Why The Law of Attraction Methods Work?

One of the biggest reasons (if not THE biggest) that people can’t seem to get the Law of Attraction to work for them is impatience.

If they don’t see things happening early on, their mind starts to play tricks on them. They ask themselves:

  • “Am I doing it wrong?”
  • “How do I know if it’s happening??”
  • “Why isn’t this working???”
  • “I’m ‘Feeling Good’ as much as I can! How long am I supposed to do that until it finally works?”
  • “Where’s my stuff!?”

Here’s what you need to remember, especially in the beginning:


Just because you don’t “see” it yet doesn’t mean it isn’t happening already. In fact, your body has even demonstrated this for you every single time you’ve had a minor injury.

When you scrape your knee and it scabs up, for example, do you stare at it night and day screaming “WHEN WILL IT HEAL ALREADY!?”

Of course you don’t. Because you realize that the skin is healing underneath. You know it’s happening. You know it’s going to take as long as it’s going to take.

And if you lose your patience and pick the scab, you’ll only slow things down and possibly leave yourself with an unnecessary scar.

This is important because a scar on your knee is certainly something you can live with. But when you think about it, a scar is an indication of something that never healed all the way. It’s incomplete.

“Picking at the scab” of your desire keeps it from completing its way into your manifested reality. Losing your patience, letting doubt and uncertainty creep in, and quitting before the scab is ready to fall off is the reason things aren’t happening for you.

In a way, you’re expecting the “scab” to always be there since it’s there now, and your need to control reality and fix this somehow is what introduces the resistance that keeps you from actually changing what’s possible.


These “expectations” you have about yourself, your career, your love life, your finances, your health, and every other aspect of your life …are all based on an illusion.

You think that what you ‘see’ right now in your life is all that there is, not realizing that there’s a better possibility — vibrating at a slightly different frequency RIGHT NOW — that can pop into your physical reality with only just a minor shift in the signal that you’re broadcasting. And it’s the manifestation methods in this masterclass which help you consciously choose that preferred signal.

There’s another reality just waiting for you, WAY closer than you could ever consciously realize. And all it requires is that you do even just one of these methods consistently.

Now you might turn around and say that a scab is different because you don’t actually have to do anything for it to heal (vs. “having to do” these methods every single day). But in the scab example, the “you” that’s doing something is your body!

Your body relentlessly sticks to the process of healing underneath the scab, never doubting its ability, never doubting the result, just sticking with it for as long as is needed to get the job done WITHOUT stopping a million times a day to ask “where’s my stuff??” Your body commits to the process, knowing it will work.

There’s an unbreakable level of confidence and ease because there’s no doubt about whether it’s really going to work. And just as white blood cells respond to your body’s “ask” for healing, the Universe (through the Law of Attraction) responds to the instructions you send through the gratitude techniques you’ve learned so far AND the other related manifestation methods to follow.

Just as proteins and other necessary components are pulled in to heal the scab …people, circumstances, and other situations are pulled in to materialize your desires.

These are the things that happen when you stick with the methods and just relax and let go long enough for the Universe to do its part in the process.

With that said, human nature tells us that there’s always going to be a level of impatience (and even curiosity) that your ego can leverage to take you out of the game before you make any real headway.

But in response to this, the Universe will find a way to give you enough clues and indicators to keep you motivated and in the game long enough for real results to occur. You’ve just got to be on the lookout for these signs, which often take the form of small wins related to what you want.

This is crucial because most people can’t stick to something for even 30 days without losing steam, getting discouraged, or outright quitting. They need a reason to stay in it.

More importantly, they need to make sure they’re actually having fun. Just “going through the motions” of doing something for 30 days without any genuine enthusiasm is almost as bad as not doing it at all. Because, technically, if you’re not letting yourself enjoy it and you’re not looking forward to doing it every day, it really means that you still view it as nothing more than an inconvenient chore.

And if you have that mindset, you’re in a state of being of “lack” that’s pushing everything you want away from you, whether you realize it or not. You have to have fun. You have to appreciate progress in any little form that it comes. And you have to be able to identify it when it’s here. This is where the concept of “manifestational raindrops” comes in.

The Calm Before The Storm Always Includes a Few Raindrops.

Depending on your goal — whether it’s five hours, five weeks, or even five years, there’s always going to be a bit of a gestation period before what you want pops into your position in time and space.

But that doesn’t mean you won’t see it coming.

Think about a time when you were outside and it started to rain. Remember how subtle it was at the very beginning.

At first, you felt a very faint sensation on your skin as tiny little droplets of water began pinging your body. A drop here, a drop there. You couldn’t even see them on your skin right away – they were only showing up on the fabric of your clothing.

Then the droplets started turning into drops, the sensation of the water became way more pronounced and obvious, and all of a sudden you could hear the rain begin hitting the ground more and more, louder and louder, until finally you were smack dab in the middle of a full blown torrential downpour.

And before you knew it, you were absolutely soaked.

Here’s the message you need to hear in all of this:

If you were to step back and take a wide enough view of the situation, the moment those microscopic specks of moisture began tingling the small hairs on your skin, the storm was already inevitable.

Nothing was going to stop it.

You receive manifestational indicators (or raindrops) in this same way more than you’ll ever realize. And your recognition, acknowledgement, and appreciation of these raindrops will simultaneously remove lingering resistance, boost your enthusiasm, and speed up the materialization of your desired outcome.

You can’t always control your patience, but you can compensate for that struggle by using these indicators as excuses to engage more in the methods, have more fun, and make each experience way more vivid.

In other words, you should be celebrating every little win on your way to the things that you really want.

These little wins are manifestations in and of themselves. They serve as an indication that more is on the way, but they’re also their own unique event that you helped create and attract!

Understanding this is the key to everything.

Think of finding a penny on the street a day after you begin using these techniques. One little penny isn’t going to make you any richer, but that’s not the point. Losing one pound doesn’t matter much either when you want to lose 70. But the penny or the pound or whatever else might come — this is your raindrop that the Universe is using to tell you “IT’S WORKING — KEEP GOING!”

Don’t you realize now that gratitude for even a penny is gratitude for the energy of money? Isn’t that all that’s needed to send the signal to the Universe that says “I have money!” …which then triggers the Universe to mirror and expand on that idea for you? Would you be willing to recognize that something as small as finding a penny on the street is more than just the penny itself? Would you be willing to use it as an excuse to smile, to celebrate, to get excited, to be grateful, to enjoy this moment in your life RIGHT NOW?

This penny is a clear message from the Universe that not only does it WANT to give to you freely …it’s already doing it!

It does it with the penny you find on the street, the free snacks at work, the friendly customer who leaves behind a bigger tip, the cashier who accepts the expired coupon, the high-fives from everyone in the bar when your favorite team scores, the sale on jeans just when you need to buy a new pair, the compliment from your boss on the great job you did, the sun shining brightly and nourishing the trees which gift you an endless free and steady supply of oxygen, the loving and persistent beating of your own heart to keep you alive, and the countless other examples that are happening right here right now always and every day!

When you want a deep and meaningful romantic relationship, that smile from a stranger across the room is a raindrop. Getting their phone number is a raindrop. The funny story your date tells you that sets the entire night off on the right foot is a raindrop. The first time you hold hands, the first time you kiss, the perfect song coming on for you to dance to, the feelings of anticipation for seeing them again — these are all raindrops. Some are bigger than others. Some are more obvious than others.

In the beginning, it will be tempting to focus on other things instead. You’re more used to looking at the reasons why something can’t happen than the reasons why it already is. But in the end, you can either focus on what you want and bring that about — or you can focus on what you don’t want and stay where you are right now. Bottom line — If you want to make it through the storm, you’ve got to be willing to dance in the rain. And believe me — whether or not you feel it on your skin yet — the rain is already here.

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