Rent Digital Assets Review: Scam or Legit?

In the ever-evolving landscape of online business opportunities, finding the right path to financial success can be a daunting task. One such opportunity that has gained attention in recent years is Rent Digital Assets, a program that promises to teach you how to generate income by renting out digital assets, particularly lead generation websites, to local businesses. But is Rent Digital Assets a legitimate opportunity, or is it just another online scam? 

In this comprehensive review, we will explore what Rent Digital Assets is all about, who created it, how it claims to help you make money, what you’ll find inside the program, who it’s designed for, the associated costs, whether students are achieving results, and whether Rent Digital Assets is a scam or a legitimate opportunity. We’ll also delve into the pros and cons of this program and help you determine whether it’s the right choice for you.

What is Rent Digital Assets?

Rent Digital Assets is an online program that purports to teach individuals how to build and rent lead generation websites to local businesses. The core concept revolves around creating websites optimized for search engines, attracting potential customers for local businesses, and then renting out these websites to those businesses. The goal is to generate a passive income stream by helping local businesses improve their online presence and lead generation efforts.

Rent Digital Assets Review

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Who Created Rent Digital Assets?

Rent Digital Assets was founded by Joshua T. Osborne, who has an intriguing background. Osborne spent two years in prison before conceptualizing and launching this program. During his time behind bars, he reportedly met a mentor who inspired a significant shift in his perspective. Following his release, Osborne went on to establish one of Colorado’s largest moving companies, achieving financial success. However, his dedication to the business left him with limited free time. It was this realization that prompted him to venture into the realm of virtual real estate, eventually leading to the creation of Rent Digital Assets.

Who Created Rent Digital Assets

How Does Rent Digital Assets Help You Make Money?

Rent Digital Assets claims to help individuals make money through the following steps:

  1. Lead Generation Website Creation: The program teaches you how to create lead generation websites that are aesthetically pleasing and effective at attracting potential customers for local businesses. Importantly, it asserts that you don’t need extensive programming knowledge to accomplish this.
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): You will learn the ins and outs of optimizing these websites for search engines, particularly Google. By improving your site’s ranking in Google’s search results for specific keywords related to local businesses, you aim to drive organic traffic to your websites.
  3. Google Maps Pack: To further enhance local search engine optimization, Rent Digital Assets places a significant emphasis on ranking for specific keywords within multiple geographic regions. The goal is to secure prominent positions in Google’s Map Pack, increasing visibility and attracting potential customers.
  4. Paid Ads Training: While SEO is a powerful tool for generating organic traffic, Rent Digital Assets also provides training in paid advertising. This complements your SEO efforts, potentially enabling you to generate leads more rapidly and efficiently.
  5. Sales Strategies & Client Retention: Effective communication and client management are crucial aspects of Rent Digital Assets. You will learn how to clearly convey your value proposition to local businesses and build long-term relationships to ensure client retention.

In essence, Rent Digital Assets aims to equip you with the skills and knowledge to create a portfolio of lead generation websites that can generate a passive income by renting them out to local businesses in need of online marketing assistance.

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What’s Inside Rent Digital Assets?

Rent Digital Assets offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers various aspects of online marketing and lead generation. Here’s an overview of what you can expect to find inside the program:

  1. Mindset: Just like any other business venture, cultivating the right mindset for success is essential. Rent Digital Assets emphasizes the importance of a positive and determined mindset to overcome challenges and achieve your goals.
  2. Creating A Lead Generation Website: The program provides detailed guidance on how to create effective lead generation websites. Even if you have limited programming knowledge, Rent Digital Assets claims that you can learn to build aesthetically pleasing and high-quality websites for local businesses.
  3. Search Engine Optimization: A significant portion of the curriculum is dedicated to teaching you how to optimize your websites for search engines, with a focus on Google. You’ll learn the strategies and techniques to ensure that your websites rank well for relevant keywords, attracting organic traffic.
  4. Google Maps Pack: Local search engine optimization is a key component of Rent Digital Assets. You’ll receive instruction on how to rank your websites for specific keywords in multiple geographic regions. Achieving prominence in Google’s Map Pack is crucial for attracting potential customers.
  5. Paid Ads Training: Complementing your SEO efforts, Rent Digital Assets offers training in paid advertising. This enables you to harness the power of advertising to generate leads more rapidly. However, it’s worth noting that paid advertising can be costly and risky if not executed correctly.
  6. Sales Strategies & Client Retention: Effective communication is essential in the world of online marketing. You’ll learn how to clearly communicate the value you can provide to local businesses, fostering long-term relationships and client loyalty.

It’s important to note that Rent Digital Assets also grants you access to a closed Facebook group where you can interact with like-minded students, share experiences, and seek guidance.

Who is Rent Digital Assets For?

Rent Digital Assets is primarily targeted at individuals interested in entering the world of lead generation and online marketing. This program is designed for those who want to learn how to create and rent lead generation websites to local businesses, ultimately aiming to generate a passive income stream. While the program claims that no extensive programming knowledge is required, a basic understanding of online marketing concepts and a willingness to learn are advantageous.

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How Much Does Rent Digital Assets Cost?

One of the critical considerations for anyone interested in Rent Digital Assets is the cost of the program. Unfortunately, Rent Digital Assets does not provide specific pricing information. However, similar courses and programs typically fall within the four-digit price range. 

Is Rent Digital Assets a Scam or Legit?

The question of whether Rent Digital Assets is a scam or a legitimate opportunity is a critical one. Based on our research, Rent Digital Assets does not appear to be a scam in the traditional sense. It is not a program that simply takes your money without delivering any goods or services in return. Instead, Rent Digital Assets offers a structured curriculum and claims to provide training in lead generation and online marketing.

However, as with any online program, the legitimacy and effectiveness of Rent Digital Assets may vary based on individual experiences and results. It’s essential to exercise caution, conduct thorough research, and seek independent reviews before committing to the program.

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Pros of Rent Digital Assets

Now that we’ve covered the core aspects of Rent Digital Assets, let’s explore some of the potential pros associated with the program:

  • Legitimate Business Model: Rent Digital Assets offers a business model focused on lead generation and online marketing, which can be a viable and legitimate way to generate income.
  • Access to a Supportive Community: The closed Facebook group provided by Rent Digital Assets allows students to connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and seek advice, creating a sense of community and support.
  • Expert Guidance: Joshua T. Osborne, the founder of Rent Digital Assets, brings his experience and insights to the program, potentially providing valuable guidance to students.

Cons of Rent Digital Assets

While Rent Digital Assets may offer potential benefits, it also comes with its share of drawbacks:

  • Time-Intensive: Success in lead generation and online marketing can take time and effort. Building and optimizing websites, as well as attracting clients, may require significant dedication.
  • Unclear Costs: The program’s pricing is not explicitly disclosed in the review, which can make it challenging for prospective students to determine whether it fits within their budget.
  • Labor Shortage Concerns: The review mentions potential labor shortage issues in the lead generation field, which could impact the availability of resources and support.

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Should You Join Rent Digital Assets?

The decision to join Rent Digital Assets ultimately depends on your individual goals, resources, and level of commitment. Here are some key considerations to help you decide whether Rent Digital Assets is the right choice for you:

  1. Interest in Lead Generation: Are you genuinely interested in lead generation and online marketing? Rent Digital Assets is best suited for those who have a passion for these areas.
  2. Budget: Determine whether the program’s cost aligns with your budget. While the exact pricing is not provided in the review, it’s crucial to obtain accurate pricing details before making a decision.
  3. Commitment: Success in lead generation and online marketing often requires dedication and persistence. Consider whether you have the time and willingness to invest in this endeavor.
  4. Alternative Options: Explore other online marketing and lead generation opportunities to ensure that Rent Digital Assets aligns with your goals and preferences.


In conclusion, Rent Digital Assets offers a legitimate business model focused on lead generation and online marketing. However, success in this field may require significant time and effort. It’s essential to weigh the pros and cons, consider your budget, and conduct thorough research before deciding whether to join Rent Digital Assets or explore alternative opportunities in the digital landscape. Ultimately, your success will depend on your dedication and commitment to the program’s teachings.

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Best Alternative to Rent Digital Assets For Making Money Online

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Rent Digital Assets Review

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