Xifra Review: Legit MLM or Scam? A Ponzi Scheme?

Xifra is an MLM company that sells CBD oil products.

There is a good chance that you heard about Xifra through someone – a friend or family member.

Many people these days are looking for additional income, and you are most likely one of them. There was then an opportunity to work from home by joining Xifra as one of their members.

However, as I’ll discuss in this review, there are some reasons why success with Xifra is unlikely. Experienced salespeople and well-funded recruiters are the only ones I can think of to have real success with this MLM program.

As a disclaimer, I’m not affiliated with Xifra. It means I’m not paid to write this review. So you can rest assured that you will get an honest and unbiased review from me.

At the end of this review, I’ll also tell you the best alternative to the Xifra MLM program that has enabled me to make a full-time passive income online.

What Is Xifra?

Xifra Lifestyle, or simply Xifra, is an MLM company that sells CBD-infused products and offers its members the chance to grow professionally and financially through access to training and resources.

When you sign up with the company, you’ll have access to all of their goods, such as CBD pills, diet pills, libido enhancers, and detox aids.

For me, Xifra Lifestyle fits neatly into the health and wellness and return on investment multi-level marketing subsets.

On October 19, 2019, the company was founded in Mexico; nevertheless, the company website claims to have CBD plantations in Colorado and California.

The website and legal pages of the company are silent on the ownership and management of Xifra Lifestyle.

We found, however, that George Goodman is supposed to be the CEO, especially in Xifra Lifestyle’s marketing videos. On the other hand, Goodman seems to be a mystery outside of Xifra Lifestyle. People start to wonder if Goodman is really the CEO or if he is just playing the role for money.

Xifra CEO George Goodman

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How Does Xifra Work?

Xifra is a multi-level marketing firm that got its start in the wellness industry, selling CBD oil among other items. But now Xifra is running as an MLM business built on cryptocurrency.

Affiliates of Xifra are required to contribute to one of several cryptocurrency pools. With its trading algorithm, Xifra guarantees a return of up to 2% per month on your investment.

If an affiliate brings in new affiliates who invest in their cryptocurrency pools, they will receive a bonus.

The minimum membership fee to join Xifra Lifestyle is $115.

Xifra Lifestyle Products

Most of the company’s focus is on CBD oil products.

However, since Xifra Lifestyle does not sell goods or services, affiliates can only promote the membership. Members of the Xifra Lifestyle affiliate program receive free vitamins and minerals including:

  • CBD Plus and Premium, which is a CBD oil
  • Xtrong which is a male enhancement supplement
  • +DTX, which is a detox supplement and
  • Gen-X which is a weight loss supplement

Let’s find out how to get paid by studying the Xifra Lifestyle compensation plan.

Xifra Lifestyle Products

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Xifra Lifestyle Compensation Plan

Referral Commission

To earn money with Xifra, you must first recruit others to join.

Join the Regular Investment Plan to earn 8% in referral commissions plus an extra 2% for each person you bring in.

You can also participate in the Plantation Investment Plan and earn 20% on new recruits, 3% on new recruits of your recruits, and 2% on all other levels.

Rank Commissions

Affiliates are rewarded by Xifra Lifestyle with commissions as they progress through the ranks. The more levels you reach, the larger your commission will be, so it’s in your best interest to do well.

Residual Commissions

Once again, the secret is to build a team in order to earn commissions and to motivate your team to do the same. You can expect higher commissions as a result of this.

Commissions On ROI

Investing in their Cannabis farms will earn you between 0.5 and 2 percent daily, with a maximum return of 200 to 240 percent. Both investment packages and payouts can be made with Bitcoin.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Xifra Lifestyle?

With an initial investment of $115, you can become an affiliate member of Xifra Lifestyle and start earning commissions through their multi-level marketing compensation plan.

To join the MLM and receive the guaranteed return offered by the company, you’ll need at least $300 to get started.

Keep in mind, too, that the company only accepts bitcoin, a popular cryptocurrency, for investment plans offering return-on-investment (ROI).

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Is Xifra An MLM?

Xifra is an MLM (multi-level marketing) company. Companies that engage in multilevel marketing are also sometimes referred to as network or direct sales businesses.

As a multi-level marketing firm, Xifra won’t provide its affiliate members with a regular salary. After joining Xifra’s MLM program and becoming one of the members, you’ll run your own business as an independent distributor of Xifra products.

However, it is unlikely that you can make a good income selling their products. As in the case of most MLM programs, your business relies on recruiting new members to work under you. You will earn a commission on the sales and new recruits generated by the people you hire once they begin producing results.

This is complex on a number of levels (hence multi-level).

Let’s imagine a triangle. Because everyone in the triangle is in your direct downline (in an MLM, the people beneath you are known as your “downline,” and you are their “upline”), you will earn commissions from everyone in the triangle if the person at the top recruits ten people, and each of these ten recruits ten more.

If you can bring in just 10 people, you’ll make $1100.

Most people in your MLM would rather earn a lifetime passive income from recruiting others than a one-time commission from selling products, even if your MLM offers a wide range of products.

Due to the way the money flows, those at the top of the triangle have the most financial success, while those at the base have the least.

Having a large number of people in one’s “downline” is essential for success in a multi-level marketing company like Xifra.

Is Xifra A Ponzi Scheme?

Xifra is a Ponzi scheme.

Xifra Lifestyle claims that they profit from the industry by trading and growing cannabis. However, as far as I can tell, Xifra Lifestyle is not involved in any of these activities.

Furthermore, Xifra Lifestyle’s passive earnings are related to a securities offering. Apparently, Xifra Lifestyle has not filed the required paperwork with the monetary authorities. This means that Xifra Lifestyle was likely involved in fraudulent activities related to the sale of securities.

Xifra Lifestyle’s partners claim that the company is legal in Mexico and the United States, although it operates illegally worldwide.

At this time, a new investment is the only source of revenue that can be positively attributed to Xifra Lifestyle.

Xifra Lifestyle is a Ponzi scheme because it relies on new investors to cover the costs of existing investors and generate purportedly high returns. 

Xifra Lifestyle’s multi-level marketing (MLM) is a pyramid scheme because there is no retail component. Once the interest in membership dries up, so do the investments, as is the case with any multi-level marketing company. For this reason, Xifra Lifestyle’s revenue (ROI) will dry up.

It is in the mathematical nature of Ponzi schemes that the vast majority of participants will go away empty-handed when they collapse.

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Is Xifra A Scam or Legit?

Yes, Xifra is a scam. 

On May 28, 2021, a fraud alert was issued in Peru for Xifra Lifestyle. SBS warns the public to stay away from any fundraising programs that are not approved by them. According to SBS, any organization that intends to raise public funds needs prior approval from SBS, which Xifra does not have.

On September 6, 2021, the CNBV issued a warning against Xifra for unauthorized financial activities. The CNBV is the financial authority of the Mexican government.

On December 16, 2021, Colombia issued a warning to Xifra Lifestyle for illicit financial activities.

In addition, Jonathan, the founder of the company, and his partners were arrested by Mexican authorities in January 2022 on charges of bribery and threats. However, the charges could not be confirmed in court, so the judge dropped the case and released them.

The above legal actions and controversies are enough to believe that Xifra is an MLM scam.

Since Xifra Lifestyle is not licensed by any national financial regulator to conduct investment programs, the company commits securities fraud.

Second, Xifra claims to achieve 200% ROI with its trading algorithm, which is virtually impossible. If Xifra is confident in its trading algorithm, why does it rely on public funds and put their money at risk?

Xifra Review: Final Verdict

Here comes the conclusion of my Xifra review. Overall, I don’t recommend joining the Xifra MLM program to make money.

You will have a tough time in the beginning when you are prospecting and trying to find recruiters to add to your Xifra commission.

The worst part is that you practically have to ask your family and friends to join your Xifra business opportunity. It’s not fun.

Your upline is constantly following up with you to encourage you to buy more Business Support Materials even as you struggle to get people to join your downline.

The reality is that you’re likely to lose more money. Statistics confirm this as well. 99% of people who join an MLM break even or lose money, according to a case study on the FTC’s website.

People who join these MLM-type businesses often feel under pressure to succeed, and that is one of the main reasons they leave. 

Why not consider starting your own online business if you want to earn money and have a flexible schedule? 

Thus, you can choose what you want to promote rather than having someone tell you what you must promote.

Let me tell you how to build an online business in a legit way to make passive income online in the next section. This has allowed me to make a full-time income in a year. Most importantly, unlike MLM models, It’s 100% legit and sustainable.

Best Alternative To Xifra MLM Program

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