Why Use Instagram For Marketing? 11 Important Reasons!

There are tons of convenient features which Instagram can offer marketers, businesses, and individuals. 

It’s undeniable that Instagram is one of the most important social channels around, and marketers who don’t yet use it are really missing out. It doesn’t matter if you manage social media for a large company, a small business, or if you’re using it to promote your own brand, Instagram is a necessity! Still not sure why Instagram is so useful? Check out these 6 reasons.

Reasons Why You Should Use Instagram For Marketing

1. Instagram has a widespread use

Instagram has a staggering population of 800 million users. This is huge when you consider it from a perspective of business. More than 50 million users use Instagram every day. 

More than 70 percent of these users are not in the United States, 34 percent of this figure are millennials and 38 percent of these users visit the platform more than once a day. With the huge number of users, a business that has the right Instagram strategy can reach great heights.

2. Different ventures can independently Flourish

Since they have access to a large number of users, possibilities abound for businesses. This is both for established organizations and individual businesses. However, even very popular companies do not achieve success in a day. 

To achieve success, it needs a marketing team with a plan, who are committed to making its business visible. They can keep themselves active on Instagram by making at least one post every day. This is how big brands like Adidas and Coca-Cola have attained great levels of success with Instagram.

3. You can Make Money on Instagram

Over the years, Instagram has gone through many transformations. Now, greater emphasis is placed on earning money via product placement. 

With posts that can be directly shopped, you can add tags to your products by posting them with links to the product, which consists of the price, the product description, and the option of making an instant purchase with the “shop now” button. 

This directs the users to the eCommerce store. With this easy feature, you can make sales with your Instagram. Over 70 percent of users reported that they have made purchases via Instagram. This makes it something you need to take advantage of.

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3. It has the stories feature

With Instagram, you have the opportunity of making your clients know the face behind a brand. You can do this via one of the many features which the platform offers you. To make a greater impression, make use of stories and live posts. You use the story feature to give a user a behind-the-scenes tour of your organization and the people that you work with. 

This way, you can make your brand more relatable. You can do this by making a video of the processes the product goes through as it is made. You can also make a live Q&A session between your audience and yourself. These and many more are how you can leverage Instagram’s great features. 

The live post feature which Instagram offers is another great way to build trust and credibility with the individuals who follow you. This way, it makes your brand look less robotic and shows the human side of your business. It will be a boost for your business when your clients can see that you are not just a faceless corporation that wants to devise various means of getting their money.

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4. You can easily collaborate with influencers

You may, or may not have heard the word before, but influencers are individuals who have the capacity to reach a large audience online. Influencers can easily increase your brand awareness. A very good influencer can increase the return your organization makes. 

This is because they can access your target market and move into the niches you may not have been able to access. If you collaborate with an influencer that is already established, they can help you to push your products to the farthest reaches of the internet.

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5. You can improve your visibility using hashtags

As a newcomer in a particular sector, the competition you face may discourage you. However, implementing hashtags in the proper way can make your business effectively stand out. Hashtags are like keywords. They help to summarize the message you want to push across. 

Popular hashtags such as Coca-Cola’s #ShareaCoke have made waves in the industry. These things have made the brand easily loved and identified. You don’t need your brand to be massive like Coca-Cola before you can effectively implement hashtags. If you do this efficiently it will go a long way in making your business stand out.

6. You can easily engage with customers 

How can you make your business ingrained in the mind of your client? How about creating an opportunity to interact daily with them? it is a well-known fact that people like airing their views especially if they like something. 

Instagram is an avenue for users to make comments, like, and share posts they like. If your comments, likes, and shares increase, of course, the visibility of your organization will also increase. Increasing the number of likes on your post is easy, all you need to do is post high-quality pictures and make collaborations with brands similar to yours, also making use of hashtags.

7. It is mobile

As opposed to other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter which launched their applications based on browsers, Instagram started off as an application. 

As more than 80 percent of the time people spend on mobiles is used on apps, your organization can leverage this to ensure that people who view your posts can always access your posts very easily wherever they are. People who use smartphones prefer Instagram to Facebook. 

This is because it has a more organized view than Facebook. Reports have shown that Instagram engagement is over ten times that of Facebook. This wide margin can make a great difference in your marketing efforts.

8. You can easily monitor your competition 

Your organization can keep track of its competition with Instagram. They can also closely observe how they relate with people who follow them. carefully observe them learn the rate at which they post, the contents they post, and how they relate with the people who follow them. what you have learned can help you define your strategies better and keep ahead of the competition.

9. It provides you with different avenues to express creativity

Instagram gives you the opportunity to be creative. This is because you have the capacity to try out different strategies, come up with other ways of attracting attention and add new followers and customers. 

You also have the opportunity of showing your followers that your brand has a human face and that it will be a great experience shopping with your brand. You can do this by using shout-outs, interactive videos, vivid images and other things.

10. Link with Facebook 

As we initially discussed, Facebook bought Instagram for a billion dollars. This was, and still is, a great opportunity for businesses who want to combine their marketing efforts on both Instagram and Facebook. 

A lot of similarities can be seen in the Facebook and Instagram ads. Now that they are practically the same company, you can run an ad both on Instagram and on Facebook at the same time. What this means is that if you run an ad on any of the two platforms, it automatically runs on the other one. This is a clear case of buy one get one free!

11. Instagram offers great analytics 

You can measure your success very easily with Instagram. Just like many other platforms, it helps you keep track of the number of followers you have, your levels of engagement, etc. However, Instagram even goes further by furnishing you with comprehensive analytic reports. 

These reports can help you easily predict and interpret the results of your ad campaigns. You can also quickly point out the kind of Instagram posts that give the best results so you can use them frequently. It is an undeniable fact that some people find it difficult, in fact, downright scary, to create a new Instagram account

This shouldn’t be so. It can be an enjoyable process too. The number of people who make the most of this platform keeps increasing. This should be a motivation for you because not owning a good Instagram account is tantamount to ignoring a good number of prospective clients.

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