How To Make Money With YouTube Super Thanks

The YouTube Super Thanks feature was launched not long ago for all monetized creators. Now, anyone participating in the YouTube Partner Program can receive monetary “tips” for individual videos.

If someone enjoys your video, they can say thanks by tapping the YouTube Super Thanks button. Viewers tip you $2, $5, $10, or $50, and an animated GIF appears on the video (only the buyer can see it).

In addition, buyers can post a unique, colorful comments on the video page. A super fan comment stands out in the comment section and ensures everyone knows who they are.

Is your channel ready for Super Thanks? Here are a few of the reasons why you might love it:

  • It’s a new source of revenue.
  • Your superfans will be acknowledged.
  • Super Chats and Super Stickers are limited to live streams and are not included in this feature.

Here are three questions about Super Thanks now that you know its benefits:

  1. What types of creators are eligible?
  2. How do you activate the feature?
  3. What drives a viewer to buy a Super Thanks?

Eligibility For YouTube Super Thanks 

To qualify for Super Thanks, your channel must meet the following criteria::

In addition, Super Thanks is not available for the following types of videos:

  • Age-restricted
  • Unlisted
  • Private
  • Made for kids
  • Videos with Content ID claims
  • Videos with YouTube Giving fundraisers
  • Live streams or Premieres, while live (available on archived VODs afterwards)

How to Turn on Super Thanks for Your Channel

As a default, Super Thanks is not active on your channel. To activate it, follow these steps in YouTube Studio.

  1. Log in to YouTube Studio.
  2. Click Monetization in the left menu.
  3. Click on the Supers tab. You must sign the Commerce Product Addendum the first time you visit the Supers section. Supers are only available if you are monetizing and in an eligible location. If the Supers section is not there, you have not yet been granted access.
  4. After you’ve completed the instructions, a “Super Thanks” button will appear. If the Super Thanks button doesn’t appear, you don’t have access yet.

Under your YouTube videos (with the exception of live streams and premieres), you will see a heart icon (once Super Thanks is enabled on your channel).

How to Get More Super Thanks on YouTube

Now that you know what Super Thanks are and how to enable them, let’s move on to the next question: How can you get more Super Thanks?

According to YouTube, you need to interact with your viewers, thank them and build relationships with them.

Here are six tips from YouTube that will boost Super Thanks engagement.

1. Respond to every Super Thanks comment

It’s wonderful for viewers to feel that their favorite creators are seeing and appreciating them. Reply to their comments, and perhaps others will follow suit and buy a Super Thanks.

Here’s how to review your Super Thanks comments and respond to them:

  1. Visit the YouTube Studio. On the left, click Comments. 
  2. On the published tab, click Filter and choose “From Super Thanks.” 
  3. Provide a reply or a heart to any Super Thanks comment.

2. Pin your acknowledgment of Super Thanks buyers

It is a way to let all your super fans know you appreciate them – even if they haven’t yet revealed themselves.

3. Give your super fans a shoutout in your video

The closing credits of your next video should include the names of all Super Thanks buyers.

4. Post a thank you message to your super fans on the Community tab

Opening the lines of communication with viewers is easy through the Community tab. Make a sentimental post, give a shoutout, and speak your heart out.

5. Give viewers the option to buy a Super Thanks

The strategy accomplishes two things at once. Your Super Thanks will encourage more viewers to purchase it while allowing you to learn which content they like best.

6. Explain how you plan to spend the money

When they know where their money is going, people are more willing to donate it. Every Super Thanks will go toward your next camera, video set, microphone, or similar upgrade.

So now you know: Showing gratitude to viewers is all about making them click on the YouTube “thanks” button.

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