John Thornhill – Ambassador Program Review, Scam? Exposed!

Are you looking for a review of John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program? Is it a scam?

If you are interested in starting an online business that can generate passive income for you, you may have heard of John Thornhill’s program.

However, since there are so many scams online, it’s always a good practice to do some research first. 

To help you make an informed decision, I have done thorough research about the Ambassador Program in the past few weeks. So I can tell you everything you need to know.

In this John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program review, I’m going to cover the following topics.

John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program Review – Key Takeaways

What Is John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program?

The John Thornhill Ambassador Program provides training and tools that will allow you to promote John Thornhill’s products as an affiliate.

john thronhills ambassador program review

The unique thing about John Thornhill’s products is that the commissions are higher than that of normal affiliates, in addition to promoting some other high ticket programs and courses.

You will learn how to make money online 24/7 by enrolling on the Ambassador Program. No matter how little experience you have with the online business, you will find this program easy to use.

This program will show you how to generate daily sales and automatic income streams. 

There are give traffic systems in this program, where you will learn the techniques to get a substantial amount of traffic quickly and make money.

One of the best parts is that you need only put in 2 to 4 hours per week. After working for a few hours, you will figure out how to get even more results.

Using affiliate networks to make money is the highlight of this program. John Thornhill will reveal how he got rich through ClickBank.

John Thornhill will the strategies he used to make money via ClickBank. The strategies are very easy to copy, and you will see excellent results as soon as you do.

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Who is John Thornhill?

John Thornhill is a business coach who has supported many people in starting their own businesses. John Thornhill methods have helped many people earn a large amount of money.

John Thornhill created the Ambassador Program. On ClickBank, he is among the top sellers. 

Through ClickBank, John Thornhill was able to gather $1,362,342 through the affiliate model, in part due to his knowledge of how to generate more money.

Further, John Thornhill has also been selected as a Product of the Day Vendor, which illustrates that he knows what products to promote to help you make money.

What’s Inside John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program

Let’s take a look at what you get inside the Ambassador Program.

1. The DFY Webinar Funnel

The goal of these done-for-you funnels is to drive traffic to capture emails and offer a webinar for others to watch before you sell them on joining one of John Thornhill’s programs.

2. The 99 Email Scripts

This is a series of emails that will be distributed frequently to your subscribers in order to promote John Thornhill’s products. You don’t have to write the emails yourself, because John Thornhill has written them for you.

3. Traffic Training

You will learn how to get targeted web traffic to the webinar funnels so that you can promote John Thornhill’s products to them and build your list.

4. Your JV Page

Here you would hire affiliates to go and promote John Thornhill’s products as though it was your own. You would give them 50% of the revenue, and you would receive the other half of the price.

When you have built a team of affiliates, you don’t have to do the promotion yourself and let other people make money for you. Does that sound good?

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How Does John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program Work?

Here is a step-by-step explanation of the John Thornhill Ambassador Program:

1. Attend The “Free Live” Webinar & Join The Program

After attending the webinar, you will gain the license to sell John Thornhill’s products and keep 100% of all sales commissions.

2. Get Your Own Landing Page and Webinar Funnel Setup for You

Upon joining, you will receive a webinar funnel and landing page, which you will use to invite others to a webinar and sell John’s product.

3. Connect Your Funnel to Your Email Autoresponder & ClickBank Account

The email autoresponder you need is Aweber, which John Thornhill recommends.

When you create an account there, you can connect it to the funnel we mentioned earlier so that people coming to your landing page will join your email list, then they’ll be directed to the webinar.

John has already prepared approximately 99 promotional emails which will be sent in 30 days to subscribers, promoting the various products of John Thornhill.

The email will also include promotional emails for some of John’s other high ticket programs, including his Affiliate System.

As for your ClickBank affiliate account, you need to enter your affiliate ID so the email messages you send to your list will include your affiliate links.

4. Start Driving Targeted Traffic to Your Landing Page

In order to promote John’s products, you must employ a traffic method that will drive targeted traffic to your landing page, where they can opt-in, watch the webinar, and then subscribe to your list.

Affiliates receive commissions when someone from their list buys something promoted through their links.

By building your email list and promoting offers related to making money online opportunities, John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program will allow you to make money with affiliate marketing.

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Is John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program an MLM or a Pyramid Scheme?

There are some similarities between what is in John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program and MLMs and Pyramid schemes, but John’s Ambassador Program does not fall under either category.

The program is not an MLM because you do not have to recruit other people to promote John’s products, although you can, and also because you will be promoting other people’s programs in addition to John’s.

This is not a pyramid scheme either, as people actually get something in return for the money they pay, and it is not an invitation-only scheme.

John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program Pros

1. John Thornhill is a Great Online Marketer

John Thornhill is a proven online marketer who will share with you his million-dollar business so you will be able to make affiliate commissions quickly, offering you complete control over your money.

Since John Thornhill is in the top 1% of Clickbank’s Best Earners, you can have confidence in his training and products.

2. The Ambassador Program is Easy to Follow

With this easy to follow a formula, you can generate passive income every day and still have time to enjoy your day.

With a stable income, you can finally look forward to earning a steady income every day from leads that are actually interested in what you have to offer.

3. You can promote multiple products at the same time

You will be able to market more than one product to your list, thus allowing you to make more money from one person on more than one product with higher ticket commissions.

4. There is traffic training

The hardest part of marketing online is generating traffic. You can build a website, and you can even create your own product, but generating traffic is the trick. Getting traffic that converts into sales is the most critical.

I appreciate the fact that the Ambassador Program offers great training on getting online traffic.

5. Money-Back Guarantee

Ambassador Program comes with a money-back guarantee, so there are no risks associated with joining Ambassador Program

If the Ambassador Program fails to provide you with the results you desire, you have the option to get your money back.

John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program Cons and Complaints

1. Ambassador Program is Expensive

Some people might not want to invest nearly $500 in a course. And it’s true that not everyone can afford it.

However, considering you can learn everything you need to know about making money online, the price can be justified.

Actually, John Thornhill can sell it at an even higher price. But he wants you to succeed without having to shell out a lot of money from your pocket, so he lowered the price to a very reasonable level.

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Who Is John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program for?

Those who don’t know how to make money with affiliate marketing or who have tried and failed repeatedly should sign up for John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program. This program will help you make commissions while sleeping.

The following people should be able to benefit from the Ambassador Program:

  • A person who wants to escape the 9-5 rat race and is tired of living paycheck to paycheck and having little or nothing left over at the end of each month.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to diversify their income streams and want a business partner who will take care of them every step of the way.
  • You don’t want to make your own product or do your research and end up making mistakes and wasting your time.
  • You are ready to take control of your finances so you can enjoy your time with family and friends.

John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program Pricing

For those interested in the Ambassador Program, the initial investment is $497.

In addition, email autoresponders need to be paid on a monthly basis, but there is an initial free trial. It only costs around $15, so it’s not very expensive.

You can also enrol in the Partnership to Success Program of John Thornhill, which costs $4,997. This is an advanced program that will teach you how to develop a product for sale to others. This is optional and you may not need it at the beginning.

If you are not sure if you should invest in the program, you can enrol in the free webinar here.

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Is John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program a Scam?

John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program is certainly not a scam. 

It is possible to make huge affiliate commissions from the Ambassador program by promoting one or multiple products. With the program, you don’t have to research and figure it out on your own. The proven formula is laid out for you.

When I began to make money online, I learned that it was important to follow a mentor with a proven system, and John Thornhill meets that requirement.

John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program Review: Final Verdict

For those who are thinking about starting a digital business but do not know where to start, I recommend the John Thornhills Ambassador Program.

Your financial situation will be changed by using this program because it offers you great money-making opportunities. 

You’ll have no problems implementing John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program if you follow the instructions. 

Additionally, the proven procedures in this program have been tried and tested by many people, so if applied properly, you too will achieve the desired results.

Give Ambassador Program a try today.

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Ambassador Program Review FAQs

1. How Does The Ambassador Program Work?

The process is very easy, John Thornhill builds you a website to gather leads and also a recruiting website for joint ventures. It is possible to generate revenue for you with both websites.

2. What Are The Requirements to Succeed With Ambassador Program?

All you need is a free ClickBank account and an Aweber account (there is a $1 trial option) and the willingness to put in some effort.

3. How do I Get Paid?

Every Wednesday, ClickBank automatically deposits funds into your bank account from all your sales. The entire process is automated.

4. I Don’t Know How to Drive Traffic. Can John Thornhill Help?

The answer is yes, John Thornhill has generated millions of clicks to his websites and he will show you how to get 100% free traffic. His paid traffic training is also immediately implementable.

5.  Do I Need Any Special “Tech” Skills?

No skills are required! The interface is straightforward with just a few clicks. John Thornhill also provides STEP-BY-STEP training on how to get everything set up in the Members Area

No matter what skill level you are at, this will work for you.

6. How Long Does it Take to Set Everything Up?

The process of getting up and running can take less than 30 minutes.

7. What if I Need Help?

John Thornhill has the commitment to help his students to succeed. So he will be available to help you throughout the process.

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John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program Alternative

There are other affiliate marketing courses out there that are legitimate. I want you to have all the options and make an informed decision that is right for you.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best online business models. This is because in affiliate marketing, you can run your business at a low cost and achieve a steady passive income.

If you don’t like using paid ads or email marketing to promote affiliate products, blogging is another great way. By using content marketing, you can save money on running paid ads. It is a free traffic method.

To learn how to use blogging to make money with affiliate marketing, I’d recommend you to get started with the most reputable platform: Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one platform for building your affiliate marketing business from scratch. 

It offers you a free account (including a free website) with comprehensive training on SEO (free traffic methods), which enables you to get started with affiliate marketing right away without paying a penny. 

But How Much Can You Earn with Wealthy Affiliate?

A 21-year old student from Wealthy Affiliate was able to earn $7,395 in just 1 week, which means he made more than $1k a day…all while using free traffic methods.

John Thornhill - Ambassador Program Review

Wealthy Affiliate has existed for 15  years and there are many success stories in the past decade.

To give you more examples, here are some of the other inspiring success stories of Wealthy Affiliate members.

Where to Join Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate has a very simple pricing scheme. It has free and premium membership.

If you want to feel about Wealthy Affiliate, you can sign up for the free starter membership here (no credit card required). You can select to be a free member with no time limit.

And as a starter member, you can get instant access to the community, live chat, over 500 training modules, 2 classrooms, networking, commenting, 1 free website, access to the keyword tool.

You can enjoy all these values without paying a penny. 

So I strongly recommend you to register a free account and see it yourself.

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