Winnerzilla Review (2023): My Personal Experience

In the world of dropshipping, finding winning products is the key to success. That’s where product research tools come into play. 

Today, I’ll be sharing my personal experience and insights in this in-depth Winnerzilla review. Having tested Winnerzilla extensively, I will provide you with an honest assessment of its features, pricing, pros, and cons. Let’s dive in and uncover the reality behind the hype.

Unveiling Winnerzilla

Winnerzilla positions itself as a complete solution, offering exclusive products accompanied by images, descriptions, visuals, advertising examples, and targeting suggestions. 

With the promise of adding five winning products to their research tools every week, Winnerzilla aims to assist dropshippers in generating sales for their online stores.

Winnerzilla Review

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Exploring Winnerzilla’s Features

Upon diving into Winnerzilla’s product research tool, I found it to be relatively straightforward. The database boasts around 350 winning products, providing dropshippers with ample options to choose from. 

Navigating through the platform, you can sort products by niche or conduct keyword searches to find specific products. While the quality of the products is generally decent, it’s worth noting that some of them appear to be outdated or saturated.

Winnerzilla offers a range of marketing materials for each product, including descriptions and ad copy. The platform claims that users can conveniently copy and paste these resources directly into their dropshipping stores. However, it’s important to mention that Winnerzilla does not provide the best suppliers for these products, necessitating additional research on the users’ part.

One aspect where Winnerzilla shines is its provision of images and gifs. The visual assets are of commendable quality and can be effectively utilized on Shopify stores. Additionally, Winnerzilla provides basic product videos, although they may not be sufficient for Facebook or TikTok ads. If you aim for optimal results, you might need to edit the videos yourself or seek the assistance of a professional video editor.

In terms of analytics, Winnerzilla falls short of expectations. The platform provides basic information such as selling price, cost, and profit margin, along with links to the AliExpress supplier and the number of orders and reviews. However, it does not offer comprehensive analytics or detailed insights into daily orders, making it difficult to gauge the popularity and saturation level of each product. As a result, dropshippers may need to rely on additional research to make informed decisions.

Winnerzilla provides detailed product descriptions, including features and gifs. While these descriptions appear solid, it’s unclear if they are 100% original. They serve as a good starting point for testing products, but customization is often required to achieve scalability.

One disappointing aspect of Winnerzilla is the absence of the promised ad copy and targeting suggestions for each product. Despite their claims on the platform’s homepage, I could not locate these resources. This omission is particularly problematic as ad copy and targeting suggestions play a crucial role in the success of dropshipping campaigns. Furthermore, Winnerzilla does not provide links to competitors selling the same products, limiting users’ ability to assess market demand and competition thoroughly.

Exploring Winnerzilla's Features

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Pricing and Plans

Winnerzilla offers a simple and transparent pricing structure. The monthly subscription plan is priced at $29, with no additional tiers or hidden costs. For those who want to explore the platform before committing, Winnerzilla offers a free sign-up option that provides access to a limited part of their research tools.

The subscription includes the following features:

  • Five fresh products added every week
  • Detailed product descriptions
  • Appealing advertisement copy (not provided)
  • Product photos of excellent quality
  • Catchy product video (additional editing may be required)
  • Straightforward product analytics (lacking in-depth data)
  • Targeting suggestions prepared thoroughly (missing from the platform)
  • Lovely customer support

Pricing and Plans

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Winnerzilla

Is Winnerzilla legitimate and safe to use?

Absolutely! Winnerzilla is a legitimate and safe product research tool that can be utilized by dropshippers with confidence.

Does Winnerzilla offer a free trial?

Yes, Winnerzilla provides a free sign-up option that allows users to access a limited number of winning products, marketing resources, and details for each.

How much does Winnerzilla cost?

Winnerzilla is known for its affordability, with a monthly subscription plan priced at $29.

Are there any discount codes available for Winnerzilla?

As of now, there are no discount codes available for Winnerzilla.

How often does Winnerzilla add new dropshipping products?

Winnerzilla consistently adds five new winning products to its database every week, ensuring a fresh selection for dropshippers to choose from.

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Pros and Cons of Winnerzilla


  • High-quality Images/Gifs: Winnerzilla provides users with visually appealing and high-quality images and gifs that can be utilized effectively on Shopify stores. Some product descriptions and videos are also of decent quality.


  • Lack of Information on Competitors: Winnerzilla’s failure to provide links to dropshipping stores selling the same products and Facebook/TikTok ads limits users’ ability to assess competition comprehensively.
  • Insufficient Analytics: While Winnerzilla provides basic analytics such as selling price, cost, and profit margin, it lacks comprehensive data and insights into product popularity, making it challenging to determine market saturation.
  • Missing Ad Copy/Targeting Resources: Despite its claims, Winnerzilla does not deliver on its promise of providing ad copy and targeting suggestions for each product, which is a significant drawback.

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The Verdict: My Personal Recommendation

Drawing upon my personal experience and extensive knowledge in the dropshipping industry, I cannot wholeheartedly recommend Winnerzilla as the ultimate solution for dropshipping stores. 

Although the platform offers a range of winning products, it falls short in providing comprehensive analytics and resources for each product. The absence of promised ad copy and targeting suggestions is a significant letdown, as these elements are crucial for successful campaigns.

If you are serious about your dropshipping business, it is advisable to invest a little extra in more robust and reputable tools. 

By doing so, you can gain access to superior product research features and streamline your dropshipping operations. While Winnerzilla may seem appealing due to its price point, it may ultimately result in wasted time and limited success.

In conclusion, based on my firsthand experience and expertise, I do not recommend Winnerzilla as the go-to product research tool for aspiring dropshippers. Consider exploring alternative options that offer a more comprehensive range of features, ensuring a higher chance of success in your dropshipping endeavors. 

Remember, investing wisely in reliable tools can make a significant difference in your journey towards building a thriving dropshipping business.

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