Jason Wardrop Review (2023): Scam or Legit?

Meet Jason Wardrop, a guru offering valuable insights through ad agency courses. The core idea is to teach you how to establish your own ad agency, secure clients, and deliver results. Running an agency, even in today’s competitive landscape, can be a great entry point into the world of online business.

In the early stages of his career, Jason Wardrop primarily focused on earning money through advertising. While he knew he had a knack for attracting new customers, a turning point occurred when he attended a mastermind event and witnessed the success of others on platforms like YouTube and various social media sites. This experience fueled his commitment to the venture.

Now, if you’re wondering about the legitimacy of Jason Wardrop’s digital marketing courses, rest assured. I’ve conducted thorough research on your behalf.

A quick note: I want to clarify that I have no affiliation with Jason Wardrop, and I’m not receiving any compensation for writing this review. You can trust that my review will be honest and unbiased.

By the end of this review, I’ll also share the best alternative to Jason Wardrop that has allowed me to generate a full-time passive income online.

Who is Jason Wardrop?

Jason Wardrop, an internet entrepreneur, began his journey with a childhood dream and pursued it by studying various business models in university.

His first project involved organizing events, attracting an impressive 8,000 attendees, which helped him fund his education.

Moving away from the events industry, Jason ventured into online marketing, exploring strategies like search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, and online sales.

In 2015, he joined forces with a programmer friend to start a software development company. By 2020, he used digital marketing templates and a variety of sales techniques to have his program tested by 15,000 students.

Besides software, he provides valuable insights to real estate professionals on harnessing the potential of Facebook advertising. His objective is to increase the number of qualified leads, scheduled meetings, and closed deals through effective Facebook advertising strategies.

In the past two years, Jason has built connections with more than 4,200 real estate agents, each benefiting from two to five daily leads by following his methods.

Arsenal MKG, Jason’s software company, simplifies and automates the lead generation and qualification process. Users can easily create landing pages, emails, and templates with just a few clicks.

Jason is also a prominent figure on YouTube, where he shares how-to videos on launching a software company with minimal capital. His self-titled channel had gathered over 200K subscribers by October 2023.

If you want to get a taste of Jason’s teaching style, you can watch the video below:

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How Can Jason Wardrop Help You Make Money?

Jason Wardrop primarily focuses on helping people make money online through lead generation. But what exactly is this business model, and how does it generate revenue?

In a nutshell, the lead generation business model is all about creating highly targeted leads for specific businesses. These leads are then sold to those businesses, giving them the chance to convert these leads into paying clients.

For instance, a lead gen business might provide a local gym owner in Seattle with phone inquiries from people actively seeking to join a gym in the area. Lead generation doesn’t deliver the paying client directly (although that’s the ultimate goal); instead, it offers opportunities for potential clients, which are typically qualified and charged based on the Cost Per Action (CPA). This action could involve filling out a web form, making a phone call, completing an online survey, and so on.

What Products Does Jason Wardrop Offer?

Jason Wardrop provides a range of training programs in the realm of digital marketing. Let’s take a closer look at some of his noteworthy courses:

1. Arsenal MKG

Arsenal MKG is a user-friendly cloud-based marketing automation software tailored for small real estate businesses. It simplifies running social media ads and lead generation. Key features include push notifications, follow-up emails, campaign management, data import, and tracking engagement.

This application also includes a CRM module that allows marketers to collect leads from various sources like Zillow, Ylopo, Homes.com, Sierra Interactive, and Curaytor. It enables automatic communication with potential buyers through text messages or Facebook Messenger.

Arsenal MKG offers a social post library to create content for LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook using predefined post content. Real estate agents can manage profile information, including email addresses, images, phone numbers, subscription plans, and more.

Property owners can use the mobile app to receive lead alerts, track client activities, add notes, and communicate via calls, emails, or text messages. The social traffic tools in Arsenal MKG help agents gain followers on social media platforms and post ads to generate organic leads.

The price for Arsenal MKG is $199.00 per month. 

2. 6-Figure Agency Blueprint

Jason Wardrop offers a downloadable resource known as The Six Figure Agency Blueprint. It delves into the detailed structure, development, and growth of a successful advertising agency.

Participants in Jason’s program receive this blueprint at no extra cost, making it a valuable tool for those aspiring to establish a thriving advertising agency.

3. Agency Partner Program (APP)

The Agency Partner Program, also known as APP, is presented as a solution for people seeking to create multiple income streams and earn extra income online. This course is divided into six modules, each designed to guide you through replicating Jason’s course meticulously.

With full access to his sales funnel, you can make customizations to fit your own campaigns. The program even allows you to sell Jason’s product and use his email campaigns, as well as his lead templates, regardless of your industry.

Moreover, you’ll gain insights into his comprehensive strategy for generating leads through social media, with a primary focus on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn, but the principles can be applied to other social media platforms as well.

The cost for this program is $997, offering lifetime access to all the course materials once you sign up.

4. Launch My Agency

This program is very similar to the Agency Partner Program, but with an older name. Jason might have changed the name due to reputation considerations.

5. Million Dollar Agency

Much like the Agency Partner Program, this program shares similarities, serving as an older version of the same course.

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Does Jason Wardrop Have A Good Reputation?

It seems that Jason Wardrop’s reputation isn’t very positive. Many people have expressed grievances about his offerings:

When I looked up customer reviews for Jason Wardrop’s courses, I discovered a significant number of complaints on Yelp, particularly regarding his Arsenal MKG.

Here are a few examples:

This customer Jim S. expressed profound disappointment with the service provided by Arsenal MKG. While he found the landing page feature satisfactory, his overall experience was marred by several issues.

He initially signed up based on a webinar that promised lead generation and appointment scheduling with minimal agent involvement but found it to be misleading. Instead, he felt pressured into making excessive phone calls. He was dissatisfied with the content of the “6-figure Agent 2.0 Masterclass,” considering it to be basic sales training and product usage videos.

He believed the program was over-promised and under-delivered, with additional undisclosed charges. The customer requested a refund per the company’s “100% Money Back Guarantee,” which was not granted.

Jim S. complaint on Arsenal MKG

Another customer, a real estate agent and investor in Los Angeles, was initially interested in Arsenal MKG’s services after watching their YouTube videos.

However, his experience turned negative when a scheduled strategy session with a representative named Adam was abruptly canceled just before the meeting. The reason cited was that Arsenal MKG didn’t work with real estate investors, which left the customer frustrated and unimpressed.

Sj V. complaint on Arsenal MKG

And more customer complaints…

customer complaints

Praise for Jason Wardrop

1. Digital Marketing Expertise

Jason Wardrop is recognized for his expertise in digital marketing. He offers courses and insights on lead generation, online advertising, and social media strategies. For those seeking to enhance their digital marketing skills, his guidance can be a valuable resource.

2. Variety of Training Programs

Jason Wardrop provides a range of training programs, each catering to different aspects of digital marketing and lead generation. This diversity allows people to choose courses that align with their specific needs and goals, whether they are real estate agents, entrepreneurs, or aspiring marketers.

Cons of Jason Wardrop

1. Misleading Advertising

Some customers have voiced concerns about misleading advertising associated with Jason Wardrop’s courses. They claim that the marketing materials may overpromise the potential benefits of the courses, creating unrealistic expectations and disappointment when the actual content doesn’t align with these claims.

2. Expensive Courses

Jason Wardrop’s courses can be relatively costly, making them less accessible for individuals with limited budgets. The price point may deter some potential students from enrolling in his programs.

3. Cancellation and Refund Policy

Some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the cancellation and refund policies of Jason Wardrop’s courses. They claim that obtaining refunds, as advertised, can be challenging and that they encountered hidden terms and conditions.

4. Content Overlap

In some cases, customers have observed that certain components of Jason Wardrop’s courses overlap with one another, potentially leading to redundancy for people who have purchased multiple programs. This could result in a less efficient use of their time and resources.

5. Lack of Customer Support

A number of customers have reported encountering challenges in receiving adequate customer support when facing issues or seeking assistance with Jason Wardrop’s courses. The perceived lack of timely and effective customer support can lead to frustration and hinder the overall learning experience.

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Is Jason Wardrop a Scam?

Jason Wardrop isn’t a scam. He is undeniably a recognized expert in digital marketing and lead generation, particularly in the real estate niche. He has gained a substantial online following and is acknowledged for his knowledge. However, despite his expertise, there are reasons why some might hesitate to recommend his services.

One significant concern is the mixed customer reviews. Users have raised issues about misleading advertising, high course costs, and what they see as inadequate customer support. These inconsistencies in customer experiences cast doubt on the reliability and value of his offerings.

Moreover, there have been allegations of overlapping content in his courses, which can create redundancy for those who have taken multiple programs. This could potentially diminish the overall learning experience and the value received from the courses.

Overall, I won’t recommend his services or training programs. 

Is Starting a Lead Generation Business Worth It?

Despite Jason Wardrop’s claims that lead generation can make you rich, the reality may not be as enticing. In fact, I don’t usually recommend people to start a lead generation business.

In this model, it’s crucial to ensure that your leads align with the businesses they’re meant for. For example, if you’re promoting a carpet cleaning service in St. Louis, Missouri, to people who are actually searching for carpet cleaning in Anchorage, Alaska, your offer won’t work.

Moreover, if you choose to work directly with clients instead of using affiliate marketing, you face the risk of clients failing to pay for the leads you provide. This can be more than just an inconvenience – it can be a disaster for your website’s earnings, particularly if you struggle to find other clients interested in leads within that specific area or niche.

Unlike affiliate programs like AdSense or Amazon, which offer a wide array of options, the pool of lead generation offers is relatively limited. This lack of variety can constrain your choices, especially when catering to hyperlocal traffic.

If you opt for a direct approach and plan to sell your lead generation website in the future, the migration process to a new owner can become a considerable headache. Some clients may be hesitant to make payments to the new owner. This makes selling direct lead gen websites a more complex and less straightforward process compared to other business models.

Taken together, these challenges and limitations suggest that starting a lead generation business may not always be worth the investment of time and resources.

Is There A Better Way to Make Money Online?

If you want to make a full-time income from home, I would suggest you start an affiliate marketing business online instead.

Affiliate marketing is perfect for anyone who is new to online business.

In fact, of all the online business models I’ve tried, affiliate marketing is the easiest and most rewarding so far.

In affiliate marketing, you can actually run your business almost with zero cost and achieve a steady and sustainable passive income to pay for your bills. You don’t need any initial capital and can even do it as a side hustle.

And if you really want to learn affiliate marketing and build a business from scratch, I’d recommend you to get started with the most reputable platform for affiliate marketing: Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one platform for building your affiliate marketing business from scratch. It offers you a free account (including a free website) with comprehensive training on SEO (free traffic methods), which enables you to get started with affiliate marketing right away without paying a penny.

But How Much Can You Earn with Wealthy Affiliate?

A 21-year old student from Wealthy Affiliate was able to earn $7,395 in just 1 week, which means he made more than $1k a day…all while using free traffic methods.

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