World Wide Group Review – Scam or Legit? Exposed!

Are you looking for an honest review of World Wide Group? Can you really make money with it?

Like many of my readers, you may wonder if World Wide Group is just a pyramid scheme scam. To answer this question, I have done thorough research about it in the past week.

I have a passion to review money-making programs to help people avoid scams and make real money.

As a disclaimer, I’m not affiliated with World Wide Group, meaning I’m not paid to write this review. So you can trust my words are unbiased.

At the end of this review, I’ll also tell you a much better alternative that has enabled me to make a 4-5 figure monthly income.

Here’s what I’ll cover in this World Wide Group review.

What is World Wide Group?

World Wide Group was known as World Wide Dream Builders. Actually it has changed its name several times before. It was founded by 2 Amway Independent Business Owners (IBOs) in 1978.

world wide group review – scam or legit? the truth exposed

It is a company that helps Independent Business Owners (IBOs) from the Amway Multi-level marketing company to make money from Amway business. Distributors can get access to training and support from them to sell products and recruit people.

That means unless you want to be an Amway IBO, World Wide Group is useless for you.

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Is World Wide Group a Pyramid Scheme?

World Wide Group looks like a pyramid scheme, but it’s not exactly a pyramid scheme.

Amway IBOs can make money by just selling Amway products.

If you don’t know what a pyramid scheme is, let me tell you more. When a company promises to pay members for recruiting more people rather than selling a product or service, it can be considered a pyramid scheme.

A pyramid scheme is illegal in many countries. Most people joining the Multi-level marketing (MLM) companies lose money.

The reason why I cannot say World Wide Group is a pyramid scheme is that Amway does offer legit products to sell. 

However, it’s hard to make money without recruiting people into the program. 

That’s why it’s similar to a pyramid scheme.

How Does World Wide Group Work?

Ron Puryear and Georgia Lee founded World Wide Group after they reached Amway IBO’s “diamond” rank in 1978.

They claim to help people get more sales in Amway’s MLM. You can get access to training and tools inside World Wide Group to sell and recruit more people for making money.

So here are the two ways you can make money with it:

First, you can sell Amway products and receive a commission for each sale.

Second, you can recruit more people into your downline to earn bonuses from their sales. 

Please note that you don’t get paid for simply recruiting people, but get paid when your referral makes sales.

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What are the Amway Products?

As mentioned, World Wide Group is only relevant if you want to sell Amway products. There are hundreds of products at Amway in various categories: Nutrition, beauty, personal care and home living.

There are thousands of similar products on the market. And many other MLMs are offering the same product range. So you should expect to face intense competition when promoting Amway products.

Can You Make Money with World Wide Group?

As an “Ambot” you can earn a living (a term people use to describe Amway IBOs).

However, to be successful, you will need to invest a lot of time and be committed to Amway and the World Wide Group.

Those who commit full time and take on more of a “sales manager” role are the only ones who consistently achieve positive financial results.

Anyone hoping to supplement their income with part-time work is doomed to failure.

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How Much Money Can You Make With World Wide Group?

This is the question you are most concerned about. To make money with it, you really need to make a lot of commitment. I never see people who do it part-time and make money. Most people are doing it full-time.

You will be like a sales manager for Amway, but have no basic salary. Therefore, I would suggest finding a sales job instead of joining the World Wide Group and promote Amway products.

World Wide Group Compensation Plan

Many potential members of MLMs are deterred by the complexity of the compensation systems offered by these companies. However, most multi-level marketing companies (including Amway) use convoluted jargon and acronyms to make it appear that there are numerous revenue streams.

With Amway, there are only two ways to get paid:

  1. Immediate income (15-25% commission… retail – wholesale price)
  2. Performance bonus (3-25% bonuses from your teams sales)

If you don’t know all this yet, you can join in without any problems. It’s enough to know that selling and recruiting are necessary for financial success (but most importantly recruiting and encouraging your team to sell).

You can find a summary of the Amway Compensation Plan here, or you can view the entire 90-page document.

Pros of World Wide Group

1. Aids people in performing better in Amway

More than 500 people have reportedly been helped by WWG to achieve diamond status.

Building a large, strong-selling team is essential for IBOs to reach the diamond level of the compensation plan and reap the full benefits.

Assuming you’re already an independent business owner with Amway, joining WWG won’t hurt your position in the company.

2. A track record of success

In less than a decade, one-third of MLMs fail.

Now you have the assurance that Amway won’t disappear overnight, and you also know that WWG has been fine-tuning its instructions since 1978.

This is encouraging and shows that World Wide Group is serious.

3. Online education and training

There is a severe lack of MLM training in many companies.

Most of the time you have to rely on your “upline” to achieve your goal, so it is important to choose a team with experienced leaders.

Nevertheless, WWG has:

  • Podcasts
  • In-person live events (at an additional cost)
  • Online training courses – business essentials, product knowledge, making money and selling

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Cons and Complaints of World Wide Group

1. Amway goods are expensive

There are things that Amway sells whose prices are too high. That’s always indicative of a pyramid-like structure, even if the MLM claims to be different.

Give me a moment and I’ll explain…

  • Amway protein shake = $3.60 per 20g protein
  • Highly rated Amazon protein shake = $1.25 per 20g protein

Why exactly would someone pay three times as much for something that essentially does the same thing? (That Amazon’s shake is better than Amway’s)

2. Monthly expenses that go unnoticed

IBOs at Amway must achieve a monthly sales quota of approximately $150 to qualify for all benefits.

If an Independent Business Owner (IBO) doesn’t sell enough Amway products to meet their quota, they’ll likely buy them for themselves.

As a result, Independent Business Owners (IBOs) are now Amway’s TOP CUSTOMERS.

The website also doesn’t detail the monthly fees associated with WWG membership, which can add up quickly.

3. World Wide Group is a cloaked pyramid scheme.

These two secrets expose World Wide Group/World Wide Dream Builders for what they really are: a Ponzi scheme.

Amway’s products are secondary to the main goal, which is to bring new people into the company.

This is what any multi-level marketing company looks like whose main goal is to recruit new people.

You must be comfortable with the idea that you will achieve financial success by enticing others to join a company where they are likely to suffer financial loss.

4. To generate good money, you must become a sales manager.

The only way to get ahead at World Wide Group is to get a full-time position as a “Sales Manager”.

You can make money by holding regular “zoom meetings” with your “team” and encouraging them to sell and recruit new members via social media.

Good news if you find fulfillment in your current position as a sales manager. This job (it’s more of a job than a business, since you’re still totally dependent on Amway for pay) probably isn’t for you if you’re more of an introvert.

5. The downward trend

As if that weren’t enough, Google Trends is putting the final nail in the coffin.

Since 2004, fewer and fewer people have been searching online for our company.

Knowing Amway’s business model is scaring off more and more potential customers.

Instead of riding a dead horse, it’s much more effective to market and promote services that people actually want.

World Wide Group Pricing

The World Wide Group is not free to join. You have to pay a membership fee every month. It’s around $54 a month. There are some tools that are not included in the membership like CommuniKate Voicemail System, Digital downloads of CD, podcasts, book recommendation etc.

After paying the membership fee, you still have to spend extra to join Amway, which costs you a minimum of $1,228 a year.

In total, you should expect to spend around 2,600 every year to get into this program.

Positive and Negative Feedback From Members of World Wide Group

Positive Feedback

  • You can get access to the training online
  • Some people do succeed in making some money
  • Suitable for people who want to sell Amway products.

Negative Feedback

  • There are lots of hidden monthly cost to join
  • It works like a pyramid scheme which is not legit.
  • Most people lose money with it
  • Amway products are overpriced and hard to sell

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Online Reviews About World Wide Group

Common positive reviews

  • “My home in France has been sold on to a buyer from Denmark I will now be listing a second property I own in Portugal after the success of the sale through this marketing.”
  • “Very happy with the service provided after the marketing produced an overseas investor for my apartment in Spain within.”

Common negative reviews

  • “However, I personally don’t recommend Word Wide Group and becoming an IBO of Amway. The reason is that very few people can earn real money with it. Most people lose money and waste time in this MLM company.”
  • “There is a monthly sales quota to meet in order to get your bonuses, so sometimes, Amway IBOs have to buy Amway products themselves.”

Is World Wide Group a Scam?

I cannot say the World Wide Group is a scam. There is no evidence to say so. And they provide training to help people make more money with Amway IBO business.

However, I personally don’t recommend Word Wide Group and becoming an IBO of Amway. The reason is that very few people can earn real money with it. Most people lose money and waste time in this MLM company. 

Like most MLMs, the focus is not on selling Amway’s products but recruiting more people into the MLM.

Also, it’s very risky to invest your time and effort in promoting the MLM companies as most of them get shut down in a short period of time. That means Amway may disappear one day and World Wide Group will die accordingly.

Moreover, Amway products are all overpriced. They are so expensive that it’s hard to find a customer. And it feels like a scam to get people like your friends or family to buy the Amway products.

There is a monthly sales quota to meet in order to get your bonuses, so sometimes, Amway IBOs have to buy Amway products themselves! 

Therefore, if you want to make passive income online, don’t join World Wide Group.

I have a much better recommendation for you, which I have joined myself. It enables me to build a digital asset and make a 4-5 figure monthly income.

I will tell you more about it in the next section.

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Is There Any Better Alternative to the World Wide Group to Make Money Online?

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World Wide Group Review

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