Your Evidence of Successful Manifestation

From the perspective of already having manifested your desire in step two, your outcome, what kind of change does that make in your daily routine? What do you notice? What evidence shows that you have accomplished your outcome, that it has simply become the new norm for you? What is different now? There will be a lot of variety in this answer.

As with each of the following questions on your Personal Change Blueprint, always start by reviewing the answers to the previous questions starting with step two, the outcome. Review it and say it back to yourself as if you were telling a story; add details, embellish it, all the while making certain to use language that creates the imagery of what you desire. When you get to step four, you will review and tell the story you have written, starting with steps two and three. 

When you get to step five, you will review and tell the story you have written, going over the answers to steps two, three, and four, and so on for the rest of the Personal Change Blueprint.

Here are some examples for step three based on the evidence you might notice because you manifested financial abundance, a healthy relationship, or your dream career.

Example 1 — Evidence that I have manifested the financial abundance I desire:

  • I sleep better at night knowing that there is plenty of money to pay off my debts now and always.
  • My partner and I enjoy going out to dinner anytime we feel like it, and we are free to order whatever we want every time.
  • When I leave a tip, I do so freely and generously.
  • I look around my house, and if I see furniture that needs to be replaced, I notice it with a sense of joy and anticipation of the fun that comes with shopping for new furniture!
  • I love knowing that if my kids run into financial troubles, I have the resources to help them.
  • Now when I surf the Internet looking at exotic vacation places, it is not just daydreaming. I am planning a vacation; there are no limits to where I can go!

Example 2 — Evidence that I have manifested a fantastic healthy relationship:

  • I feel valued as a person.
  • When I am with my partner, I am free to express my thoughts and feelings, knowing that I am heard and my opinions count.
  • I always feel good about how I look when I leave the house because I dress to please myself, no one else. My partner loves me no matter how I look.
  • Intimacy has never been more fun! Everything just clicks; we are in sync with each other’s likes and dislikes, yet we remain individually true to ourselves.
  • We like each other’s friends, and there is a high level of mutual respect. There are no red flags, only green ones.
  • I feel content, present with what is, free from any compulsion to run away in fear or insisting on a premature commitment.

Example 3 — Evidence that I have manifested my dream career.

  • At night when I get in bed to go to sleep, I drift off to sleep with a smile on my face, excited about what the morning will bring.
  • I love waking up knowing that I get to go to a job where my views are respected, I am treated as a professional, and I am well paid for the work I do.
  • I enjoy the people I work with, and it just feels right when I am at work. I am good at what I do.
  • People want to hear what I have to say, and my confidence is going through the roof! I feel better about myself all around because I was hired for this job.
  • I love going to work in the morning, and when it is time to go home, it feels like it has only been a few hours since I got there!
  • There is plenty of room for growth in this organization, and I am grateful every day for this opportunity.

The Story of Anna

Anna was single, retired, but still young and energetic enough to work. She needed to work, but what she wanted most was to run her own business. Her energy—her vibrational frequency—was split.

On the one hand, she wanted and needed to find a job that would pay her bills, and on the other hand, she wanted enough capital to get her business up and running, knowing that most home businesses do not show a profit for several years. She spent a lot of time ruminating on the idea that she did not have enough money to pay for the certification class she needed to open her own business. Running her own business felt like a pipe dream. She set the dream aside and decided to go back to school to get yet another degree so she could get a good-paying job. By going back to school, she would at least have financial aid money to help pay the bills. She would deal with the student debt later.

Anna’s understanding of the Law of Attraction was minimal at best. She was in survival mode and just wanted enough financial security to take her mind off the ever-growing possibility of losing everything and having to file bankruptcy. She put the dream of running her own business on the back burner and settled into the life of a full-time student living off student loans again. And then a strange thing happened.

Anna got an email notification about a job that had become available in her area. Previously, she had registered with the state employment department but had never been contacted until this moment. She called the number on the notice and scheduled an interview for a teaching position that she was overqualified for, but it was a job.

Anna was offered and accepted the job. The pay was just barely enough to keep her head above water, and then it dawned on her. Now that she was making a little extra money, she would have just enough extra student loan money to pay for the certification course she needed to open her own business. Not only did Anna’s new job give her the financial edge she needed to get the appropriate certification, but she was off work each day at three o’clock in the afternoon. This schedule gave her three to four hours each day to work at the business she was opening without the pressure of needing to make a certain amount of money to keep the business open.

Anna’s new job paid her just enough money to keep the collection agencies off her back, which is what she asked for, but it did not pay her enough to make it hard to leave when the time came. Anna worked at both jobs, the teaching job and growing her own business, for three years until she felt confident enough to quit the teaching job and make her living by running her own business.

This story illustrates the importance of focusing on what you want and letting the powers that be figure out the “how-to” of the manifestation. Anna got everything she wanted, but she could never have imagined it all coming together the way it did. Focus on how it feels to have what you want without fussing over the “how-to” of it. You just have to let the details work themselves out and trust that the chef in the kitchen knows what he’s doing.

In the next chapter, you will start tapping into your imagination even more than you already have. As you review your Personal Change Blueprint up to this point, you will start to develop some imagery to go along with it. Chapter Six is all about documenting that imagery.

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