Tube Mastery and Monetization Review: Matt Par Scam?!

If you’ve been exploring ways to make money online, chances are you’ve come across the hype surrounding Tube Mastery and Monetization. But with so many scams floating around in cyberspace, it’s understandable if you’re feeling a bit skeptical.

After all, who wouldn’t want to be a YouTube star and rake in loads of cash from the comfort of their own home? But with so many programs claiming to offer the secret formula to YouTube success, it’s hard to know which ones are worth your time and money.

That’s where Tube Mastery and Monetization comes in. This program promises to help you navigate the world of YouTube and turn your channel into a profitable business. But does it deliver on its promises?

As someone who’s been around the online entrepreneurship block a few times, I’ve seen my fair share of programs come and go. So I decided to dig into Tube Mastery and Monetization and see if it’s the real deal.

After doing some thorough research, I’m here to give you the lowdown on what this program is all about, and whether or not it’s worth your investment. 

Key Takeaways: Tube Mastery and Monetization Review

Product Name: Tube Mastery and Monetization
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Overall Rank: 4/5
Pros: Easy to follow; supportive community; successful case studies; legit coach
Cons: Expensive; no free trial; no shortcut to quick riches
Verdict: A legit program that teaches you how to make money from YouTube.

To help you decide whether Tube Mastery and Monetization is a scam, I’m going to cover the following in this review:

What is Tube Mastery And Monetization?

If you’re looking for a way to make money online but don’t want to show your face on camera, then Tube Mastery and Monetization may be just what you need. This course was developed by Matt Par, a young man who has made a six-figure income from his own YouTube channel.

In this step-by-step course, Matt teaches you how to monetize your videos and make money with YouTube, even if you’re camera shy.

YouTube is a powerful platform for making money online, but it can be challenging to do so if you don’t want to appear on camera.

However, Matt Par’s course offers several techniques for creating videos without showing your face. For instance, you can use video software to create “cartoon-style” videos or create talking pictures and slideshows with text-to-speech software. You can even hire a narrator to do the work for you.

With Matt’s guidance, you’ll learn everything you need to know to monetize your videos and build a successful YouTube channel.

Who is Matt Par? 

If you’re looking to learn how to grow and monetize your YouTube channel, you might have come across the name Matt Par. At the age of just 14, Matt started his first YouTube channel, and today he owns nine channels that collectively earn six-figure sums on Google’s second-largest search engine.

Matt Par

What’s impressive about Matt is that he’s a real guy who doesn’t promise you overnight success. Instead, in his Tube Mastery and Monetization course, he focuses on helping you follow his successful path and avoid the mistakes he’s made over the years.

Matt’s journey to success started when he gained 100,000 subscribers on his second YouTube channel by his second year, earning nearly five figures per month using monetization strategies that are available to everyone.

If you’re not ready to commit to the Tube Mastery and Monetization course, you can follow Matt’s YouTube learning channel called Make Money Matt, which has over 414k subscribers at the time of writing this review. It’s quite a number, don’t you think?

Overall, it seems that Matt’s strategies and teachings work, and his success story is inspiring for anyone who wants to make it big on YouTube.

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How does Tube Mastery And Monetization help you make money?

If you’re looking to make money on YouTube, Tube Mastery and Monetization might be just what you need. This course teaches you how to pick the right niche, create compelling content, and optimize your videos to rank higher and get more traffic.

Once you have a following, you can start monetizing your channel in various ways, such as advertising and affiliate marketing. Matt Par, the creator of this course, has made a lot of money on YouTube using this exact formula, so you can trust that his advice is valuable.

One of the best things about this course is that it’s taught by someone who has actual results to show for it. Matt Par has had great success on YouTube, and he’s sharing his strategies and tips with you in this course.

So if you’re ready to start making money on YouTube, Tube Mastery and Monetization might be worth checking out.

How is the training structured?

This program teaches you how to set up and make money from a YouTube channel. The course includes:

  • Seven step-by-step lessons that cover everything from choosing your niche to scaling your income.
  • Detailed guidance on setting up your YouTube channel and uploading videos.
  • Strategies for growing your channel and increasing your audience.
  • Legitimate and viable ways to monetize your videos, including ad revenue and sponsorships.
  • Tips for scaling your income and turning your channel into a full-time business.

Course Modules

Matt Par will take you through 7 training modules, each in video format.

Here are the modules:

Module 1: Overview of the Blueprint

In the first training module, you can discover Matt’s impressive YouTube success story. He’ll even take you on a tour of the members area and guide you through the course.

Tube Mastery and Monetization is divided into three levels that cover:

  1. Selecting a niche and developing your content plan
  2. Uploading 33 videos
  3. Outsourcing the work

By taking this training module, you’ll gain insight into the blueprint and how to put it into practice.

Module 2: Choosing a Niche

The second module of Tube Mastery and Monetization is all about selecting the right niche for your YouTube channel. Matt, the course instructor, will teach you how to conduct proper market research and guide you through the process.

Picking a niche that you’re passionate about and has potential is crucial to succeed on YouTube. Plus, you’ll get a bonus list of over 100 profitable niches to explore.

This module covers essential topics such as

  • Different approaches to YouTube
  • Best high CPM (cost per thousand views) niches
  • How to conduct market research effectively.

Module 3: Setting Up Your Channel For Success

This module focuses on scheduling your content and using Matt’s 33 rule effectively.

Additionally, it introduces an SEO tool for identifying long-tail keywords and scheduling content accordingly.

Here are the main takeaways:

  • Learn about the 33 Rule and how to use it
  • Discover the Best YouTube Tool Ever Made
  • Get insights into Matt’s Secret SEO Keyword Process
  • Plan your content strategy for success.

Module 4: Uploading Videos

This module is all about creating videos, so we should call it “Video Creation.” In this module, Matt will teach you how to:

  • Organize your video creation process
  • Find free content to use in your videos
  • Edit videos without spending any money
  • Design eye-catching thumbnails to increase clicks

Once you’ve followed these steps, you’ll be ready to upload your video to YouTube!

Module 5: The Growth Module

In this module, the main goal is to help you comprehend YouTube Analytics and the algorithm.

Matt will guide you on how to make your videos go viral and advise you on the best times to upload them on YouTube.

Module 6: The Monetization Module

In this module, Matt discusses different ways to make money from your YouTube channel. He covers topics such as “How to Make More Money Than Most YouTubers,” “The Many Ways of Monetizing Your Channel,” and “My Personal Favorite Way of Making Money Utilizing YouTube.”

Additionally, he shares his favorite method for monetizing a YouTube channel.

Module 7: Scaling Your Channel

Finally, this module teaches you how to hire a content creator who will help set up your channel to run automatically.

This allows you to replicate the process for multiple channels. Matthew, who has already done this 10 times, gives valuable advice in this last training module.


Bnous #1 – List of 100+ Profitable Niches + Example Channels

The first bonus is a list of over 100 profitable niches, which Matt personally put together. Plus, he also gives examples of these niches.

Bonus #2 – Fill-In-The-Blank Video Script Templates

These templates already have some content, so all you need to do is add your own targeted keywords for your niche and you’re ready to publish.

Who is Tube Mastery and Monetization for?

If you’re looking for a comprehensive training course that teaches you how to start a successful YouTube channel and make money online, then Tube Mastery and Monetization by Matt Par might be just what you need. This course is suitable for both beginners and advanced YouTubers who want to take their channel to the next level.

One of the best things about this course is that it caters to people who are camera shy. You don’t need to show your face on camera to make money on YouTube. Matt Par will teach you how to create engaging content without ever revealing your face.

However, it’s important to note that Tube Mastery and Monetization is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It requires time and effort to build a successful online business. If you’re not willing to invest the time and effort, then this course may not be for you.

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How much does Tube Mastery and Monetization cost?

The enrollment fee is $597 plus VAT, and it’s a one-time payment. Alternatively, you can choose to split the payment into three equal installments of $237.90.

You don’t have to make a decision right away because you have two months to think about whether this investment is right for you.

If you decide it’s not, Matt will refund your money without asking any questions.

Praise for Tube Mastery and Monetization

1. Matt Par knows his stuff

When it comes to making money online, Matt Par seems to be the real deal. He’s passionate, knowledgeable, and successful in his own right. He’s even earned six figures from the nine YouTube channels he owns. It’s always good to learn from someone who’s been there and done that.

2. The course is comprehensive and easy to follow

Matt has created a course that covers all the essential steps to succeed on YouTube. He’s even used the blueprint he used to create his own successful YouTube channels. The course is designed to help beginners avoid common mistakes and provides a step-by-step guide to building a successful YouTube channel.

3. Access to a supportive community

As part of the course, you’ll gain access to a private Facebook group where Matt and other members come together to support each other. Matt is always available to answer questions and provide guidance. Being part of a community can be a great way to stay motivated and get the support you need to succeed.

4. Learn from successful case studies

One of the things that sets this course apart is the collection of case studies that Matt offers. By studying successful YouTube channels, you can learn exactly how they were built and how they generate income. This can be incredibly valuable information when it comes to building your own successful channel.

5. 60-day money-back guarantee

Matt is so confident in his course that he offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. This means you have plenty of time to try out the course and decide if it’s right for you. If you’re not satisfied with the material, you can request a refund without any questions asked. This takes away the risk of trying out the course.

Criticism of Tube Mastery and Monetization

1. The course is not cheap

One downside to this course is that it comes with a hefty price tag of $597, which might not be affordable for some people. Even though there is a 60-day money-back guarantee, it’s still a significant investment. If you’re not ready to pay this much, you can always check out Make Money Matt’s free videos.

2. No shortcut to quick riches

Another thing to keep in mind is that Tube Mastery and Monetization is not a shortcut to becoming rich quickly. While the course can teach you a lot about making money on YouTube, you can’t expect to see a significant return on investment right away. It takes time and effort to build a successful YouTube channel.

3. No free trial offered

Unlike some other programs that offer a free 14-day trial, Tube Mastery and Monetization doesn’t offer a free trial without payment. This lack of a free trial might be disappointing for some people who are on the fence about purchasing the course. It could also suggest that Matt Par lacks confidence in his product.

Is Matt Par a scam?

Matt par is not a scam.

In my review of the course, I noticed that Matt doesn’t make unrealistic promises or show pictures of his earnings. This is a good sign that he’s not trying to scam you. In fact, he discloses the content of the course before you enrol, which is something that scammers never do.

Another factor that convinced me that Tube Mastery and Monetization is a genuine course is the refund policy. Matt offers a 60-day money-back guarantee without asking any questions. This is a clear indication that he stands behind his product and wants you to be satisfied with your purchase.

In my experience, scammers often promise a refund and then disappear without a trace. This has never been the case with Matt Par’s course.

Should you join Tube Mastery and Monetization?

If you’re thinking about joining a course to learn how to make money on YouTube, Matt Par’s Tube Mastery and Monetization course is worth considering. As someone who’s reviewed a lot of courses in this niche, I can confidently say that Matt’s course is one of the best out there.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind before you decide to join. Firstly, while starting a YouTube channel can be a lot of fun, it’s also a lot of work. It takes time and effort to set everything up and start seeing results. If you’re new to this, it may take a few months to learn all the necessary skills.

Another thing to consider is the cost. Tube Mastery and Monetization is not a cheap course, and you’ll also need to factor in the cost of hiring content creators. So, if you’re on a tight budget, this may not be the course for you.

Overall, if you’re willing to put in the time and money, Tube Mastery and Monetization could be a great investment in your future as a YouTuber. Just be aware of the work and cost involved before you make your decision.

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