Cashpoint ATM System Review (2023) – Scam or Legit?

In today’s digital age, the allure of making money online with minimal effort is irresistible for many. As someone who has explored various online opportunities, I recently decided to put Cashpoint ATM System to the test. Promising daily earnings ranging from $200 to $500, the system claimed to be beginner-friendly and offered a simple solution to generating income.

However, what I discovered through my personal experience was a web of deception that ultimately shattered the illusion of effortless wealth.

The Temptation of Quick Wealth

Cashpoint ATM System

When I first encountered the Cashpoint ATM System, the promises it made were undeniably enticing. The idea of making hundreds of dollars every day by simply copying successful websites seemed like a dream come true.

As someone who had spent hours researching and experimenting with different online ventures, the allure of a system that claimed to provide a shortcut to financial success was difficult to resist.

The Reality Check

However, as I delved deeper into the workings of the Cashpoint ATM System, a sense of skepticism began to emerge. Building a profitable online business is not an overnight endeavor, and success cannot be achieved by merely replicating the websites of others.

The claim that copying websites like Facebook could lead to similar financial gains seemed far-fetched. After all, if it were that easy, wouldn’t everyone be doing it?

Questionable Claims and Misleading Tactics

As I examined the system’s sales pitch, I couldn’t help but notice the inconsistencies and misleading tactics employed. The suggestion that one could acquire a Cashpoint ATM within an hour for a minimal fee of $47 raised alarm bells. Legitimate business opportunities require substantial investment, time, and effort to yield significant returns.

Besides, the system’s assertion that it could actively search and direct relevant visitors to my site seemed highly unlikely in a saturated online marketplace. Achieving high visibility and driving traffic to a website is a complex and ongoing process that cannot be achieved through a one-time purchase of a system.

The Connection to and a History of Complaints

Another cause for concern was the affiliation of the Cashpoint ATM System with This website had accumulated numerous complaints in the past and eventually ceased its web hosting service.

Several other websites associated with had made similar promises of earning $500 per hour, utilizing catchy phrases like “easy cash” and “income generator/machines.”

The lack of transparency regarding the methods employed by these systems and their association with a history of complaints cast a shadow of doubt on the Cashpoint ATM System’s legitimacy.

Uncovering the Smoke and Mirrors

As I dug deeper into the system, the lack of authenticity became apparent. The spokesperson featured in the sales video, supposedly the creator of the system, was revealed to be a hired actor. The family photos shared in the video were stock images, further undermining the credibility of the system.

These deceptive practices raised questions about the system’s owner and their intentions. Genuine business opportunities are built on trust, transparency, and a willingness to stand behind one’s product.

The Emotional Manipulation Gambit

One tactic employed by the Cashpoint ATM System that struck me as particularly manipulative was the use of emotional marketing. The system aimed to resonate with individuals who had struggled to make money online by portraying itself as the solution to all their problems.

However, this approach was laced with bitterness and deception, as it claimed that the entire online marketing system was rigged and that all other advisors were liars. Such broad generalizations aimed to undermine trust in legitimate sources of knowledge and expertise.

The Importance of Establishing Your Own Online Presence

Despite the questionable nature of the Cashpoint ATM System, one aspect it highlighted is the importance of having your own website. While it is true that a website is a vital component of online marketing, this is not a unique feature offered solely by the Cashpoint ATM System.

Legitimate make-money-online programs often provide website hosting and templates to help beginners get started. However, it is essential to understand that success in the online world requires customization, learning effective marketing techniques, and consistent effort.

There are no shortcuts to building a profitable online business, and claims of instant success within an hour are simply misleading.

The Deceptive Marketing Tactics

One of the most concerning aspects of Cashpoint ATM System was its utilization of emotional marketing tactics. The system’s spokesperson, Jason Rangel, appeared in the sales video but was later revealed to be a hired actor. The use of stock photos to portray a fabricated personal life further eroded my trust in the system’s credibility.

By playing on the frustrations and disappointments of aspiring online entrepreneurs, the system attempted to manipulate emotions and create a sense of urgency.

It claimed that the entire system was rigged and that all available business advisors were deceitful, thus undermining trust in legitimate sources of knowledge and guidance.

Final Thoughts

Based on my personal experience and careful evaluation of the Cashpoint ATM System, I must conclude that it falls short of its promises. While it may not be classified as an outright scam, it exhibits several red flags and misleading tactics.

The system preys on the hopes and dreams of individuals looking for genuine online opportunities, only to offer an illusion of quick wealth. As someone who has explored various online ventures, I can confidently say that building a successful online business requires dedication, knowledge, and ethical practices.

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Cashpoint ATM System Review

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2 thoughts on “Cashpoint ATM System Review (2023) – Scam or Legit?”

  1. Cashpoint ATM System is definitely a scam.
    I hope everyone can see this review to avoid losing money.
    Yes,I do agree that people should join Wealthy Affiliate to build a legit business instead.

  2. That Cashpoint ATM System Review reminds me of the many flaws that have been plaguing me in my search for a credible system for earning a living online. Their hyperbole gets directly in the way of the PROCESS. I’ve fallen for the pitch more than once. Every time I click the button parting me from my money, I suffer buyer’s remorse. I say, “Take me to your leader!”, but all I get are coaching roadblocks, debt obstacles, credit card requirements, credit score critiques, and other subtle reasons why I’m just not the kind of person they want working in this industry. Whatever happened to hard work, and transactional success? If I have to pay ANYTHING to get my hands on a successful system, I want it to generate revenue fairly quickly so I can pop myself out of that little red zone to earn steady cash in the black zone, every day, every week, every month and earn BOTH passive income AND income I have to work the system to realize. The latter is how you keep involved with the PROCESS that is generating a healthy annual revenue stream. If it is just about DIFY phone button pushing, how do you keep yourself plugged into the system and KNOW what the system does, day in and day out? Knowing HOW you transact revenue is as important as knowing how to withhold and turn in taxes every quarter. Rocket science is for Rocket scientists. Running a business that rests on the solid reputation of its owner, and the positive track record of the business he or she operates. . . well, I just don’t know how you go about supplanting that due diligence with push buttons and systems nobody cares to know anything about. These are my comments, but I have a zillion more points I could make about this topic. I want to earn a healthy income online, and I’m not afraid to work my due diligence to make it happen before I pass away. I don’t need cryptic mazes to chance. I need someone’s proven system so I can work HARD performing it for me and for them every single day. Thanks for reading my legitimate bundle of concerns, above. Now, have a REALLY GOOD PROFITABLE DAY ahead! I hope to do so someday! Soon!


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