Book Summary: Winning by Tim Grover

Quick Summary: The world-renowned sports trainer Tim Grover shares his insights on how to develop a winning mentality in his book Winning (2021). Everyone wants to win, but most are too self-conscious about how others perceive them or are too afraid to prioritize their goals above all else. Winning is not something you can do half-heartedly; it consumes you and demands your undivided attention.

You will understand how addictive winning can be once you have experienced it. Winning isn’t limited to sports; it can occur in the boardroom, the office, or even at home. Never be afraid to prioritize your goals; your results will speak for themselves in the end.

You do not have to read the entire book if you don’t have time. This book summary provides an overview of everything you can learn from it.

Let’s get started without further ado.

Winning by Tim Grover Book Summary

Thinking About Winning

Michael Jordan was Tim Grover’s first professional client as a physical trainer. They were both obsessed with winning, which drove them to experiment with various methods in order to achieve the best results. Conditioning on game days was something they tried that was unprecedented. They were thought to be insane. But winning not only distinguishes you; it also requires you to act and think differently. If you behave like everyone else, you will eventually become like everyone else. Winners, regardless of what others say about them, create new levels of greatness, and this is not limited to sports.

There is a significant difference between knowing how to think and knowing what to think. Knowing what to think entails following directions from a book or a person. Winners understand how to think for themselves, moving beyond what others have told them and figuring out how to get answers on their own.

You must think for yourself. This book will not tell you what to think, but will teach you how to think so that you can generate your own ideas and answers. Winning is something that must be earned rather than given to you. Remember to question what you’ve been taught, because it always takes a fresh perspective to go from great to one of the greatest. Winning necessitates breaking away from the preconceived “right way” in order to win “your way.”

It is critical to understand that winning is a psychological battle. When you finally win, you will realize that the battle has only just begun. You will have to work twice as hard to win again if you want to stay on top. And everything you do, whether on the court, the field, or the job, starts with your thoughts. That is why your mental health and situation are so important to your overall success. Many will lose this battle, and the consequences will almost certainly be negative.

During your battle for victory, you will have plenty of doubts. Your mind will be constantly wrestling with these doubts. The ability to control your doubts determines whether you are a winner or just another competitor.

Distractions are even worse than doubts in terms of achieving your goals. Mental distractions, such as procrastinating on tasks that must be completed, are the most dangerous. Setting a routine is the best way to combat these distractions. It’s not an easy routine, but it’s one that will push you physically and mentally.

Every procedure should account for the possibility of uncertainty. When it comes to the unpredictability of a real situation, whether in sports or the boardroom, you have no chance if you only prepare for one type of situation.

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Winning Takes Confidence

After Michael Jordan retired and Tim Grover began training Kobe Bryant, Bryant wanted to know everything about Jordan’s routines, workouts, and mindset. But Bryant knew he’d never be able to replace Jordan; he just wanted to learn everything he could to become a better Kobe Bryant.

Bryant and Jordan differed in that Bryant worked harder while Jordan worked smarter. Bryant rarely slept and had to be dragged off the court by Grover, whereas Jordan understood the value of sleep and could process basketball information much faster than Bryant. But one thing these basketball greats had in common was their unwavering confidence in themselves. Both men were addicted to winning on the basketball court, and after retiring, they continued to win off the court through successful business ventures.

Winning builds confidence. Once you’ve tasted success, confidence will undoubtedly follow. However, many people will be shamed into losing their confidence, which will lead to self-doubt and hesitation. True winners disregard this and move on to the next decision. Those who have been broken repeatedly are the most confident. They are the most confident because they have been told to give up the most times, but they continue to push forward. True confidence is lonely, and it entails taking risks while never questioning the outcome.

There’s No Room for Emotions

A champion’s mind is always their thoughts over everyone else’s emotions. If you want to work with a champion, you must understand that they have a unique mind, and you must put your emotions aside if you want to succeed with them. Their mindset entails controlling as many situations as possible, even those that are uncontrollable. When you are giving your all to something, you will not accept anything less from those who work with you. With this mindset, you are the solution, not the problem.

People may believe you are emotionless and cold. Most of the time, that will appear to be the case. However, you will be thinking so far ahead of everyone else that people will stop attempting to understand you and instead dismiss you as difficult.

The more emotional you become, the less energy you have to concentrate on winning. As a result, emotions are the enemy of success. They are erratic, frequently uncontrollable, volatile, and distracting. The truly great ones can control their emotions at any time. They are always in control.

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Competition and Dedication

Throughout their 15-year working relationship, one thing was clear to Grover about working with Jordan: he had to keep up. Jordan’s drive, determination, thirst for knowledge, and desire to win required him to keep up.

To put it simply, Jordan struggled with competitiveness. Jordan had to be the most competitive player of all time to be the greatest of all time, and he was. Don’t change if you’re the most competitive person you know and want to be the most successful. Extreme outcomes necessitate extreme competition.

Being competitive, on the other hand, does not make you a champion. You must concentrate your competitiveness on what you are attempting to accomplish. The greatest are never satisfied with their accomplishments; they are always looking for the next challenge and achievement.

Everyone has the ability to compete, but it starts with the simplest decisions and obstacles, such as going to the gym or finishing your work. To compete at the highest level, you must always compete at a higher level than the day before.

Competitiveness is not a skill that can be taught. Instead, we can inspire others by setting a good example. People must first lose something they really wanted in order to feel a burning desire to win. Again, we can’t make someone want to win; they must feel it for themselves.

Winning desires every aspect of you. It requires complete dedication and obsession, or it will find someone else. Having to spend time away from his 5-year-old daughter was one of the most difficult things Grover had to do during his career as one of the most well-known sports trainers.

You will not be able to balance anything else if you are driven to achieve something that requires your entire life. People will feel guilty for preferring victory over family, friends, or loved ones. Those who want to “have it all” are unlikely to win anything. Give up the charade of living a balanced life if you are truly obsessed with success. You must be completely committed to achieving whatever it is that you want to achieve, so set aside everything else and start organizing your life to make that happen.

Begin by deleting everything you don’t need to succeed. We have one muscle that is critical to focusing, prioritizing, and winning: the I Don’t Give a Fuck muscle. Use it, strengthen it, and you’ll soon find it easier to make the difficult decisions required for victory. And don’t apologize for the choices you must make. If you are fully committed, you must accept that your personal life will suffer as a result. If it doesn’t, it means you’re not completely committed. You must be honest with those around you and ask for their patience.

Winners are self-centered.

Winning necessitates selfishness, and winners are not required to be liked. Their achievements speak for themselves. The only thing that matters to those who are truly committed to winning is the outcome. They don’t care about the consequences of their attempt to get there. You should not be offended if someone calls you selfish; instead, consider it a compliment. It means you are putting everything you have into yourself in order to succeed. This includes self-sacrifice as well as self-love and self-appreciation, neither of which is a bad thing.

There is a distinction to be made between a selfish winner and a selfish loser. Selfish losers take advantage of others and then blame them when they fail. Selfish winners understand that in order to help those around them, they must first work hard on themselves.

The result of this selfish mindset is that your decisions are unlikely to make others happy. And you must accept and overcome this. Winning requires you to separate yourself not only from other people, but also from your own limiting beliefs and fears.

Be prepared to be called insane, and be equally prepared to say thank you. However, once you have separated yourself from loved ones and their expectations, you must devote yourself to the results. Because, in the end, being selfish is pointless if you don’t get results.

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The Winning Cycle

When Bryant called Jordan for advice on how to win championships again, Jordan told him to call Grover. Grover took it as a compliment that he was the last resort. And Grover put Bryant through hell in order to win again.

Bryant and Jordan were great not because they simply put in the work, but because they were constantly elevating the work. They realized that in order to improve their game, they needed to do new and different things. The same practices produce the same outcomes.

Winning does not come easily. As soon as you reach the top, you are thrown back down and must work your way back up. Winning has the added benefit of making this work worthwhile. It’s the antidote to the agonies of hell. And as you continue to win, you’ll learn what is expected of you and what is expected of you. You must be completely obsessed with winning, because the effort required to return to that level will break anyone who isn’t.

Accept criticism and negativity from others because the more you can withstand it, the stronger you will become and the more hungry you will be for success. But if you give up, you’ll live with the regret of never knowing what you could have accomplished. That is the true hell.


Everyone feels fear; if they don’t, they’re either lying or haven’t faced significant enough challenges. When you do experience fear, however, you must be able to trust yourself. The absolute best can calm their fears because they know they’ve put in the time and effort to succeed.

Grover understands that he cannot completely guarantee his athletes’ safety, but he also does not live in constant fear of it. He understands that injuries are always a possibility and has taken every precaution to avoid them.

There is a distinction to be made between fear and doubt. Fear is a form of pressure, whereas doubt is a form of panic. Champions live and die at the crossroads of fear and panic. While preparation can boost confidence, it is ultimately your reaction to uncertainty that will determine your success.

Talent, intelligence, competitiveness, and resilience are the four components of winning that will help you manage your fears and doubts. These characteristics are becoming increasingly difficult to acquire, with resilience being the most difficult as well as the most important for success. Few people possess all four.

Resilience allows you to laugh in the face of failure because you’ll be the first to get up and try again when you fail. You won’t be able to handle success if you can’t handle failure. To achieve the greatest success, you must first understand why you lost.

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Your Dark Side and You

“This is who I am,” is the most powerful statement a winner can make. Most people avoid saying such things because they are afraid of being judged by others. True winners judge themselves and live with the reactions of others. They can only rely on themselves for assistance, which makes them stronger.

Everyone has a dark side, and it is this side that drives you to victory. When you allow your dark side to take control, you leave everything behind and concentrate solely on your goal. But, if you don’t control your dark side, it will control you.

Kobe Bryant’s dark side is known as the Black Mamba. He was Kobe Bryant off the court, but on the court, he flipped a switch and became the Black Mamba – no distractions, just pure focus, determination, and a desire to win.

Make sure your inner dark side is not emotional when you channel it. You should not be reliving past failures in order to exact revenge on those who doubted you; instead, you should be focusing all of your attention on what is in front of you: a promotion, a job, or winning a game.

Your dark side is also a way for you to escape the noise and distractions around you. True greats recognize the power of isolation and actively seek it out. Winning necessitates solitude in order to plan your next move, and no one else understands what you’re going through. And in order to get what you really want, you must be yourself. Winning does not accept liars because it takes far too much time and effort to keep up with those lies. Many people will spend their entire lives attempting to fake success.

When they are working extremely hard, most people seek validation. But the only thing that matters is whether or not that work produces results, because without results, you’re just talking. And winning is the only talk that people will listen to and respect.

Because it is the first and most difficult step, showing up is the most important part of winning. Showing up is always within your control, and if you are struggling to show up, you are already losing. Someone else will show up if you don’t. And we all tell ourselves little lies to make ourselves feel better, but you can’t lie your way to victory. It is aware of all of your secrets and will take advantage of them. If you are truly committed to winning, you will not have a backup plan. Winning must be your sole focus.

Winning Is Not a Marathon

Winning is a never-ending sprint because you have to give it your all at all times. You must always be aware of the people behind you, because if you stop and take a break, they will pass you.

Don’t believe the cliché that Rome wasn’t built in a day; champions understand they can’t compete forever, so they work as hard as they can every day to achieve their goals. Don’t wait for an opportunity; create one through your own hard work. Avoid thinking about how much time you have to complete a project because this will only lead to procrastination. Instead, consider how much you can get done in the time you have. Champions distinguish themselves from their competitors through their focus – they are rarely distracted.

The majority of people wait for rejection to become more focused in their lives. Don’t be like these people, and begin focusing immediately. Choose when and when not to be focused in your life, even if you need some downtime. When it’s focus time, nothing else matters but the task at hand.

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The Benefits of Winning

People cannot comprehend a winning attitude until they have personally experienced it. Not only the end result, but also the effort that goes into it. The desire to win will not grow unless you invest in it and fully commit to it.

Long-term goals are wonderful, but no one knows what will happen to them in the long run. So go after your objectives right now. Another factor that distinguishes winners from those who merely enjoy the prospect of winning is a sense of urgency.

The greatest winners live forever. That’s why people are always eager to win: winning immortalizes you and your legacy, recognizes your hard work, and represents the culmination of everything you’ve built. Nobody can take away what you’ve achieved, and people will always look up to you for it.

Most importantly, winners understand the cost of winning – long nights working harder than everyone else, away from friends and family – but they also understand the cost of losing – the regret of never knowing what it’s like to be at the pinnacle of what they’re attempting to achieve.

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