7 Quick Steps To Write An Email For Affiliate Marketing

Having figured out how to create an affiliate program, you’ll need to find the right kind of affiliates to join it.

Use your email list if you have one. In comparison to all other channels, email is the most effective at increasing affiliate engagement. Promote the affiliate program to your subscribers and encourage them to apply and help spread the word.

Sending them a personal email is a good way to reach out to specific affiliates. You can send an email asking others to join your affiliate program for the benefit of your company and themselves by writing them a friendly note.

In this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to write high-converting affiliate emails. 

7 Steps To Write An Email For Affiliate Marketing

1. Start your email with a personal greeting 

Your email to potential affiliates should start with a personalized greeting. So your email doesn’t appear to be a mass email, address them by name. Describe how you found out about the individual you are contacting. Tell him that you enjoyed reading his blog.

Most people believe that all email is spam. How do you get through it all then? Learn about your affiliate before you start. You should look at their website and research them before you contact them if you don’t. 

As long as you put in the time to get 1000 emails out today, you will succeed. People don’t want to read a lame templated email that they’ve seen before. You should get to know this publisher before writing something tailored to them.

3. Introduce Yourself and Your Company

Next, introduce yourself and your company. You should include your name, the name of your business, the type of business you are running, and why you believe your business is a good match for the person you are writing to. 

If you are contacting a model for affiliation with your hair salon, there is a good chance she will be interested in becoming one of your affiliates.

Relationship building starts even before affiliates join your program. From how your website looks and feels to the quality of your online ads, as well as how active you are in groups and forums related to affiliate marketing, everything matters here. 

3. Defining Affiliate Marketing For Your Email Recipients

Explain affiliate marketing to the email recipients. Cumbrowski.com, an internet marketing website, describes affiliate marketing as a marketing strategy in which a merchant teams up with “publishers,” who promote the merchant’s company and send customers to it, in exchange for a financial incentive. 

Publishers and merchants can agree to pay affiliates “per click”, “per lead”, or “per sale” royalties.

You should consider how your affiliate program is organized, what commissions and incentives you offer, and how easy it is to register. 

Affiliate marketers will be willing to promote your products or services if all of these elements are compatible and meet their expectations.

4. Provide a few examples of companies that have successfully used affiliate marketing 

Give examples of companies that have successfully used affiliate marketing to benefit themselves as well as their affiliates. One of the best-known examples of a company that has successfully used an affiliate program for all its affiliates is Amazon.com. 

Make sure to tell potential partners that this is a proven marketing strategy with mutual benefits.

Statistics from Statista predict that affiliate marketing spending will reach $8.2 billion by 2022, an increase from the $5.4 billion reported in 2017. Affiliate marketing ranked 7.83 and 7.6 out of 10 when it comes to customer acquisition and ROI among marketers surveyed by IAB UK.

In fact, affiliate marketing is effective in the real world: Wirecutter, a consumer site owned by The New York Times, runs exclusively on affiliate commissions and subscriptions. 

According to the Times, Wirecutter affiliate income is part of its “other” revenue category, which generated $42.8 million in revenue in the second quarter of 2021, up 8.7% from a year earlier. 

5. Stress the benefits of becoming your affiliate

Be sure to emphasize the benefits of becoming an affiliate with your small business. What your reader is likely to find most interesting is this important financial information. 

You should describe how the affiliate will be paid for each customer who is obtained through their efforts.

Your affiliate must clearly understand the reason for joining or taking your desired action. By using the fewest words, sentences, and paragraphs possible, you have to show the affiliate why they should read your email and join your program – explain what benefits they will receive. 

Take a moment to review your program terms and what you have been able to offer to your existing partners if you have no idea what that is. Just like that, you can show your EPC (Earnings Per Click), commission rate, or top earnings of affiliates.

6. Share marketing ideas with the email recipients

Share marketing ideas with the email recipient. They might have their own email campaigns, blogs with product reviews, social media, and online forums pertaining to the niche your small business caters to. 

Encourage your affiliates to be creative in their marketing efforts for your small business. In Performance Marketing Insider’s opinion, the best way for an affiliate to attract customers for a small business is to become an engaging storyteller who can create compelling stories to entice buyers.

Remember to provide the affiliate with everything they need. Let them know that they are welcome. Make sure they have all the information they need to take the next step:

  • Join Link
  • Commission payout and all terms
  • Name of the network and URL of your program

7. Conclude your email by thanking the recipients

Finish your email inviting affiliates to become partners in marketing. Let them know you appreciate their time and encourage them to get back to you soon so that you can begin working together right away. Emphasize how a quick response will lead to financial gain in the future.

Don’t forget to include your full contact information. Is there anyone who wants to reply to “Affiliate Team” or [email protected]? Make sure they know all the ways to reach you. Affiliate managers for some reason are not making it easy for publishers and affiliates to reach them. 

A lot of people are afraid to use the phone, including their LinkedIn profile, Facebook, Twitter, etc. in their signature. As an affiliate manager, you want to reduce friction as much as possible from the join and optimization process. 

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for an affiliate to communicate with you through FB messenger. Building trust takes a long time. I trust those who make themselves available to me.

Some Tips On Your Follow-up Emails

Don’t be overbearing or intrusive when following up. Affiliate recruitment is very much a sales function. Because everyone reads emails, you have to follow up. You need to follow up more than once to get a satisfactory response. You can follow up with an email, friend them on Facebook, connect via LinkedIn, etc.

If I included a sample of our recruiting emails, I think it would do more harm than good. Authenticity and finding out why your message matters to your partners are key. No one answer works for everyone. There will be many tempted to simply use the template I provide, but that goes against the point. To communicate effectively, you must do the work.

A perfect email doesn’t have only these characteristics, but they’re a good start. First reaching out to a potential partner is important, but it isn’t a panacea. In the end, your amazing email will only hurt you if you don’t follow through and follow up impeccably. That’s just part of it. Do your best to create relationships from the ground up.

Final Words

Affiliate marketing isn’t purely transactional; long-term success requires building and maintaining strong affiliate relationships.

A good rapport with your affiliates encourages loyalty, which means you can focus more time on empowering existing affiliates and less time on recruiting new ones. Furthermore, affiliates who feel empowered and personally connected to you will be better able to promote your brand and products.

Last but not least, remember CANSPAM and other email regulations. If you are unaware of CANSPAM, you could suffer financial penalties and get into a lot of trouble.

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