Anthony Morrison Review (2023): Scam or Legit?

If you’ve ever dabbled in the world of digital marketing, chances are you’ve come across the name Anthony Morrison. With a reputation as a seasoned marketer, Anthony Morrison has been in the business for over 15 years, claiming to be an expert in helping people make money online. But is he truly the guru he claims to be? 

In this in-depth review, we’ll explore the world of Anthony Morrison, his programs, and the real experiences of his students. Join me as we uncover the truth about this internet marketing figure.

Who is Anthony Morrison?

Before we dive into his programs, let’s get to know the man behind the name. Anthony Morrison’s journey into the online business world began when he faced a financial crisis at the young age of 22. His father lost his life savings due to a fraudulent investment, leaving the family in dire straits. Determined to find a solution, Anthony turned to the internet and started selling performance auto parts through dropshipping, achieving remarkable success with monthly revenues reaching up to $300,000.

His knack for online ventures didn’t stop there. Anthony stumbled upon affiliate marketing, a game-changer that catapulted him into the realm of internet marketing stardom. He became a top affiliate for major financial institutions like Chase, Bank of America, and American Express, raking in an impressive $200,000 per month.

Capitalizing on his success and eager to share his knowledge, Anthony started creating info products and founded Morrison Publishing LLC, an umbrella company for his numerous courses. His programs span a wide range of topics, from e-commerce to affiliate marketing and online course creation.

Anthony Morrison Review

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How Does Anthony Morrison Help You Make Money?

At the core of Anthony Morrison’s business model lies the idea of creating and selling information products. He is a master of utilizing funnels and webinars to sell his courses, and he has honed his marketing skills to attract aspiring marketers seeking to learn the ropes of internet entrepreneurship.

His programs often cover essential topics such as email marketing, funnel creation, and landing page optimization, providing students with the tools they need to launch their online businesses. Anthony’s approach revolves around teaching people how to make money through affiliate marketing, promoting his courses as an affiliate, and earning commissions from each sale.

How Does Anthony Morrison Help You Make Money

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Who are Anthony Morrison’s Programs For?

Anthony Morrison’s courses are designed for individuals who aspire to enter the world of online marketing, particularly those interested in affiliate marketing and selling information products. These programs are often marketed as suitable for beginners, providing foundational knowledge and actionable steps to get started in the digital marketing space.

How Much Do Anthony Morrison’s Programs Cost?

Anthony Morrison offers a range of programs at different price points, making them accessible to individuals with various budgetary constraints. Some of his programs are affordably priced, making them attractive options for those who want to dip their toes into the world of affiliate marketing without a substantial financial commitment. 

On the other hand, his high-ticket programs can cost upwards of $1,000 or more, targeting those looking for more extensive and advanced training.

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Are Students of Anthony Morrison Getting Results?

The real test of any online program lies in the success stories of its students. To gauge the effectiveness of Anthony Morrison’s courses, we need to look at the experiences of those who have taken them.

There are mixed reviews from students who have enrolled in Anthony’s programs. Some students have found value in the training and reported earning a steady income through promoting Anthony’s products. They credit Anthony’s teachings with providing them with valuable insights and practical strategies.

However, there are also complaints and criticisms from students who were dissatisfied with their experiences. Some have expressed frustration with the focus on promoting Anthony’s products and the aggressive upselling within the programs. Additionally, delays or difficulties in obtaining refunds have left some customers feeling disappointed.

Is Anthony Morrison a Scam Artist?

With the internet rife with scams and fraudulent schemes, it’s natural to question whether Anthony Morrison falls into the same category. While there are complaints and concerns raised by some of his customers, there is insufficient evidence to definitively label him as a scam artist.

It’s crucial to distinguish between legitimate criticisms and the experiences of dissatisfied individuals who may not have taken action on the training provided. Anthony Morrison’s courses do offer tangible products, and there are students who have benefited from his teachings.

However, the frequent upselling and the emphasis on promoting his own products as an affiliate have raised eyebrows, leading some to question the true intentions behind his programs.

Anthony Morrison Review on trustpilot


Anthony Morrison Review on trustpilot 2

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Praises About Anthony Morrison

  • Anthony Morrison is an experienced marketer with a successful track record in affiliate marketing and online entrepreneurship.
  • His courses offer valuable insights and practical strategies, particularly for beginners in the digital marketing space.
  • Some students have reported success and a steady income from promoting Anthony’s products.
  • He provides a range of courses at various price points, making them accessible to individuals with different budgets.

Criticisms About Anthony Morrison

  • Aggressive Upselling: Many students have expressed dissatisfaction with the aggressive upselling tactics used within Anthony’s programs. They feel that they are constantly encouraged to purchase additional courses or tools, which can be overwhelming and off-putting.
  • Focus on Self-Promotion: Some students have voiced concerns about the emphasis on promoting Anthony’s products as an affiliate. They feel limited in their options to explore other affiliate niches and build their own businesses outside of promoting his offerings.
  • Support Issues: Several complaints highlight unresponsive support teams, making it challenging for students to seek assistance or clarification when needed.
  • Refund Difficulties: A common complaint among some customers revolves around difficulties in obtaining refunds for certain courses. Delays and refusals have left some feeling dissatisfied and misled.

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Should You Join Anthony Morrison’s Programs?

Ultimately, the decision to join Anthony Morrison’s programs depends on individual preferences, expectations, and goals. It’s essential to weigh the pros and cons, consider budgetary constraints, and conduct thorough research.

If you’re a complete beginner seeking foundational knowledge in affiliate marketing and online entrepreneurship, Anthony’s courses may offer valuable insights at affordable prices. However, be prepared for the potential aggressive upselling and the focus on promoting his products as an affiliate.

For those looking for more extensive and advanced training, there may be other options in the digital marketing space that cater to broader affiliate niches and offer a more well-rounded approach.

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In conclusion, Anthony Morrison is an experienced marketer with a range of info products under his belt. His programs have garnered both praise and criticism from students, making it essential to approach his offerings with careful consideration.

If you’re looking for practical strategies in affiliate marketing and are comfortable with the focus on promoting Anthony’s products as an affiliate, his courses may be worth exploring. However, it’s crucial to remember that success in the world of online entrepreneurship relies on a combination of factors, including dedication, ethical practices, and continuous learning.

Ultimately, whether you choose to join Anthony Morrison’s programs or explore other avenues, remember that building a successful online business requires perseverance and a commitment to continuous growth. Stay informed, make informed decisions, and may your journey into the world of internet marketing be a fruitful one.

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Is There A Better Alternative?

If you’re considering alternative options to Anthony Morrison, one notable and reputable choice is Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is a comprehensive platform designed to teach affiliate marketing, offering a wide range of features and resources to help you build a successful online business.

One of the standout advantages of Wealthy Affiliate is its free account option. Unlike many other courses that require upfront fees, Wealthy Affiliate allows you to get started without any cost. With this free account, you get access to their website builder, allowing you to create a fully functional website for your affiliate marketing venture.

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