Instagram Domination Review – Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed

Are you looking for an Instagram Domination course review? Are you struggling to grow your Instagram account? If yes, you might be interested in Instagram Domination by Foundr, which is a course that specialises in using Instagram to grow and scale your business to the next level.

I’ve enrolled in Instagram Domination and completed the course, so I believe I’m eligible to tell you more about it.

To help you decide if Instagram Domination is suitable for you, I have written this detailed review so that you can make a more informed investment.

In this Instagram Domination Review, I’m going to cover the following:

Key Points: Instagram Domination by Foundr Course Review

In this Instagram Domination Review, I’m going to cover the following:

What is Instagram Domination by Foundr?

Instagram Domination is a complete course on Instagram. It aims to teach you how to get more Instagram followers and use Instagram as a business tool.

Instagram Domination By Foundr – Course Review, Scam Or Legit?

Like Facebook, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. By learning how to grow your audience and convey your message to the community, you can drive traffic to your website and increase sales.

Instagram Domination is created by Foundr Magazine to help you achieve that. Unlike other courses, Instagram Domination is instructed by Foundr’s CEO Nathan Chan. It teaches you the tried-and-true-system that Foundr actually uses to grow their own Instagram account.

So far, this course has helped over 5000 students to scale their Instagram followings and generate millions of sales through Instagram marketing.

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Who’s Instagram Domination for?

Instagram Domination is for anyone who is serious about growing their businesses. Every business needs traffic and an audience to thrive.

Whether you’re an eCommerce store owner who sells beauty products, water bottles, CBD supplements, or other physical goods online…

Or you want to build up your personal brand in order to land sponsorships, book deals, paid influencer gigs, or coaching clients…

You will benefit from Instagram Domination. Instagram Domination is useful for any business you can think of.

You should know that Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. There are more than 500 million monthly active users. You can imagine how powerful it is if you can promote your business or products to this huge number of people.

Instagram is a powerful platform that can grow whatever business you have, no matter what niche you’re in or what goals you have. If you want to grow your mailing list, increase conversions and opt-ins, Instagram Domination is a great course for you.

This course has already helped thousands of students and contributed to hundreds of case studies of massive growth since taking the course.

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Who is Nathan Chan?

Nathan Chan is Foundr’s CEO. He holds a Master of Business from Victoria University. He is a champion of “practice what you preach”.  Nathan has interviewed some of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time such as Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, Mark Cuban, and Tim Ferriss.

Nathan Chan has a passion and speciality for using Instagram to grow a business. In the Instagram Domination, he shares all his secrets to grow Foundr’s Instagram account so that you can duplicate his success.

What is Foundr about?

Foundr was created to help people to start an online business, get more sales and build up their side hustles for extra income. It is a global media and education company that reaches out to millions of people across the world in the last seven years.

They aim to give their audience strategic, relevant and actionable advice for all occasions. Till now, Foundr has created many premium online courses that teach tens of thousands of entrepreneurs to solve daunting problems in business. If you want to learn copywriting, finance, content marketing, Facebook ads and much more, Foundr has the course for you.

An Overview of Instagram Domination

Instagram Domination is by far the most comprehensive course of Instagram. Here are some highlights from the course:

  • Instagram foundations – do the basic account setup that is critical for your success. 
  • Nathan’s signature “Unicorn Strategy” – A tactic that can magically enhance the engagement on a single post
  • How to develop your content strategy – understand the hack of creating content that is guaranteed to resonate with your audience. 
  • How to find the right influencers – learn how to engage influencers and get them to promote your product or service for more sales.
  • The “Influencer Marketing Product Outreach Machine” – A secret strategy to cooperate with influencers and have them promote your products or services on autopilot. This is the exact blueprint of how Nathan gets 100-200 influencers posting on the company’s behalf every month for Healthish.
  • How to keep your audience engaged – Maintaining a loyal community of true fans (and even how to reignite a dying IG account)
  • How to create your own sales funnel using Instagram – learn how to create a sales funnel with Instagram for eCommerce, digital products, services, and even brick-and-mortar businesses
  • An entire “Growth Hacks Toolbox” – more effective and proven tactics to get followers, engagement, leads and sales through Instagram

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Instagram Domination Success Stories

Foundr has provided a lot of success stories of students who benefited from the teachings of the course and took their businesses to the next level.

Some students successfully used Instagram to raise funds for their crowdfunding campaigns, triple their sales and turn their brands into household names.

Actually, Foundr is a great testimonial themselves. Instagram is one of their main channels for marketing and customer acquisition. At the time of writing, they have 2.7 million followers on Instagram, which is incredible indeed. That is why Foundr is qualified to share their experience and lessons learnt on using Instagram to scale a business.

Foundr demonstrates the power of using Instagram to increase customer conversion rate drastically. Over the years, they have generated hundreds of thousands of leads and sales via Instagram.

Pros of Instagram Domination

1. Learn to find and attract your target audience on Instagram

Knowing your Instagram target audience well is essential to a successful Instagram marketing campaign.

Unless you know what motivates and intrigues your followers, it will be hard to create content that will engage them. When you don’t know when they’re active, you’ll have difficulty reaching them at the right time.

You’ll learn how to find your target audience on Instagram and how to use Instagram targeting tactics to reach them with Nathan Chan’s Instagram Domination.

2. Learn to build a mass following of fans fast

Starting fresh on Instagram can be challenging for a brand. What is the first thing you need to do? Get more Instagram followers fast.

How? The days of buying followers and using bots are over. You might increase your follower count for a short period of time, but they won’t help you in the long run. You might boost your ego with a false follower count, but it won’t help your Instagram marketing efforts.

With Instagram Domination, you will learn how to acquire followers who are real people. They are the potential customers who care about and engage with your brand. 

3. Learn to brand your page

Keeping your Instagram branding top of mind will ensure you have a cohesive online presence that will be loved by your audience.

Nathan Chan will teach you how to strengthen your Instagram brand in order to create great content and gain a more attractive Instagram feed.

4. Turn your followers into email subscribers and buyers

A MarketingSherpa survey found that 75% of social media users preferred brands to communicate with them via email.

People who like your pictures publicly are interested in your brand on some level. To get them even more interested- such as to the point where they invest time, money, and resources- you should send them tailored, customized, and detailed emails to their inbox. 

With Instagram Domination, you can learn how to convert your Instagram followers into email subscribers.

Email is the first thing people notice in the morning, and it’s the last thing they glance at before going to bed.

5. Learn to work with influencers in the right way

Influencer marketing is now an established form of online marketing. 

It involves a brand collaborating with an online influencer to market one of its products or services.

But it is important to realize that influencers are the ones who have created a following of keen and enthusiastic followers. 

Thus, Nathan Chan will share with you his experience in collaborating with influencers to create successful marketing campaigns. 

6. Learn to create content that represents your brand

Nathan Chan started his career on Instagram. Therefore, he understands how difficult it is to keep updating content. 

To help you overcome this challenge, Instagram Domination will show you how to efficiently create content that engages your audience.

7. Lifetime Access

Nathan Chan makes sure that the information in the Instagram Domination course is always up-to-date. 

Foundr has updated the entire course over the past year. New videos have been added on everything from shoutouts, tools to use, hashtags, content creation, and growth hacks.

If you bought the course before the update, you’ll receive the new content for free! All of these are available to you for life if you enrol in the course.

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Instagram Domination Cons and Complaints

1. Instagram Domination is pricey

Instagram Domination by Foundr is not cheap. I know that not everyone can afford the price, even though you receive more value than you pay. But success is really a matter of what you’re willing to sacrifice.

Investing in the course should not be a problem if you are able to spend less on other things. There is also a payment plan that you can use without making a one-time payment. In the end, you can earn back the money in your business.

You might wonder why Foundr and Nathan Chan do not lower the price of the course. Well,  that’s because high-quality training is expensive to produce. Because it can lead to a job.

Foundr and Nathan Chan have put a lot of effort into creating the course. The most important thing is that it works! 

You can find a lot more Instagram courses online, and some are more affordable than Foundr. But their creators have never been successful in Instagram marketing. They don’t mind selling you secrets that don’t generate revenue. 

Take a look at college degrees. Why is a degree so expensive? It’s because it can lead to a job. Instagram Domination can help you build a popular brand, so the price is reasonable if you think about it this way.

It is often the cheap courses that are ineffective.

2. You won’t get rich overnight by joining Instagram Domination

It is common to find gurus selling courses that promise you will become rich in a month or so. On the contrary, Instagram Domination is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Signing up for the course won’t make you rich overnight. 

According to Nathan Chan, he worked very hard to grow Foundr’s Instagram followers that have made it worth a lot of money today. But if you take Nathan’s advice, work hard, you’ll succeed as well.

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Is Instagram Domination a Scam?

Instagram Domination is definitely NOT a scam. It’s a legit course created by a legit company.

Unlike other courses that teach you some unproven theories, every strategy or tactic taught in Instagram Domination has been proven to work by Foundr themselves.

Also, some courses may teach you some black hat techniques that boast fast results, but this kind of black hat techniques are so dangerous. Your Instagram account will be banned at the end of the day and your efforts will be wasted.

Instagram Domination is different. You will learn how to play by the rules of Instagram and still be able to grow your account effectively. You will learn the most sustainable and effective strategies inside this course that aren’t taught by other gurus.

Therefore, if you want to leverage the power of Instagram to grow your business, you cannot be wrong to join Instagram Domination and learn the best strategies available.

Of course, if you still hesitate, you can take the free masterclass here first.

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Is There A Better Alternative to Instagram Domination?

As an entrepreneur, I have studied a lot of online programmes. There are certainly other  Instagram courses, some of which are even cheaper than Instagram Domination.

However, I still prefer Instagram Domination over other Instagram courses. Here are a few reasons:

1. Most Instagram courses focus on black hacks

You should note that your Instagram account is so valuable. Nowadays, customers usually check on your Instagram account to see if your brand is well-established before buying anything from you.

But most Instagram courses teach you only black hacks which might land you in hot water. 

For example, many Instagram coaches recommend automated follow-unfollow software that reduces the amount of time it takes to grow engagement organically. However, Instagram has been cracking down on these types of software and has banned many accounts that tried to deceive the algorithm.

Yes, their courses may be cheaper. But is it worth risking your account being banned? 

On the contrary, Nathan Chan only teaches you legitimate white hacks that have been tested on Foundr’s Instagram account. 

Whether it’s driving traffic to your site, increasing your sales and revenue, or simply increasing your brand’s exposure and influence, you can learn all from Instagram Domination.

2. Most Instagram courses lack after-sales support

Most gurus are hard to teach. They just took your money and went away. 

In fact, some of them even disappeared from social media after launching their courses for a year or so. Because Facebook and Instagram blocked them due to too many customer complaints.

On the contrary, Nathan Chan and his team are always available to help you with your Instagram needs.

They have worked hard to update the course information and teach you how to take advantage of the new features and changes. 

Foundr is an established company, so they can provide you with excellent after-sales support. 

3. Most Instagram courses teach outdated strategies 

As Instagram introduces new features and changes its algorithm, some information will go outdated from time to time. 

Unlike other gurus who teach you outdated strategies that no longer work, Nathan Chan ensures that the information is always relevant and up to date. 

In the past year, Foundr has fully updated the whole course. 20+ new videos on everything from shoutouts, the best tools to use, hashtags, content creation, growth hacks, and analytics have been added.

Students who purchased the course before the update can get the new course content for free!

Once you enrol in the course, you have lifetime access to all these. It’s really like having a lifetime consultant for Instagram anytime and anywhere.

4. Cheap courses are cheap because they don’t work

I did learn Instagram marketing from other courses before, but the strategies taught by those gurus are so ineffective that I ended up wasting a lot of time, money and energy.

My mistake was not recognizing that there are reasons why some courses are cheap. Because they don’t work. The gurus don’t mind selling you cheap strategies that are useless.

Instagram has become the most important tool for building a brand, so finding the most effective way for Instagram marketing is critical in eCommerce.

In business, I like to play it safe. That is why I prefer Instagram Domination over other courses.

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Final Verdict: Instagram Domination Review

Instagram Domination is one of the best online courses I have enrolled so far. The course creator really strives to help students succeed by sharing everything he knew.

Although the course is a bit expensive, it will be the best investments you have ever made. By growing a big Instagram account, you will get free traffic to your website. That means you can save hundreds of thousands of dollars on running paid ads. So if you think in this way, this course will actually save you more money in the long term.

To conclude, if you are struggling with growing your Instagram account or If you want to learn the best Instagram strategies, you should sign up to the Instagram Domination Course and start growing your business today.

Instagram Domination FAQs

Who is suitable to join Instagram Domination?

A wide range of companies from different industries can utilize this course, whether it is E-Commerce Stores, Personal Trainers, Startups, Make-up Artists, Bloggers, Foodies, Media Companies, Psychologists, Authors, Coaching, and Consultants.

This course work wonders for entrepreneurs who wish to take their business to the next level in any niche, market, profession or industry.

Do I learn how to make an Instagram account from the ground up?

The Foundr Instagram account has over 2.3 million followers lately, so this course shows you exactly what to do to achieve the same level of reach.

My following is already pretty good, is this still for me?

While many students have yet to start using Instagram effectively, there are many who are already building a following!

In the course Instagram Domination, you’ll review and fine-tune what you’re doing so your Instagram account grows more quickly with more engagement.

How Much Advertising Is Required To Be Successful?

The Instagram Domination System is broken up into two parts. First, you’ll learn the free strategies you’ll need to grow your account quickly, and then it will look at all the paid opportunities you can take advantage of if you want to speed it all up.

What Happens If The Algorithm Changes?

Instagram’s algorithm will change constantly. That’s social media for you. Every platform in the world uses an algorithm and changes them constantly.

Instagram Domination training is updated regularly, so if anything changes you will be notified and you also ask questions in the private Facebook group.

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  1. Is the writer of this article somebody that actually enrolled in the Instagram domination program? If so, what is this person’s name and do they have a way of me getting in contact with them to confirm before purchasing for myself?

  2. Thanks for the recommendation. Since I build my brand around Instagram, I have been searching for a good Instagram course to grow my followers. Foundr seems a credible company. I’ll definitely join Nathan’s course and learn more from him.

  3. What I liked the most about this course is its practicality. Nathan gives you advice down to the minute detail about how to put each strategy into action.

    Another benefit from this course is that many of the tips and advices can be transferred to other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

    This course can be the best investment you can do in the whole year if you deal with social media every day, or even if you’re any kind of entrepreneur.

  4. I would like to leave a comment here to thank Nathan Chan for creating Instagram Domination. I struggled for a long time growing my Instagram account until I joined Instagram Domination. In a less than a year, my company’s Instagram has grown to 35K followers and it’s getting faster. I have saved a lot of money in capturing leads with my Instagram account. New leads come in every day from Instagram. Nathan’s strategies really work! It saved my business when I didn’t have enough money to run paid ads! Thanks Nathan, you rock!

    • hey. did you find there was much learning on the brand concept and strategy? Im struggling to put into words, and find my band concept. Im currently paying £250 per month for a company to post once a day?

  5. I feel so behind when it comes to social media. As a business owner I understand the power of posting relevant material and building a brand. Instagram Domination not only covers the social media platform but it is a road map on how to use it effectively and many other facets of creating an online brand.

  6. I took my first steps into the world of Instagram earlier this year in order to grow my business. I’d watched a few how to video guides and gave it a try. However, it never really took off and I found it really tiresome to use and not very rewarding. However, after I have enrolled in this course I feel like I know exactly what I need to do step by step to grow my business via Instagram. Nathan gives you his tried and tested methods and debunks a lot of the myths that are out there (such as the hashtag frenzy!). I hadn’t even finished the course and I already gained a lot more followers just by starting to implement his ideas 🙂

  7. Thanks for sharing your valuable insights on growing a business on Instagram, Nathan. I listened to your podcast and learned a lot from it, but now I’ve this course that I’m only halfway through. It’s extremely well structured, concise and clear, with simple step-by-step instructions. My site has already grown, and I haven’t even finished the course yet! Thank you so much for helping us beginners; it is greatly appreciated! Success in the future!


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