Raphael Vargas: Real Ecom Automation Review – Scam or Legit?

So you’re looking to check out the Real Ecom Automation program by Raphael Vargas, and you’re wondering if it’s a scam? Well, I’ve got you covered! I’m an internet entrepreneur and have reviewed plenty of programs, software, and even MLMs over the years, so I’ve got the insider scoop on this one.

Just to be clear, I’m not working with Raphael Vargas or getting paid to write this review, so you can trust that my opinions are honest and unbiased. And at the end of this review, I’ll even share with you a better alternative that has helped me make a 4-5 figure passive income every month.

So let’s dive into my review of Raphael Vargas and his Real Ecom Automation program.

Who is Raphael Vargas?

If you’re looking for a traditional business expert with a college degree, Raphael Vargas might not be your guy. But, if you’re down for some out-of-the-box thinking, he’s worth considering.

Raphael Vargas

Raphael started his career as a salesperson but quickly transitioned into the world of real estate investment at just 21 years old. He even went on to teach others about the art of real estate wholesaling.

In 2018, he took a leap of faith and started promoting his Automation Amazon service, despite having no prior experience in eCommerce. So, you might be wondering why you should trust him to build and manage your Amazon business. Well, that’s a fair question, but sometimes taking risks can pay off big time.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to weigh the pros and cons and decide if Raphael’s unconventional approach is a red flag or a green light.

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How much is Raphael Vargas worth?

Have you seen Raphael Vargas on Instagram? This guy is living the life! With a net worth estimated at around $5 million, he’s killing it as a business owner in the world of automated Amazon stores. You may have also seen him in some hyped-up Youtube videos promoting these stores.

But don’t just take our word for it. Based on various interviews with Raphael and other sources, it’s clear that this guy is living boldly and on track to become a legend. Of course, that $5 million net worth doesn’t include taxes, charities, corporate costs, or the lavish lifestyle that Raphael is living.

What is Real Ecom Automation?

Real Ecom Automation is an Amazon automation service started by Raphael Vargas that promises to make selling on Amazon a breeze.

Basically, Amazon automation refers to using technology and processes to handle routine tasks in your business, like chatbots, demand planning, order entry, and more. And if you’re new to selling on Amazon, it can be overwhelming. But that’s where Real Ecom Automation comes in – they claim to handle everything for you!

So, if you’re tired of juggling all the complicated parts of selling on Amazon, you might wonder if you can let the experts at Real Ecom Automation do the work for you.

Before signing up for their service, here’s what you need to know:

What is Amazon automation?

Amazon automation refers to when a business owner automates various processes related to ordering fulfillment. Basically, it performs all the repetitive tasks for you, saving you time and effort.

Now, here’s the tricky part, Amazon automation is often used interchangeably for different things. You got Amazon FBA, where you send your products to Amazon fulfillment centers and they take care of the rest. 

Then there’s third-party fulfillment, where non-Amazon companies handle your order fulfillment, or third-party service providers who manage your Amazon FBA business. 

Lastly, there are third-party software tools that automate various Amazon activities like email campaigns, accounting, inventory management, and PPC advertising.

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Is Amazon Automation a Scam?

Some sellers say that automation on Amazon is a scam. Well, it’s a little more complicated than that. There are a few reasons why sellers might feel this way:

  1. They may feel like they invested a lot of money with the hope of making a profit, but the final income they made wasn’t worth it.
  2. Some sellers may not have made any profit at all, but still had to pay the agency.
  3. There’s also a risk that their Amazon account could be blocked due to shady actions, and they can’t get an answer from anyone about it.

So, is it a scam? It’s not so black and white. Sure, there might be cases of agencies lying or hiding terms, but if you think the whole business model is just not fair, you could call it a bad deal.

In short, the only party that’s guaranteed to make a profit is the automation agency. But hey, the seller could still potentially make a profit too. It’s just a matter of weighing the risks and benefits.

How Does Real Ecom Automation Work?

The Real Ecom Automation program promises to simplify the process of starting an eCommerce business on Amazon. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the steps the program outlines to help you succeed.

Step 1: Product Research

The first step in building a successful eCommerce business on Amazon is to select profitable products to sell. There are many tools available to help with the product selection process, but learning how to use them effectively takes time. Raphael Vargas offers a Done-For-You service to help with this step.

Step 2: Listing Construction

Once you have selected your product, it’s time to list it on Amazon. This involves posting product images and writing a product description. To maximize your visibility on Amazon, it’s important to use keywords in your listing.

Step 3: Supplier Selection and Inventory Management

Next, you’ll need to select a supplier for your products. You’ll need to decide where your supplier should be located, whether it’s in China or another country. This decision will impact the cost and delivery time of your products.

Step 4: Order Processing and Returns

When you receive orders from customers, it’s important to record them and provide tracking information. If a customer requests a return, you’ll need to provide a refund and return label.

Step 5: Order Tracking

In eCommerce, you’ll receive many inquiries from customers asking about the status of their deliveries. To avoid wasting time, it’s important to have a simple system in place for tracking orders.

Step 6: Customer Service and Collect Customer Reviews

Once your products have been shipped, it’s important to start collecting customer reviews. These reviews are crucial for building your brand on Amazon and can save you money on advertising. However, it’s important to comply with Amazon’s guidelines for asking for reviews to avoid account suspension.

Step 7: Scaling Your Amazon Store

Once your business is up and running and you’re making money, it’s time to start thinking about scaling your business to the next level. This may involve devising new strategies for finding profitable products, improving your listing, or expanding your customer base.

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How much does Real Ecom Automation cost?

I couldn’t find any info on how much this service costs on their Facebook page or website. But, just a heads up, these done-for-you services tend to be pretty pricey. In my opinion, most of the time they’re not worth the cost.

Personally, I don’t usually recommend going for these types of services because, in business, you should be hands-on and in control, not just handing it over to someone else who has no investment in your success. They’re just after a monthly fee, y’know?

If you’re looking to work with Raphael Vargas, be prepared to fork out at least 25-30k bucks to get started.


1. Simplified Process

The Real Ecom Automation program does the heavy lifting for your Amazon store so you don’t have to worry about complicated e-commerce headaches. If you’re looking for ease in your business dealings, this might be the right solution for you.


1. High Upfront Cost

If you’re considering investing in the Real Ecom Automation program, be prepared for a high upfront cost of anywhere from 25,000 to 30,000 dollars. Additionally, you’ll be required to pay a monthly management fee, regardless of whether your Amazon store is making a profit or not.

2. Lack of Control Over Your Amazon Store

The bigger issue with this program is the lack of control you have over your Amazon store. You’ll be relying solely on Real Ecom Automation to run the show, which could lead to potential problems, such as your Amazon account being shut down due to shady practices.

3. Risk of Scam

Lastly, be cautious of the program’s claim of providing an automated Amazon store. Many people have fallen victim to these “done-for-you” scams, only to find that their Amazon store isn’t as profitable as promised, leading to significant financial losses. Before investing in any “automation” program, do your research and make an informed decision.

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Is Raphael Vargas a scam?

There’s no way I can legally label Raphael Vargas as a scam without sufficient evidence. However, if you’re looking to get into the Amazon business, I wouldn’t recommend seeking help from Raphael Vargas or any done-for-you services.

Here’s why. Firstly, it doesn’t seem like Raphael is actually an eCommerce expert. When I checked out his and Real Ecom Automation’s Facebook pages, something seemed off. The Real Ecom Automation page only had 30 likes while Raphael’s personal Facebook page had 4.6K likes. This suggests that the Ecom Automation is relatively new and Raphael doesn’t have a proven track record in the industry.

The Real Ecom Automation page

Furthermore, Raphael has around 15.1K subscribers on YouTube but he positions himself as a real estate investor, not an eCommerce expert. Most of his YouTube videos are about real estate too. There have been many instances of scammers who offer done-for-you services, take your money, and then disappear. While there’s no concrete evidence that Raphael is one of them, handing over the reins of your entire Amazon business to a third party is incredibly risky.

In a world of business, you should only trust someone you know and have confidence in. If Amazon FBA was truly low risk and profitable, why would Raphael be offering done-for-you services? That raises a red flag.

Additionally, I came across some people calling Raphael a scam and his business a Ponzi scheme on Quora. 

Anonymous Quora review on Raphael Vargas

Quora review on Raphael Vargas by Repsol

This doesn’t bode well for his reputation and it seems like some of his students aren’t happy with his program. All in all, it might be best to steer clear of Raphael Vargas and done-for-you Amazon services.

Is there a better way to make money online?

If you are new to online business, you may ask if there is a better business model that doesn’t need huge upfront costs and can do it as a side hustle.

Yes, I would suggest you get started with affiliate marketing. It is far easier and less time-consuming as you don’t even need to handle customer service.

In affiliate marketing, you can run your business almost with zero cost. Most importantly, you don’t need to invest in creating and developing any products.

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6 thoughts on “Raphael Vargas: Real Ecom Automation Review – Scam or Legit?”

  1. He is 100% a scam. I was a former client of his for Amazon automation and the promises him and Dylan Baker make were never fulfilled. He left us with nothing but credit card debt and he even tried to get us on Walmart (which got suspended a week later) and then moved us to Facebook Marketplace. He had access to my personal FB account (which was a red flag) and that left us with nothing but more credit card debt. Raphael Vargas is for sure a scammer. I have not received my refund from that and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s looking to scam with his new venture “Real Rise Academy”.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised this guy is a scammer.

      Maybe he was a legit real estate wholesaler but the forex/e-commerce business he has is most likely a scam. He even mentioned he is a billionaire in one of his IG lives which is BS. He mentioned he gave the owner of the San Francisco 49ers a $10k check for his charity (I guess to network with the guy or do business with him). The guy once you see through him is all full of s**t.

      I looked up his Instagram and the guy sounds like a typical motivational speaker or some kind of christian pastor.

      He even faked a robbery and instagram account ballerbusters called him out and exposed him as a fraud.

      The Real Rise Academy looking at the website looks like you pay for a membership and try to recruit others to do the same. I doubt there are any actual verified Forex market traders and it’s just one big MLM, pyramid scheme or ponzi scheme.

  2. I used to work for him in the real-estate business that he had and he is a complete scam. His real-estate business itself was built on taking advantage of older people who he could get to sign a contract to sell their home for much less than market value. He was not even the buyer. Once the home owner signed the contract, he would then send it to a list of wholesale buyers and keep the difference from what they paid and what the home owner wanted. He used robo calls to make millions of calls per month to these people without permission and was about to get shut down by the FCC. He had absolutely not ecommerce experience and was just looking for his next scam and found it. I would keep my money miles away from this guy. He is a total thug that is just looking for the next scam to pull. He has tons of LLCs with no operation or business behind them. He doesn’t build businesses. He only runs scams. No matter how hard you search you will never find a business that he has successfully built and sold or that is even running. He only has scams that eventually run out and then he moves on to the next own. Beware of this guy.


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