hussyin. With his company, Wealth Academy, Hussyin promises to teach individuals how to build generational wealth and become the ultimate entrepreneur.

However, before investing thousands of dollars into his courses, it is crucial to explore the controversies surrounding his past.

In this review, we will delve into Shaqir Hussyin’s associations with proven pyramid schemes and analyze what he actually offers in his program.

Who is Shaqir Hussyin?

Shaqir Hussyin, known as the “backpack millionaire,” is an intriguing figure in the world of online entrepreneurship. With an undeniable aura of success and financial prosperity, Hussyin has made a name for himself by claiming to have earned millions of dollars before the age of 30.

shaqir hussyin

He exudes confidence and charisma as he shares his knowledge and strategies for building online empires through affiliate marketing, sales funnels, and wealth creation tactics.

With a vast email subscriber base, a substantial social media following, and an impressive track record of helping thousands of people achieve financial freedom, Hussyin presents himself as a guide on the path to entrepreneurial greatness.

However, his journey is not without its controversies and associations with proven pyramid schemes, which add layers of complexity to his persona.

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Shaqir Hussyin’s Connection to Pyramid Schemes

Delving into the depths of Shaqir Hussyin’s entrepreneurial journey uncovers a web of controversy and association with proven pyramid schemes. While it’s essential to recognize that one’s past does not solely define their character, understanding these associations is crucial for making informed decisions about Hussyin’s teachings and credibility.

MOBE: A Fraudulent Venture

One of the prominent pyramid schemes Hussyin was involved with is MOBE (My Online Business Education). Initially founded as a platform for business education, MOBE quickly garnered attention from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) due to its fraudulent practices.

Hussyin joined MOBE and even rose to become its top earner. However, in 2018, the FTC charged MOBE with fraud, accusing it of scamming consumers out of millions of dollars through deceptive business education programs.

Victims alleged that Hussyin manipulated them into enrolling in expensive programs to increase their earning potential, with refunds being nearly impossible to obtain.

FTC Action Halts MOBE, a Massive Internet Business Coaching Scheme

Empower Network: Bankruptcy and Allegations

Another controversial venture associated with Hussyin is Empower Network. Founded by Dave Wood, Empower Network faced bankruptcy amidst allegations of operating as a pyramid scheme. It enticed individuals with the promise of easy money through a paid alternative to WordPress called Kalatu.

However, participants were soon coerced into recruiting others, leading to a collapse of the pyramid scheme and bankruptcy for Empower Network. Hussyin, as one of the top earners of Empower Network, was mentioned in press releases and associated with the company during its heyday.

Empower Network employee review

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Is Wealth Academy Another Scam?

While Hussyin has made efforts to disassociate himself from MOBE and Empower Network, some skeptics argue that Wealth Academy is merely a rebranding of these previous ventures, with Hussyin being perceived as an overcharging marketer within a potentially fraudulent system.

The primary focus of Wealth Academy is to teach students how to position themselves as experts in their specific fields and sell their services physically or digitally through automated sales funnels. This approach bears similarities to the tactics employed by MOBE, raising concerns among those who question the originality and legitimacy of Wealth Academy’s teachings.

What’s Inside Wealth Academy?

Wealth Academy offers two online courses, coaching, and mentorship programs. The courses include:

  • Wealth Academy Accelerator for “Digital Creators” ($2,997 per year for 1 user): This course provides a step-by-step system for building a personal brand and creating automated sales funnels, allowing students to earn income at any time, from anywhere. It should be noted that this course is exclusively available for teams ranging from 10 to 100+ members.

  • Wealth Academy PRO ($12,497 one-time fee + $100 monthly): In addition to the content covered in the Accelerator course, Wealth Academy PRO offers one-on-one coaching from Shaqir Hussyin himself. This added level of personal guidance is intended to enhance students’ learning experiences and provide tailored support.

Both courses include modules focused on developing an abundance mindset, similar to Driven Academy by Albert Preciado. Additionally, students have lifetime access to the course materials, allowing them to revisit the content at their own pace.

Wealth Academy also offers mentorship programs for those seeking more direct access to Hussyin:

  • Wealth Academy Mastery ($25,000 per year): This program grants students weekly access to Shaqir Hussyin for a duration of 12 months. The intention is to provide ongoing guidance and support as students progress through their entrepreneurial journeys.

  • Wealth Academy Elite ($40,000 per year): As the most exclusive option, Wealth Academy Elite offers weekly access to Hussyin and the opportunity to participate in three live in-person Mastermind events. Limited to only 20 attendees per year, this program aims to foster deeper connections and networking opportunities among a select group.

Prospective students should note that enrolling in any of the programs requires scheduling a discovery call with Hussyin or his team. This call serves as a filtering process to ensure a suitable fit between the program and the individual’s goals and aspirations.

  • Certifications: Wealth Academy provides nine certifications in various fields of online marketing, including Facebook advertising, sales funnels, webinar marketing, email marketing, high-ticket offers, speaking to sell, content marketing, direct response copywriting, and ecommerce marketing. These certifications range in price from $1,497 (special price) to $4,997 (regular price). The certification programs are self-paced and consist of videos and downloadable workbooks.

Wealth Academy’s certifications, although offered by an organization based in the United Kingdom, do not hold accreditation from recognized educational or financial systems within the country.

Unlike the BBB (Better Business Bureau) in the United States or Canada, there are no exact counterparts in the UK to assess the legitimacy of companies. Consequently, the value of these certifications may be limited to the Wealth Academy organization itself.

Praises About Shaqir Hussyin

  • Hussyin exudes confidence and charisma, presenting himself as a guide to entrepreneurial success.
  • He claims to have helped thousands of people achieve financial freedom and has a substantial social media following.
  • Wealth Academy offers courses and mentorship programs focused on building personal brands, sales funnels, and online businesses.
  • The courses provide lifetime access to the materials and include certifications in various online marketing fields.

Criticisms About Shaqir Hussyin

  • Hussyin has been associated with proven pyramid schemes like MOBE and Empower Network, raising concerns about his credibility.
  • Some skeptics argue that Wealth Academy may be a rebranding of previous ventures and question its originality and legitimacy.
  • The courses are expensive, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars, and the certifications lack recognition from accredited educational systems.
  • There are mixed reviews and controversies surrounding Hussyin’s past, leading to uncertainties about the true nature of his offerings.

Is Shaqir Hussyin a Scam?

Shaqir Hussyin isn’t a scam artist. However, he has been associated with pyramid schemes and has faced criticism regarding the legitimacy of Wealth Academy. 

While Hussyin’s involvement with MOBE and Empower Network raises concerns about his credibility, it is essential to distinguish between being associated with fraudulent ventures and actively perpetrating scams.

Hussyin may have been the face of these schemes, but it is crucial to recognize that he may not have been directly involved in their fraudulent practices.

Having said that, the controversies surrounding Hussyin’s past, discrepancies in his narrative, and the mixed reputation of Wealth Academy should not be overlooked.

Any Better Alternative?

For those seeking alternative ways to make money online, I suggest exploring affiliate marketing through a reputable platform like Wealthy Affiliate (WA). 

Affiliate marketing offers a legitimate and low-cost approach to generating passive income without relying on paid ads. WA provides a comprehensive platform for building an affiliate marketing business from scratch, offering free access, including a website, and in-depth training on search engine optimization (SEO) for free traffic methods.

You can check out my full review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

Wealthy Affiliate Testimonial

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