Jason Wojo Review: Is Wojo Media a Scam?

I’m an internet entrepreneur who knows a lot about online marketing. I joined Jason Wojo’s program to get better at what I do and grow my business. I wanted to learn more about digital advertising and social media marketing from someone who knows their stuff. Jason’s program promised to help me improve my strategies and take my business to the next level with successful ad campaigns. Excited about what I could learn, I signed up, hoping for valuable insights and practical advice to stay ahead in the competitive world of online business.

Now that I’ve finished the program, I want to share my thoughts on it. I’ll talk about what I liked, what could be better, and how it’s affected my business overall. My goal is to give other entrepreneurs an honest look at what it’s like to work with Wojo Media, so they can decide if it’s right for them.

Who Is Jason Wojo?

Jason “Wojo” Wojciechowicz is a savvy business person who’s really good at online marketing. He’s from Daytona Beach, Florida. People know him for being great at paid advertising, especially on Facebook. His journey started when he learned all about Facebook ads from a course by Tai Lopez’s social media marketing agency. After that, he made his own company called Wojo Media. They do all kinds of stuff now, not just ads, like making ads and teaching others how to do it too.

Before he got into running his own business, Jason left culinary school and worked really hard at three different jobs in Newburgh, New York. He did things like helping out at a life insurance company, doing marketing for a finance firm, and working long hours at Staples on weekends. At the same time, he was studying business administration at Mount Saint Mary College and building up his social media marketing business. He got his big break when he landed Hustle Island HQ as his first client, and they grew like crazy, reaching 24,000 customers in just a year.

Nowadays, Wojo Media is a big deal, making millions of dollars a year from things like digital advertising, making ads, and selling courses. They don’t say exactly how much money they make, but it’s thought to be less than $5 million. Jason has also made and sold lots of training programs through Wojo Media.

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Wojo Media

At Wojo Media, they offer different services like making ads. Their Ad Creative Packages cover script writing, filming, editing, and managing ads across different platforms like social media. Prices for these packages start at $997 for people in Florida and go up to $3,997 for the Elite package, which includes travel expenses. You can also have a 1-on-1 mentorship with Jason Wojo, who will help with running your ads.

Jason Runs Ads

Jason Wojo used to offer a service where he ran ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube. Now, this service is part of the 1-on-1 mentorship program at Wojo Media.

6-Figure Agency Accelerator

This is a course by Jason Wojo called the 6-Figure Agency Accelerator, which teaches how to start and grow your own social media marketing agency (SMMA). For $97, you get access to a 5-module training program, a private Facebook group, and support from the team. The course covers everything you need to know to run a successful SMMA.

1 Million Views

Jason Wojo also offers “1 Million Views,” which are fill-in-the-blank video scripts. These scripts promise to get you 1 million views in just 60 days. You can access these scripts for only $10.

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Controversies Surrounding Jason Wojo

Jason Wojo, the founder of Wojo Media, has faced numerous controversies, particularly regarding his social media marketing practices.

1. Non-payment Issues

Many YouTubers have exposed Jason Wojo after receiving complaints from around 30 editors who claimed they weren’t paid for their work. Evidence provided included raw video footage and screenshots of conversations. One YouTuber named MARKIE received a cease and desist order from Jason after making videos to reveal his practices and directly contacting him.

Non-payment Issues

2. Misuse of Freelancers

Allegations suggest that Jason utilized freelancers for his clients’ work, leading to disorganization within Wojo Media. This lack of coordination among team members has resulted in client dissatisfaction. Screenshots have surfaced showing Wojo Media’s coordinator asking editors if they would work on other clients’ projects.

Misuse of Freelancers

3. Fake Social Media Following

Investigations by a YouTube channel named Orlando SEO Expert revealed fake followers on Jason’s Instagram account. This was evident from the disproportionate ratio of followers to engagement rates, as well as spam comments in the comment section.

Fake Social Media Following

4. Use of Fan Accounts

MARKIE uncovered a list of fan accounts allegedly created by Jason’s disgruntled editors. These accounts aimed to inflate Jason’s online presence but were exposed as part of his marketing strategy.

Use of Fan Accounts

5. Controversial Videos

Jason has been criticized for controversial videos, including one where he disparages gym-goers as “stupid.” Despite claiming to earn seven figures, he allegedly failed to pay editors promptly and discouraged the creation of such videos, yet they continued due to financial incentives.

Controversial Videos

6. Paid Press Coverage

Jason allegedly paid for articles to be written about him on various publications to enhance his legitimacy. This practice was highlighted as a questionable tactic to build credibility.

Given these controversies, including non-payment issues, misuse of freelancers, fake social media following, controversial videos, and paid press coverage, caution is advised when considering Wojo Media’s services. It’s essential for businesses to engage with genuine followers for sustainable growth, making Jason’s practices concerning and not recommended.

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What Do Clients of Jason Wojo Say?

People who have worked with Jason Wojo have different opinions. Some say good things about his advertising, while others have complaints about things like problems working with outside teams, delays in starting campaigns, and not getting refunds they were promised.

It seems like Wojo is good at advertising and online marketing, which helped him do well at the beginning.

But because he hires other people to help with his work, the quality of service from his company, Wojo Media, might not always be consistent.

Based on what people are saying, I wouldn’t suggest going with Jason Wojo or Wojo Media, although I can’t say for sure if he’s trying to scam anyone.

What Do Clients of Jason Wojo Say What Do Clients of Jason Wojo Say

Pros and Cons of Working With Jason Wojo


  1. Proven Effectiveness: Jason Wojo has shown effectiveness in working personally with many clients.
  2. Successful Ad Creatives: Wojo Media’s Ad Creatives packages have a track record of success.


  1. Abrupt Termination: Some clients report that Jason kicks them out of the Slack channel and ends business abruptly if he finds them “annoying.”
  2. Coordination Issues: Clients have complained about Wojo Media employees being uncoordinated, leading to frequent delays.
  3. Unprofessionalism and Refund Issues: Jason has faced accusations of unprofessional behavior and withholding refunds from clients.

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Alternative to Jason Wojo's Programs


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