Ecom Quickstart Review: Adrian Morrison Scam? Exposed!

Today I want to share with you my thoughts on Adrian Morrison’s Ecom Quickstart course. I’ve checked out a lot of Adrian’s stuff before, and I have to say, this one is decent, but not the best out there.

First things first, I want to make it clear that I’m not in cahoots with Adrian Morrison in any way. I’m not getting paid to write this review, so you can trust that what I say is totally unbiased.

Now, let’s get into it. While Ecom Quickstart is an okay course, I don’t think you’ll learn anything groundbreaking from it. Plus, it’s missing some really valuable training on how to get traffic to your ecommerce site.

But don’t worry, I’ve got your back. At the end of this review, I’ll let you in on an alternative that I’ve found to be a much better way to make a full-time passive income online.

Here’s what I’ll be covering in this Ecom Quickstart review:

What is Ecom Quickstart?

Ecom Quickstart is a beginner’s course for dropshipping. In this course, you’ll learn how to use paid advertising to drive traffic to your online store and build your store on Shopify. It’s a pretty standard approach for most eCommerce courses.

So, what is dropshipping? Dropshipping is a method of retail fulfillment in which a company sells products online rather than keeping them in stock. A dropshipping retailer buys an item directly from a third party (a manufacturer, wholesaler, or another retailer) and ships it to the customer.

With only 7 sections and 4 bonuses, this course isn’t very comprehensive, so the explanations may not be as in-depth as you’d like. However, it’s a good starting point and can help you not feel lost and confused.

Who is Adrian Morrison?

Adrian Morrison is the creator of Ecom Quickstart and some other courses on eCommerce. One of his pricier courses is the Ecom Success Academy, which costs over $2,000.

Ecom Quickstart is a beginner-level course that serves as a good starting point for people who are new to eCommerce. However, if you enroll in this course, Adrian Morrison will pitch his more expensive Ecom Success Academy to you.

This is a typical strategy that Adrian uses to sell his courses. He offers a low-cost course to get you started and then tries to sell you the more expensive one. Smart, right?

To be honest, Adrian probably doesn’t make much profit from Ecom Quickstart. He might even be breaking even or losing money. But he knows that he can make money in the long run by selling the Ecom Success Academy.

I know this because he’s done the same thing with two of his other programs, 100 Million Academy and Financial Freedom Movement. Both of these courses were inexpensive and eventually led to a pitch for Ecom Success Academy.

The Financial Freedom Movement was especially not cool because it was marketed primarily to kids. That’s just not right.

In all honesty, I’m not Adrian Morrison’s biggest fan. But if you’re interested in learning about eCommerce, and you don’t mind the upsell strategy, Ecom Quickstart might be a good starting point for you. Just be prepared for the pitch for the Ecom Success Academy down the road.

Adrian Morrison was once active on YouTube. At the time of this writing, he still has around 38.8K subscribers, which is not bad.

You can get a feel for his teaching style by watching the video below:

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Ecom Quickstart Course Breakdown

Let’s have an overview of the course content.

Section 1: Shopify A-Z Bootcamp 

In this section, Adrian Morrison will show you how to set up a store on the popular Shopify platform. Actually, you can get access to many Shopify training courses for free, so it’s not necessary to learn from Adrian Morrison.

Section 2: Viral Product Bootcamp

This section will teach you where to find viral products that can generate profit for you.

Section 3: Build Fapages

In this section, Adrian Morrison shows you how to set up a business page on social media like Facebook. This will help you attract visitors to your business and generate sales.

Section 4: Fast Traffic Marketing Formula

This section is more important than the previous one because Adrian Morrison teaches you how to run ads to get visitors to your store. In an online business, you will not make sales if you do not have traffic.

Section 5: How To Scale

This section is relatively short. You will learn the basic methods to find the best products. After you find a winning product, Adrian Morrison will show you how to scale it.

Section 6: Retargeting

In this section, you’ll learn how to retarget your customers to get them to buy more from you. It’s commonly believed that it’s easier to sell products to existing customers.

Section 7: Building Your Email List

This is the last section. Adrian Morrison will teach you about email marketing. You will learn how to build an email list and acquire repeat customers.

Bonus 1: The 6-Figure Store Bootcamp

This bonus training will walk you through the process of building an online store.

Bonus 2: The Secret Apps That Supercharges Stores

This bonus is about the apps you can install for your store. Adrian Morrison shows you which apps he uses himself so you can follow suit.

Bonus 3: Upsell Formula

In this bonus, Adrian Morrison will teach you the upsell strategy. An upsell is when you offer your customers more products when they checkout. Your goal is to increase the average order value to make a higher profit.

Bonus 4: Finding Winning Products

This last bonus is more about finding a successful product. Adrian Morrison will share some tricks with you.

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How much does Ecom Quickstart cost?

It only costs $67.95 to get started with Ecom Quickstart. However, I don’t think it’s worth the price tag. 

This course is just the first step in Adrian Morrison’s sales funnel. He uses this course to lure you into buying his more expensive program called Ecom Success Academy, which will set you back a hefty $2000+. So if you’re looking for a complete beginner course, you might be a bit disappointed.

Refund Policy

Ecom Quickstart offers a 14-day refund policy if you’re not satisfied.

Now, you might be wondering if it’s really a “no-questions-asked” policy like Adrian Morrison claims. To be honest, I have my doubts as well. However, it’s still a nice safety net to have in case the program isn’t what you expected.

Are students getting any results?

Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be any testimonials readily available. However, there is a short video that supposedly shows some successful students. It’s hard to say for sure whether these students are genuine, so take it with a grain of salt.

In my opinion, it’s unlikely that there will be many big success stories from this course. It’s quite short and basic, so don’t expect to become an ecommerce mogul overnight.

That being said, it is definitely possible to make money with ecommerce in general. Some people do very well, and it’s certainly reasonable to aim for a full-time income if you stick with it.

So, while I can’t vouch for Ecom Quickstart specifically, I do believe that ecommerce can be a lucrative industry if you approach it with the right mindset and strategies.

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Praise for Ecom Quickstart 

1. Affordable training for beginners

With a price that won’t break the bank, you’ll receive dropshipping training that covers the basics you need to know to get started in the industry. 

2. Money-back guarantee

When it comes to online courses, it can be tough to know if you’re making the right investment. That’s why Adrian Morrison’s Ecom Quickstart course comes with a 14-day refund policy. If you’re not satisfied with the course within two weeks of signing up, you can request a full refund.

While we’re not entirely sure if there are any pre-conditions, having the option to receive your money back is a great peace of mind.

Criticism of Ecom Quickstart

1. The course is very basic

One of the main cons of Ecom Quickstart is that the course is quite basic. So, if you’re expecting to gain all the knowledge and tools you need to succeed in dropshipping just by taking this course, you might be disappointed. Of course, any course can only cover so much material, but it’s important to keep this in mind before investing in Ecom Quickstart.

2. Adrian Morrison will upsell you

Another thing to keep in mind is that Adrian Morrison will try to upsell you to buy his much more expensive course, which costs more than $2,000. So, if you’re not interested in spending that much money, you might want to be wary of this.

3. No verified success stories

Something else to consider is that there are no verified success stories of students who have taken the course. Even Adrian Morrison himself doesn’t provide any verified evidence about his success in dropshipping. So, if you’re looking for concrete proof of success before investing in a course, you might want to look elsewhere.

4. A lot of the information is available for free

It’s also worth noting that a lot of the information covered in Ecom Quickstart can be found for free online. While having everything in one place might be more convenient, it’s important to remember that you don’t necessarily need to spend money to learn about dropshipping.

5. Dropshipping is not an easy business model for newbies

Lastly, dropshipping is not an easy business model for newbies. It can be quite challenging, and there is no guarantee of success. While Ecom Quickstart might provide some helpful information, it’s important to remember that success in dropshipping requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

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Is Ecom Quickstart a scam?

I cannot say Ecom Quickstart is a scam. You will learn some basics of dropshipping from Adrian Morrison in this course. But it doesn’t mean you can make money after taking this course.

Moreover, although Adrian Morrison seems to be a greater marketer of his own courses, there is no clue if he makes a lot of money from dropshipping. If he is making most of his money from his online course, there is no reason to learn dropshipping from him.

This course is just the first step in a funnel to get you to buy Adrian’s more expensive course called Ecom Success Academy which costs $2000+.

If you are new to online business, I don’t recommend you to do dropshipping at the beginning. Adrian Morrison doesn’t tell you the difficulties of dropshipping because he is trying to sell you his course.

In the next section, let me tell you why dropshipping is not a great business model now.

5 Reasons Why I Quit Dropshipping

As an experienced dropshipper, I can tell you that dropshipping has become increasingly difficult. If you want to build a 6-figure dropshipping business, you are going to have to shed some blood, sweat, and tears to figure out how to make it work.

Here are a few points why quit dropshipping:

1. Ad costs can eat away your profits

To make sales in dropshipping, you need to advertise your products, and Facebook ads are one of the most popular methods. However, the cost of running Facebook ads is skyrocketing, and it may take weeks or months to break even, let alone turn a profit. That’s a huge financial risk for anyone starting out.

2. Facebook ads don’t stay effective forever

While Facebook ads can work wonders at first, they often lose their effectiveness after a while. When your ads are exhausted, your total revenue can plummet, and you may even end up with a net loss. Facebook is also known for changing its algorithm frequently, which means you need to invest a lot of time and money in learning and testing new strategies. Running ads without experience can lead to a ban from the platform.

3. You need to keep finding trending products

To keep making money in dropshipping, you need to find products that can go viral and keep your ads costs covered. However, most products peak within a few weeks or months, as competitors jump on the bandwagon and steal your ideas. To keep your cash flow steady, you need to keep finding new products to replace the old ones.

4. Shipping costs can be complicated

If you work with multiple suppliers, you may face complicated shipping costs. For instance, if a customer orders two items from different suppliers with different shipping costs, you need to determine how to charge them fairly. Overcharging can lead to customer dissatisfaction, while undercharging can hurt your profits.

5. You’re at the mercy of your dropshipping partner

When you work with a dropshipping partner, you’re putting your trust in their ability to deliver orders on time and intact. If they fail to meet expectations, you risk getting bad reviews and losing consumer trust. This can negatively impact your company and the relationships you’ve worked hard to build with your customers.

Is there a better way to make money online?

If you don’t want to waste your time or risk your hard-earned money, you might wonder if there is a better business model that doesn’t need Facebook ads and can do it as a side hustle.

Yes, I would suggest you get started with affiliate marketing. It is far easier and less time-consuming as you don’t even need to handle customer service.

In affiliate marketing, you can run your business almost with zero cost. Most importantly, you don’t need to invest in creating and developing any products.

But How Much Can You Earn in Affiliate Marketing?

A 21-year-old student from my #1 recommended training platform of affiliate marketing was able to earn $7,395 in just 1 week, which means he made more than $1k a day…all while using free traffic methods and affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate testimonial

Wealthy Affiliate has existed for more than 10 years and there have been many success stories over the years.

To give you more examples, here are some of the other inspiring success stories of Wealthy Affiliate members.

Where to Join Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate has a very simple pricing scheme. It has a free and premium membership.

If you want to feel about Wealthy Affiliate, you can sign up for the starter membership here (no credit card required). You can select to be a free member with no time limit.

And as a starter member, you can get instant access to the community, live chat, over 500 training modules, 2 classrooms, networking, commenting, 1 free website, and access to the keyword tool.

You can enjoy all these values without paying a penny. 

So I strongly recommend you register a free account and see it yourself.

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  1. I cannot recommend paying for any services from Mpire Labs aka Adrian Morrison aka EcommMastermind aka Launch Wise, LLC. Waste of money. Bro Tactics. Outdated strategies. I paid for a year of access to Adrian Morrison’s Ecomm Mastermind in April 2021. In the entire year, the core content has NOT been updated nor any new materials added. It is certainly not a “Mastermind” where you can get feedback, accountability or support. I wouldn’t buy anything from this person again. When contacting support, they were rude.


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