Affilorama Review – Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed

Are you looking for a Affilorama review? If you want to make money online, you might have heard of Affilorama. But you may wonder if it is a scam.

It’s my passion to help people learn about online money-making opportunities. Over the years, I’ve reviewed a number of programs and softwares like the Affilorama course.

In the past week, I have thoroughly researched the course Affilorama so I can tell you more about it.

As a disclaimer, I’m not affiliated with Affilorama. It means I’m not paid to write this review. So you can be sure that my words are unbiased.

At the end of this review, I’ll also tell you a better alternative that has enabled me to make a full-time passive income online.

Affilorama Review – Key Takeaways

  • Course Name:Affilorama
  • Course Instructors: Mark Ling
  • Price: Free + upsells ($37 + $97+ $199 + $997)
  • Pros: The course content is easy to understand.
  • Cons: The course content is relatively outdated, so it needs improvement; it doesn’t include tools; no 24/7 support; lots of upsells
  • Overall Rating: 2.5/5 
  • Who is Affilorama For: Mark Ling’s students have little to show, according to the critics of Affilorama. But you may benefit if you want to learn more SEO techniques.
  • The Best Alternative: An All-in-One Platform to Make Passive Income Online

In this Affilorama review, I’m going to cover the following.

What is Affilorama?

The course was created by affiliate marketer Mark Ling in 2005/2006. It is an affiliate marketing system that serves as a one-stop shop. 

Affilorama Review - Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed

You can join it for free, and it offers information to both beginners and experts alike.

There are blog posts, long and detailed articles, and video tutorials for training. Using the tools provided by Ling, it is theoretically possible to earn a passive income from scratch. 

At the time of writing, Affilorama had a global community of more than 300,000 people, and with affiliate marketing also expected to grow, it seems certain that Affilorama will follow suit. 

If after you test out the Affilorama network you are interested in, there are some upsells that you can opt-in for.

Recommendation: Here’s The Best Alternative

An Overview of Affilorama

The site offered five packages at the time this review was written, including its much-talked-about Free Membership. 

Affilotheme, a premium WordPress theme, is no longer included in the AffiloBlueprint package, which has been absorbed into the AffiloBlueprint package.

Free Membership

When you sign up, you get instant access to the following:

  • The Affiliate Marketing Quick Start Guide: Discover the basics of affiliate marketing and avoid the traps you’ll need to watch out for.
  • Roadmap to Success: It might help you to understand affiliate marketing with this downloadable roadmap. It’s in infographic form, so it’s easier to digest.
  • Video Lessons: 
  • There are more than 120 video lessons that explain how to build your affiliate marketing business.

The total amount of free content is over 20 hours. 

It’s great to get lots of free information, but I’m surprised how out of date a lot of it seems. What you pay for is what you get.

Affilorama Premium

This membership might be considered Affilorama’s flagship product. It costs $67 a month after a free 30-day trial.

You can see that there is a 60-day money back guarantee.

Affilorama Premium includes, among other things, the following:

  • Detailed monthly web magazine covering affiliate marketing topics. This information may be useful for marketers who choose a niche and stick to it.
  • Learn from webinars and interviews with successful affiliate marketers.
  • Web hosting for 15 domains.
  • AffiloTools
  • 30 premium quality articles a month
  • 2GB Disk Space
  • 75GB monthly traffic bandwidth
  • 10 FTP Accounts and 10 MySQL Databases.


AffiloTools is a standalone product that can help you boost your search engine ranking in addition to being part of your Premium Membership. 

It is not recommended to use AffiloTools unless you are a very experienced marketer who already has a website up and running.

AffiloTools can connect to a Google Analytics account and provide the following information:

  • Rankings for each keyword
  • Ranks on various search engines and regions
  • Earnings from ClickBank
  • Check the number of retweets and likes you receive on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Check the number of indexed pages.
  • Find out how your competitors are performing in key areas.

There are four options from the free ‘Basic’ account to the $97 ‘Gold’ package.


A Jetpack option can “easily earn you an income on autopilot” according to the site. It costs $997 upfront. Mark Ling offers two guarantees:

  • 60-day money back guarantee.
  • An extra $100 refund if you do not make any money in 60 days using Ling’s Jetpack instructions.

Jetpack provides a variety of tools, including:

  • Create hundreds of blog posts and unique articles quickly and easily with these content creation cheat sheets.
  • AffiloTheme and free hosting setup for a WordPress website.
  • Free reports for increasing email opt-in rates.
  • Email templates
  • eBook Graphics

In addition, Ling offers users the opportunity to choose five websites from five niche categories.

In spite of what Ling says, it takes a lot of work to run a business even if you purchase Jetpack. Although it’s a good tool, it’s not the ‘magic bullet’ Ling claims.


This blueprint should be used to build ‘foolproof’ affiliate marketing websites.

The product is backed by a refund policy of 60 days. The $197 fee gives you lifetime access to hundreds of videos on creating, writing excellent content, and ensuring your site ranks well. 

Recommendation: Here’s The Best Alternative

10 Reasons Why I Don’t Recommend Affilorama

1. Lack of Technical Support

You will probably require technical assistance sometimes if you are new to online marketing. Affilorama, however, only offers courses, not technical support.

Therefore, if you encounter technical problems with your website, you have no one to contact. Newbies in online marketing should be concerned about this.

After paying so much for the course, you will feel helpless when you expect to receive all kinds of support.

My #1 recommended platform is different. You will get 24/7 technical support with your website.

They have a technical team standing by any time to help you when you encounter technical problems. It’s really like having hired a technical team. Also, there is a community of a million members there to help you out when you have questions.

3. The Course Content is Outdated

Most of the issues with Affilorama’s free training have to do with the fact that it’s outdated.

You will find that many of the videos were recorded as far back as 2008 if you look at the source code for Affilorama’s free training materials.

From 2006-2014, a lot of the lessons and recommendations they offered may have been effective, but they are unlikely to work now. In fact, you could damage your site by following Affilorama’s free training.

In the lesson on “how to build a website,” Adobe Dreamweaver & HTML are suggested.

Though this method may have been great in 2005, WordPress has proven to be a better choice in 2020.

The WordPress plugins and themes make your website more user-friendly and faster, as well as easier to design.

Taking this one piece of terrible advice could waste months of your time.

4. Insufficient Community Support 

If you join Affilorama’s course, there is a forum. However, most of the time, the members aren’t helpful and your questions will be ignored and remain unresolved. You may feel helpless especially if you are just a beginner.

In the paid area inside Affilorama, you can see some questions taking days to answer, even months.

There’s sometimes a little question you will need answering straight away and a good support network is crucial for this.

I have a better recommendation for you in the later section, where you can get community support from millions of members. There is always someone there to answer your question around the clock.

5. Too Much Emphasis on Clickbank

ClickBank, a controversial and poorly aging marketplace, is the focus of most of Affilorama’s free training.

Affilorama’s How to Choose an Affiliate Program lesson, for instance, is dominated by ClickBank:

The ClickBank marketplace is losing more and more products each week, and is now losing approximately 20 products per week.

The products that remain are often highly controversial, and some have been labeled as scams.

In Affiliaterama’s free training, they make some mention of other affiliate programs and marketplaces, but anyone following along is given the impression that ClickBank is the best option.

Nowadays, this is certainly not the case.

6. Link Building is Time-Consuming and Risky

It’s true that backlinks can boost your Google ranking, but proactive link building is dangerous.

Although Affilorama teaches the white hat technique to build links, it might still breach Google’s rules in the future. 

Google changes its algorithm or rules from time to time, so techniques that seem legit today might become a violation.

It is harmful to your website in the long run to get links from private blog networks.

Here’s the article of Google which talk about link schemes:

Affilorama Review

In another word, your website might be penalised by Google if you try to get artificial backlinks

If you are not penalised yet, it’s purely because of luck.

Once Google penalises your website, all your website content will be ranked lower, which will destroy all your traffic. All your time and efforts invested in the website will be wasted. It’s really a disaster.

Moreover, as Google’s algorithm becomes smarter because of artificial intelligence, the importance of backlinks is reducing. Google understands that backlinks are easy to manipulate.

Google is trying to focus on the relevancy and quality of content when deciding which one to rank higher.

So I personally think that Affilorama’s backlink approach and high-ticket service is against the trend. It might not work at all a few years later.

That’s why my #1 recommended platform does not encourage proactive link building. There is no reason to take the risk and do something that might go outdated a few years later.

Although relevant and high-quality backlinks are helpful for ranking higher on Google, they are not essential to creating an authority site.

You will naturally receive backlinks from other websites as you create more quality content and rank for more keywords. As time goes by, your domain authority will increase gradually.

It is not necessary to actively seek links from other websites. Google doesn’t encourage this practice because actively begging for backlinks is trying to game the algorithm of Google. Google is getting smarter to spot this out and penalise websites.

7. Creator Doesn’t Get Involved in the Community

The training Mark Ling created for free is still available to anyone. However, he is no longer active in the community or inside Affilorama.

He has moved on to bigger and better things after this training and product. In other words, don’t expect to receive live coaching from Mark Ling.

My #1 recommended platform is different. The founder is actively involved in group discussion. In case you feel stuck in your affiliate marketing business, you can text him for guidance.

8. Expensive Upsells

As I mentioned earlier, the free training available on Affilorama is outdated. That’s all you get if you choose not to buy the upsell.

However, if you want to start an affiliate site, you will need web hosting, keyword research tools and other software or plugins to add the necessary functionality to your website.

At the end of the day, you will be urged to buy these upsells:

  • Upsell 1. Pathway to Passive- $37
  • Upsell 2. AffiloTheme- $97
  • Upsell 3. AffiloBlueprint- $199 Total
  • Upsell 4. AffiloTools- $17-$97 per month
  • Upsell 5. AffiloJetpack- $997

Using Affilorama to build an affiliate site from scratch would be so expensive if all these upsells were added.

In contrast, a better alternative that I will talk about later is much cheaper. You will get comprehensive training, domain registration, web hosting, writing tools etc with a low subscription fee (the first month is just $19!)

It’s much cheaper and easier to get started when compared with Affilorama.

9. Lack of Successful Stories of Students

While Affilorama claims that a lot of their students see results from the training, there is no verified evidence to show this.

You may see some reviews posting screenshots from their Facebook group as proof of the success stories. But there is no way to verify if those are true results or not.

Also, some students who joined Affilorama’s course are not beginners, and they already have a well-established website before joining. So their results might not be attributed to the training of Affilorama. That means even if some do get results, it’s unlikely that you can do the same if you are a complete newbie.

Moreover, while Affilorama teaches people how to make money with affiliate sites, most of their revenue comes from their courses instead of affiliate marketing. That makes the whole thing not convincing at all.

10. Affilorama Doesn’t Have A Huge Volume of Organic Traffic

The website of Affilorama is

The founder Mark Ling claims to teach people to build an authority site and drive traffic through Search Engine Optimization.

Affilorama Review - Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed

However, his own website only has around 4000 visitors every month. This is a joke when compared with other SEO experts on the market.

So how does Affilorama reach a wide audience? I guess it’s because Matt has spent a lot of money on running Facebook ads. If that’s so, it’ll be sarcastic because they are teaching you how to drive traffic by SEO.

Think about it, Affilorama’s website has been established for a long time.

If you learn from them, how many visitors can you expect for your website? Probably 1/10 or even less. Websites with such traffic volume are impossible to make a full-time income.

Recommendation: Here’s The Best Alternative

Is Affilorama A Scam?

Affilorama is not a scam. Their course does offer some value. If you buy their courses, you can learn how to do affiliate marketing for sure.

However, none of their tools or training is particularly useful, as none are very good.

There are not many updates to Affilorama’s paid products, and its free training has been outdated for years. The co-founders are almost never around anymore.

I don’t prefer their approach as building an authority site using their method is easier said than done. It takes years to create quality content in order to become an authority site. Most authority sites are built by a team instead of an individual.

The praise for Affilorama you’ll find online is not very specific. Their students don’t seem to make much money from affiliate marketing.

Also, Affilorama is making the most money from selling their courses, but not affiliate marketing. That makes the whole thing unconvincing. You should always learn from the practitioner, meaning someone who has the most success in what they teach.

In fact, there is no reason to go for Affilorama when there are other better alternatives, which are much cheaper, but offer you much more value and can help you succeed faster.

I will tell more about my #1 recommended platform in the next section.

Recommendation: Here’s The Best Alternative

Is There a Better Alternative to Affilorama?

So what’s the best alternative to Affilorama? My #1 recommended platform is called Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one platform for building your affiliate marketing business from scratch.

When you join Wealthy Affiliate, you can get access to the first-class web hosting service, keyword research tools, community support, comprehensive training, writing tools, and other software to help you build an online business step-by-step.

You can register a free account with Wealthy Affiliate, which enables you to get started with affiliate marketing right away without paying a penny.

If you like the platform, you can then upgrade to the premium membership to get access to everything on the platform. There are no upsells afterwards.

But How Much Can You Earn with Wealthy Affiliate?

A 21-year old student from Wealthy Affiliate was able to earn $7,395 in just 1 week, which means he made more than $1k a day…all while applying what is taught inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Affilorama review

Compared with Affilorama, Wealthy Affiliate has a much longer history, which has been established for 15 years and there are many success stories in the past decade.

Actually, Wealthy Affiliate has more than a million members so far, so you can see how popular this platform is.

To give you more examples, here are some of the other inspiring success stories of Wealthy Affiliate members.

If you don’t trust my words, you can go to Trustpilot to see what the members have to say:

Affilorama review

At the time of writing, Wealthy Affiliate is rated 4.8 out of 5, which is excellent. It’s incredible to get such a high rating with more than 400 reviews.

If there are only two or three good reviews, you may say they are fake reviews. But you cannot fake it when there are more than 400 reviews there. Remember, Trustpilot has a very intelligent system to detect fake reviews.

Where to Join Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate has a very simple pricing scheme. It has free and premium membership. The premium membership only costs $49/month or $395/year.

If you want to feel about Wealthy Affiliate, you can sign up for the free starter membership here (no credit card required). You can select to be a free member with no time limit.

And as a starter member, you can get instant access to the community, live chat, over 500 training modules, 2 classrooms, networking, commenting, 1 free website, access to the keyword tool.

You can enjoy all these values without paying a penny.

So I strongly recommend you to register a free account and see it yourself.

Recommendation: Here’s The Best Alternative

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