Khalid Hamadeh – Facebook Ads Course Review, Scam or Legit?

Facebook advertising is one of the most powerful tools to grow your business online.

But most advertisers don’t understand how Facebook ads work and end up losing a lot of money.

If you are interested in finding a solid and replicable strategy, you might be thinking about Khalid Hamadeh, the former Facebook employee who promises to teach you how to leverage the power of Facebook for profitable growth of your business or client.

However, since there are so many Facebook ads gurus out there, it’s not easy to know if Khalid Hamadeh is just a scam.

To give you an answer, I’ve spent a long time researching Khalid Hamadeh and his FB Marketing School.

Since I’m not affiliated with Khalid Hamadeh, you can rest assured that my review is genuine and unbiased.

At the end of this article, I’ll also share with you a training platform which offers you a complete training on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques which can generate free traffic to your website without any advertising cost. That way, you can make money while you are sleeping!

Below is what I’ll cover in the review of Khalid Hamadeh and his Facebook ads course.

Who is Khalid Hamadeh?

Khalid Hamadeh is a former Facebook employee with 6 years experience in Facebook ads, and 3 years spent working at Facebook as an ads specialist.
Is Khalid Hamadeh a Scam? Facebook Ads Course Review 2020

In that position, he has advised famous brands such as Netflix, eBay, Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Molson and other early stage startups on their Facebook ads strategy to increase their return on investment through Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns.

After that, he has launched 5 eCommerce brands of his own by using Facebook ads as the main traffic source, as well as a Facebook ads consultancy.

Fast forward to 2020, he is now the founder of Khalid H Facebook Marketing consultancy, and the eCommerce brand StrawSave.

Since Khalid has the first hand experience on helping the multinational brands to optimise their Facebook ads, it seems he’s really the real deal.

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What You’ll Get With Khalid Hamadeh’s Course?


Khalid will teach you his unique FB ads strategies for eCommerce, lead generation, lookalike targeting, retargeting, dynamic ads, dynamic creatic, etc.

Is Khalid Hamadeh a Scam? Facebook Ads Course Review 2020

2. Tutorials

The course includes hours of step-by-step tutorials that teach you how to put Khalid’s strategies into practice.

Is Khalid Hamadeh a Scam? Facebook Ads Course Review 2020

3. Concepts

Learn the foundation knowledge of Facebook ads strategies and understand the auction dynamics.

Who is Khalid Hamadeh’s course for?

This course is designed for digital marketers and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to optimise Facebook & Instagram ads strategies to increase return on ad spend.

It’s ideal for the professionals in the industries of digital marketing, eCommerce, marketing agency, consulting, online education and real estate etc.

What’s Inside Khalid’s course?

Khalid’s course consists of training videos, strategies and tutorials. Below is the outline of the course.

1. Introduction

This module is an introduction to the agenda of this course.

2. Facebook’s Ad Ecosystem

In this module, you’ll learn about Facebook’s ad ecosystem, campaign structures and the common problems on Facebook ads.

3. How to Win the Facebook Ad Auction

This module is an introduction to how Facebook ad auction works and the underlying formula.

Khalid will teach you how to win at the auction, how to create lookalike ads and the Facebook Pixel implementation principles so that you will know how to optimise your Facebook ads campaigns.

4. Lessons and Strategies of the Best Advertisers

This module is about campaign automation and campaign budget optimization. You will learn about the bidding strategies to manage your FB marketing budget in the right way.

5. How to Build Amazing Ads

In this module, you will learn about the best practices on ad creative and some related tools and resources such as Animoto, the Ad Library, Creative Hub Gallery and Canva etc.

6. Newly Added Content & Advanced Lessons

This module includes some video lessons on lead ads, dynamic creative, ad policy, scaling ad spend, advanced retargeting and ad decay model, etc.

7. Conclusion

Khalid Hamadeh’s Course Pricing

Khalid’s course is offered at $196 for one time payment or $95 for 3 monthly payments. It includes a lifetime access to 80+ videos lessons, strategies and tutorials, along with a 30-day money back guarantee.

However, please note that you won’t receive any support from Khalid as he states clearly on the sales page that it is a self-directed course.

The Pros and Cons of Khalid Hamadeh’s Course

As in the case of most digital programmes, Khalid’s course has both strengths and weaknesses.

The Pros

  • A unique perspective on Facebook ads – Khali has gained valuable experience by working with Facebook’s engineers who taught him the Facebook ads ecosystem and how to make use of different buttons to win more auctions.
  • The framework is applicable to many Facebook ad accounts – Khalit has crafted the best campaign structure which enables an ad campaign to scale from A to Z.
  • The course is updated with new content – Khalid always creates new lessons based on the feedback he receives such as how to deal with advertising restrictions, audience overlap and ad account disables, etc.

The Cons

  • There are no videos lessons on interest research for a new campaign – Khalid seldom mentions about the use of interest targeting. His primary focus is creating ads to target lookalike audiences. But if you’re just starting with a new campaign, you need to build data in the first place.
  • There is no instruction on how to utilise pixel data – Khalid only spends 6 minutes to teach you the implementation of Facebook pixel. But when you fail to collect clean data to build high quality seed audiences, you won’t be able to create high quality lookalike audiences.

Is Khalid Hamadeh a Scam?

Khalid Hamadeh is not a scam. He’s been doing a job on teaching Facebook ads strategies.

But Khalid doesn’t tell you the problems with Facebook ads.

Facebook advertising has become more and more expensive over the years. The price is on auction basis. So when more people run Facebook ads, the cost will increase.

According to Forbes, Facebook ad cost has increased 90% year-on-year.

Forbes Facebook Ads Cost

After seeing the results of many dropshippers, I find that the total Facebook ad cost will at least account for 30% of your sales revenue.

Deducting the product cost and other transaction cost, your net profit margin will be at most 20% or even less.

Moreover, although you will get sales when the Facebook pixel has more data, the hot audience will be exhausted very soon. And you will see declining conversion rate and higher Facebook ad cost as a result.

Gradually you will start to get net loss again. So it’s not a sustainable business.

Worse still, the learning curve of Facebook ads is quite steep. And Facebook always changes its algorithm without any prior notice. So sometimes the ads that perform well will suddenly lose money. You then have to do testing again and again in order to get back on track. In the process, you’ll have to burn a lot of money, further eating away your net profit.

What’s more, Facebook’s advertising policy is difficult to understand. And their system makes mistakes quite often and disables your account without reason. Even if you succeed in appealing against the decision, you would have to invest more money and go through the algorithm learning process again.

Therefore, many eCom store owners fail to cover their Facebook ad cost and cannot earn a penny after doing so many things.

If Khalid can really make a lot of money with Facebook ads, he would have focused on scaling his eCommerce stores instead of selling a Facebook ads course.

Is there a better alternative to Facebook ads?

Facebook advertising is pricey and difficult.

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Is Khalid Hamadeh a Scam

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