ySense Review – Scam or Legit? Truth Exposed!

Are you looking for a ySense review? You might have heard of this platform if you want to make money online. But you may wonder if it is a scam.

Some survey sites promise big money on their platforms, but they are not worth your time.

If you have ever made money on the Internet, you might be familiar with ySense. If the name “ClixSense” sounds familiar, that’s because it was the name of a well-known “get-paid-to” site where users could earn money and prizes in exchange for completing simple online activities.

To help you make a more informed decision, I have thoroughly researched ySense so I can tell you more about it.

As a disclaimer, I’m not affiliated with ySense. It means I’m not paid to write this review. So you can rest assured that you will get an honest and unbiased review from me.

At the end of this review, I’ll also tell you the best alternative to ySense that has enabled me to make a full-time passive income online.

What is ySense?

Get-Paid-To (GTP) website ySense was formerly known as ClixSense. They are also known as rewards sites because of the money that you can earn by completing simple tasks on the site.


ySense is a worldwide organization that helps market researchers everywhere. People from all over the world are welcome to join, as they aim to provide a global membership platform.

An integral part of any successful economy, market research has been around for quite some time.

If a company doesn’t know its clientele, it will fail (and what their customers want).

In the end, many businesses fail because their leaders “think” they know what their customers want when in fact they do not. I’m looking at you, Blockbuster, Kodak, and BlackBerry; you could have learned a thing or two if you’d done your homework.

Customers wield a lot of influence, so it’s important for businesses to cater to their wants and needs. Asking directly is one way to collect that data.

What do their clients think of them?

Companies can gain insight into consumer preferences thanks to you (as a ySense user and participant). And you will be compensated for providing it to them.

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How Does ySense Work?

In today’s digital age, it’s easy to make some extra money by answering surveys and completing online tasks for payment. 

If you have a computer, mobile phone, or tablet and an internet connection, you can work from home (if you can call it that) or anywhere else you like using a platform like ySense.

You can earn cash rewards by completing surveys and tasks on ySense. If you are interested in joining and earning money on their platform, here are the steps you need to follow…

Signing Up and Making Money with ySense

Below are simple instructions for joining and using ySense.

  1. On their official website, enter your email address and password and click Join Now.
  2. Once you’re inside, you’ll have to verify your email address to complete your registration.
  3. Fill out your Profile page (truthfulness and accuracy are important so you can be paired with appropriate surveys).
  4. Feel free to check out their forum threads and FAQ page to learn more about the platform.
  5. Start taking surveys and completing freebies.
  6. Earn cash rewards (your rewards are accumulated in your ySense account).
  7. Your funds can be withdrawn.

ySense Age Requirement

Warning: ySense has the following minimum age requirements:

  • If you are a US resident, your minimum age must be 13.
  • You must be at least 16 years old if you live in other countries.
  • They also reserve the right to terminate accounts if the minimum age is not met, as stated on their website.

Reasons for Deactivation of ySense Accounts

Your ySense account may be terminated for reasons other than age if you:

  • The same applies if you have more than one account with them (but each member of your household is allowed to have a ySense account).
  • When they notice your end is doing a lot of clicking and searching that isn’t normal.
  • When fraud is committed via the use of automated means (robots, software, etc.) to achieve the desired result in their system.
  • When you break their rules by using their service.
  • Whenever you instruct others to break their rules or actively encourage them to do so.
  • In the event that you make rude comments about them on their social media pages.

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How To Make Money From ySense?

ySense offers more than just a survey, unlike competing sites…

1. Complete/Answer Surveys

Your location, age, gender, and other details will be recorded in the survey’s Profile section. They will be used to match you with surveys that interest you.

When you log into the site, you can view the available surveys on the dashboard section of your account. And if you’re interested, you can visit the survey links.

Keep in mind that there are qualifying questions on every survey, and that it’s possible to be eliminated from taking the survey before it’s complete. It looks like you won’t be getting paid for this.

So, make sure everything you put in your profile is true and accurate. The higher your compatibility with a survey’s needs, the less likely you are to be disqualified.

In most cases, being disqualified doesn’t indicate wrongdoing on your part (unless, of course, you’re clicking answers at random or deliberately lying). This means that you do not fit the criteria for this survey’s target audience and therefore cannot participate.

For instance, a company marketing cruises for the elderly is unlikely to offer financial compensation to college students for their input.

2. Get-Paid-To Complete Offers

It’s possible to earn money by doing things like taking surveys, playing games, and even just browsing the web.

On your account page, you’ll see a list of promotions from which you can choose (and see the details). As long as you satisfy the requirements for each offer, you are free to complete as many as you like.

Payment is determined individually for each job. There is no set fee for completing a survey, but typically you can expect to be paid anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars.

Compensation (or rate) is variable and is based on the survey provider and its specific parameters. In general, the compensation for completing generic surveys with large audiences is lower than that of completing niche surveys in a relatively small industry.

A supplier of dental equipment, for instance, would target a niche market of dentists and other dental professionals for its survey. Those surveys pay well because there are few people who qualify to take part in them.

However, if it is a broad survey open to anyone 18 or older who is physically present and breathing on Earth, the participation rate is likely to be quite low.

3. Complete Tasks

The microtasks (and the details on how to complete them) can be found on your user profile page. Examples include browsing the web and sorting pictures into folders.

Some jobs can be done multiple times (and paid for multiple times), while others can only be done once or twice. Any time you are denied permission to access a resource, you will receive an alert.

As a corollary, there will be times when you need to acquire skills through training before you can perform a given task. In order to determine if you are qualified for some of these minor tasks, ySense will check your credentials.

Once again, the difficulty of the task, the number of people who are available and skilled to do the job, etc. all play a role in determining how much you will be paid per completed task. However, you can count on making anywhere from a few cents to a couple of dollars per assignment.

One perk of using ySense is the incentive of $5 for every $50 in work you put in. They also offer a Daily Checklist Bonus and Weekly Contests so you can earn even more money.

Tasks Weekly Contests

Members of ySense are rewarded on a weekly basis with contests that run from Monday to Sunday. One way they show appreciation to those who helped them achieve their Top 10 Tasks is by giving them the following benefits:

Top 1 – $50

Top 2 – $20

Top 3 – 10

Top 4 – $5

Top 5 – $5

Top 6 – $2

Top 7 – $2

Top 8 – $2

Top 9 – $2

Top 10 – $2

You can see that ySense awards a total of $100 each week to their contest winners. If you are one of the top 10 winners, you can expect to receive your prize money by Sunday night at the latest.

Daily Checklist Bonus

If you want to stay on track with your goals and tasks on ySense, use their handy daily checklist. Motivation to keep using their service can be provided by the bonus they offer (and therefore make more money).

If you follow their checklist, they will deposit up to 16% of your daily earnings into your account. Here’s how it operates:

  • Daily Checklist Bonus – 12%
  • ySense Addon Extra Bonus – 2%
  • Activity Extra Bonus – 2%

So, it is possible to earn all the bonuses and increase your salary by 16%.

Keep in mind. Earnings for the day are factored into your bonus potential. Earnings from referrals (another way to make money with YSense) and any other bonuses are not included.

4. The ySense Referral Program

As an affiliate, you can also profit from ySense. In order to help you advertise their site and spread your referral links, they will give you a special link and promotional banners. Commissions on both new signups and ongoing activity are included in these total earnings.

Signup Commissions

It’s true that in some countries you can make anywhere from 10 cents to 30 cents per active referral, but these exceptions apply only to a small subset of the world (also called Top Tier Countries). Another stipulation is that the person you refer must also be an active member.

To ySense, these are the world’s leading nations…

You’ll get a $2 bonus when your referrals make their first $5 on the ySense (before bonuses and commissions).

Activity Commissions

You can earn 20% of your referrals’ earnings for each survey, offer, or task they finish as an affiliate. You should know that ySense will be the one to pay you any referral fees, and that this has no bearing on the money your referrals make.

As a necessary business expense, this is viewed by ySense as an investment in marketing. If you want to keep all the money your referrals make, they won’t take that into account.

When you reach 100 active referrals within 30 days, you’ll be eligible for a 25% commission increase. Afterward, your commission rate will increase to 30% if you have 200 active referrals (again, within 30 days).

An effective referral strategy can multiply your income by a significant amount.

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How Much Can You Earn From ySense?

Earning potential with ySense is difficult to estimate, as was already mentioned. There are just so many variables to think about, such as how much time you spend on the site, how many people you refer, how many tasks there are, when those tasks are offered, how many people are available to perform those tasks, what kinds of offers are available, and so on and so forth.

Your demographic makes a difference as well. If ySense’s clients sell or manufacture baby-related products, for instance, then the company will conduct more surveys with parents than with those without children.

Part of your earnings from promoting ySense in exchange for referral commissions will be determined by the demographics and activity levels of the people you refer to the platform.

Naturally, the more active you are, the more chances you will have to earn.

It is recommended that you sign up for multiple online survey sites. ​

If one doesn’t have any surveys or jobs for you, another might… The same goes for the other way around. The ySense team also recommends Survey Junkie and Inbox Dollars (also owned by the ySense team).

An online business could be the answer if you’re looking for something more substantial, like a source of income that could replace your current job.

You may need to work from home because of health problems, the demands of caring for young children, or simply a desire to escape the constraints of an office environment.

So, if you want to succeed, you need to know the fundamentals, such as how (and where) to begin.

How To Cash Out on ySense

The following options are available for cashing out your ySense earnings:

  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • Skrill
  • Amazon Gift Card
  • Reward Link Italy

You can withdraw your money by clicking the Withdraw button next to your account balance on the main page of your account. But remember that the button will become active only after you have reached the minimum withdrawal amount:

  • PayPal – $10
  • Payoneer – $52.00
  • Skrill – $5.05

In fact, withdrawals are possible at any time (twice a day). However, it may take 5-7 business days to receive your money (payments are processed in the order in which requests are received, so there may be delays if too many people make requests at the same time). 

Due to verification processes, it may take up to 15 days to process a withdrawal to a new account (or the first withdrawal in general).

In order to receive funds from electronic cash-outs, North American members must verify their mailing addresses (PayPal, Payoneer, and Skrill).

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ySense Pros and Cons


  • Using ySense is easy.
  • No fees are required to join.
  • All corners of the globe can get their hands on it.


  • Earning potential is low.
  • You are limited to a single account per family.
  • Disparate commission structure depending on where you live.
  • There are people who prefer ClixSense to ySense (but that might just be a few who are not happy about the switch).
  • Their algorithms in determining these things are not perfect, and this frustrates many users. Some members become frustrated and unfairly label ySense a scam, which is understandable but in no way indicative of the legitimacy of the company.

ySense Customer Reviews and Complaints

Since ySense is still in its infancy as of this writing, it stands to reason that there isn’t a plethora of user reviews or complaints to peruse.

However, we can get a sense of what to expect because Prodege LLC now owns what was formerly known as ClixSense.

ySense Reviews on BBB

Although ClixSense does not hold an official BBB accreditation, they do have an A+ rating. During that time period, there were a small number of complaints overall, and the company was able to address and resolve the vast majority of them.

There are a lot of companies out there trying to do what ySense (and Prodege) are doing, but they never bother to respond to customer complaints, so this is a very encouraging sign.

ClixSense is not ySense, and there may be major changes in leadership and personnel, but the BBB rating is a good indicator of the company’s trustworthiness.

ySense Reviews on Facebook

Once again, we’ll have to use our imaginations. Despite my earlier claim that ySense’s (relatively new) Facebook page lacks both a rating and many followers, I was able to locate an unofficial ClixSense/ySense Facebook page with 63 reviews.

Overall, I found mostly positive reviews about ySense, giving it a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars.

  • It’s an enhanced and superior replacement for ClixSense.
  • It’s a fantastic place to make money online.
  • Making money online with ySense is possible.

ySense Reviews on Trustpilot

Trustpilot also had a mix of positive and negative feedback that I read. The 2.6 star rating given to ySense there is certainly not encouraging, but it should not be used to draw any firm conclusions either.

We shall observe how those evaluations pan out in light of the fact that a management shift often accompanies some temporary upheaval (and if you have experience with ySense, please leave your own review in the comments section at the bottom of this page).

These are some excerpts from the many glowing Trustpilot reviews:

  • Within 5 days, ySense can process payments.
  • You can now pay with a PayPal account.
  • Emails are answered by their customer service team.

This is what I found in terms of criticisms or negative comments:

  • Compensation is low.
  • When trying to fill out surveys, you may find that you are not eligible for any of them.

In contrast to the reviews on Facebook, the ones I read on Trustpilot gave me the impression that ClixSense was the superior service. If you decide to sign up for ySense, know that your thoughts will be taken into consideration, and that the company, with your help, will hopefully smooth out the rough spots as it matures.

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Is ySense A Scam or Legit?

ySense is not a scam. It is a legit company. You can rest assured that this is the case. 

ClixSense, formerly known as a PTC site (Paid-To-Click), rebranded as ySense in 2019. This is a long time in the online world, especially since 2007.

After discontinuing their PTC offerings, ySense has become best known for its online survey offerings, though it does offer additional features and services.

Individuals are making steady incomes on this site. The secret is to always be proactive and put in the time to complete tasks.

Some of you may find enjoyment in this, but it is not worthwhile. Compared to competing paid survey sites, this one stands out as the best option. On the other hand, I think it would be wiser to get a part-time job in the area.

However, ySense is still relatively new, and so far I haven’t been able to locate much of a social presence online (they were well known when they were ClixSense).

Even though they’ve had a Facebook page since September 14, 2019, this review was written on April 18 and they currently have 11 followers but no ratings. It’s probably not a big deal that their target audience isn’t on Facebook.

Despite this, ySense is a subsidiary of Prodege, LLC, a sizable enterprise with headquarters in El Segundo, California. Prodege has several thousand LinkedIn followers and is the owner of several other legitimate brands, including Swag Bucks.

Due to the veracity of ClixSense and Prodege, it is reasonable to conclude that ySense is also genuine.

While they could be the perfect survey firm for you, that’s not a guarantee. However, ySense is not a scam.

However, I did find some reviews that suggested ySense was a fraud (and this is usually because people get disqualified from completing surveys). I’ll elaborate on this point further down (under the heading What I Don’t Like About ySense), but this is one good reason to sign up for more than one survey site.

Unfortunately, not every survey will be a good fit for you, but if you look around, you may find a site that does.

It’s possible to earn money by taking surveys on sites like surveyjunkie.com and inboxdollars.com.

Neither of these sites, nor ySense, will make you rich, but they do provide a simple entry point into the online world.

They can also serve as a launching pad for more long-term endeavors, such as an actual online enterprise.

Perhaps you’re stuck at home because of health issues or because you have young children to care for.

If that’s the case, and you’re serious about making a living entirely online, you need to know how and where to get started.

ySense Review: Final Verdict

ySense is not a scam, that much is undeniable, but I assure you, it is not worth your time. For all the time you put into their site, they really pay you nothing. I find that extremely outrageous.

The time you spend here could be better spent elsewhere. We greatly appreciate your time and work, which are priceless in comparison to money. What this ySense review will do for you is help you avoid wasting money on useless services.

I think most people would be interested in joining a site where they could view advertisements in exchange for money. It’s a cinch to do, and you can make some extra cash on the side.

The question is, though, whether or not the cost justifies the benefit. To what extent is your compensation proportional to the time you commit to the site?

The potential for financial gain from using a platform like ySense, while real, is not guaranteed. There’s no harm in giving these sites a shot, but you shouldn’t rely on them solely for financial support.

If you’ve never tried making money online before, survey sites are a fantastic place to begin (provided they’re legitimate, as many of them are outright scams).

In addition to ySense, you can also try Survey Junkie and Inbox Dollars, which is owned by Prodege.

No, taking surveys online won’t make you rich, but they could be the first step toward a more substantial endeavor, like starting your own online business (which does have the potential of being a full-time income).

Best Alternative To ySense: Make Passive Income Online

If you’re beginning your online business journey, you deserve a business opportunity much better than ySense.

My #1 recommended platform is called Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one platform for building your affiliate marketing business from scratch.

When you join Wealthy Affiliate, you can get access to the first-class web hosting service, keyword research tools, community support, comprehensive training, writing tools, and other software to help you build an online business step-by-step.

You can register a free account with Wealthy Affiliate, which enables you to get started with affiliate marketing right away without paying a penny.

If you like the platform, you can then upgrade to the premium membership to get access to everything on the platform. There are no upsells afterwards.

But How Much Can You Earn with Wealthy Affiliate?

A 21-year old student from Wealthy Affiliate was able to earn $7,395 in just 1 week, which means he made more than $1k a day…all while applying what is taught inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Testimonial

Compared with Authority Hacker, Wealthy Affiliate has a much longer history, which has been established for 15 years and there are many success stories in the past decade. Actually, Wealthy Affiliate has more than a million members so far, so you can see how popular this platform is.

To give you more examples, here are some of the other inspiring success stories of Wealthy Affiliate members.

Where to Join Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate has a very simple pricing scheme. It has a free and premium membership. The premium membership only costs $49/month or $395/year.

If you want to feel about Wealthy Affiliate, you can sign up for the free starter membership here (no credit card required). You can select to be a free member with no time limit.

And as a starter member, you can get instant access to the community, live chat, over 500 training modules, 2 classrooms, networking, commenting, 1 free website, access to the keyword tool.

You can enjoy all these values without paying a penny.

So I strongly recommend you to register a free account and see it yourself.

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