How to Make Money with YouTube Super Chats

The recent actions of YouTube have led some creators to wonder if they are trying to curtail monetization opportunities. In addition, they’ve added a few new features that improve opportunities for legitimate creators to earn money. YouTube Super Chat is one of these new features.

YouTube Super Chat allows creators to monetize their videos when they go live. On the chat screen, people see a dollar bill symbol when they go to a live stream. On their screen, they will see a slider if they click on this symbol. They can use this information to determine the amount of money they are prepared to send the YouTuber.

Dollar amounts aren’t just random figures. The more dollars someone pays, the longer their comment remains pinned, up to five hours, and the more characters may be used in their message. Streamers can clearly see paid messages on the chat screen since they appear in a different color from other messages. In the chat window, users can cycle through paid messages by clicking on colored pins.

Super Chat messages are visible to anyone watching the livestream. In addition, the payment amount is visible.

YouTube’s Super Chat is similar to Twitch’s Cheers. As with Emoticons, it focuses on chat messages, rather than emoticons.

Developers can access real-time purchase data from YouTube using an API in addition to YouTube Super Chat.

How to Use Super Chat to Build Your Audience

Super Chat is most likely to be used by Super Fans – channel followers who are prepared to pay creators to get their attention. Popular YouTube creators (and indeed high-profile influencers across all social networks) can make fans feel distant and disconnected. It’s impossible to interact meaningfully with these people because they have too many followers. 

Fans who use Super Chat, however, gain an advantage. Everyday chats are visually separated from Super Chats. A broadcaster may respond to these messages in their livestream if they notice. Those who participate in YouTube Super Chat have an advantage – they have a better chance of interacting with their heroes than anyone else.

Super Chats can benefit even smaller broadcasters, however. It is more likely that people will attend livestreams if they are promoted more. As you increase the number of visitors to your live streams, the more likely some of them will feel encouraged to donate via a Super Chat. 

You should make your live stream as widely known as possible – let all your social followers know about it. Additionally, let your YouTube subscribers know about it. Your live stream should be promoted in your other videos. 

As a livestreamer, you must make sure that those who pay for Super Chats are treated well. Don’t forget about them. Respond to their questions. Be sure that viewers feel that they are getting their money’s worth.

If people donate to you, you could even offer them an incentive. If a Super Chat costs a certain amount, you can provide additional content to people who pay it.

How Much Does YouTube Take from Super Chat?

Google owns YouTube and makes its money from Google Ads. Set up an account and link your YouTube account with your Google Ads account if you haven’t already done so. “Super Fans” can pay any amount between $1 and $500 for Super Chat.

Super Chat, however, does not let you keep 100% of the revenue it earns. About 30% of YouTube Super Chat revenue is kept by YouTube/Google.  

According to the YouTube Super Chat Terms of Agreement, “Except as otherwise agreed to in this Addendum and subject to Sections 5.1(c), 5.4 and 5.5 below, Google will pay to Provider an amount equal to 70% multiplied by the greater of: (A) Commerce Revenues, or (B) the Suggested Retail Price for the relevant Commerce Content (if applicable). Google will retain the remainder.” 

YouTube must pay this amount to the credit card companies in order to process credit cards.

How to Make More Money Using YouTube Super Chats

Now let’s look at some tips to help you boost your income. 

1. Engage in interactive activities

Engaging with your audience more closely is the purpose of attending a live stream. Viewers are more likely to feel this way when their input affects the content they’re watching. They are also encouraged to participate in the content.

Here are some ways to encourage participation and engagement on your live streams.

Invite Ideas 

Super Chats should give your audience the chance to influence you in real-time if your content allows for it.

Ask a gamer what strategy to use next. Tell your audience that you’d like ideas for your next song, drawing, skit, recital, etc. If you’re an artist, say that you’d like feedback on your next work.

Ignite Discussion 

Especially when it comes to the things that get your audience excited, you know them best. 

View the comments on your YouTube videos to find out what else your viewers are passionate about. 

You can start a friendly debate within your community if your viewers fall into two camps about a hot topic. 

To make their point loudest, the most vocal will pull out their credit card – all in good fun. 


The chance to pick the brain of a favorite personality on knowledge-based and how-to channels is a hit with viewers. You’ll need to make sure to stand out when answering their questions, so they can enjoy your content.

 A ‘Ask Me Anything’ video is also great for a channel with a personality. Your viewers find you interesting, so they are willing to pay to hear more about your private life (or is it “tea” now?).

2. Tell Your Viewers How Donations Can Help Your Channel

Fan funding campaigns can provide a lot of satisfaction to some viewers. It may be more satisfying to know that they’re helping than just getting attention.

Clearly mention to your fans that you would appreciate their Super Chat donations if you need them. Explain how they will be used. 

If you accomplish your goal, what will your viewers be able to look forward to? 

Is there more content? New equipment? New sets? Make sure they know! 

3. Promote your live streams to increase attendance 

Make sure your audience has time to clear their schedules for your live stream. Create a sense of anticipation. You’ll see an increase in attendance. 

Here are 3 ways to do that: 

Social media promotion

Let your audience know about your upcoming stream. Your stream is best viewed by everyone who enjoys your content.

More than half of live content viewers learn about new shows through social media. You might also earn yourself new fans as well as get your audience excited. So go ahead and ask for a retweet or share!

Be sure to mention that the live chat will be running, so your fans will be able to interact and get their wallets ready.

An email newsletter can also be used if you have been building a list. Your viewers will receive timely reminders if you add an iCal attachment to their calendar. 

Encourage subscribers to enable notifications

When you go live, your subscribers who are subscribed to your channel will receive an alert. Keep your live viewership high by doing this. 

Let’s face it, we all check our notifications. 

Ask them right away to subscribe to your channel and to hit the bell icon. You might also consider using this graphic on your videos.

A Dramatic Countdown 

Your event will be more exciting if you use a countdown overlay. In addition, it helps them settle in. A stream like that can create a sense of excitement and importance.

Having a few moments in the spotlight feels totally worthwhile when you kick off with that kind of energy. 

4. Give buyers a feeling of special treatment

Thanks to them. Call them out by name. They are choosing a Super Chat so they can feel close to you. Take the time to personalize your expressions of gratitude.

Just personalization can increase revenue by 40%. Remember, you are your own brand. It’s a powerful motivator for your viewers to hear you say their username aloud.

As you live stream a premiere, make sure to acknowledge viewers and respond to their comments while showing your appreciation.

3 Important Things to Keep in Mind

Super Chats are cool, but they could be improved. Knowing now is better than later. 

1. Your live stream revenue will fluctuate

You can expect some instability when you monetize your audience through YouTube. You can expect more of the same with Super Chats. 

Live stream revenue depends on: 

  • How many people will attend 
  • How many of them will purchase Super Chats 
  • The kind they will buy 

Live streaming revenue is more stable when monetized with subscriptions and memberships. With Super Chats, you’ll still be able to supplement your income from the streams. 

2. YouTube takes a cut of your revenue

The Super Chat feature of YouTube is marketed as a way for viewers to support channels in a more personal way. That’s why some content creators are caught off guard when they discover YouTube takes a 30% cut. 

3. Moderate your live stream chat

There are a lot of great fans out there. However, there is always a chance that somebody is willing to pay to make things worse. 

A few trolls might use Super Chats for the wrong reasons, as you can see.

While creators still have access to YouTube’s moderation tools, and creators can blacklist chat words and ban harassing viewers, YouTube has historically been slow to flag inappropriate comments. Are they going to be any quicker this time? 

Streamers are unlikely to remove their comments in some cases because they reflect their own views, but that does not make them any less obnoxious.

Your audience should not be harassing other viewers during your live stream. Your monetization status could be affected by delayed action. If you have someone on your team who can assist you, keep an eye out. 

YouTube Super Chats FAQs

How to send Super Chat messages?

Google’s instructions for using Super Chat are as follows:

  1. Within a live chat, click the dollar sign. Make sure the live chat is visible and your mobile device is in portrait mode.
  2. Choose SEND A SUPER CHAT.
  3. Drag the slider to select an amount, or type in the desired value.
  4. You may also enter a message.
  5. Choose BUY AND SEND.
  6. Follow the instructions to complete your purchase.

YouTube allows you to make purchases on your computer and in the YouTube app.

Super Chat is a paid service?

Yes, but there is no specific amount. You can choose how much you’d like to give to the YouTube creators. You must be 18 years or older to use the tool. In other words, you must have a credit card. You will receive an email receipt as soon as your public Super Chat is completed and sent to all viewers in the live chat room. This service is not refundable.

What are Super Stickers?

Watchers can also send Super Stickers along with Super Chat. In the Super Chat messages, Super Stickers add an extra touch of customization by standing out like animated stickers.

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