Your Personal Change Blueprint For Manifestation

Years ago, a friend of mine saw the movie The Secret. Afterward, she was so excited and sure that her riches were just around the corner! She was on a high for about two weeks until she got tired of waiting for things to change. Like many others who had seen The Secret, she lost interest and gave up on the belief that you could get rich quickly just by thinking about being rich and constantly repeating, “I am wealthy, I am wealthy, I am wealthy.”

It didn’t take long until she concluded that the Law of Attraction was a myth and did not actually work. She did nothing more to find out why it didn’t work for her, and I suppose, like most people, she had no idea where to look for answers. Look no further. In this guide, you will learn the secret they left out of The Secret—the part that makes it work!

The Law of Attraction manifests through the thoughts coming from the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, but mostly the subconscious mind, by drawing to you thoughts and ideas of a matching frequency. Your manifestations come to you in the form of people who think like you, corresponding situations and circumstances, opportunities, and life experiences. It shows up by bringing people into your life that can help you with your plans. It shows up by creating situations and circumstances that match what you focus on, whether you want it or not. As you can tell, defining exactly what you want is essential.

Two Very Important Points

When it comes to the creation of new neural pathways, which in turn result in new habits, rituals, routines, and so on, there are two important facts to consider:

1. Your subconscious mind is like a computer in that it speaks its own language.

The language of the subconscious mind is imagery. All the incoming data that you receive through your five senses each day is translated into imagery. This imagery makes up the content of your subconscious programming. Please understand that your mind cannot picture you not doing something. In other words, it ignores words like won’t, don’t, stop, quit, and so on. If you tell yourself that you are going to stop smoking cigarettes after dinner each night, your mind actually creates an image of you smoking cigarettes. You have to figure out what you will be doing instead and focus on that. If you are not smoking cigarettes after dinner each night, then what are you doing? This would be the question to ask yourself if you were trying to quit smoking cigarettes after dinner each night.

In my opinion, this is one of the most important things to remember when it comes to retraining your subconscious mind. As humans, we are predestined to focus on the negative. In a different time and place far in the past, this inclination helped us survive. By focusing on potential dangers and external threats, we were able to stay out of danger and survive. In today’s world, for most of us, there is no tiger lurking around the corner, no tribe ready to send a warring party around the bend to attack our village. Yet, we consistently talk and think about what we do not like, what we do not want, and what we think is wrong with everyone else. It is no wonder, so many of us have given up on being in control of our daily life experience. We continue to attract unwanted experiences in practically all areas of our lives.

As you continue to study this material and learn more about the Law of Attraction and self-hypnosis, you will naturally start paying more attention to the words you hear from others, becoming more aware of the words you use yourself, and more aware of the content of your thoughts. Listen, and then think about the imagery created by those words and thoughts. You may be surprised at how negatively focused our culture is. For example, if you want to lose weight, is your internal dialog about how badly you need to stop eating chips at night while watching television? What image does that create? If you want to sleep well at night, do you complain all day about how many hours you were awake the night before and how tired you are? What image does that create? If you want to stop biting your nails, do you look at them with disgust and tell yourself that you have got to stop biting your nails all the time? What image does that create? I think you are getting the point.

Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between the words

you speak and the thoughts you think, so beware, my friends, you may be sabotaging yourself based on nothing more than thought habits. This brings me to the second most important thing I want you to know about your subconscious mind and how it either creates or reinforces programmed behavior in the form of neural pathways.

2. Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between really doing something or just pretending to do something.

By pretending, I mean thinking about it, talking about it, listening to it, watching it, and so on. Every day as I work with clients, they tell me about some traumatic event that happened years ago, and they begin sobbing as if the event were happening right at that moment. Notice your emotions the next time you are watching a scary movie. Even though your conscious mind knows it is just a movie, your subconscious mind responds as if the action in the movie were happening in real-time. Some movies are very anxiety-producing, as is the news. We use this to our advantage in self-hypnosis because we can create a mind movie depicting the future we want for ourselves. Through repetition, we can program the subconscious to make this mind movie become a reality through the development of new neural pathways.

When I work with clients, I often use a process called “future pacing.” Future pacing allows us to practice an event the way we want it to be before it happens in reality. I use this for clients needing help with public speaking, test anxiety, social anxiety, and many other situations. By repeatedly practicing the event the way you want it to be while in a state of hypnosis, your brain creates new neural pathways. Those new neural pathways become new habits, rituals, and routines, and they begin to emit the vibrational frequency of what you want from the subconscious mind.

Whatever we are focused on is being practiced into reality. You are always practicing whatever your mind is focused on. Do you think you will get better sleep by focusing on not sleeping or on sleeping? Do you think you will create the habit of healthy eating by focusing on and practicing the idea of healthy eating, or by focusing on how much you hate being overweight and what a miserable wreck of a person you are because you cannot get it together?

You get what you focus on, and that is manifestation. What are you manifesting that is the opposite of what you want? Are you tired of manifesting by default and ready to start manifesting by design? Then keep reading. Remember these two facts explained above. I will return to them often.

In the next chapter, we begin the journey of creating your Personal Change Blueprint. Your blueprint will become the roadmap to your mastery of the Law of Attraction. I will devote a chapter to each step and explain in detail, with examples, how to craft your suggestions for optimal success.

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